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May 2 • 7 tweets • 2 min read
/.. An NKVD troop regiment was given an order to rape the 58-year-old Liisa Tamsalu to death. Despite the cries for help and pleadings, 134 NKVD murderers raped Liisa Tamsalu to death. ../

/.. As the medical expertise later established, she'd been raped even in death by at least 35 people. ../

Article in Estonian, 18+

Jan 11 • 35 tweets • 27 min read
@EdynHv @chunter16 @the_lite_speed Dignity is often confused as respect. In my book, respect is earned, while dignity is inherent. That is why I find it confusing, when people demand respect while having simultaneously exhibited no effort to show why. @EdynHv @chunter16 @the_lite_speed People must be treated with dignity. At least they ought to be, since it's so basic. — But respect, as a form of admiration, is earned every time one meets a new person, on every new interaction.
Jan 9 • 5 tweets • 2 min read
Even if capitalism did not exist, all the following would still exist: microstransactions, monopolies (bigger and stronger in communism and socialism), pay (bribe) to win, gambling addiction, games in piecemeal snippets, full price for flawed garbage, etc.
And all this not just in gaming, but in all spheres of life. Want to see a quality specialist quicker (ahead of the line)? — pay a bribe.

Want a car? Send an application to your trade union for approval. You must be a member of the one ruling Party (there are no other parties).
Dec 24, 2020 • 26 tweets • 6 min read
A thread on how far the proceedings at attempting to enact Estonia's "marriage referendum" have been going. I won't be including links to news, cuz the thread is a rebuild from a reply-thread, & I've resorted to adding more tweets.

All of the top of my head.

#Eesti #Estonia
i/i In late 2014, the Parliament of Estonia voted in a law on cohabitation (kooseluseadus) to allow same-sex ppl to officially register their partnership & enjoy most of the same benefits that straight PPL do. About 1 hour later, the act was signed into law by @IlvesToomas