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5 Mar 20
Erdogan gives up everything south of the #M4 with a 6km buffer zone to both sides.
Not a word about the 8 besieged Turkish observation posts.
Not a word about regime withdrawal from ANY city.
Again a "buffer zone" like in Astana (below), which was used by Assad, Putin & Iran to recapture most of the zone.
Erdogan surrendered.
Plain and simple.
A f*cking MILLION of civilians was forcefully displaced by the #AssadPutin offensive since December.
This agreement will make them IDPs for decades or forever.
Simply unbelievable.
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24 Feb 20
The southern #Idlib rebel front collapsed overnight and #AssadPutin forces are advancing quickly despite a besieged #TurkishArmy observation post nearby and #TurkishArmy attempts to reach the front sector yesterday, which were thwarted by the #Russian air force.
And while I described this as a military development, we should not forget the humanitarian cost that comes with the regime capture.
More than 15.000 civilians lived in these towns, captured overnight, & are now displaced – probably for years or forever ...
#PutinAtWar #BombAssad
Rebels are fighting regime troops S-E of #Binine.
Heavy Russian air strikes on nearby towns – at least 3 civilians killed by them.
No reports of Turkish fire support.
#Idlib #Syria
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22 Feb 20
Maybe the most unreal battle footage of the entire war in #Syria, proving the total incompetence of the Assad army, which would be dust since 2015, if Russia did not intervene on its side.
#HTS Turkish-supplied ACV-15
dancing with
#Assad Russian-supplied T-72
The little guy wins.
Happened on Thursday, S-W of #Nayrab by the way.
Rebels were clearly winning, before a single Russian air force Su-24 and a coordinating drone turned the tide ... who could have expected this?!
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20 Feb 20
Visual confirmation that the #Russian air force (Su-24) is bombing #Turkish-led forces around Qmenas, 5 km N-E of Nayrab.

#Idlib #Syria
Russian attacks killed 2 Turkish soldiers and wounded 5 more.
Turkish MoD now says it was a regime air strike and I have nooo reason in the world to doubt this ...
Maybe someone can show me a single regime jet, active between Saraqib and Idlib city today?!
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18 Feb 20
Heavy Russian attack on the Ukrainian front in northern Lugansk province.
Heavy weapons used.
Dead and wounded on both sides.
Attack lasts for four hours now.
At least one Ukrainian position temporarily overrun.
Ukrainian reinforcements on the way.
Russian side confirms fighting, but - of course - blames Ukraine (see below).
🚨 National Security and Defense Council to convene in Kyiv in two hours.
Updated map.
These are the locations where fighting is reported (by both sides).
#PutinAtWar #Ukraine
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15 Feb 20
This is crazy.
You guys continue to IGNORE & even NOT NAME #Russia when it comes to creating 1,2 Million Syrian refugees in 10 months – the biggest indirect threat to 🇩🇪 domestic policy. At the same time, you keep talking about "bridges" – like what? The illegal #Crimea bridge?!
And what is your (unsuccessful) "special representative for the gas transfer through Ukraine", Georg Graf Waldersee, doing at the table?
Didn't you notice that - thanks to #US sanctions against #NordStream2 - his duties are not needed anymore? Or is he our new "man at #Gazprom"?!
By the way.
FM @HeikoMaas wrote an opinion piece in the context of the #MSC2020 yesterday, in which he touched upon "signs of Western paralysis in view of a loss in global significance".

He did NOT mention #Russia and #Syria in it. Now you know why.
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4 Feb 20
The increased #TurkishArmy presence around the city of Saraqib continues to have no impact on the continuing #AssadPutin forces offensive in #Idlib province.
Axis forces captured Tal Mardikh this morning.
#Breaking #NewsMap
The rebel front in the S-E collapsed (once again).
Five towns fell so far, more are expected to fall under #AssadPutin forces in the next hours.
Looks like Erdogan's rhetoric was another bluff ...
Visual evidence, Putin regime Su-34 as well as Assad regime L-39 and Mi-17 bombed Qmenas today to clear the way for #AssadPutin ground forces to attack #Idlib city.

#PutinAtWar #BombAssad
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9 Jan 20
Die Iraner bulldozern die Absturzstelle von Flug #PS752!!!
Ein „wir waren es“ hätte es auch getan.
Die Black Box – das widerstandsfähigste Objekt im ganzen Flugzeug – „wurde beschädigt und hat einen Teil ihrer Erinnerung verloren“, erzählen die Iraner, die den Hersteller nicht an die Boxen heranlassen wollen.
Die kaltblütigen Mörder in Teheran versuchen alles.
#MH17 reloaded.
Aber ich sage voraus, dass @HeikoMaas & Angela #Merkel nun „noch mehr Dialog“ wollen & nicht etwa die harten Sanktionen, die so ein Akt der Barbarei der Mullah-Diktatur nach sich ziehen müsste.
By the way,@RegSprecher: Die Rakete kam aus #Moskau.
Liebe Grüße an Herrn Putin am Sa!
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8 Jan 20
#Breaking #NewsMap
I finally found the exact location of the #PS752 crash site.
The Boeing traveled more than 20 kilometres after @flightradar24 lost its track over Parand and crashed in the town of Khalaj Abad.
#Iran Image
@flightradar24 This also means, the eyewitness video ( ), filmed from Ferdosiye, got inverted during the upload (happens with some phones).
"Technical error" becomes less and less likely. Iranian air defence missile accident more certain. Image
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15 Oct 19
#Russia took over a fully intact @USArmy base west of #Manbij.
@USArmy Gosh oh gosh oh gosh ...
The Americans left the base so quickly (and didn't burn it down afterwards), the Russians are now gathering intelligence inside the facility ...
"Stable genius as work" is all I can think of ...
@USArmy According to Kremlin-loyal news, #American soldiers not only left Coke for the #Russians in their abandoned base.
"педик" means "fag".
Long video:
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7 Sep 19
A Putin regime Tu-204 just entered 🇺🇦 airspace, coming from Moscow and heading for Kyiv.
Ukrainian hostages to be exchanged with Russian and Ukrainian criminals.
A complete failure of Europe’s efforts to convince 🇷🇺 to release its hostages without preconditions.
I just filmed it landing in Kyiv Boryspil.
Moved to the other side of the terminal to catch a bus leaving the vicinity of the Tu-204, accompanied by a black SUV.
Could not see if anyone entered or exited the bus. Several people around the plane.
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31 Aug 19
Dear experts, come together!
Over the first six months of 2018, there were INTENSE construction activities 12 km N-W of #Novoazovsk (RU-occupied eastern #Ukraine).
WHAT WAS BUILT and afterwards covered up THERE?
Thanks to @GlasnostGone who found the spot!
@GlasnostGone Could this be drilling equipment?
@GlasnostGone I am talking about the central installation, not the yellow crane on the left.
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28 May 19
Also today, #AssadPutin forces are mercilessly attacking #hospitals and residential areas in #Aleppo, #Hama and #Idlib provinces.
No international outcry, no consequences for them.
cc @AuswaertigesAmt @StateDept @francediplo_EN @foreignoffice
@AuswaertigesAmt @StateDept @francediplo_EN @foreignoffice Only half of the body of a child is left after an #AssadPutin attack on Ashem in #Idlib.
3 civilians were killed in the attack.
@AuswaertigesAmt @StateDept @francediplo_EN @foreignoffice Looks like #AssadPutin decided to drop at least one barrel bomb on each and every town and village in opposition areas today.
Even I have seldomly seen this, following the war since its beginning.
This is called #terrorism and the world should treat it exactly like that.
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8 Feb 19
Moderatorin des russischen Staatsfernsehens:
„Wir bauen #NordStream2 in einem Jahr zu Ende. Und dann zerstören wir die Ukraine!“

Eindeutiger kann man nicht versichern, dass die Pipeline ein Teil des hybriden Krieges Putins gegen seinen Nachbarn ist.

Und anders als die Kanzlerin heute erklärte, heißt „hybrider Krieg“ nicht „Propaganda im Internet“.
Hybrider Krieg heißt Zehntausende in Syrien & der Ukraine zu töten.
Hybrider Krieg heißt andere für sich in Brüssel Lobbyarbeit für die eigenen Interessen verrichten zu lassen.
& die Ausrede war auch klar: Alles Satire, alles Ironie, alles nur wegen den paranoiden Ukrainern.
Spätestens seit der Gerassimow-Doktrin basiert das Putin-Regime seine gesamte Außenpolitik auf Projektion: „Nein, wir haben ja nur gesagt, was ihr Falsches von uns denkt.“
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7 Feb 19
According to different sources, the German government (Federal Chancellory, Foreign Ministry and Federal President's office) are pressuring #France and #Romania to change the outcome of tomorrow's @EUCouncil talks on #NordStream2.
@EUCouncil #Breaking
France confirms, it is in "negotiations" about a change of the gas pipeline guidelines text.
Thanks a lot for the “confirmation” of our exclusive report, Mrs. Merkel.
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3 Feb 19
„Gestern waren Zehntausende Demonstranten auf den Straßen von Caracas. Die einen pro Maduro, die anderen für den selbst ernannten Interimspräsidenten Guaido.“
Erst diese Verzerrung des @Weltspiegel_ARD.
Dann verbreitet die @ARD_Presse den Mythos des #US „Regime Change“ fürs Öl...
Kurz danach die @tagesschau mit entlarvenden Bildern von Maduros angeblicher Riesen-Demo und Stimmen von Venezolanern gegen das herrschende Regime.
Revidiere demnach meine Einschätzung von oben.
Der merkwürdige Journalismus lag lediglich beim Weltspiegel. Nicht der ARD als Ganzes!
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2 Feb 19
#Caracas JETZT
Massive Anti-#Maduro Demonstration.
Noch friedlich, aber die Sicherheitskräfte des Regimes sollen sich auf ihren Einsatz vorbereiten.
Auch in der Eine-Million-Stadt Portuguesa sind Zehntausende, wenn nicht mehr, auf der Straße gegen Diktator #Maduro.
Auch in Cumana (480.000 Einwohner) marschieren Tausende gegen #Maduro.
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1 Feb 19
@RegSprecher on @mfa_russia claims: "Who puts such outlandish claims in the world, has little idea of Germany and little idea of the freedom of the press. Or he deliberately wants to put Germany in a wrong light, one way or another: I resolutely reject these allegations."
@RegSprecher @mfa_russia More German political reactions by @tonline_news (in German).
#Merkel's successor as @CDU party leader @akk:
"The RU govt aggressively attacks GER media & journalists in harmony with populists from the right & left. Journalists & editors should not be intimidated. Independent, fact-based & critical journalism is a lifeblood for democracy."
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1 Feb 19
A @BILD investigation shows the Russian Army is systematically using German-made folding propellers to run its military drone fleet.
By doing so, #Russia might have found a way to bypass the 2014 #Ukraine-related #EUsanctions for dual-use goods.
The German companies "Graupner" & "aero-naut" were shocked to hear that their rotor blades are used in Russian military drones.
One CEO told @BILD “We have no intention at all of supporting this kind of use & will consider the extent to which we can take action against such use."
@BILD We found evidence, the #Russian drones with #German rotor blades were used to coordinate artillery fire on #Ukrainian troops since 2015 and are still used to breach Ukrainian air space in 2019.
The most recent downing of such drone - a Granat-2 - happened on January 23.
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4 Jan 19
Germany faces the biggest hacker attack in its history.
Private data of almost 1000 German #Bundestag, #Regional Parliament & #EU delegates was leaked.
I worked through the leaked data all night. It's shocking!
Not affected so far: #AfD.
The scale of the attack is unprecedented
Mobile phone numbers, addresses, private family conversations, vacation pictures, bills, communications between politicians, work emails etc. were leaked
In most cases, Outlook was hacked, in some cases also Facebook, Twitter etc.
The leaked data, which was illegally collected until October 2018 and released December 2018, but just found now, is still publicly available.
I searched through it 5 hours last night, read maybe 3%of it and already found cases of corruption and bad political scandals.
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