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ISD is a global organisation dedicated to powering solutions to extremism, disinformation, and polarisation.
16 Oct
ISD are proud to announce a new feature on their web site.
Our Digital Dispatches blog will provide the latest of our digital research on hate, disinformation and extremism in a concise, yet comprehensive, format.… Digital Dispatches is the place to come for cutting-edge ana
Digital Dispatches will share our unique data and insights on online manipulation, whether it is how new social media platforms like TikTok battle (or not) the spread of disinformation, or analysing how fake news goes viral in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests.
We have a great team behind Digital Dispatches, which includes journalist and author of ‘War in 140 Characters’, David Patrikarakos (@dpatrikarakos) as well as regular contributions from our wider Digital Analysis Unit. Visit Digital Dispatches at…
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