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Are you looking for a reliable & fast online bad news source? Per its profile, @livecrisisnews might be what you're after, as long as what you're after is a Twitter account that tweets about #coronavirus continually (often without linking actual news sources.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@livecrisisnews @ZellaQuixote The #coronovirus has a somewhat unique trait among the crises that @livecrisisnews reports on: it actually exists, unlike the April 2019 massive radiation cloud over Salt Lake City, UT and the February 2019 Bridgewater, NJ tornado.
@livecrisisnews @ZellaQuixote Other past emergencies @livecrisisnews tweeted about despite them not having happened: an EF5 tornado that hit New York City in April 2019 and a February 2019 eruption of Mount St. Helens. (The volcano was last active in 2008 per Wikipedia.)…
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#BREAKING: Angry over his inability to drag #NATO into #Syrian war, dictator #Erdogan has ordered #Turkish security forces to open borders and let #Syrian refugees travel freely to #EU among them there are hundreds of #ISIL members which #Turkey recently released in NE #Syria!
#BREAKING: This video is reported to be showing the first group of #Syrian refugees walking toward #Europe after #Turkish Gendarmerie opened the borders on order of #Erdogan. There are #ISIL members among them who are recently released from the #SDF's prison camps in NE #Syria.
They are on their ways to #Europe now. Tens of thousands of refugees from #Syria, #Afghanistan, #Pakistan & other countries are now walking toward the borders with #Bulgaria to immigrate to their future home, #Germany! They are thankful of #Erdogan!
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#BREAKING: Ex-Baltimore mayor sentenced for book sales scheme…
Catherine Pugh, former mayor of Baltimore, was sentenced to 3 years in prison Thursday following her conviction on federal tax evasion and conspiracy charges.
The charges were related to a scheme involving overselling her “Healthy Holly” children’s books to help fund her political career, the Baltimore Sun reported.
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#Iran's ISNA news agency publishes a map of the #CoronaVirus outbreak.

When the regime's state media prints such a startling image, rest assured all of Iran is infected.

Sources say many coronavirus fatalities are registered as other illness, e.g. pneumonia.
No joke.

This is how authorities are "sanitizing" a hospital in Khuzestan Province of southwest #Iran.


Attention: @WHO @MSF
@WHO @MSF Qom, the epicenter of #Iran's #CoronaVirus outbreak:
Alireza Ghasempour (nurse)
-Eight people died in just one night at Kamkar Hospital, inclu. a 23-year old woman who had no prior illness
-29 & 30 year old men
-a 50-year old woman who was talking to me an hour prior to her death
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"House of Cures"

Senior official in Qom, central #Iran
"We consider this sacred shrine as the House of Cures."

Many Iranians are criticizing officials for not closing densely crowded religious sites despite the #coronavirus outbreak.

Shrines provide huge profits for the regime
Source: Report from Yaftabad Hosptital in Tehran, #Iran

Doctors' communications are under heavy surveillance. They can't provide correct statistics. At least 17 #coronavirus deaths in this hospital alone. Casualties maybe even 100 times higher than official statistics.
-Professor in #Iran:
#coronavirus to spread like a tsunami if we don't begin to quarantine.

-Nurse in Rasht, N Iran: We are sent to see patients w/o masks & gloves. No coronavirus test kit here.

-Video: Gatvand, SW Iran
Patient w/ coronavirus symptoms is hospitalized.
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TPS has arrested 3 people so far Wetsuweten #onpoli #TOpoli #canpoli
Police are methodically arresting peaceful protesters on the rail tracks
Seven arrests so far. Nobody is resisting. Police are dragging protesters off tracks #Wetsuweten #onpoli #TOpoli #canpoli
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Kuwait says eight individuals returning from #Iran have tested positive for the #coronavirus.

Bahrain's Ministry of Health announces six new cases the COVID-19 virus, all returning from Iran.

Video: Kuwaitis returning from Iran being quarantined.
-Iran announces three new coronavirus deaths - via Sky News Arabia
-Two cases are in the city of Saveh, southwest of Tehran

-Iraqi Ministry of Health urges citizens not to travel to and from Najaf (southern Iraq) except in emergency situations

(File photo)
-#Iran’s Health Ministry says number of #coronavirus + cases rises to 95, advises people to stay at home as much as possible & not travel between cities

-Assembly of Experts session cancelled due to virus concerns

-Family of 4 in Iraq infected after returning from Iran
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Local police from different districts of Delhi have also been called in.

LIVE updates:
Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal briefs media on #DelhiViolence

LIVE updates:
@ArvindKejriwal Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal: I appeal to all Delhites to maintain peace. We are worried about the violence in #NortheastDelhi. Several policemen & civilians were injured & some lost their lives. Several houses were set ablaze and shops were damaged. It is very unfortunate.
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🧵Draadje over #coronavirus in #Nederland


@ministerBlok mogelijk besmet met #coronavirus!

Stef Blok is recent in Iran geweest en heeft daar mogelijk het coronavirus opgelopen. Vermelden diverse bronnen.

@MinPres @rivm

(Foto: Stef Blok and Javad Zarif)

"On February 22, the Club of Young Journalists reported that the mayor of Tehran District 13, Mojtaba Rahmanzadeh, had been infected and hospitalized, which was confirmed by the municipality's public relations department."
(Foto: Mojtaba Rahmanzadeh)

"There are also unconfirmed reports that the mayor had been in contact with the Dutch Foreign Minister before news of his illness emerged. Iran's foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had also met with the minister."
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#Breaking the OPP have arrived at the tracks in Tyendinaga to begin enforcement action after the 11:59pm deadline to leave the tracks passed. #cdnpoli #Wetsuweten #Mohawk
There is a large police presence at the tracks now. Police and Mohawks on the tracks are talking now. #cdnpoli
Every Mohawk source and every police source I spoke to told me they wanted whatever happened today to be peaceful.
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MP from Qom, epicenter of #COVID19 in #Iran
-Around 50 people have died from the virus
-30 died in quarantine
-First suspicious case died Feb 13
-City must be quarantined
-Virus entered the city 3 weeks ago, delay in actions
-250 quarantined now
-#Iran's Health Ministry denies MP's remarks of 50 coronavirus deaths…

-First confirmed case confirmed in Iraq is an Iranian in the city of Najaf

-Video has troubling report (if true)
#Iran's state ILNA news agency:
Health Ministry official: High coronavirus fatalities in Iran is due to "late action" and it is "not true that children under 10 don't get infected."

Reminder 👇
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#BREAKING South Korea biggest #coronavirus centre outside China, 161 new cases
#UPDATE South Korea reports 161 more #coronavirus cases, taking the nationwide total to 763 and making it the world's largest total outside China
#BREAKING China reports 150 more virus deaths
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#Breaking multiple sources in the Mohawk community say they have been given until 11:59pm to clear off the tracks at Tyendinaga. They have been told enforcement action by police will begin tomorrow morning. #cdnpoli
Sources I am speaking to says those on the tracks have no intention of leaving, rather they are readying themselves for police action. There is concern about violence. #cdnpoli
Here is our story with the latest… #cdnpoli
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DHS Whistleblower Phil Haney, he was exposing how Obama admin was working with the M.brtherhood and found dead.

My condolences to his friends at @DHSgov, his friends outside of work and his family.…
Secretive @BarackObama directive PSD-11
Obama used Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow middle East governments.
(M Brotherhood is a designated terrorist org by 7 to 10 countries)

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#Breaking: #IDF confirms a major weapons research and development lab belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad located within Syria has been targeted and destroyed. (@Archer83Able)
Israel carried out a similar strike in November targeting a high level Islamic Jihad official, however they missed.. perhaps they went back to tie up loose ends? Guess we'll see.
I'm fairly confident this airstrike purely targeted R&D like the original claim by the IDF stated, just to reiterate.
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-Major explosions shake Damascus, #Syria
-Syrian regime air defense units engaging targets over Damascus
-Israel confirms attacking #Iran-backed Islamic Jihad targets in Syria (via @ELINTNews)

Initial video
IDF confirms targeting a major weapons research & development lab in Damascus associated to #Iran-backed Islamic Jihad terror group

More footage
Quoting @evacool_
"The target site in the Adliya area is a military site under the control of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad militia which backed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The site is a military training, manufacturing, and development center."
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Shiraz, south-central #Iran
Iranian children struggling with the coronavirus.
People across the country are complaining about lack of government aid.

Feb 23 - #Iran said on Sunday an Iranian infected by the new coronavirus died in the country, head of the Medical Science University in Mazandaran province was quoted as saying, bringing the number of deaths to seven.
@WHO Tehran, #Iran
People in hospitals not provided simple face masks as staff transfer a coronavirus patient.

Iranian officials exported the country's mask supplies to China for massive profits. Now masks are very rare & extremely expensive in Iran.
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Feb 22 - Talesh, N #Iran
Locals are protesting the transfer of four coronavirus patients from Rasht to a hospital in this city.
State security forces fired tear gas after protests erupted. Voice says authorities are warning people to back off.
Feb 22 - Talesh, N #Iran
More scenes of clashes between locals & regime security forces. Voice says people are protesting a decision by authorities to designate a city hospital as the quarantine center for western sectors of Gilan Province (northern Iran).
And just when the regime in #Iran is facing a crisis, the mullahs can always count on their apologists/lobbyists, such as Leila Gharagozlou (@Lghara93), to provide a lifeline.
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Significant hardening in the government's position today on blockades. Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau says "All Canadians are paying the price" and "Barriers need to come down now." #cdnpoli
@JustinTrudeau Trudeau is now documenting all of the government's efforts to reach out to indigenous leaders and engage. "We repeated our calls for collaboration. We showed respect" notes RCMP are standing down partially on Wet'suwet'en territory #cdnpoli
@JustinTrudeau Trudeau says the Canadians who are feeling the impact of these blockades are running out of patience #cdnpoli
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Feb 21 - Yanbu, western Saudi Arabia
(After midnight local time)
Reports indicate Saudi air defense units intercepting three missiles.
Feb 21 - Yanbu, western Saudi Arabia
(After midnight local time)
More footage of Saudi air defense units intercepting incoming missiles.

Yanbu is located far from Iran and Yemen. Feedback on experts is very much appreciated.
Feb 21 - Yanbu, western Saudi Arabia
12:27 am local time
More footage of Saudi air defense units intercepting incoming missiles.
Apparently no impacts reported & all missiles intercepted.

(Credit: @no_itsmyturn)
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#BREAKING: Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia is interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get Trump re-elected.

Trump responded by ousting Joseph Maguire from his position as acting director of national intelligence.
"During the briefing to the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. Trump’s allies challenged the conclusions, arguing that Mr. Trump has been tough on Russia..."

ie, Republicans are going to let Russia interfere in the election as long as it helps Trump.
Speaking on @MSNBC right now, Adam Goldman of @nytimes says House Republicans were "furious" when intelligence officials said Russia was trying to interfere in the election in favor of Trump.

They weren't furious at Russia. They were furious at the intelligence officials.
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#BREAKING French President Macron condemns in 'strongest terms' Syrian regime attacks in Idlib
#BREAKING Turkey must stop 'supporting terrorists' in Syria, says Russia
#BREAKING Turkish defence ministry says two soldiers killed in air strike in Syria
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Visual confirmation that the #Russian air force (Su-24) is bombing #Turkish-led forces around Qmenas, 5 km N-E of Nayrab.

#Idlib #Syria
Russian attacks killed 2 Turkish soldiers and wounded 5 more.
Turkish MoD now says it was a regime air strike and I have nooo reason in the world to doubt this ...
Maybe someone can show me a single regime jet, active between Saraqib and Idlib city today?!
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Officials in #Iran confirm five cases of coronavirus.
Two individuals died on Wednesday. The three new cases are in the cities of Qom (central Iran) & Arak (western Iran).

Footage of Qom - Farghani Hospital being evacuated & readied for coronavirus patients.

-Babol, N #Iran
State news agency IRNA reports two individuals are suspicious of being infected with #COVID19.

-While two have died of the virus, the IRGC's Mahan Air continues flights to China.

raqi Health Ministry requests closing borders with Iran.
Tehran, #Iran
Khomeini Int'l Airport
-As the #COVID19 virus spreads in Iran, officials are selling face masks to China.
-The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) continues its Mahan Air flights to China.
-People say the regime is using the coronavirus to render major profits.
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