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12 May 20
@BeyondDefense @EccEveryday I am sorry, but I don't agree with some of this.
If you know your rights, there's no need for a BAR attorney.
Give notice of your political status
Only ask questions even answering in a question form.
Never be silent, that is aqueousent, giving them jurisdiction & you ....
@BeyondDefense @EccEveryday .... are considered incompetent in the Law, they are also trying to protect the public from incompetence.
You are a living man, are you acting in the capacity of a peace officer or a public safety official working for a STATE?
Has their been a crime? Traffic violations are ....
@BeyondDefense @EccEveryday .... not crimes.
Is your name your private personal property Estate? That is what they [pinkertons] need to contract with you, always be polite and respectful
Are they trying to steal your property? If you are pulled over you are already in arrest & are guilty of a ....
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1 May 20
1) Born Incomplete?

By. Health Ranger Mike Adams
From Dec 14 2011, what times we live in!  #NoFear

The FDA has turned our best healers, our best nutritional supplemental companies, our best pioneering health innovators in America today,
2) the FDA has turned them into criminals & this is a pathway to the distruction of our nation.
3) I find it interesting that we're told we have the best health care system in the world because if you really look at the outcomes that our people are experiencing they're not the healthiest in the world in fact,
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31 Aug 19
Now are we all ready to look beyond the [shadow of a Life] we think we have & find out Who We really are? And are we going to find out what the [shadow programed us to believe] we are? This is #TheGreatAwakening People, not understanding the [the deep dark shadow government]
The [shadow or creation] falls away if it's put into the Light, don't focus on half the story. We are the story, the land of Milk and Honey, male & female, yin & yag, Co-creators together not [destroyers]
The RedPill Rabbit hole is so big & vast that the people were programed to be functioning slaves, thier Estates were stolen at birth & were pronounced dead lost at sea. They were registered as sole corporations, then brainwashed to function as the NAME in the Holy Sea of Commerce
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27 May 19
@TenxbetterAdams @SayWhenLA @CatesDuane Important, we must question everything, when you do, you see we were lied to about it all. The ancient texts were all hidden truths behind a vail/story. The Pharaohs moved on to Rome & controlled all truths including the one lie that we were separated from Source. ...
@TenxbetterAdams @SayWhenLA @CatesDuane Many have lost their connection to the One, the All, the Creator, the One who is without a NAME, the one [they] call GOD. We are Co-creators with Source, we have all truths in us, we just have to seek it out & follow the path to enlightinment/over standing, knowing vs believing.
@TenxbetterAdams @SayWhenLA @CatesDuane Unlearn the lies [they] constructed, the #matrix. The Holy Bible (2-Bulls) is the old and the new, the yin & yang, the story of creation, astro-theology, the story of who & what we are, the imprinted image of the sounds of creation, music, mathematics, science,  the truths ...
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15 Oct 18
@EllaaaCruzzz @AdamWhitto23 Please advise or pass on, I have been deeply concerned with the crimes going on in these so called courts. Mothers & Fathers need to read up on how to protect their little ones & take action, there are solutions. Courts have power only until we take ours. Jurisdiction & Status --
@EllaaaCruzzz @AdamWhitto23 - - are very key, the States have jurisdiction over you and your children through cohesion contracts the birth mother signed at the hospital (birth certificate) the father didn't know that he needed to counter that contract by recording the nativity of his property/Estate/his - -
@EllaaaCruzzz @AdamWhitto23 - -baby's name, This is just 1 number of basicforms document num 928 on judge Anna's website, Example Baby Land Deed, Gifts sometimes come in the leastways you can think of, I do not pass this info on lightly, I have read almost all of the 1,300 posts she has written- -
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