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#Brexit's 'nightmare alley' from 100 miles high. A 'house of horrors' story with a happy ending? But only if we vote for an end to the 'biggest heist in history'! 1/
Cameron launched his cunning plan (Bruges 2013) which only half worked? Spoiler! A cautionary tale, never to be followed! being nothing to do with improved welfare for the vast majority of Brits. 2/
Cam's plan was to kill off the Tories' @LibDems coalition partner, by secretly shafting them, while 'doing for' UKIP with the same bullet! Only the first bit worked? 3/
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On #VotingTactically - a Tale of Five Constituencies, where the #RemainAlliance between the Lib Dems, Plaid, and the Greens @unitetoremain is going to make a Tory government and Johnson's hard Brexit *more* likely rather than less likely. #GE19 #GE2019
(1) #Stroud: a Lab-Con marginal held by @DavidEDrew for Labour. The Lib Dems are standing down for @MollyMEP (@TheGreenParty), BUT if you want to stop the Tories and their hard Brexit in Stroud, the only reasonable option is to vote for @UKLabour. Any other vote helps the Tories.
(2) #YorkOuter: held by Tory hard Brexiteer (and dismally ineffective) MP Julian Sturdy. Labour in *clear* second place in both 2015 and 2017. If you want the Tories out in York Outer, vote @AnnaPerrett @UKLabour, a truly excellent local, pro-Remain, and anti-fracking candidate.
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Right, gonna level with all the anti TV remainers out there, I can't be certain what will happen if you all follow TV guidelines. But I do know this, all *current* data tells us if you don't Johnson will win and we will leave on 31/1/19. That's about as certain as a certain
thing in a box marked certain thing inside. You can hope for a LibDem surge that will deliver 326 seats (seriously?) or you can expect Labour with their totally confused position to sweep into power (seriously?). Neither will happen. But if you think you can leave it to
your chosen party and selected leader to save the day I can assure you that isn't happening. The maths isn't there, wake up! You will be facilitating Johnson, handing him the majority he needs.

The parties can't agree but we can. If they won't sort out the pacts we can consult
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The @LewesGreenParty have chosen not to support the #RemainAlliance in Lewes constituency in East Sussex.

They believe they can win, partly based upon the District Council results in May.

To support that argument they posted this misleading meme.

I have annotated it.
@LewesGreenParty The Lewes District Council results are available as a PDF here…

I wrote some code in Node.js to extract the data from this PDF and put into CSV format so that it could be analysed.
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Some changes to the Betfair Exchange odds over the weekend mean a new #BrexitDiagram - now V2.1.0
Outcomes (with change compared to V2.0.0):
63% (⬆️ 8%) Brexit with Deal 31 Jan
12% (↔️ no change) Stalemate
33% (⬇️ 8%) 2nd Referendum
Honestly I do not know what to make of this, or if it makes any sense.

This comes *after* the news of the #RemainAlliance and after the Johnson NI gaffe. You'd think those might damage Tory prospects, but the numbers go the other way.
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I think this is right and for that reason the Lib Dems and @joswinson would do well to give a more nuanced message.

That the only way Labour is likely to have a say in Government is by the stabilising and restraining effects of LD, SNP, Greens and PC.
There is no need to shout. People know there may well be a hung Parliament.

Fine to say there are no plans for a Coalition.

However the LibDems will use its seats, if no majority, to leverage progress progressively in areas of mutual interest.
A LOT is unknown.

But Saying “NO WAY, NOTHING, NO cooperation” is not so reassuring to an exhausted & anxious electorate.

But say you will build on the excellent cooperation growing out of the #RemainAlliance to draw the country back from the brink of political/financial harm
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From the car workers in East Oxford to the 2 great universities with Eu students who are the lifeblood of what we do together and to the EU migrants who enrich our lives here.. we have come together to #StopTheCoup @OxfordStays
« We stand outside Balliol college, an institution that must cringe at its association with our current PM »
« We do! »
Remain labour, the Lib Dem’s, the Greens are here today to stand together to defend democracy against the coup. #stopthecoup
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I believed in the integrity of Parliament and was secure in that knowledge. I was grateful to be born in a country where a Sovereign Parliament ruled even though I didn’t always agree with the Government of the Day. My family and friends suffered under Thatcher prospered under
Blair. I was educated free until I was 21 being part of a lucky generation in that respect. I’ve worked for 40 years paid my dues to the state. My husband worked on the Railways hard physical work with poor rewards. But we worked never had to claim anything because we were
Lucky to be relatively healthy until recently. Now that country I was so proud of is throwing away the Unions in belongs to ironically governed by the Conservative and Unionists! They are happy to ditch anything cooperative to become Little England 🙄
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0010AB New Engerland
Off to sell donations to the Breitbart Charity Fund
Signal my allegiance to the Moggbot in the sky
Home to hear Big Sister making little sisters cry

What did you do Daddy
When they kicked in the neighbour's door
#WhatDidYouDo in the #Brexit #CivilWar.... 🤠
1st they came for Little Mo
Then they came for Kurt
Veronique just disappeared
It was weird what they did to Good Ol' Bert
Don't get sick today Dad
We haven't got a sou
& you know the Hunt Health Clinics
Ain't for the likes of me & you...🆘
(#PeoplesParliament #prorogue)...
What did you do Daddy
When they passed the New Patriot Law
Why drink so much Moonshine
Were we always this crazy poor
Where the hell's my Mummy
Why don't we talk about our life before
The hypermega depression
After the #BrexitCivilWar...
(#ChurchHouseDeclaration #RemainAlliance)
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It's now painfully clear and beyond any doubt: 1. That the sunny, cost-free, easy-access uplands, posited by the Brexit cult, are mendacious fantasy. 2. That the ever-growing costs, downsides and consequences of Brexit are very real and intellectually indisputable.
We may tire of confronting the undisputed opportunity costs* of #Brexit #CatastrophUK (c.£130bn so far, rising at c.£1.2bn weekly) but our *GDP *Currency *Property Values *Stock Market *Govt Borrowing *Ongoing #Brexodus (ref: @uk_domain_names) combine to drag the UK backwards.
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On Saturday we sent our volunteers out to the Cross in #Chester and to Ellesmere Port to talk to the constituents of @justinmadders too. We wanted to ask whether Halloween Brexit would be a Trick or Treat. THREAD
Additionally our message in Ellesmere Port included a discussion relating to the NO-Deal related job losses at Vauxhall expected if Boris Johnson gets his way. In #Chester we want to know if people would support a #RemainAlliance
Meanwhile @EuropeWeaver set up their table in Weaverham. They experienced a good deal of gratitude from remainers really pleased to see them out campaigning for a #peoplesvote and #StopBrexit
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If #GE19 is coming, then it's coming sooner rather than later

Notwithstanding summer recess, when move to GE can't happen (easily), it feels there's growing pressure to push the necessary button ASAP in September

From opposition side, successful trial of #RemainAlliance model (even though huge problems of scaleability) and ability to overcome CON/BXP challenge will embolden parties

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Well, that was a stunner! - #RemainAlliance beats the split Tory & Brexit Party votes in Brecon & Radnorshire.

This is also an area that voted 52% Leave in 2016... and is now in pro-EU Lib Dem hands. Amazing stuff.
There are several fascinating lessons from the Brecon & Radnorshire result:

1- Like with Peterborough, the Tory Party & Brexit Party again split the vote with each other, both losing out.

2- This will cause resentment of BP by the Tory Party... making it harder to work together
3- Farage will point to this as the need for Tory-BP pacts, thus trying to ramp up his influence, causing more tensions in Tory Party.

4- This is humiliation for Johnson, whose “bounce” didn’t convince BP and couldn’t beat Lib Dems/ #RemainAlliance
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Has Labour lost their deposit?

Jane Dodds (LD) - 13,826
Chris Davies (CON) - 12,401
Des Parkinson (BXP) - 3,331
Tom Davies (LAB) - 1,680
Lily the Pink (MRLP) - 334
Liz Phillips (UKIP) - 242

Looney party beat UKIP!
Turnout - 59.72%
No Labour just squeezed 5.28% kept their deposit just...still

An absolute rout.

LDs cannot afford to be complacent . 1.4k majority. #RemainAlliance phew!

BXP didn’t do well. Just over 1 in 10 votes. So that kept the Tory vote up.

LD +14.4%
Tories -9.6%
LAB - 12.4%.
Boris Johnson HAS made an electoral record, however

He’s lost a seat faster than any other Prime Minister

9 days into office

Next closest was Alex Douglas-Home who lost a seat in 19 days

Also the shortest serving PM at just over 10 month

Let’s hope Johnson beats that one too
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Important point here
Corbyn's Labour simply will not engage in #RemainAlliance pacts even though they risk letting the far right in because
A) Corbyn is a brexiter and
B) the leadership is arrogant & tribal
If you are still in @Uklabour you're complicit in this
@UKLabour It's brutal honesty
If Labour Remainers and Labour Remain MPs work with the #RemainAlliance we have a chance of a progressive government AND stopping #Brexit

If they stand with Corbyn we all lose & a Farage/Johnson government forms

Time to pick a side

@UKLabour Corbyn stands on the wrong side of the #Brexit argument and always will, a vote for any Labour MP who is not a committed remainer is a vote for a hard right #Brexit (because there are no other Brexits available now) as Corbyn cannot win

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