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1 Aug
1/On the 2d weekend of this MLB season, 20 percent of the teams are not playing. Manfred told Clark/PA that game could shut down if rampant cases do not stop. MLB faces 3 problems: 1) it might not be able to keep the virus from overwhelming teams. 2) competitive integrity already
2/an issue in a 60-game season becomes more so when teams have their number of games impacted, which players they have available and prep time to be ready to play once they return. 3) Injuries, especially for pitchers, already are worrisome. To continue to have clubs stop and
3/start only makes it riskier for health beyond the virus. MLB is trying to learn in real time how to best handle the virus. And the Manfred call to Clark included to point out areas and groups for which reinforcing the protocol messages were necessary. This is why MLB wants to
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27 Jun
1/Forgive a string on the current state of the schedule. What exists today is a version that on Thursday was okayed by the union and has the #Yankees at #Nationals on 7/23. But now that version of the schedule is out with teams, who will provide feedback.
2/Keep in mind that in a standard yr an MLB sked is a Jenga game of moving parts with what facilities are available when, what do national TV partners need, following off day provisions in the CBA, etc. So imagine even with far fewer games the variables being weighed now.
3/A month ago MLB would have been thrilled to play games in Az/Fla/Tex. Now it might have to rejigger the sked to avoid or maybe even eliminate them. It is 1 reason not to expect MLB to announce a sked this coming week, maybe even longer. A sked is usually done as much in
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16 Jun
1/… forgive a thread in conjunction with this column. We are in the player empowerment era and thinking players will -- or should -- just shut up and dribble or be grateful for what they make and just accept whatever is pushed on them is silly and wrong.
2/Will the NBA work out its issues and play? I don't know, but I think they have the best chance to get this right of any league because the players appear to believe Adam Silver cares about them, has their best interest at heart, understands that they are the game. For most of
3/his reign Roger Goodell has seemed a dimwitted mob boss. Yet, even he is modulating his tone these days. Rob Manfred has to take this huge step into modernity and pull his bosses (the owners) with him. The mentality that the only victory for ownership is to drive down players
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12 Jun
1/Thx Jayson. Wondering if right offer now is ask players to pick: something like 56 Gs full prorated. Or 66/76 Gs with less prorated, but chance at each # of Gs if revenues are there this season to go over 100 pct prorated plus some future benefits to free agency/mimimum wage.
2/This way if the principle is what is most vital, players get 100 pct prorated. But also offer a realistic pathway to at least 100 pct (maybe more) if the sides work together and can figure out a way to drive up revenues in a shortened season. Plus gain future perks
3/Let players have a vote on an independent auditor to determine the revenues, which will benefit them also to prepare for looming CBA negotiations. Plus there should definitely be a joint financial effort behind social causes. I know the history. I totally get why players lack
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2 Jan 19
1/Some quick thoughts on #Yankees reaching agreement with Tulowitzki. They thought he looked athletic and healthy in workouts and see agreement as low-risk (MLB minimum)/potential high reward. Plan is for him to play SS. If he is even league avg and provides a bridge until
2/Gregorius returns, it would be a win for the NYY considering the low cost. Obviously the big question is what does this mean for Machado. It gives the NYY a bit more leverage if they are following their planned script - to offer fewer yrs/$ than #Phillies #Whitesox are likely
3/to bid and then see if Machado follows his heart to NY (to play 3b and insurance at SS if Tulo can't physically hack it) or follows $ elsewhere. It also is possible that this takes them out of Machado and they just are not making those plans public because
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29 Nov 18
1/I’ll foolishly try this 1 last time: trades don’t get done quickly because all kinds of permutations are discussed and there are usually multiple teams involved and multiple voices in each organization. Maybe #Mets are about to trade Dunn, Kelenic, McNeil for a Happy Meal.
2/Players names get leaked for a variety of reasons, but not until a deal is done is it all understood. It is possible only 1 of those prospects are involved or 3 or none or there is a third team or other players. Also, the NYM know more about their prospects than all of us
3/Doesn't mean they won't make mistakes, only that most who say the NYM can't trade "X" have never even seen "X" play. There were those who thought the Padres were dumb for trading Wisler in the Kimbrel trade. He was a universal top-50 prospect. Didn't work out.
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