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2 Jun 20
We've been doing Zoom quizzes over the last few weeks and I do Only Connect rounds. I've got the Hieroglyph's and music and everything. I thought I'd share some questions from previous weeks.

For most fun only look at the images one as a time.

So ... let's play 'Only Connect'!
Q1: What's the connection?
Q2: What's the connection?
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9 Feb 20
Hey @PrivateEyeNews please inform the Bio-waste Spreader this is total bullshit and untrue.

Uganda as a Least Developed Country is on 0% tariffs for all goods except weapons.


Thank you @eddwilson for bringing this to my attention.
@PrivateEyeNews @eddwilson Note Botswana and Namibia already export beef to the UK on 0% tariffs, but not through EBA, but via the EPAs they have with the EU.

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6 Jan 20
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14 Dec 19
51.3% of people voted for parties that supported a Peoples Vote in some form or other.
Better table.
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3 Dec 19

I couldn’t attend the climate change hustings in #Lewes last night, but I’ve heard a report of what happened.

Get this:

The incumbent Tory, @mariacaulfield didn’t attend claiming she was ‘busy’ and sent a surrogate in the form of a local Tory councillor at the last minute.

All candidates each gave an opening 4-minute statement. The Tory surrogate announced that she had not had sufficient time to peruse the questions and so would be leaving after making her statement. This prompted an audience member to shout out that she might we well go now.

Her statement said little if anything about what the Conservatives would do about climate change but complained that “you all hate us”.

At one point she said, “it’s on people, there’s no such thing as Government” which resulted in a shout of “Rubbish” from the audience.
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14 Nov 19
@IainDale I'm told you let @CrispinBlunt get away with lying to you about tariffs on African goods. Is this correct?
@IainDale @CrispinBlunt Ok. I found the clip. He actually said that we were keeping out African agricultural products behind protectionist walls.

Still wrong.
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11 Nov 19
The @LewesGreenParty have chosen not to support the #RemainAlliance in Lewes constituency in East Sussex.

They believe they can win, partly based upon the District Council results in May.

To support that argument they posted this misleading meme.

I have annotated it.
@LewesGreenParty The Lewes District Council results are available as a PDF here lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk/_resources/ass…

I wrote some code in Node.js to extract the data from this PDF and put into CSV format so that it could be analysed.
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27 Oct 19
What shall I watch on Netflix, or Amazon Prime?
No-one recommended netflix.com/title/80094357
Ok time to actually watch something, and I still haven't decided. Lots of good recommendations though.
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24 Oct 19
I'm in Twitter prison.
Or am I?
It seems not. I called someone a rude word (not very rude) and got a block message but not apparently blocked from tweeting.
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23 Oct 19
As I understand it:

BJ's deal: EU tariffs will be applied to 'selected' as yet unknown goods crossing from GB into Northern Ireland. Goods deemed “at risk” of moving into the EU after entering Northern Ireland will be subject to the EU tariff, and potential rebate if they don't.
However, should the UK and EU come to a Free Trade Agreement it's possible that none of those tariffs would apply. No guarantee of that FTA and also no guarantee that all those "at risk" goods would be zeroed, or without quotas.
But what about, post any FTA agreement, goods from a 3rd country transiting GB into Northern Ireland?
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8 Oct 19

In the House of Commons today Michael Gove was talking about some 0% duties replacing current duties in a no-deal Brexit

He said (among other things which I'll deal with elsewhere) that there will be a 7% reduction in the cost of wine from Argentina.

Let's check, shall we?

Here we go:

The tariff on bottled red wine containing less than 13% alcohol (CN 2204219811) from Argentina is shown here

The tariff within quota it is €10 per 100 litres.

Above quota it is €13.10 per 100 litres.


However, wine shipped intercontinentally normally arrives on our shores in a big plastic bubble inside a container like this which is much cheaper to transport.

So in the tariff schedule, it's under a different code; CN 2204299811.

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8 Oct 19
Gove talking bollocks.

The cheapest honey in this New Zealand online store is three times the price of the cheapest honey from Tesco.
Cheapest honey in TESCO is 29.7p per 100g.

Converted to NZ$ that's NZ$0.57 per 100g.

Cheapest honey here in New Zealand is


It's three times the price.

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2 Oct 19
So apparently approved. Just caught up with this story.
Airbus does not receive EU funding apart from small Horizon 2020 grants. The subsidies that were relevant to the dispute was received funding from member state governments - including the UK.

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27 Sep 19
I’ve just had a brick thrown through my window.
Just finished cleaning up the kitchen and best I can. Glass everywhere. The brick hit my Google Home Hub and damaged the screen. I called 999 within seconds. But they can do nothing. Whoever did it was gone before I got to the door. Wife and myself stoic, but my son is very upset
This also happened around the corner from me a few months ago.

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26 Sep 19

I just looked at Boris Johnson's entry in the Register of Members Interests. A list of donors as long as your arm, for undisclosed sums. And these speaking engagements.

For ten events, totalling of 21.5 hours he was paid ...

** £450,475.21 **

* 9 events.
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26 Sep 19
The real reason for Brexit? Rachel Johnson reveals her suspicion that Boris Johnson's behaviour may down to pressure from investors who have invested billions in shorting the pound and the economy.

via @YouTube
@YouTube Here's Boris Johnson's entry in the Register of Members' Interests. A list of donors as long as your arm, for huge sums. And a few speaking engagements.

For nine events, totalling of 21.5 hours he was paid ...

** £450,475.21 **

Included a payment of £100,000 from VoteLeave's chair of the finance committee John Moynihan.
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23 Sep 19
On @Channel4News in an interview with @GaryGibbonBlog, Boris Johnson claimed that once out of the EU we can ban the sale of shark fin soup.

Shark finning was banned in the EU some years ago, but the trade in shark fins cannot be banned, due to WTO rules, not because of the EU.
H/t to @Doozy_45 for providing the video.

The USA is not able to ban the trade in shark fins either and for the same reason. It's against WTO rules.

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23 Sep 19
I haven't watched party conference coverage for years. So I don't really know what goes down these days...

But this Labour Conference looks a bit shambolic to me.
Everyone seems to be dress like Rik from The Young Ones.
Why can't they just have a ballot for speakers?
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20 Sep 19

For a change, I thought I'd tweet about oranges.

From previous twitter threads people will know we import oranges from North Africa including Egypt & Morocco, from Israel and South Africa almost entirely tariff-free. But sometimes a leaver will ask.

What about the USA?

Normally I do two things. I first point out that yeah Floridian oranges would be great ... if you don't mind oranges that have been sprayed with antibiotics banned in Europe and even Brazil.


I then use numbero.com and point out that retail prices of oranges in London appear to cheaper than in Jacksonville, Florida.

However, I've never been entirely satisfied with this particular comparison for a couple of reasons. Firstly it uses crowd-sourced data.
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11 Sep 19

In 2013 FullFact published an article on the burden of EU regulations on business. They cited a report by Business for Britain with 3,580 regulations passed between 12 May 2010 to 30 Sept 2013. Around 600 on fruit and veg. People still quote this.


This is the report in question. Business for Britain trawled through the Official Journal of the EU flagging items they saw as burdensome to British business. I question the rigour of this study. Are all these references to fruit & veg really laws?


Here's the top half of first page. In the table you can see three highlighted references to "establishing the standard import values for determining the entry price of certain fruits and vegetables". There are 3 more on the same page.
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