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Historian & author who specialises in the early history of gunpowder weapons, castles and medieval warfare. New book published by @penswordbooks
May 7, 2022 15 tweets 4 min read
Naval warfare was transformed in the late Middle Ages by the adoption of guns. But was this a gradual or sudden process? Read this thread to find out more… #thread #navalhistory #gunpowderdan This change can be illustrated by looking at two 15c. English warships. Henry V’s great ship, the Grace Dieu, completed in 1420, of 1,400 tons, was the largest English royal ship built before the seventeenth century but possessed a grand total of…3 small guns
Mar 29, 2019 7 tweets 8 min read
Afterwards I went to Warkworth Castle in Northumberland which also once belonged to the powerful Percy earls of Northumberland. It is an impressive and pretty castle that is well-worth visiting! #castles #castlehunting @EnglishHeritage @VisitNland Warkworth dates from the twelfth century and was acquired by the Percies in the early fourteenth century. They were responsible for the construction of its unusual cross shaped keep and other additions such as the collegiate church