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Z poškozených plynovodů Nord Stream unikl metan v množství odpovídajícím 32 % ročních emisí Dánska...

Úniky metanu z fosilní infrastruktury představují významný příspěvek ke změně klimatu. Co s tím?
Koncentrace metanu v atmosféře rychle narůstá.

(Více na:…) Image
Loňský přírůstek byl přitom za dlouhou dobu nejvyšší... Image
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Hundreds of young people march through Edinburgh streets in mass climate protest

#ClimateCrisis #COP26

A thread:
Demonstrators said politicians had failed to take action on the climate crisis since the Cop26 summit nearly a year ago. 🌍

#ClimateCrisis #FridaysForFuture…
The Fridays for Future movement (inspired by Greta Thunberg) held a climate march through the city, with some holding signs saying "the kids are not alright"

#ClimateCrisis #FridaysForFuture A youngster holds a sign sa...Individuals from across Sco...
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Mr. President,
Heads of State and Government,
Mr. Secretary-General,
Distinguished delegates,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr. President,
On behalf of the Government and people of Nigeria, I congratulate you on your well-deserved election as President of #UNGA77. I assure you of the full support and cooperation of the Nigerian delegation during your tenure.
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Ex-Tory Energy Minister Claire O'Neil (nee Perry) was briefly President for #COP26 held at Glasgow, but was swiftly 'de-nominated' after she declared she'd not be running for re-election in 2019.

She's now on the Board of Scottish Power! 😬…
In 2020, Claire became managing director for climate & energy at the 'World Business Council for Sustainable Development', which according to @GreenpeaceUK is among the key players responsible for holding back world societies from tackling climate change for the past 20 years. ImageImage
The WBCSD Executive Committee was dominated by the largest non-renewable energy and carbon-intensive companies in the world at least until 2011.

According to Greenpeace the WBCSD executive committee has been a 'Who's Who' of the world's largest carbon-intensive companies.
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#AMCEN is one of this continent’s premier organizations for action and implementation. Our challenges are too big for any one nation — or group of nations — to solve alone.

17 of the world’s 20 most climate vulnerable countries are on this continent. (1/6)
We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past. How you decide to approach the future will have a profound impact, not just on Africa, but on our ability as a planet to solve this problem. (2/6)
While we act to mitigate warming, we must also act to adapt to a warmer world, now and in the future. Here in Africa and around the world, we need to adapt to a planet already 1.1 degrees warmer, with more warming to come. (3/6)
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IAEA Director General @RafaelMGrossi delivered statement at Board of Governors meeting this morning. Remarks on nuclear safety and security in #Ukraine, #JCPOA and #Iran, #DPRK, and more.
📝 Full statement:
#Ukraine: "Just a few days ago I led IAEA Support and Assistance Mission to #Zaporizhzhya NPP. ISAMZ established a continuous IAEA presence at the site to help ensure nuclear safety & security and allowed inspectors to undertake vital safeguards activities" - @RafaelMGrossi
#Ukraine: "ISAMZ made clear the urgent & imperative goal of halting the shelling that is hindering the safe operation of #Zaporizhzhya NPP. A nuclear safety & security protection zone is urgently needed & I have begun initial consultations with relevant Parties" - @RafaelMGrossi
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Back to Day 2 of @NGMN_Alliance #NGMNICE22 moderated by @guydaniels of @TelecomTV

Sessions today are about green networks & sustainability

Solemn introductions by Guy & Antia Doehler of NGMN commemorating yesterday's sad loss of the Queen
@NGMN_Alliance @guydaniels @TelecomTV First speaker is @martineaus , a #COP26 adviser on sustainability, setting wider global & societal context for the telecom industry.

Notes GSMA stats (31% more traffic, 5%+ electricity, 2%+ CO2 in 2021) show that they are "decoupled". But notes that last number must fall
Interestingly that suggests to me one of the more absurd arguments I've heard recently "we must reign in data traffic growth to reduce CO2 emissions" or "don't send that email" (!!) is a fallacy.

We know it, sustainability advisers know it, so let's stop pretending bits = CO2
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1/14. 📜Powerful new report to the #UN General Assembly by the @SRClimateChange Ian Fry makes crystal clear that #LossAndDamage from #ClimateChange is causing a litany of #HumanRights impacts. 🧵
2/14. In its introduction, the report highlights the inequality at the heart of the #ClimateCrisis: "50% of countries are responsible for 86 % of the cumulative global CO2 emissions", #AtmosphericColonization, and why #ClimateReparations are being demanded for #LossAndDamage.
3/14. Chapter three "#LossAndDamage: a litany of #HumanRights impacts" starts by highlighting that from a #HumanRights perspective #LossAndDamage is "closely related to the right to remedy and the principle of #Reparations".
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1/8. 🚨#Pakistan is seeing massive #LossAndDamage from #ClimateChange as rainfall 2.87 X higher than the national 30-year average leads to catastrophic Moonsoon floods in 116 districts.🧵
2/8. As of the 26th of August, @UNOCHA reported that #LossAndDamage totaled 218k houses destroyed, 452K houses damaged, 2M acres of crops impacted, 774k livestock lost, 1343 injured, and a death toll of 937 lives.… Image
3/8. But since the release of @UNOCHA's report, the death toll is believed to have surpassed 1000+ lives.…
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🚨 | Energy price cap confirmed to rise to £3,549 - up 280% on last winter

💥 Reliance on foreign gas is why bills are so high.

🟢 In pursuing cleaner energy production, the UK has exposed itself to worldwide energy markets and lost energy security…
The price cap is what a typical average household will pay annually based on use. For some they will pay less, other more.

Ministers will talk about the Ukraine war, that is a factor. But reducing coal use over the past 40 years and reducing North Sea gas has left us exposed.
Additionally the #cop26 #netzero goals signed up to by countries means that more countries around the world are competing for gas, which pushes up demand and pushes up price.

So the UK drive to hit #netzero without an adequate energy security policy is behind the rising bills
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After spending hundreds of billions of dollars on wind and solar, 82.3% of global consumption of primary energy is still fossil fuel.. and it is going up in 2022!!
#Oil #Coal #Natgas #energy #FossilFuels Image
People think Europe is going green and different from the rest of the world! Well, it has more hydro and nuclear too! Europe's dependence on fossil fuels is 70.6%! #Energy #Euroep #Russia Image
I chose red for coal on purpose!

China's dependence on fossil fuel is 82.7%

Westerners who bragging about China's EVs: 🤣 Image
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So, Jamie Dimon the CEO of @jpmorgan thinks "it is not against #climate [change] for America to boost more oil & gas".

Which could not be more wrong!

Here's a🧵on some science he (& his colleagues in the banking sector) may want to try to pass through their cranium... 1/20
@jpmorgan Firstly, #climate action is incredibly urgent, the @IPCC_CH reports tell us we have a 'rapidly closing window to secure a livable & sustainable future for all!' 2/20
It is "Now or never" if we are to have a chance of meeting the 1.5C climate target agreed at Paris.

As Prof. Jim Skea, Co-Chair of @IPCC_CH WG3 explains, we need "deep emissions reductions across all sectors". Starting NOW! 3/20…
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🇳🇦NAMIBIA: Road to becoming Africa's #GreenHydrogen hub

Here is our journey so far...

It’s a 🧵
🗓️March 2021

introduced the Harambee Prosperity Plan II (#HPPII) with the Southern Corridor Development Initiative (#SCDI) as part of the Economic Advancement Pillar.


🗓️August 2021

National Planning Commission, Director General, Mr. Obeth
signed a hydrogen partnership between 🇩🇪#Germany and 🇳🇦Namibia and signed a Joint Communiqué of Intent (JCoI) in Windhoek and Berlin.

Read more ➡️…

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Politics is simpler than people make out.

The Tories are incredibly successful at delivering what their backers want.
Their offshore backers wanted Tories to divert the money we spend on power, water, and transport into their pockets.

Job done. Our pockets are empty and our rivers are full of our shit.…
Government gives them access to our taxes. Elaborate scams were erected to divert obscene amounts under the cover of Covid PPE. Track & Trace, and now #NetZero. Records erased. Untraceable spending.

The biggest organised theft of taxation in history.…
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Being as we are collectively suffering from news attention overload - we have moved on from this. But this incident with Pelosi deserves a lot more examination.

>> @MehdiHasan's @MSNBC show provides context & highlights the extent of US confusion.
@MehdiHasan @MSNBC I'm going to provide some additional context - not included in much of the discussion..
1. Pelosi's visit (she arrived 2 Aug) coincided with the beginning of the China's Presidency of the UN Security Council >> video briefing >>
@MehdiHasan @MSNBC 2. It also coincided with the beginning of the 10th Nuclear Proliferation Treaty review conference. The Presidency and the NPT conference both started on 1st August.

NYC Media Briefing Aug 2.>>
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I caught up with the end of this yesterday - and this hearing is an alternative, & possibly better explanation for the rushed and botched roll out of the new US Africa Strategy.
China is comprehensively outplaying the US in international diplomacy. Here is China's "Concept Note" referred to at the beginning of the session.…
A charitable interpretation of rushed release of the new US Africa Strategy (…) is that they wanted to release something that is alligned to the proposals being discussed in this UNSC Chinese Presidency event held on the same day.
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A tweet, a fact sheet and a PDF >>…

But does this policy have any new ideas in it or money behind it?
I don’t think so.

These NSC official strategy documents look like hastily compiled BS with no substance at all.

And the document design is also awful.

This Policy roll out is a comedy of errors.
It’s hard to overstate how sloppy this is. Why wasn’t it just left in @AsstSecStateAF Molly Phee’s hands.

A very poorly executed hijacking of the work of Phee, repackaging it as the Whitehouse, forgetting that it’s in its infancy, has no substance, and no $$$.
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Small thread, excellent broader point. US Domestic politics always trumps (sic) international relations in modern day America and it has become deeply destructive and toxic pathology.
Because of the Ukraine War and it’s entirely predictable impacts on European energy markets, the Euro has been trashed. It is now at its lowest levels vs USD since launch in 2002, lower than the low point of the 2014-17 Euro Crisis. And will probably go lower.
Current US Foreign Policy in:
- North Korea
- Iran
- Ethiopia and the HoA
- China,Taiwan & the South China Sea
- Afghanistan
- Central & South America
- Israel
- Syria
- The Sahel and Sub Saharan Africa
- & Europe/Ukraine
… is failing
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We are honoured to present this thread 🧵 to you. Eight films on the lives of eight of the #Sortition chosen assembly members and their experiences of the #GlobalAssembly of 2021 #GA2021. The world’s first ever global citizens’ assembly on the climate and ecological emergency. ImageImageImage
We are deeply grateful to the local film teams, community hosts and facilitators who worked so hard to present these amazing pieces of work. Please do share these films as we see this as an opportunity to understand the human experiences behind the #GlobalAssembly process ImageImageImage
This is the first film that was finished, by a team in the Peoples’ Republic of China 🇨🇳Telling the story of young student Li Shimao from Wuhan. 我们希望您和我们一起过生日愉快! ImageImageImage
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This seems to be the most interesting bit of Friday's UN Media briefing regarding the long-awaited "Black Sea Initiative" which was needed to prevent a financial, food and energy crisis globally, the implications of which are hard to fathom.
Unfortunately we as yet seem to know very little about the full details of the two agreements which are part of this.

The Black Sea initiative is related to shipping in the Black Sea. A 2nd agmnt (signed an hour or so later) lifts Russian fertiliser export sanctions - I think.
A third extremely important component of what the UNSG was seeking to achieve here was to free up financing for developing nations to ensure that they are in a position to plant, harvest and distribute crops.
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Our latest 600-page assessment of UK progress to reduce emissions is out today. Read the report, take a look at our new monitoring framework and flick through 300+ detailed recommendations. But first, let us take you through some of our key messages 🧵👇 Image
This report marks a step change for the CCC, as we increase our focus on tangible delivery of Net Zero across the economy. Using our new monitoring framework, we will be tracking progress against the Net Zero Strategy with new indicators against a model of change for each sector. A table showing the summary...
The Net Zero Strategy is commendable in its ambition, but there are still many important gaps, notably in land use and on increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. Importantly, policies are not yet fully in place to drive the delivery programme required. A bar graph showing the dec...
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This is a call to action to everyone campaigning for action on the climate crisis and a just transition:

Join a @RMTunion picket line tomorrow if you can. This is our fight and your solidarity is needed. #RailStrikes
This Govt’s attack on rail workers should be seen as part of a wider plan to suck money from the railways (euphemistically termed ‘modernisation’).

As well as attacking pay and conditions, it's part of a retreat from even the limited commitments made to net zero and at #COP26.
Our railways are a critical public service and key to fighting the climate crisis.

Amongst many actions, the Govt should be:

- Ending the failed privatisation experiment, and bringing railways into public ownership - strongly supported by the public

- Expanding investment
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Session Highlight of the #NbSConference2022, 5-7 July in Oxford and online:
Join Session 1: ‘#NaturebasedSolutions: where are we now, where do we need to be?
Convenors: @WWF, @NatureBasedSols
This session will examine the rising profile of nature in #climatechange & #development policy & what has been achieved in many multilateral processes. Lessons from #COP26 & #G7 can inform us for @Cop27P, including why #Naturebasedsolutions in the #COP27 decision text matters.
Speakers include:
Chair: @JosefinaBrana, Forests VP & Deputy Lead @WWF.
@manupulgarvidal, Global Leader of Climate & Energy @climateWWF
@VPerezCirera, Chief Economist @WorldResources
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📢 Announcing the WINNERS of the 2nd annual Covering Climate Now Climate Journalism Awards! Grab your 🍿 and follow this 🧵 in which we'll be revealing the winners in all categories.
First Up: The winner in the Long Feature category is @tbartelme (writer) + @LaurenPetracca (photos) @postandcourier for "The Greenland Connection," which explains how melting ice and rising sea levels are already affecting his hometown of Charleston, SC.…
This @latimes team investigative series deployed data digging + analysis to project that California’s death toll from searing temperatures + stifling humidity—our changing climate's greatest killer worldwide—may be 6x higher than the state’s official count…
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