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Afghanistan combat veteran (OEF 10-11). 101st Airborne. Mortarman. Former reporter. Long Island born. Perpetually optimistic Mets fan.
3 Aug 19
Last month I went to Wal-Mart with a friend. He wore a sidearm on his hip, which has been doing for the past few weeks.

I asked him why and he said someone yelled at him in the Wal-Mart parking lot last time he was there.

I knew he owned guns, but he never carried before.
He's undergone a rather stark change not just since I knew him in the army, but since I've moved here to Indiana in 2017.

He started listening to Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder. He freaks out about Captain Marvel and SJWs. He rants about transgenders in the military.
He's started talking about race more, and not in a very progressive way.

He's gone from a guy who thought Trump was an asshole in 2017 to telling me he's going to vote for him next year.

He's a white guy in his late 30s with a history of anger and depression issues.
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27 May 19
Memorial day is always a conflicting time for me now.

I was fortunate, very fortunate, in my deployment that we didn't have anyone killed. A few got injured, but nobody died.

Then in the eight years since we've been back a half dozen guys I served with took their own lives.
And I know that Memorial day is supposed to be about honoring those who died in war, and also recognize that not every veteran who takes their own life does so bc of factors directly related to service.

Veterans can take their own life for the same reasons civilians do.
But it's still a difficult thing to reckon with. And it's hard to separate whatever factors went into their final decision with what they went through - what we all went through - and wonder what is it that makes you carry on and not end up like them.

And there's no answer.
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30 Oct 18
*Dispatches from Operation Faithful Patriot*

[Day 1]

"Dearest mother, I have arrived at the border. Solitude and dirt surround us. The men are in high spirits. We have been told our deployment will be short. I dug a trench today. I saw a lizard. Will write again soon."
[Day 9]

"Dearest mother,

It's been over a week. We haven't seen a single migrant. We set up C-wire. I dug a second trench behind the first trench in case we get overrun. It's lonely here. My battle buddy keeping singing 'All my exes live in Texas' over and over. I miss home."
[Day 16]

"Dearest mother,

I think it's been two weeks. It's hard to tell. Time has no meaning here on the border. I've dug three more trenches. I've started pooping in the first one bc I forgot where the porta John is. I killed a gopher. My first kill. Felt good. Send smokes."
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17 Sep 18
It's absolutely heartbreaking & stomach-churning to read these stories of abuse from women in my TL.

I'm unfathomably lucky I was born a man & never had to spend a second of my life worrying about being alone in a room with a guy.

I have only a small story to share abt this.
The Kavanaugh-Ford story reminds me a little of something that I was apart of 18 years ago.

I had just started dating my now-ex wife. She had confided to me that she was raped at the college she used to attend in Vermont.
She was asleep in her bed when a dude opened her door, crawled on top of her, covered her mouth and raped her.

She left the college and state completely and that's how she ended up at the school I was at in New York.
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16 Sep 18
Raise your hand if you never sexually assaulted anyone when you were a teenager and don't spend a second of your life worrying someone is going to accuse you of having done that.
Anyone who defends an act like that because they were a teen should be ashamed of themselves.

Looking at you, Thomas the Take Engine.
Thomas the Take Engine is a good line, folks.
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16 Sep 18
Okay guys, now that we powered through the Dune deep dive, time to turn our attention to next week.

These are your choices:
I have a feeling this is gonna be a two-way battle between Monster Squad and Big Trouble In Little China.

But I'm secretly pulling for Defending Your Life.
They Live is great, too. Tough choice this week.
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11 Sep 18
The attacks 17 years ago are the only traumatic event I can think of that people constantly urge others to remember.

I envy the kids too young to recall it or have an emotional connection to it.

Those who lived through it don't need to be told to #neverforget

How could they?
If you want to teach kids about something to #neverforget how about never forgetting that we're still involved in the war that sprung from those attacks, 17 years later, with no end in sight.

We've rebuilt ground zero, but we haven't rebuilt our interest in foreign incursions.
Never asking Americans to sacrifice anything other than 1% of their sons and daughters.

Never questioning why we're still there & when we'll leave.

Never paying attention to the longest war in our history once the initial invasion happened.

#neverforget turned into #nevermind
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30 Aug 18
When I was 16 I was really into politics, read a newspaper daily, watched the evening news...

...and made my first selection for president two years later because I liked the Bob Dole impersonator on Conan O'Brien.

The first two people I voted for were Bob Dole and Ralph Nader, so, you know, I'm not saying raise the voting age to 26, but I'm not not saying that.
In my life I've voted for...

Bob Dole
Ralph Nader
John Kerry
Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton.

I'm basically the Mets of voting.
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30 Aug 18
What do you call an Egyptian with a rare flatulence disorder?

Toot Uncommon.
I havent gotten a single "Jay" yet. Most of you must be sleeping.
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28 Aug 18
So I rented the movie TAG. Im halfway through and it's crazy good.

Jeremy Renner makes you wish they made a standalone Hawkeye movie.
Just finished it. A surprisingly heartwarming movie.

The actual tag scenes were the best.

They were done like all the fight scenes from the Sherlock Holmes movies where it's all in slow motion & you can hear Jeremy Runner's inner dialogue, predicting his friends' next move.
Also, the soundtrack is great for anyone who grew up in the early to mid 90s...

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27 Aug 18
Okay guys, here's my report on week 2 of my Cultural Awareness class.

The class required for anyone pursuing a degree in criminal justice.
Before I begin, if you missed my thread from last week to provide context, you can find that here:

So, before class even began I saw my professor sitting outside in the hallway. I approached her & very delicately asked her why she chose Crash as a film to watch in a class about cultural awareness.

She said it wasn't her choice, that it was mandated as part of the curriculum.
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22 Aug 18
Okay, time to talk about what happened on my second day of classes.

This isn't nearly as funny or absurd as what happened on the first day.
So at the end of last semester I signed up for a class that sounded interesting - Cultural Awareness.

I only found out on Monday that this class falls under the criminal justice program and is required for all those who are going to pursue a career in criminal justice.
On Monday we did the usual first day thing of introducing ourselves and saying why we are here and what we hope to get out of the class.

Literally every person in the class other than me was taking it because it was a requirement.
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20 Aug 18
Okay, I'm going to call this story "Crow-Call Conner & The Interpersonal Communications Class Disaster."

Gather 'round, kids.
Just to catch people up, today was the first day of classes for me. Usually the first day of classes is spent going over the syllabus and introducing ourselves to each other.

This was no different, except for how the professor of this communications class chose to go about it.
Instead of just going around thr room and introducing ourselves, he decided to play a game. Basically a chain game with alteration.

First person goes, and they give themselves a nickname. So if your name is Ted, you'd be "Terrific Ted" or something.
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20 Aug 18
First day back at class.

Trying to make friends like
First class - intro to psychology.

25 women. 4 men.
First class down. Not too bad.

Second class was interpersonal communication and it was an absolute shit show.

This one kid kept making bird noises (I'll explain later) and then played a YouTube video of crows yelling while the professor was giving his lecture.
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19 Aug 18
Okay guys, I'm just going to let you pick which movie I deep dive into next.

Whatcha want?
Just bear in mind, I've never seen Roadhouse, so I'll be deep diving into that blind.
I've probably seen Scrooged 20 times, so I'm most familiar with that.

I've seen Cop Land once and White Men Can't Jump twice, but I haven't watched either in over 15 years.
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18 Aug 18
Alright folks, time to deep dive into the director's cut of Kingdom of Heaven.

Its gonna be a long one, so if this doesn't interest you, just mute this thread now.
Before I get into it, a little backstory:

Some of you may have seen this movie before. Its not on cable often, so it's probably been years. It was released in 2005, right when the Iraq war was going all to hell.

The allegory between the Crusades and the Iraq war weren't subtle.
The thing about this movie is that a lot of people felt it was just okay-to-good.

They felt that way because what was released in theaters was so heavily chopped up by the studio the character motivations made little to no sense.

The director's cut fixes all of that and more.
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14 Aug 18
Ever notice how nobody ever says women aren't smart enough to be in the infantry?

Men can slide by with an IQ somewhat on par with a chimpanzee.

Imagine how much better the military would be if it raised its intelligence standard instead of obsessing over just the physical.
"But Jay," you scream as your medium Grunt Style t-shirt that should be an XL slowly traps the blood above your neck, "what happens when you need someone to hump a tank up a mountain. What then smart guy?"
*Anonymous guy with eight numbers and red X's in his handle appears off from the side like Grima Wormtongue*

"Have you thought about..."
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14 Aug 18
The Russian version of Wall-E looks amazing.
That's an excavator, for those curious.

It's huge, but far from the largest one out there.

That would be this big boy, the Bagger 288.
A close up with an SUV for scale.
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13 Aug 18
Mets are leading the Yankees 2-0.
When the Mets have a 2-0 lead, deGrom on the mound and he strikes out the first batter with a 97mph fastball.
Severino is gonna reach 100 pitches by the third inning.
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13 Aug 18
Just spitballing here, but maybe end this pointless war before anyone else has to die for nothing.

If the next Dem nominee doesn't vow to pull out all our troops within their first year in office this war will literally never end.

Stop listening to the generals who keep telling you victory is right around the corner.

There are no corners in Afghanistan.
The Afghan army sucks. The people don't want us there.

The only people who do want us there are defense contractors and the Afg. Government we're propping up.

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12 Aug 18
This guy reminds me of someone.
Ah, yes.
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