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So at last it's clear - @AlokSharma_RDG is the new President of #COP26, also taking up the SoS role at @beisgovuk
Not one of the names mentioned in dispatches over the last couple of weeks, and perhaps not one of those whom the phrase 'Cabinet heavy-hitter' called to mind - but there's some rationale to the appointment
Being a COP President is primarily about diplomacy - it's an international process, owned collectively by 195-odd UN member states. And @AlokSharma brings experience in both the @foreignoffice and @DFID_UK
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V positive step forward as @10DowningStreet have decided #UK is to be the first country to go further on #TCFD = Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure ...

Govt will consult on proposals following amendments to #PensionSchemesBill we laid last night ⏩ #Progress 1/
This amendment imposes requirements on trustees + managers of certain occupational pension schemes as regards taking into account the effects of climate change / publishing information relating to those effects - takes #TCFD to next level 2/
Massive step forward in battle against #climatechange.
Transparency and disclosure are key to both
- a #NetZero by 2050 approach
- and an understanding by investors of the #investmentchain.
Progress on #TCFD assists with #COP26 and more 3/
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At #ClimateJustice panel at #CountdowntoCOP there is recognition that the UK govt has taken on the discourse, but we wait to see the action. Across audience a recognition on the need to centre climate justice in #COP26 & beyond. I am looking forward to hear reflections on #gender
@HarpreetKPaul, an expert on #lossanddamage shares concerns about the lack of movement on the #WIM at a time where #disasters are leaving countries & communities in the global south increasingly & unfairly indebted. We have a moral imperative - #MichaelGove said it himself today
Nick Robins @GRI_LSE & from finance sector explains there is now broad agreement in sector that #ClimateJustice is the right thing to do, AND the necessary thing. #justtransitions must be led by all industries, communities&citizens. Place-based dimension is v.important even in UK
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The sad thing about #COP26 is that it will be like all the other COPs - a great big international prisoners’ dilemma where everyone screws everyone else in self interest. Thus screwing themselves too. Unless... ⬇️
John Rawls’ “Veil of ignorance” is one way around this. Imagine on clicking your fingers you’re given an equal chance of becoming anyone else on earth.
If you had a chance of waking up as a Mauritian in a “sinking” country, would you still stall on climate talks? In practice⬇️
In practice how can you do this? In science we use “blinding” to remove bias. We give you the statistics of each country - pollution data past and present etc and we ask you to decide who should have which net zero target.
We just don’t tell you which country is which⬇️
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Anyone who utters the words the ‘UK isn’t really responsible for causing #ClimateEmergency’ & then blames China/India’ better have an answer to this 👇🏾👇🏾#COP26
The UK has just 0.8% of the world’s population yet UK investments are responsible for 15% of global emissions. Every climate conversation by the Govt that doesn’t start with ‘it’s the neoliberal economy, stupid!’ should be met with the disdain it deserves.
For all those asking about the source of this graph. The data is from this article - however historical emissions per person for India and China isn’t included so India’s 28,000 mega tonnes & Chinas 105,925 is divided by their population to get the number.…
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The biggest story of the climate crisis is WHY none of our governments are acting on it with the means at their disposal and the seriousness it requires. The question is WHY are they not acting? Is it a lack of solutions, uninformed politicians, or something else? A short 🧵. 1/
First, evidence they are not acting. Scotland, hosting the #COP26, is still exploring and extracting gas & oil with no end in sight. England is subsidizing airlines, expanding airports and pouring £30 into road-building, as well as opening two NEW coal mines. 2/
The US is expanding oil & gas extraction, now a net exporter. Australia is opening a coal mine to rival all coal mines. Fossil fuel subsidies are still rampant, all over the world, despite decades of pledges to stop them. 3/…
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Thoughts on Claire (Perry) O’Neill’s replacement as incoming President of this year's UN climate summit #COP26
It will be seen in some quarters as a disruption but I'm not sure it's a big one. Delivering a good outcome at COP26 needs a whole government effort across the year, led by PM @BorisJohnson, involving international-facing and UK-facing departments
The two key tasks for government are 1) do the international diplomacy well and 2) get the country demonstrably on track to its legally-binding #netzero target. First needs FCO, DfID and No10 - second needs Housing, Transport, BEIS, Treasury... and No10. At least
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🚜🌎💚 Land use, #farming & how this impacts on #ClimateChange is under scrutiny

Today, the Committee on Climate Change (@thecccuk) have launched their new Land Use report

What does it say, does it focus on the right things and is it ambitious enough?
@theCCCuk @UKSustain @SoilsAlliance @SusFoodTrust @LandworkersUK @FOLUCoalition @GreenerUK_ @GreenAllianceUK @WCL_News @DefraGovUK @NFUtweets The report comes at a time when #farming, #landuse and its impact on #climatechange is under the spotlight like never before.

This @theCCCuk report will be a major influence on what farmers will be rewarded for doing to adapt to climate change.
Nature must be given equal emphasis in shaping the future of post-#Brexit #farm support, as #farming and #landuse is also the primary driver of global #insect decline and the #biodiversity crash.
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Today @ScienceBrief publishes its first Rapid Response Review on #wildfire risks…

**All** 57 scientific papers show linkages between #climatechange and increased #fireweather

@richardabetts @pepcanadell @uniofeastanglia @tyndallcentre @clequere
#FireWeather refers to periods when fire is more likely due to hot, dry, and often windy conditions

Fire weather is an overall measure of the flammability of the landscape - increases suggest rising fire risk
Observations show that fire weather seasons have lengthened across ~25% of the Earth’s vegetated surface, resulting in a ~20% increase in the length of the fire weather season on average globally…
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Happy holidays everyone! I wish you much joy over the holidays, and some wonderful time with your families. The news can be pretty bleak, but there is much to be (guardedly) optimistic about as we enter the new decade. If you have a moment, read on...…
Peak emissions are closer than you think. The new decade will be, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, a decade of consequences. Play it right, and we have a chance of avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. Waste it, and we are in uncharted territory.…
Just to be clear, we will not see the sort of emissions decline by 2030 demanded by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – a 20% cut by 2030 to keep temperature rises to 2C, 45% cut to remain under 1.5C – but I would guess at a drop of around 5%.…
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At #COP25Madrid rich countries are literally pouring oil on to the climate fire. They have known about the urgency to act, they know the science & that the clock is ticking on 1.5c with less than a decade to act. They refused to act in the previous decade & now they are demanding
thaf they can use discredited carbon markets to shift the burden to the global South. They are calling for solutions that will displace food production in the poorest countries so they can offset their failure to act.
Because they want to lock in even more fossil fuel extraction. Their target is an expansion of fossil fuels by 150% beyond what is compatible for 1.5c. The majority of that expansion is in rich countries like the USA & Canada.
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(thread on the *end of climate politics*)

(1/x) With the abject failure of not only #COP25, but the entire COP/UNFCCC-process, traditional, Rio-style climate politics is *over*.

The idea that those who cause & profit from the #climatecrisis would somehow find a consensus...
(2/x) ... on protecting the climate with those who suffer under climate injustice has finally been revealed as precisely the illusionist's trick that they always were: we look towards the UNFCCC, all the while the polluters merrily go on polluting, & we do them the courtesy of...
(3/x) sitting down with them, even cheering them on if they meet their measly, insufficient reduction & financing targets.

Enough of this shit.

Ten years ago, we tried to 'Seattle Copenhagen' (where 'seattling' is a transitive verb - you get the idea ;)) (cf. @NaomiAKlein)...
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Next week, 10s of 1,000s of negotiators will descend on Madrid for the annual UN climate summit #COP25

They hope to agree rules for "Article 6", the technical & obscure text that could "make or break" the Paris Agreement.

What's it all about?

"Article 6" of the Paris Agreement is about carbon trading & other forms of internatl. cooperation.

Some say it could significantly raise global climate ambition…

…others fear it could fatally undermine the Paris deal.

That's why it's "make or break"…
For a brief moment at COP24 in Poland, Article 6 shot into the limelight, with Brazil accused of holding the entire talks hostage over the rules for how carbon markets should work.

In the end, they deferred the decisions on Article 6 until now.…
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On Thursday, the @EIB board (Member States, @EU_Commission) decides whether funding #gas infrastructure is still in the public interest.

I shuffled through the extraordinary amount of voices saying "no, we've got better things to fund" and put them in this THREAD.

30 businesses, investment groups and scientific institutions including @WMBtweets @cisl_cambridge @PIK_Klima @ClubOfRome @climatebonds…
Economist Prof. @CKemfert clearly tells us that we're setting us up for another badly managed transition with #strandedassets if we use public funding for #fossilfuels as renewables and efficiency will undercut the market for gas.… @OlafScholz
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#OnThisDay 30 years ago, Margaret Thatcher became the first leader of any major nation to call for a #UnitedNations treaty on #climate change
You can watch the speech here or read it here - it remains IMHO one of the best speeches ever given on the subject, especially given the year and the context
Unusually for any leader's #UNGA speech, she devoted the entire thing to a single issue - '...the threat to our global environment'
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I had to remind myself but it’s always on my mind so it was easy... here we go, I’ve a short story for you all
back in 1997 the world agreed binding quantified emissions cuts for the industrialised countries (“annex I”) in the Kyoto Protocol which was eventually ratified by enough countries to enter into force in 2005.
The Kyoto Protocol (KP) had a first commitment period of 2008-2012. The emissions reductions targets were laughable and compliance was a bit of a joke but this was in fact a legally binding international agreement
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Today we are calling on @transportgovuk to bring International #Aviation and #Shipping emissions formally within the UK’s #NetZero target.

It will have the very important effect of establishing a comprehensive legal framework for reducing UK emissions for the first time.
We recommend that the aviation and shipping sectors should themselves reach #NetZero, requiring a major effort from Government and industry. These are international challenges, requiring an international response, but bringing them into the UK target will drive the pace of change
#Shipping emissions can be reduced to zero or near zero through the use of alternative fuels. We have considered the use of hydrogen and ammonia for example.
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A quick take on today's Spending Review.

This was what HMT call an 'RDEL' event ( In other words, a review of government's resource spend. It isn't intended to move major capital programmes (that's for next year). It's also only a one-year review.
In these circumstances, it was always going to be difficult to achieve the major shifts in #netzero policies, many of which are infrastructure focused, few of which are about resource expenditure.

A cynic might say that achieving these shifts before an election is also unlikely.
Given the constraints of this Spending Review, there are some grounds for optimism.

The extra £30m for BEIS, which is receiving lots of negative attention, is 'admin' (ie staff) and programme expenditure. That's a potentially huge increase in staffing on #netzero. That's good.
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Digging around in the digital archives has inspired me to share some resources for anyone who only recently woke up to the #climatecrisis and/or anyone who needs a primer on what exactly #climatejustice is... here goes a wee THREAD
First of all the absolute basics. What is #climatejustice? Try this for starters:…
If you like pictures better than words then try this:…

(By the way a lot of what I'm sharing is *at least* 7 years old. To put in context of whatever "X years to save the world" donation appeal an NGO emailed you recently)
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