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13 Apr
Going to vent here.

The Texas Legislature not sharing bills they've passed with the public irritates me to no end.

Seriously, back on Thurs, a Texas House committee passed major election bills with significant amendments.

It is still not online for the public to read!
The Texas Senate did almost the same thing. They heavily amended their election bill at 1:39 a.m. two weeks ago, and then moved to pass the bill at 1:40 a.m. though the bill wasn't available for anyone in the publilc to read until the next day.

We couldn't even read amendments!
Sure, as a member of the media this makes my job SOOO hard to explain to people what THEIR Legislature just passed.

But the real problem is everyday Texans have no way to read what is being voted out of committees and voted off the floor when this happens.
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8 Apr
The Texas Senate is now debating a bill that would require professional sports teams to play the National Anthem before games in Texas
This is of course response to the Dallas Mavericks who started this season conducting an experiment that resulted in the National Anthem not being played before 13 games.

The NBA had already declared since that all teams are required to play it.
State Sen. Brian Birdwell, a Marine vet, said this isn't just about sports like basketball or football, this is "about what makes this country great."
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20 Oct 20
NEW: Texas is reporting 4,319 people hospitalized with lab-confirmed COVID-19. That is up 35% from Oct. 1 and it is the highest total since Aug. 28
Over the last 7 days we have averaged 4,216 hospitalized patients with COVID.

Over previous 7 days we averaged 3,597. Before that we averaged 3,245.
The state is reporting we still have over 13,000 available hospital beds to deal with COVID19 cases and 1,100 ICU beds, even with the rising cases.
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3 Aug 20
Some of the smallest counties in Texas being hit hard by COVID, according to state data. Real County (west of San Antonio) with just 3,400 people went from having 9 positive cases two weeks ago to 76 as of Saturday - 850% increase.
In Madison County (pop 14,500), just outside of College Station, they went from 175 cases to 645 in last two weeks. In Jasper County near the Louisiana border, they went from 92 cases to 291. That's over 200% increase for those two according to state data.
Among counties with at least 50,000 people, San Patricio (Corpus area) remains one of the hardest hit over last two weeks with a 98% increase in cases according to state data. Cameron on the border had 97% increase. Hood next with 78% increase.
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27 Jul 20
BREAKING: Texas is reporting 5,713 people who have died from COVID-19 - a dramatically higher tally than reported yesterday. That is 675 more than previously reported on Sunday.
State officials say they've changed the way they count deaths from COVID. Rather than waiting for counties to report totals, they are using death certificates data that is more up to date and accurate. And they are counting deaths as of when they died, instead of when reported.
Here's the state's explanation:
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22 Jul 20
BREAKING: Texas set a new record for reported deaths in a day from COVID19 with 197 people since yesterday. The state has now lost 4,348 people to COVID. That is 916 people in just 7 days - more deaths than we saw all of June. We've lost almost 2,000 this month.
Texas also set a new record for hospitalizations of COVID patients. State is reporting 10,893 lab-confirmed COVID patients in hospitals - that is up 48 from yesterday.
New Texas COVID-19 data
3,104,148 people tested (up 60,577 since yesterday)
351,618 positive cases (up 9,879 from yesterday)
4,348 deaths (197 more people since yesterday)
10,893 currently hospitalized with COVID (up 48 from yesterday)
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10 Jul 20
NEW: Texas has topped 3,000 deaths from COVID-19 for the first time. The state is reporting another 95 deaths today, giving Texas 3,013.

Also Texas hit 10,000 active COVID confirmed hospitalizations for the first time.
The state is reporting 10,698 available beds statewide for COVID-19 and 940 available ICU beds. State still has 5,127 ventilators available. All those numbers are way down from a week ago and from earlier this summer.
New Texas COVID-19 data:
2,389,789 people tested (up 76,577 from yesterday)
240,111 positive cases (up 9,765 from yesterday)
3,013 deaths (that's 95 more people than yesterday)
10,002 lab-confirmed COVID hospitalizations (up 313 from yesterday)
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10 Jul 20
The COVID-19 is WAAAY out of hand along the Rio Grande Valley. U.S. Sens. @JohnCornyn @tedcruz Reps @RepGonzalez @RepFilemonVela & @RepCuellar calling for federal help including a new emergency field hospital to deal overcrowded medical facilities.
"Unfortunately, with recent surges in COVID-19 cases over the past several weeks, our health systems have been pushed to their limits,” they say in letter to U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar
“Providers in our region have urgently requested additional staffing and a myriad of medical supplies including oxygen, ventilators, personal protective equipment, and dialysis machines as well as additional facilities to enhance critical care and discharge capacity.”
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9 Jul 20
BREAKING: Texas's most deadly week fighting the coronavirus continues. State is reporting 105 deaths in one day - the highest they have ever reported. Nearly 400 dead in 7 days for an average of 56 people per day.
New Texas COVID-19 data
2,313,212 people tested (up 54,504 from yesterday)
230,346 positive cases (up 9,782 from yesterday)
2,918 deaths (up 105 from yesterday)
9,689 currently in hospital with lab-confirmed COVID (up 79 from yesterday)
Texas is still reporting 11,296 available hospital beds for COVID, but number of available ICU beds is down to 953 - first time that number has dipped below 1,000. Texas still has 5,224 available ventilators.
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8 Jul 20
BREAKING: Texas is reporting it's worst day from COVID-19 since the pandemic began with 98 people dying from the virus just since yesterday and a new record of 9,610 people so sick that they are hospitalized.
The state now has reported 332 deaths just in the last 7 days. That is an average of 47 deaths per day - the highest 7-day death average since the pandemic started in Texas.
New Texas COVID-19 Data
2,258,708 people tested (that is up 37,421 from yesterday)
220,564 positive tests (up 9,979 from yesterday)
2,813 deaths (up 98 people from yesterday)
9,610 lab-confirmed hospitalizations (up 324 from yesterday)
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7 Jul 20
BREAKING: Texas set a single day high in new deaths from COVID-19. Texas is reporting 2,715 people have died from the virus - up 60 from yesterday.

- Also record 10K positive tests in one day
- And almost 9,300 lab confirmed hospitalizations
This adds to an already bad week, where Texas now has 291 deaths, an average of 42 per day. A week ago, we were averaging 29 per day.
New TEXAS COVID-19 data
2,221,287 people tested (up 57,558 from yesterday)
210,585 positive cases (up 10,028 from yesterday)
2,715 deaths (up 60 people from yesterday)
9,286 hospitalizations (up 588 from yesterday)
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6 Jul 20
BREAKING: Texas is reporting it's 2nd biggest 1-day jump in COVID-19 hospitalizations. State data shows Texas has 8,698 people in hospitals with COVID - up 517 from yesterday. That is up 47% from last Mon & more than double the number of hospitalizations 2 weeks ago.
The state is reporting it still has almost 13,000 available hospital beds and just over 1,200 available ICU beds. The state also reports having 5,300 ventilators available.
New Texas COVID-19 data
-2,163,729 people tested (up 30,272 from yesterday)
-200,557 positive cases (up 5,318 from yesterday)
-2,655 deaths (up 18 people from yesterday)
-8,698 lab confirmed COVID hospitalizations (up 517 from yesterday)
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4 Jul 20
NEW: Texas is in the midst of its deadliest 4-days with COVID-19. State is reporting another 33 deaths today, giving us 184 in just four days. That's the worst four days since the pandemic hit Texas and gives us 46 per day over that stretch.
Texas also sets a new record for positive COVID-19 cases in one day. State reports 8,258 positive cases today.

Texas testing is also way up. Almost 58,000 tests since yesterday and our 7-day testing average hit a new high
The new Texas COVID-19 numbers
2,071,809 tested (up 57,903 from yesterday)
191,790 positive cases (up 8,258 from yesterday)
2,608 deaths (that's 33 more people than yesterday)
7,890 currently in the hospital with COVID (up 238 from yesterday)
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1 Jul 20
BREAKING: Texas is reporting its 2nd deadliest day since the pandemic began. New state data shows 57 people have died from COVID-19 since yesterday.

Also a record breaking 8,076 new infections in Texas since yesterday, beating record set yesterday by over 1,000.
Texas also set a record for lab-confirmed hospitalizations with 6,906 - up 371 from yesterday's record high.

State is still reporting almost 13,000 available beds and 1,322 available ICU beds statewide. More than 5,600 ventilators remain available.
The new Texas COVID-19 data:
1,921,948 people tested (that is up 52,666 from yesterday)
168,062 positive cases (up 8,076 from yesterday)
2,481 deaths (up 57 from yesterday)
6,904 hospitalizations (up 371 from yesterday)
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30 Jun 20
BREAKING: Texas had its biggest one-day increase in new hospitalizations from COVID yet. State is reporting 6,533 lab-confirmed hospitalizations - an increase of 620 from yesterday. That is more than double the hospitalizations from 10 days ago and is up 323% since Memorial Day
But the state is also reporting it still has 13,711 available hospital beds for COVID-19 patients and 1,405 available ICU beds. State also reports more than 5,500 ventilators available.
And we nearly his 7,000 new positive cases of COVID-19 in one day. Easily a record.
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30 Jun 20
Wow. The Corpus Christi area has seen its number of COVID-19 cases TRIPLE in just 8 days. The state reports they are down to just 9 available ICU beds for a region that includes 12 counties. That isn't a typo. 9!
This region includes big beach getaway areas nearby like Port Aransas and South Padre Island.
In response Gov. Greg Abbott is halting elective surgeries in Nueces County to free up hospital beds. He's also halting them in three big border counties that include Brownsville, McAllen and Laredo.
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21 Jun 20
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announces he’ll hold briefing about COVID-19 with limit press coverage on Monday at 2 pm. The Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News once again not allowed to be there to ask questions despite both cities seeing huge spike in ICUs.
Abbott's office has been holding these briefings in small rooms of late, which prevents all reporters from attending. It has been weeks since we've been able to ask questions. Early on he held these in bigger rooms, but I can't remember last time we've been allowed in.
And do we have questions. As @byjayroot @jblackmanChron pointed out there is this $295 million contract for contract tracing to a firm that's getting a lot of questions from Rs and Ds.…
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20 Jun 20
So as much as I’ve reported on COVID hospitalizations rising this week, it’s nothing compared to what UT Health San Antonio president said could be coming next week.
In a news release to reporters, UT Health San Antonio says new models suggest in the region “the number of hospitalized patients could nearly double in a week or two and multiply tenfold by August.”
Yes these are models, but these aren’t long range forecasts. It’s next week and based on this past week of data. UT Health SA President William Henrich: “The rapid increase is a cause of concern” he says of recent hospitalizations.
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19 Jun 20
BREAKING: The number of lab-confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations have now more than doubled in Texas since Memorial Day. The state is reporting another record setting day with 3,148 lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases. That's up 7% (201 cases) from yesterday and 108% since Memorial Day.
Texas is reporting still having 13,591 available hospital beds for COVID cases and 5,835 ventilators if needed.

Gov. Greg Abbott earlier this week made clear Texas has ample beds to handle the current increase in hospitalizations. Says numbers cause concern but he's not alarmed.
The new COVID-19 numbers for Texas
1,423,914 tested (that is up 16,173 from yesterday)
103,305 positive tests (up 3,454 from yesterday)
2,140 deaths (up 35 from yesterday)
3,148 hospitalizations (up 201 from yesterday)
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18 Jun 20
NEW: Another record for Covid-19 hospitalizations (lab confirmed) in Texas & a big jump in deaths.

2,947 hospitalizations - 7th straight day we set new record. And another 43 deaths since yesterday giving us 122 over last 3 days. That's our worst 3-days in a month(May 14-16)
New Texas COVID-19 numbers
1,407,741 tests (that is up 38,103 from yesterday)
99,851 positives (that is up 3,516 from yesterday)
2,105 deaths (up 43 from yesterday)
2,947 hospitalizations (up 154 from yesterday)
Those 2,947 hospitalizations are up 95% now since Memorial Day when we had just over 1,500 in the hospital.

But still reporting 13,472 hospital beds and 5,534 ventilators available.
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17 Jun 20
NEW RECORD: Texas has set a new record for hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Texas. The state just reported 2,793 lab-confirmed hospitalizations - that is an 11% increase from yesterday's record and now an 85% increase since Memorial Day.
Over the last 7 days we are averaging 2,334 confirmed COVID patients in hospitals.

Over previous 7 days that was 1,928.

7-days prior to that: 1,737.

The 7 days prior to Memorial day: 1,650
We saw our available beds drop by about 1,000 today too, but we still have a lot of beds, as Gov. Greg Abbott said yesterday. State is reporting 13,815 available beds even with this recent spike in hospitalizations. Also, 5,844 ventilators available.
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