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16 Oct
@RoisinShortall @SocDems We appreciate your efforts to press Government for tighter travel controls/restrictions. Keep pressing them! We know of people who are a) still travelling between Donegal-Derry and West Cork (occasionally via England and France) and .. 1/3
.. b) a Dutch couple planning on travelling by car from the Netherlands to West Cork second home via Belgium, France, Eurostar through Channel Tunnel, drive across England, through Wales, ferry to Rosslare then to West Cork. Multiple stops for petrol, WC, food etc. Madness! 2/3
When they arrive in West Cork they will probably shop en route as they pass through Bantry and then Castletownbere, then do their usual stock-up shopping in Kenmare. Risks are obvious. Good people. But. 14-days quarantine null and void. They shouldn't be allowed to do this. 3/3
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18 Jul
Hypothetically speaking. Russia has the capability to mobilise over 150,000 Ground Forces troops for operational deployment against Ukraine within 96 hours of receiving an alert. 80,000 of those could cross into Ukraine during the first 24 hours. That's for starters. 1/3
Over 5,000 Russian VDV airborne troops plus several thousand Naval Infantry (marines), intelligence (GRU) & other spestnaz units would spearhead to seize and/or destroy strategic targets. Then there are Russia's reserve forces, and the National Guard (maybe 150,000 of them). 2/3
No matter how unlikely to happen we think this is, the fact remains that it is a possibility. Same applies to any rash decision by Putin to test NATO's Article 5 in the Baltic states. NATO's 30-30-30-30 doctrine is woefully inadequate. Game over before it's even begun. 3/3
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21 Feb
Is the OTT exaggeration that "The Putin regime has mapped out a plan to invade #Ireland" 👇 a deliberate or accidental muddying of the waters to dampen down news about Russia's real interests in Ireland? Thread #slandail centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2020/02/20/rus…
"he "invasion plan" idea is being spread by the Center for Security Policy @securefreedom, which is described as a far-right, anti-Muslim, prone to conspiracy theories, Washington DC based think tank. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Center_fo…
Regardless of the CSP's true intentions, the dastardly "invasion plot" has been taken up by Russian state propaganda in a classic FSB/SVR, GRU style info op aimed at belittling the very important Times story by @JohnMooneyST rt.com/op-ed/481326-r…
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