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I am a musician. I play guitar. Used to play bars every weekend, Friday and Saturday nights. 4 hours each night. Practiced 3 times a week, as well.

If you want to warm your brain up before diving down a rabbit hole, I suggest doing a session of Tool. Schism, Lateralus...
...The Pot, Vicarious, The Grudge, Pneuma, 7empest, to name a few. Not only is the music awesome, the lyrics make you think. They open your mind to think outside the box. I also think the multiple time signature changes force your mind to not be complacent and be able to...
...adapt to change quickly. Tool rarely plays in 4/4 or even 6/4 timing. They play in 7/8, 8/8, and 9/8 in one song (Lateralus)!

Their lyrics also have multiple meanings. They dive deep into humanity and shallow surface meanings. That makes you think on different...
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Antarctica — UFO’s — Admiral Byrd...

... there’s a reason humanity can’t go there — we have never been alone 👽

#History #AliensAreDemons #TheyDontTeachYouInSchool #TheMoreYouKnow
Operation High Jump — Admiral Byrd...

#History #Antarctica
We Are Not Alone — We Have Never Been Alone...

... the bible, Book of Genesis tells you 📖

#Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #History #FactsMatter
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Each of US, have lived events and/or experiences, that have changed US permanently.

Things, you can't unsee. Things you can't undo.
Things that change your perspective.
Things that change your priorities.
Things that break your heart.
One of those 'THINGS', is about to happen, to EVERYONE, around the WORLD, at the same moment in time.

The WORLD is Changing.
And it's not because of the FLU.
It's about freeing humans from slavery.
It's about freeing children from slavery.
It's about saving countless lives.
Millions of US, (QAnon) have prepared for years, for the current events to unfold. And although that experience has changed US, it doesn't exempt or protect US, from the pain and heartbreak of witnessing, what's ahead.
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@HillaryClinton just ordered a hit on @AustinSteinbart one think that I found odd in all the coded messages from the cabal is in everyone of them they all have messages like this I couldn't figure out if it is the cabal actually believing that or just white hats trolling them but
there is a similar message in all of them. Before we get into that if you have not read this first read it & come back or this is likely not going to make sense…
then you need to read this to see who @AustinSteinbart actually is he is more than just Q.…
#Qanon #MAGA #TheGreatAwakening
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The ‘karate kid’ just roasted Ann Coulter making reference to standing while peeing... there’s gotta be some truth to that roast — ‘Man Coulter’ it could very well be... 🤔
‘Man Coulter’ fires back at ‘karate kid’ during their roast and says, “whatever you’re drinking to look so young, you should send a case to Hillary Clinton”... 😲💉👀

#Doh #LogicalThinking #TheGreatAwakening
[They] call this ‘comedy’ 👀

... Rob Lowe roasts Ann Coulter 😲

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You are spreading the #QPhairsees did info. Q never said that they did that post it the only time Q mentioned the white rabbit & it does not say that. The white rabbits are the satanists the white rabbit is Ishtar & Easter is about here not the death of the Messiah. The disinfo
agents use her so much not to spread a message but to pay homage to her. The people who scream the loudest that @AustinSteinbart is not #Qanon. All the Matrix Movie pushers as well that is an occult film a reminder of what they are fighting for Zion
You didn't really think this was a list of good guys did you? Look again post 2880
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1. “News Unlocks.” L👀K at the maps. So I did.
Is there a coincidence of Positive cases of COVID19, CoronaVirus etc (whatever you feel like calling it) & Human Trafficking locations? Let’s explore...
2. First. I found “Human Trafficking Statistics by State by population.” I listed 1-5 highest “Human Trafficking Cases”
#1 CA
#2 Texas
#3 Florida
#4 Michigan
#5 Georgia.
NOTE: “Highest Rates” based on pop. are different than “Highest # of Cases”
3. I’ll show you a side-by-side comparison of POSITIVE CoronaVirus Cases reported per that state, Human Trafficking records of that state & highlighting those Counties.
You can look & correlate for yourself.
I will also list the Largest population of Top Counties in said state.
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@POTUS @realDonaldTrump
#VoterFraud #VoterID
Here's the YT link, the comments are very interdasting:
Creepy Joe Calls For Remote 'Virtual' Voting in 2020 Elections (Drive-Thru Voting)

We knew this was coming.
Easier #VoterFraud because it breaks the chain of custody

[They] just tried this.

Wicked, Immoral Woman: Pelosi Tried to Ram Illegal Ballot Harvesting into Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

For Speaker Pelosi, it was never about helping people. It was only about power.
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We didn’t know back then but now we do. For those who know, continue to pray for those who do not know or stuck in any type of human or child trafficking. #TheGreatAwakening #PizzaGate
Brother for Sale with Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen with pizza delivery guy & panda making an appearance
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#SaveTheChildren #Pedogate #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening
1/ La police a démantelé un réseau mondial de maltraitance d’enfants avec des liens avec plus de 40 pays grâce à une enquête belge soutenue par Europol...…
2/ Cette affaire a été déclenchée par la police judiciaire fédérale de Flandre orientale belge après que plus de 9 millions de photos et de vidéos sur la maltraitance de milliers d’enfants dans le monde aient été trouvées lors d’une perquisition...
3/ Les données d’images et de vidéos saisies au cours de cette enquête ont été utilisées par les groupes de travail sur l’identification des victimes hébergés par Europol, à travers lesquels 70 enfants et 30 suspects ont été identifiés...
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Creepy video of the night...

Gimme Pizza (Pasta at the end) music video from "You're Invited To Mary-Kate and Ashley's Sleepover Party" Staring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
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Wuhan Lab Logo... #NoCoincidences

#Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon
ABSOLUTE U .. When you Know what it means, You Will KNOW the END Is COME
EXCLUSIVE: Coronavirus Expert Says Virus Could Have Leaked From Wuhan Lab…
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Definitely something to Big to note coming from @realDonaldTrump It is very important but to understand it I need to give background to people who don't know the subject matter. 1 Regardless of whether you believe @AustinSteinbart is the #Qanon of not I need you to let that go...
for this thread. It does not matter to me if you believe that or not at this point time brings all truth to light. This Thread is about what @POTUS is doing. This is a… site it is used to send coded messages it is something the evils have use for a long
time the way you use it is you go & put your message there by searching what its Gematria value is for your specific message & then saving it. They you speak of write a phrase publicly that has the same value. Those who are watching you for codes take your message & plug it in &
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They know something is coming and that is all they need to know.

Need to know basis.

Something BIG is coming. #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening
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NON-COVID Patients have been spotted on Comfort — I truly believe these are trafficked victims on these ships... 🙏🏻

#Pray #StormIsUponUs #QAnon #ComfortShip #TheGreatAwakening
What do you see... 😢🙏🏻
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• We know about Adrenochrome. ✅
• We know the most expensive drug is Child Trafficking, cause children can be sold multiple times, unlike any other drug or commodity. ✅
• We know tunnels exist under our feet via D.U.M.B.'s & Narco traffickers.✅

What if, the Narco "DRUG" Traffickers discussed in yesterday's COVID-19 Taskforce Briefing was about the Children?

The Children are the drug, untapped Adrenochrome, which are being smuggled by Narcos. Thus taking the war to them.

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Save The Children.
An eye for an eye...

Why are hospitals empty?
Why are prisons releasing inmates?
Why are officials asking for blood donations?
Who will use the stockpiles of ventilators?
Why launch Narcotic Operations now?
What's [their] narcotic of choice?
Double meaning for 10 days of Darkness?
Dark to Light
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Ready to take a trip down the rabbit hole? 


What's really behind COVID-19?  Are we on the very edge of a new world we have no idea about?  Come take a joy ride with me.

#COVID_19 #NWO #5G #Vaccine #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening
#COVID_19 is said to be a highly contagious and deadly virus which has spread across the world in pandemic proportions.  The world is in lock down and economies have been decimated.  Let's take one step back. What is a virus?  It's not what you think.…
Surely this can't be true?  You can't catch a virus? But confirmed again by MD Dr Thomas Cowan at a recent Health & Human Rights Summit in Tucson, Arizona. The trolls hit this guy hard.…
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Interesting indeed!
New banner by DS & a 0:26 sec video much like POTUS' video of the USNS Comfort arriving in NYC the other day, 0:26 secs.
• Today: 04/01
• 9 matches in vid from National Guard
• 04/01 + 9 days = 04/10/20 = DJT & Good Friday

0:26 secs exactly.
#TheStormIsHere #TheGreatAwakening
#SaveAmerica #ForGodAndCountry #ForHUMANITY
• Qdrop 500 - #FireAndFury below 04-10-20.
• Today POTUS said at the 5pm Presidential Briefing on COVID-19 "non-nuclear."
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Very interesting indeed. There’s that date range again 12/7 - 12/17. Maybe we’re supposed to combine all the Q posts from every year into just date and time and strip away the years to see if all the posts add up in an order than.
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I posted this thread below on a proof of a US Navy tweet linking Q and Q+.

It lit right up, the Yellow Vest Operator on the flight deck. "Yellow" signal flag = "Q". #WatchYellow

A greater meaning within?

A complicated mission, stay with me.


To speed this up for seasoned proofers, here is an updated image of my map.

The greater meaning within, I won't make you wait:

A date: 4/3

I have theories on what may\may not happen on that date based on my finds.

I'll step through the process to simplify for others.

I wish Q didn't have to make it so complicated.

It is a Military Operation.

They are communicating using code.

So, it's not going to be easy to uncover and verify it.

I'm not the only one who noticed something special within the Navy Tweet.


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[0] day = [A]pril 17th.
• 15 days: 03/16 - 03/31
• 10 days: 04/01-04/10
• 5 days: 04/11-04/15
• 1 day: 04/16
• [0] = 04/17 - Q day
• 10 days = 10 business days Congress is out of ]SESSION[.

#QANON #TheGreatAwakening #FREEDOM
#PowerBackToThePeople #WWG1WGA
[A]pril MOAB.
Awakening from the nightmare!
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