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A #thread on our recent paper in @PLOSNTDs examining ecological #evidence-base for #DiseaseControl management practices for #KyasanurForestDisease #AcademicTwitter #Scicomm #OneHealth; paper led by @SarahBurthe from @MonkeyFever_ consortium
#Diseasecontrol strategies originate through endorsements by Governments/academia/authorities; they're often not field-tested robustly; even when they are, evidence is limited to one sector (cf. #OneHealth #Intersectoral approaches);
#publichealth approaches ought to be contextual & their effectiveness ought to be evaluated, yet strategies for disease control often spread through word of mouth and are sometimes untested;
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🚨New in @PNASNews! We demonstrate that aquatic #biodiversity directly benefits humanity via nutritional benefits of #seafood.
I’m thrilled to share this: it's a BIG one for me, it’s the product of > 7 years (!) of developing ideas & collecting data.
@mioconnor and I bridge the gap between #biodiversity science and human nutrition science & demonstrate mechanistic links between aquatic #biodiversity and human nutritional well-being in the context of #AquaticFoods. Photo of seafood at at market in Papua New Guinea,  courtesy
We answer one of the most pressing questions in ecology:

Does biodiversity per se (species richness and ecological functional diversity), distinct from the identities and abundance of species enhance human well-being?

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In the #LongFoodMovement report, we're reminded that the world’s 30 million artisanal #fishers and workers provide nearly half of the #fish we eat (@IPBES, 2019).

But with #climatechange & island/ocean grabbing, small-scale fishers & their communities are in peril.

🧵Thread 👇🏾
Island/#ocean grabbing is likely to intensify as countries seek to solidify their influence, their #food supply chains, & their global sourcing and distribution networks. For example, in the #RedSea region, conflicts over fish & other marine resources threaten rich #biodiversity.
Meanwhile, in the South China Sea, said to
have some of the highest marine #biodiversity on earth, #China has been building airstrips, ports & other facilities on disputed islands & reefs, w/ the apparent aim of establishing military bases (cf. Ives,
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NEW 📰 IPES-Food & @ETC_Group launch the #LongFoodMovement report | What would 2045 look like if it's still "agribusiness-as-usual"? Or can civil society & social movements prevail for healthy, equitable & sustainable #foodsystems? 🌍

Discover more at 🌱
"Agribusiness-as-usual" means a powerful few control #food tech & farming #data.

But civil society can fight back.

A #LongFoodMovement can boost post-pandemic resilience, slash emissions in ag. by 75%, & shift $4 trillion to sustainable food & farming:
A 'Long Food Movement' can boost post-#pandemic resilience, slash emissions in #agriculture and food systems by 75%, and shift $4 trillion to sustainable food & farming.

🔎 Find out more

#LongFoodMovement #biodiversity #OneHealth
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/23/2021…
Five tips for understanding and managing your emotions to build flourishing connections…

#EmotionalIntelligence #ProfessionalRelationships #psychology
Essay on Academic Bullying Full of Misrepresentations…

#academe #bullying #OpEd
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As an academic working on understanding & how to get the best possible nature outcomes for #Biodiversity #NetGain #BNG, let me share a major worry that I see barely discussed at all, & which unaddressed could decimate the biodiversity impacts: 'cost-shifting'. /1
Cost-shifting occurs when an offsetting / biodv compensation policy is introduced under the rationale that nature conservation is underfunded, so we need new private finance to make up the shortfall. So, we set up offsetting to charge developers for their biodv impacts. /2
Fundamental idea here is that offsetting provides funding that is *additional* ie would not have been provided before. So, it assumes that conservation funding post-introduction of offsetting = funding from government before + funding from private sector through offsetting. /3
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1/n As I wasn't sure if/when I would read through all 700 pages of the #DasguptaReview on #biodiversity and #economics, I joined two webinars on it today via @_UKNEE (Emily McKenzie) and @RoyalSocBio @NCI_NatCap (@waters_ruth). Here's what I learned...
2/n This review sets out to create a grammar/theoretical framework for communication between ecology 🌳🐸🦋🐝🐙🦀🐅🦉🍄and economics 💰🪙💱🏙️🏗️🧺👩‍🌾🧑‍🌾 with 📢economic and finance decision-makers the key audience 📢(this for me is key - this is where systemic changes will be made)
3/ The terminology it uses has caused much dismay in some camps (my observation), as it calls nature/the biosphere an asset, everyone on earth asset managers, and biodiversity portfolio diversification (which in finance or economics is a way to reduce risk) BUT this allows.....
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1/13 #ClimateChange is a result of a mindset, that is based on monoculture, fossil fuels, chemicals, corporate control. @BillGates cannot alter a condition with the same mindset that created it in the first place @Trevornoah @drvandanashiva…
2/13 The mad rush for #FakeFood and #FakeMeat, ignorant of the #diversity of our food cultures & the role of biodiversity is a recipe for accelerating the #climatecrisis, the destruction of the planet & our health @drvandanashiva…
3/13 The perpetrators of the industrialized & now digitized predatory economic model that has led to worldwide ecological devastation are trying to sell us their solutions as the only path forward @drvandanashiva @NnimmoB #FalseSolutionsToClimateChange
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India Farmers Protests Goes Vogue.

Celebrities, influencers – & British Vogue - suddenly interested in #FarmersProtests that began in Nov. Despite MASSIVE resistance, the protests have been largely ignored by Western influencers/NGOs, etc. So why now? Let's explore.
Twitter (tool of empire) promoted the #celebrity endorsement of Rihanna/Greta accounts – while it simultaneously banned/censored on the ground Indian farmers/activists. While highlighting Western #influencers, Twitter had deleted approx. 250 protest/alt media accounts in #India.
Rihanna/Thunberg accounts share CNN article which references Access Now, "an advocacy group which tracks internet freedom." In reality, Access began as an arm of Avaaz (Purpose), to destabilize #Iran. Another instrument of #empire.

More on Access Now:…
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&, a thread about #valuingnature 🌱

1/ My heart sinks when I see rhetoric about 'valuing #nature' distilled into questions like 'How much is an #elephant worth?' 🐘💲

#naturalcapital #ecosystemservices #value

@PolEcoNet @GeorgeMonbiot @NatCapMyth…
@SianSullivanUK 2/ A simple question can be asked in response:

If an elephant [a forest, a river, ...] is converted into a dollar sign in a capitalist #marketeconomy, is it the elephant that is valued, or the dollar?
[🐘 or💲?]
@SianSullivanUK 3/ If #nature worth is pegged only to dollars, a risk is that its value diminishes if promised dollars do not appear (#Yasuní NP, Ecuador), or something of higher dollar value is found in the same place - e.g. #oil in #Okavango 🐘💲⛽️

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"#Thermodynamics of Far-From-Equilibrium Systems, #Biochemistry, and #Life in a Warming World"

Today's SFI Virtual Seminar by Mark Ritchie of @SyracuseU

Streaming now – follow this thread for highlights.…

#Biology #Ecology #GlobalWarming
"If we look at the temperatures at which most biological #enzymes fall apart, it's upward of 50º — but most enzymatic activity fails well below that. What's causing this decline? The Standard Model doesn't account for this."

Mark Ritchie of @SyracuseU:… ImageImageImage
Here's why #GlobalWarming is not just going to be "great for plants":

Thermodynamic constraints on living systems mean rising temperatures affect diffusion and transport of molecules across membranes, and too much heat messes with #photosynthesis.

Mark Ritchie of @SyracuseU: ImageImage
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From #ClimateAction failure to monopoly in the tech world — the world needs to wake up to these global risks in 2021, says the @wef…

By @SanchDash
@wef @SanchDash The World Economic Forum Global Risk Report cautions the world against the next imminent dangers. In 2020, the risk of a global #pandemic became reality, and the World Economic Forum (@wef) report has been warning the world about it since 2006.

@wef @SanchDash The report called the human and economic cost of #COVID19 ‘severe’. While governments around the world have promised $12 trillion in stimulus, experts said that it shouldn’t be seen as a cost but as an investment for the future.

#GlobalRisks @wef
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"We find that #India could become one of the first places in the world to experience heat waves that cross the survivability limit for a healthy human being resting in the shade, & this could occur as early as next decade."…

"The massive growth of #data centers that began in the US is now standard in Europe, w/ hyperscale data centers now expanding into #SouthAsia where average yr round temps for the humid region hover around 27°C."

(But they care about your health.)…
N. India has historically exhibited some of world’s hottest wet-bulb temps. According to scientific lit.: "35° wet-bulb temp. is commonly regarded as [] limit for human survival. At 35°C wet-bulb a healthy human being can survive, resting in the shade, for approx. five hours."
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Thread/What do you think of when we talk about #biodiversity?

There's so much more to our planet's ecology than just plants, trees & animals... Our #soils are home to a quarter of the world's species - many of which include #fungi 🍄
2/ From the ingredients we cook with, to the medicines that heal us and the #woodwideweb that runs beneath our feet, #fungi are vital to our existence, and all life on earth, yet they are the oft-neglected kingdom...
3/This month's #BookClub features @MerlinSheldrake's 'Entangled Life' - an exploration of the amazing world of fungi, and the role they play in shaping all aspects of our world - "eating rock, making soil, digesting pollutants and nourishing and killing plants"
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We are proud to support the #TerraCarta which has been launched today by HRH The Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Markets Initiative.

Find out more > @TheSMI #SMI @clarencehouse
2/ The #TerraCarta offers the basis of a recovery plan that puts #nature, people & planet at the 💚 of global value creation – harnessing the precious, irreplaceable power of nature combined with the transformative innovation and resources of the private sector.
3/ The charter calls on businesses from around the world to engage and play their part in leading a global systems-shift towards a sustainable future, one that recognises the interconnected importance of equality and biodiversity, and puts nature at the heart of how we operate.
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"Harvesting the oceans under the Blue Economy": "The #OECD suggests that the #ocean economy is likely to outpace the global economy in the next 15 years."

#GreatReset #NewDealForNature #DeepSeaMining
Under guise of protecting #biodiversity:

"Framed as perhaps the last untapped, under-explored & under-exploited region in the world, the Pacific #Ocean is set to be a contested space for resources."

#WorldEconomicForum #SDGs
"The #BlueEconomy heralds a new race to carve up the Pacific, turning the Pacific Ocean, from surface to seafloor, into a crowded/contested space. Pacific state leaders are courted w/ economic gains that are a fraction of the value of the ocean resources that will be #extracted."
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March, 2019:

"The fourth industrial revolution - it's a fusion of the physical, the digital & the biological world. It's changing not only what we are doing, it's changing who we are."

- Klaus Schwab, founder of World Economic Forum


Schwab: "The speed is mind boggling. What I'm particularly concerned about, is how little the world is prepared."

Satya Nadella, #Mircosoft: "It's really the notion of digital technology pervasively impacting every walk of life & every [] industry, in all parts of the globe."
"A Cloud for Global Good"
"Tech for Good"
"Responsible AI"

Holistic linguistics. Marketing terms. Branding content.

Lies packaged as beautiful illusions:…
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Amidst the horror of the late-2020 UK, I've got some #GoodNews to share! Alongside some #BadNews for #biodiversity and #conservation. So buckle up for some hot-off-the-press science from @UniversityLeeds @RSPBScience @oxmartinschool @naturesustainab…
TLDR: we projected that ~88% of the 20,000 #species we looked at will lose habitat to farmland by 2050, and ~1300 will lose 25% (a QUARTER!) of their remaining habitat. This is #badnews and could hugely increase #extinction risks. 2/…
BUT with proactive #conservation actions we can eliminate losses! Increasing agricultural yields, shifting to healthier diets, reducing food waste, and global-scale land-use planning can, when combined, provide healthy diets for a growing population AND conserve biodiversity 2/
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Short article: "Lipid #nanoparticles are the fatty molecular envelopes that help strands of #mRNA — the genetic messenger for making #DNA code into proteins — evade the body's biological gatekeepers & reach their target cell..."

"#nanomaterials may have a wide range of effects... Experiments so far have also shown possible harmful effects on #invertebrates & #fish, including effects on behaviour, #reproduction & development."…

#biodiversity #ecology
"There is less research to date on #soil systems and #terrestrial species, and it is not clear whether laboratory results relate to what may happen out in the real world." [source document, 2009]…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/12/2020…
Researchers shed new light on mysteries behind the light emission of fireflies…

#emission #light
A toxic metal contaminates the ocean’s deepest trenches : Research Highlights…

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/10/2020…
How Neutral Theory Altered Ideas about Biodiversity…

Wood — the vein that runs through human history…

#wood #human #history
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/06/2020…
Pennsylvania legalizes autonomous delivery robots, classifies them as pedestrians…

#robotics #distribution #JobDisplacement
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Since the #WildlifeTrade and #COVIDー19 are back in the news, might be a good time to share my @NatGeo story again:… #Science #OneHealth @InsideNatGeo
This is what I want people to understand about the #WildlifeTrade and spread of diseases, from my personal experiences. We need to start fixing this *now*, before the next #wildlife or human pandemic:… via @NatGeo #ScienceTwitter #SciComm #OneHealth Image
The reason I'm so passionate about this #WildlifeTrade issue is b/c I truly believe solutions already exist but the tools are spread across different agencies. What can be done? I'd love to help build a collaboration between @CDCgov, @USFWS, & @USDA as a place to start #OneHealth
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