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Ecology postdoc @Yale_EEB @UBCBiodiversity | metabolic ecology, biodiversity and seafood. She/her.
Apr 7, 2021 13 tweets 14 min read
🚨New in @PNASNews! We demonstrate that aquatic #biodiversity directly benefits humanity via nutritional benefits of #seafood.
I’m thrilled to share this: it's a BIG one for me, it’s the product of > 7 years (!) of developing ideas & collecting data.
A🧵… @mioconnor and I bridge the gap between #biodiversity science and human nutrition science & demonstrate mechanistic links between aquatic #biodiversity and human nutritional well-being in the context of #AquaticFoods. Photo of seafood at at market in Papua New Guinea,  courtesy
Nov 2, 2020 15 tweets 7 min read
Excited to share our new paper with a dream team of co-authors @mioconnor @jennsunday @bio_diverse 🎉🎉🎉

We introduce a new framework, based on feedback and feedforward mechanisms, for understanding how living systems persist in fluctuating environments… What motivated this paper? Almost every environment on Earth fluctuates over time & space. All living systems, from cells to communities, must deal with these fluctuations to persist, yet we lack a coherent framework to understand these mechanisms at multiple biological scales.