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21 May 20
Thanks to recent data releases from @ONS I think we can be a little clearer about the excess "non-COVID" mortality in England and Wales

1. Deaths of Care Home residents in hospital were more likely to be registered as related to COVID than those in care homes


2. Levels of in hospital mortality in Care Home residents have not substantially increase despite increased illness and overall mortality

3. Nor do they seem to account for the displacement of in hospital mortality into the community observed by @d_spiegel and others


4. The displaced in hospital mortality seems for likely to be in deaths at Home which remain high and less frequently attributed to COVID in death registrations


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13 May 20
What can patients with #NASH expect from clinical trials?

Recent negative results from $GILD and now $GNFT in Phase 3 highlight the uncertainties entering trials that patients face

Is there a minimum potential benefit a patient should accept when entering a trial?

In Phase 3, participants with #NASH entering a trial there is no certainty that the drug being tested will work and they are taking a risk with a new treatment

Is there a minimum threshold for benefit in a trial that participants might expect?

Earlier today, I asked #livertwitter what the minimally important difference would be for histologic improvement in phase 3 trials in NASH

The majority thought that at least a 25% absolute improvement in either NASH or fibrosis was the minimum

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