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(1. Touched down in #Dublin🇮🇪earlier today. Good to be in #Ireland for a few days. Been following some commentary on the Consultative Forum closely,disappointed at some of the false binaries we are imposing on ourselves: pro-#NATO/anti-NATO or pro-#neutrality/anti-neutrality.
(2.What we need is better knowledge&depth as well as workable #security options that public want to unify behind & sooner rather than later. Inducing more polarization only weakens #Ireland's national #security further--diametric opposite to what we are looking for.
(3. If politicians, academics&policy experts fail to help in developing options along these lines&if some chose to side-track themselves with bitter disputes or false binaries then I think this will be a big opportunity missed to improve matters & history will be a harsh judge.
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War on the Kinahan cartel: ‘Fear of financing terrorism spurred US to join forces with gardaí’

Former top garda John O’Driscoll reveals concerns that #moneylaundering by Daniel Kinahan’s gang could fund terror groups.

#Ireland #OrganizedCrime…
Daniel Kinahan: The cartel boss is believed to have moved to #Iran - a place where 'organised crime groups are going to launder money'
Kinahan cartel used tiny Iranian island to launder dirty money and for holidays

It is understood that Christy Kinahan discovered Kish when he was first travelling in the Gulf.

#KinahanCartel #Iran…
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1) I am disturbed by the proposed Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred & Hate Offences) Bill 2022. The Bill removes the presumption of innocence for individuals charged under new hate speech laws & presents significant constitutional concern. #Ireland #HateSpeech
2) In law, this is called a ‘reverse evidential burden’. The introduction of a 'reverse evidential burden' in Part 2 S10(3) is particularly troubling & is repugnant to the Irish Constitution. It should be challenged in the courts.
3) The presumption of innocence is a fundamental principle of the Irish legal system, enshrined in both common law and the Constitution. Article 38.1 of the Irish Constitution states that "no person shall be tried on any criminal charge save in due course of law."
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Going to ask the obvious question & there's an obvious answer.
Why aren't majority of public #LongCovid clinics in #Ireland prescribing medications to manage patient's symptoms & improve quality of life? Uncontroversial meds eg low dose amytryptyline for pain, melatonin etc 🤔🤫
These meds have been used for a long time to manage these symptoms.GPs prescribe them every dy for these symptoms.Yet in a specialised clinic FOR LC, majority of ppl getting nothing
..could it be because some of those who'd be writing these scripts aren't convinced LCs physical?
Please RT.
There should be no tolerance for allowing ppl who have outdated biased views on post viral illnesses like ME to be treating very ill & often already medically traumatised #LongCovid patients. The evidence is there. LC is a physical condition. ME also. Not tolerance!
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Have a great weekend! Below everything you want to know about #ChatGPT. Thank you Vered! I will add my #thread, with some information about #EU's reaction to ChatGPT.
#ChatGPT created by #OpenAI can carry out conversations, write texts on many topics, perform complex tasks: writing code &planning an event. #Italy's privacy watchdog asked to temporarily ban ChatGPT since the information collected & sent to #chatbot is in violation of #GDPR. 1/1
#ChatGPT unlawfully "fed" the personal data of millions of users to process its replies. @GPDP_IT opened an investigation against #OpenAI: the lack of information to users whose data are collected,absence of a legal basis justifying the massive collection/storage of #data 1/2
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🧵 current #Corona #Krankenhaus Ausbrüche
#Covid #Hospitals Outbreaks :
England, UK :

Southern Health Trust, Petersfield, cares for 35 patients with #Covid-19 in #hospital

Southern Health Trust, Petersfield pflegt 35 Patienten mit #Corona im #Krankenhaus

#Corona Ausbrüche wurden im Cambridge Memorial Hospital und im St Mary's General Hospital gemeldet.
#COVID outbreaks have been declared at Cambridge Memorial #Hospital and St Mary's General Hospital in Kitchener…
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Tracking XBB.1.16* (#Arcturus) over time - Globally

Total Sequences: 205

Spotted in #India, #USA, #UnitedKingdom, #Singapore, #Australia, #SouthKorea, #Denmark, #Italy, #Ireland, #Germany, #Canada, #Austria


Updated: 03/17/2023
XBB.1.5* & XBB.1.16* Mutational Profile
Early days & low sequence count, however everything points to the next top dog!

Likely scenario:
XBB.1.16* is poised to outcompete XBB.1.5* and other circulating lineages (including XBB.1.9.1*)
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🧵THREAD: There is nothing green about the Emerald Isle this St Patrick's Day

Did you know Ireland has the lowest ecological integrity in Europe?

Our native and natural ecology has been torn away for commercial gain…
#ClimateCrisis #StPatricksDay2023 A map showing the ecological integrity of Europe. Countries
Ireland is three years past deadline to send long-term climate strategy to European Union

The government has repeatedly fallen short of promises to get the important strategy finished
#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
The Government’s purchase of carbon credits covers up their consistent failure to act in the face of the Climate Crisis

Costing taxpayers, worsening public health & perpetuating climate imperalism

Utter greenwashing:…
#ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency A graph showing greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland between
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On #StPatricksDay2023 I want to shout out to my compatriots from #Ireland producing some of the most incisive, compelling, and agenda-setting scholarship in global constitutional law today. Read them, follow them, connect with them.

A loooong (but very incomplete) thread 🧵
A few quick starting notes for a global audience.
I often think constitutional law research by Irish scholars is so rich because of our unique context, in a constitutional system that has one foot in colonialism and conflict, and one (today) in the rich Global North.
#Ireland's war of independence, civil war, 1922 Constitution, partition, and 1937 Constitution (still in force) sets our experience apart from the gradualist constitutional development of e.g. #Canada, #Australia, #NewZealand, but has commonalities with other states (e.g. India).
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“End the Siege”campaign in solidarity with #Syria to launch next Saturday
In solidarity with the #Syrian people, a campaign entitled “End the Siege” will be launched next Saturday, at the initiative of the Arab Forum in Amman, & in cooperation with a group of organizations & figures in the #Arab world, #Europe & #NorthAmerica. Image
The campaign comes in solidarity with the #Syrian people who are suffering from the unilateral measures imposed on their country by the #US & its #European allies, & aims to mobilize efforts to lift the Western blockade on Syria, especially after the recent earthquake. Image
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⭐️Rishi Sunak declared that #Britain had “taken back control” after Brussels agreed to give London an effective veto over new #EuropeanUnion laws that affect Northern #Ireland…)
1. The new so-called “Windsor framework” has fundamentally rewritten the existing protocol and would permanently remove the border between Britain and Northern Ireland in the Irish Sea,
1(a) giving the U.K. govt an “emergency brake” (now known as the “Stormont brake”) on new EU laws applied in Northern Ireland if politicians in the province object to them.
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Do ppl understand that ppl die from #MECFS?
Common cause is starvation as the stomach shuts down.

We're now seeing trend amongst #LongCovid patients; where many of those severely ill are seeing huge rapid weight loss. I'm begging parents to take action early if your child 1)
Has the signs of #LongCovidKids.
Majority of ppl who become severe do not start out that way. Rather they steadily decline.
Common cause of decline is pushing through PEM.This is why we talk about the importance of early diagnosis. Promise you as a parent if your child becomes 2)
Severely ill w LC, you'll need to know you've done everything to care for them from the start. There are many parents out there w sick children who
a) dont know its LC because they aren't educated about LC
b) are in denial.
Those children likely to become more sick as they 3)
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See my latest report to get caught up on key points of discussion from the second session last September.…
Session Chair @Tumlleh opens with a call to shoulder our collective responsibility with awareness of urgency to address threats to space systems. #SpaceThreatsOEWG
The Chair notes that there can be no progress if we see this as a struggle b/w different groups and interests. Our discussion is not about opposition, but a GLOBAL issue that affects all countries and persons. #SpaceThreatsOEWG
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@giaaa1987 2

auf der Tanzfläche ganz gerne konkatteniert mit Douglas Adams:


hier gesprochen u.a. von Helmut Kohl:

Play Loud and Listen Carefully !

@giaaa1987 @Klang_Ruinen Play Loud and Listen Carefully ?

Challange accepted! .... Loading, please wait.

Front 242
Work 242 N.Off Is N.Off [Never Stop! EP '89]

Mission accomplished 3 years later:

@giaaa1987 @Klang_Ruinen "Geschichte wird gemacht, es geht voran"

#JoyDivision - Atmosphere

#NightmaresInWax #Liverpool #BirthOfANation:

#FreddyMercury & #Queen: One Vision

@Laibach: Geburt einer Nation
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Un pullback del mercato di martedì si è trasformato in un ritorno di mercoledì quando il bitcoin è salito oltre i $ 23.700 prima di ritirarsi leggermente. Eth sale sopra i $1.618. Altre criptovalute come #APT,registrano guadagni del 48% nelle ultime 24 ore,

Bitcoin ed Ether sono rimbalzati nel trading di giovedì mattina in Asia dopo la correzione di ieri tra indicatori economici misti e earnings deboli di Microsoft che avevano fatto scendere i prezzi.
Solana, Polygon e Cardano hanno guidato i guadagni tra i primi 10 per capitalizzazione di mercato. Le azioni statunitensi sono state contrastanti durante la notte.
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#Eduskuntavaalit2023 siirretään?, kansasta 92% vastustaa #NATO-#kokoomus'ta, eikä kukaan uskoisi, että #valeoppositio @kokoomus 'voittaisi' #Scytl -äänillä #valeoppositio @persut, äänillä esim:
Tai 7666 kuten @demarit 2019.
- 666 = 'InTheNameOfAllah'
@kokoomus @persut @Demarit #Dominion-#Scytl -Presidentin #vaalitulos #Ranska 2017:
#Macron: 66,06%. (666)
#LePen: 33.94%.
@kokoomus @persut @Demarit #Qanon julkisti #Eduskuntavaalit2019 täsmälleen oikeat äänimäärät 3 viikkoa ennen 'vaalien tulosiltaa' yhden desimaalin tarkkuudella.
- Kansan nielaisema #Scytl-ulostus oli vasta ensimäinen akordi #YLE'n ohjaamassa #ilveily -spektaakkelissa, opus 7666.…
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Another reason why I should leave San Francisco is the fact that I have fought every day for this city and rarely ever is there any support or team work. Whenever I walk through San Francisco I only ever see @bettersoma , @mattdorsey and Mr. J J in the trenches on the frontlines.
People complain every day but don’t ever do anything about it. It makes everything seem pointless. @michelletandler talks about fentanyl. When is she going to talk about our fentanyl emergency petition that has almost 1000 signatures? It takes two seconds to share petition.
I love @GMcDee2 @JacquiBerlinn because they aren’t picking and choosing what is “cool” to support. They support everything that is dedicated to combating fentanyl. They not only do their own fighting but they also support other people fights instead of picking what is “cool.”
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Sources believe UNFIL driver was executed, bullet to head, after vehicle flipped over. Assassins used tools to cut through bulletproof vehicle.

Claim that bullet hit driver in head as he sped away challenged by what appears to be very thick bulletproof glass. #Ireland #Lebanon
The following image supports the narrative that Irish UNIFIL was assassinated point blank. Driver door shows signs of being pried open 👇 #Lebanon #Ireland
The image also shows concentrated bullet marks on windows, consistent with deliberate attempt to kill, not bullets sprayed at a car as it sped away as initial local reports suggested. #Lebanon #Ireland #UNIFIL
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Throughout the rest of the month, I will be sharing some festive snippets and oddities🎄

I'll be adding them to this thread ✨ Keep your eyes peeled 👀

#Christmas #History Image
A sprig of mistletoe that had been used in the Christmas decorations of a church would bring good luck to its possessor 🌿

If an unmarried woman placed a sprig of mistletoe taken from the parish church under her pillow, she would dream of her future husband 💍

#Wales #History Image
This is thought to be the earliest photograph of a snowman in the world and it was taken in Wales ❄

It was taken by Mary Dillwyn (c.1853) who is thought to be one of the earliest female photographers in the world 📷

#Wales #History Image
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A leak from the @EU_EDPB reveals that the #EU's top #privacy regulator is about to overrule the Irish Data Protection Commission and declare #Facebook's business model illegal, banning #surveillance-based #ads without explicit consent:… 1/ A theater proscenium. Over the proscenium, in script, are th
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
In some ways, this is unsurprising. Since the #GDPR's beginning, it's been crystal clear that the intention of the landmark privacy regulation was to extinguish commercial surveillance and ring down the curtain on #ConsentTheater. 3/
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THIS has to be the most important thread to READ and SHARE.
What we're witnessing in Ukraine during the last 9 months isn't a new thing: in fact, Russians have been trying to destroy Ukrainians for centuries.
We must learn from history for the sake of our future.
Read below⬇️ Image
1⃣What is the Holodomor?

Holodomor literally means "murder by hunger". Also known as the terrorist famine caused by the USSR.
Ukrainians of the XX century experienced famine three times - in 1921-1923, 1932-1933 and 1946-1947.
The Holodomor of 1932-1933 became the largest genocide of the Ukrainian nation.
By the end of 1933, according to various sources, at least 4.5 million Ukrainians slowly died of starvation.
Every year, Ukraine honors their memory on the last Saturday of November.
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9 months ago today #Russia decided to break international law and condemn hundreds of thousands to death, disability and destruction

It's Day 274 of the invasion of #Ukraine, and here's Thursday's daily thread with all the news

Yesterday's news is here:
When the elite becomes diluted...

#Russia's crack airborne units couldn't defend the right bank of #Kherson - will they fare better in #Donbas where #Ukraine cannot target supply lines as easily.

Here's the UK Intel report for Thursday:
Early, unconfirmed, reports of a strike by #Russia in #Kherson

A rocket landed in the courtyard of one of the high-rise buildings in the city, but no reports of injuries.

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(1.Just dark ages stuff in #Ireland.A Seanad motion to enshrine #neutrality in constitution(would then take a referendum).Completely driven by #domestic politics, populist ideology&myths that persist with no heed for genuine national #security interests.…
(2.Claim that"unique voice for peace and reconciliation throughout the world"is just empty self-praise,naval gazing.Nobody has any evidence for this,anywhere,show me evidence before making claim!Ireland*is known*as free-rider that should be doing for its own & #European security!
(3.All 5 Nordic countries will be NATO members soon. 4 of them have far stronger track record in peace diplomacy&international development than Ireland. What about developing world states carrying some of largest burdens for UN #peacekeeping these days? #Ireland not"unique"here.
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