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6 Sep 18
Why does data have to expire? Why can’t data be used like fuel? Once a customer makes a purchase, the usage should be at the discretion of the customer.

I was faced with this question and was not ready with an answer. Now I do and would like to share in this thread....
Data is Bandwidth. That is the first aspect to appreciate. So when you purchase a data bundle, you are being given access to a fixed amount of bandwidth for a specific period. Data services are subscription based just as you pay for your Pay-TV, which expires after a period.
Bandwidth is the capacity of a wired or wireless network communications link to transmit the maximum amount of data from one point to another over an internet connection in a given amount of time -usually one second. Bandwidth describes the data transfer rate or capacity.
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14 Aug 18
This thread explores #consumerprotection aspects in the new broadcasting licensing regime. When in full force it will have hallmarks of what is happening else where in the region. Currently, all broadcasting are in advanced stages of signing agreements
There are three fundamental reasons why we regulate:
1. For effective and robust competition (avoid market failure)
2. Protect #consumers (ensure #consumer interests are protected)
3. Ensure widespread access to networks and services (preventing anti-competitive practices
#Consumerprotection in the new PUBLIC SERVICE PROVIDER LICENCE has a pricing condition requiring the Licensee (broadcaster) to within fourteen (14) days after signing the Licence Agreement, to provide @UCC_Official with a copy of its charges for all licensed services.
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2 Aug 18
#COMMENTS on the @Airtel_Ug @K2Telecom endorsement agreement.
Is the Airtel/K2 transaction a merger or acquisition? What does it mean for K2 customers? Has @UCC_Official approved this transaction?
The Airtel/K2 transaction is neither a merger nor acquisition. It's a brand endorsement arrangement, were K2 entered into agreement allowing @Airtel_Ug to use her Trademark, Brand name (K2 Telecom) & Resources to market @K2Telecom products & services to customers @UCC_Official
Under the Brand Endorsement Agreement, K2 customers will continue enjoying the same or similar services with a different code prefix (0708). The customer migration will be voluntary. Customers will exercise their contractual right to either move to Airtel or not.
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25 Jul 18
Eliminating #ScratchCards doesn't directly curb criminality. No. It however streamlines distribution & airtime selling, ensuring accountability for persons involved in the distribution process & improves the integrity of communication systems through traceability & accountability
Gaps emerged this year when security agencies investigating fraud identified individuals aiding & abetting crime. Common amongst the individuals was that they were all airtime vendors/hawkers. Unfortunately, telecoms had no record of these masqueraders being authorised dealers.
@UCC_Official requires registration of all vendors of SIM cards & airtime products. Hence, UCC wanted to find telecoms precariously liable by having them held responsible for the actions or omissions of the masquerading vendors for regulatory measure. The telecoms objected.
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8 Jul 18
Free-To-Air (FTA) channels Vs #PayTV subscription.
Pay TV operator have argued that their business model is "Subscription". That when a customer opt for Pay TV, their primary interest is in the premium Pay TV content and not to watch the Free To Air channels.
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During the stakeholder consultations as part of the New broadcasting licensing development, many commentators were for #PayTV providers offering Free-To-Air channels free to subscribers even after monthly subscription have run out. The reason being, they are Free so why pay?
Just like many #PayTV providers globally have also refused to allow customers to pay per channel. Customers are not allowed to customise channels they want to watch for one simple reason, many channels whether it is Discovery Channel or C-SPAN may not be viable on their own.
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18 May 18
You will recall that Pay TV operators raised concerns about the new broadcasting licensing regime by UCC. A formal joint statement by all Pay TV operators shocked the public especially the claim of a unjustified fee increase.
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In a meeting on 26th April 2018, UCC agreed to halt any enforcement action to allow parties involved to harmonise positions on issues raised by the Pay TV operators. Having concluded the said discussions with Pay TV Operators, the following reflect agreed positions.@Pamankunda
1. UCC agreed with the submission by Pay TV Operators that providers without physical infrastructure in Uganda shall not be required to obtain Public Infrastructure Provider (PIP) Licenses. This was more of a clarification of the license provision, than a matter of contention.
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