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1/Short thread alert.

On Sept. 20, a transgender woman was shot six times on the streets of Dallas. For more than a week, we didn't know who she was or how she was faring.… #txlege #LGBT #LGBTQ Cc @LaVendrickS
@LaVendrickS 2/When a 29-year-old man was arrested for the shooting, the affidavit gave us some more details about the crime. In it, the transgender woman said the man who shot her said homo/trans-phobic things.

But I still didn't know who she was.… #txlege #LGBT
@LaVendrickS 3/ The arrest affidavit included a name for the victim. But we knew that probably wasn't the one she used. We didn't include it in our reporting.

Instead, we wrote a longer piece about the most recent attack and anti-trans violence in Texas.… #txlege
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Important statements issued by the @UN “UN experts call on States to act urgently to stop bullying of #LGBT students”

@LGBTCons @LGBTLabour @LGBTLD @LGBTIQAGreens @tes @SchoolsWeek @LGBTedUK @stonewalluk @educationgovuk @gavinwilliamson @AngelaRayner
Statement by @UN Expert @victor_madrigal

“It is deeply disturbing that young people are being subjected to vicious online attacks and hate crimes - often by peers from their own schools – due to their sexual orientation or gender identity” ⤵️… @CCDHate
Council of Europe SOGI (@LGBTcoe) highlight the URGENT need to address violence based on gender expression and sex characteristics in #schools!

@educationgovuk @tiecampaign @hopenothate @stophateuk @CallHateOut @EducateCelebrat @EHRC @ChildrensComm
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Thread on how today I came out as a bisexual Shia to my Sunni family #BiPrideDay #LGBT #LGBTQts

I decided to make this thread after I saw @faaatimahhh on snapchat and was inspired to come out and made a twitter account
I grew up in Lebanon my family is Sunni, and are very conservative, I was raised as a Sunni, but later in high-school I fell in love with a beautiful shia lesbian girl from Iran. We both came out and told each other about our feelings but knew our families would never accept it
This would not stop us, we planned a way we could get married, there are some protections for LGBT in Lebanon but lots of ISIS extremists would target us if they found out. So we told our families we wanted to go study in America, she had it easy her family instantly let her, but
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⚠️ The “#YellowObject” ⚠️

From #Rawanda, we know dehumanization is used to incite #genocide.

RTLM radio incited Hutus vs. Tutsi minority, calling Tutsis “inyenzi,” or “cockroaches.”

Now #HKPolice call #HongKong #HKprotesters “objects.”

h/t @lihkg_forum
… Even if the “#YellowObject” in question is wearing a yellow vest, for a white guy to call a #HongKong protestor a “yellow object” is — at best — nothing short of accidental racism.

It’s crazy that #HKPolice just watch as their Superintendent spews dehumanizing hate speech…
#Hitler’s Nazis used the term “Untermensch” — “subhuman” — to describe Jews, Roma, Slavic people, Africans, #LGBT people, etc.

They borrowed this epithet from Ku Klux Klan member Lothrop Stoddard.

#YellowObject” only reinforces the perception of #HKPolice as “#ChiNazi.”
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"If more people on the left knew what I now know…they wouldn't have such a fear of the Republican Party."

American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 #WalkAway campaign founder @BrandonStraka explains the learning process that led him to #WalkAway.

@BrandonStraka "It's a manipulation of truth that's coming from the media."

American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 #Walkaway campaign founder @BrandonStraka says the #LGBT community is strongly influenced by the media.

@BrandonStraka "If you disagree with what we think, stand up and say so. Argue back. Debate."

American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 @BrandonStraka explains that the #Walkaway campaign is fundamentally about having a discussion: "We want to hear from you."

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Kamala Harris co-sponsored a bill in CA Legislature to eliminate the “gay/trans panic” defense in cases of murder or violent crime against LGBT people.

Gov. Brown signed the bill in 2014, making CA, along with Illinois, one of 2 states in the country to ban the plea.
Kamala Harris hosted a national conference focused on the so-called gay or transgender panic defense, which is often used as a "heat of passion" defense to argue manslaughter rather than a murder conviction, but is sometimes used as an excuse to justify other crimes.
According to Harris, the conference resulted in gender harassment educational materials that are now distributed to prosecutors throughout the nation and provided some support for the Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act.
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🛡⚔️ @shmeakshmock we just had a convo about security and the importantance of our mission to secure the cyberspace 🦅 for our national security ⬛️◼️◾️▪️🔳 further updates during next hours 📡
@shmeakshmock we focus our visions on security and how to stay safe inside the cyberspace //_ keep it safe 🛡⚔️
Every time I answer to phone calls with my energetic “”” DIVISONE POLITICA “”” *** you want talk wit a detective?! *** they hang up 😟 idk why
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Extreme Islam is destroying Europe.

European governments should forbid extreme Islam, close extreme Islamic mosques and deport extreme Imams?

More than 50 Salafist (Islamic) schools are teaching children #ShariaLaw in the Netherlands

Children were asked how #NonBelievers + #LGBT people should be punished. They could choose out of these options: 'whipping, stoning and beheading by sword'…

Police units carried out raids to investigate financial supporters of terrorist groups (ISIS) in Syria. Prosecutors said hundreds of thousands of euros were sent to militants.

- 16 properties raided
- 11 people accused of financing terrorists…
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My name Salman & I'm not afraid to make this public that I'm an ex-Muslim and gay. It's not easy for us who have been living under the closet for years about our religion and our sexuality to come out public about it. We've been forced to live our lives in fear, in isolation ...
under persecution from our families, friends, society and state especially for me coming from a highly conservative #Muslim majority society like the Islamic republic of #Pakistan, where both being openly gay and leaving #Islam are both criminalized by law.
#LGBT rights is human rights, freedom to choose & leave your religion is a basic human rights too unfortunately simply doesn't exist where I come from and if we even speak out about our existence we are threatened with consequences, labelled as foreign agents and worst...
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NEW: A Mississippi venue allegedly cancelled a couple's wedding plans after discovering the couple was a black man + a white woman.

"We don’t do gay weddings or mixed race, because of our Christian race—I mean, our Christian belief," a woman says.
I called the wedding venue today to find out why they cancelled the wedding for the interracial couple. A man answered. I told him why he was calling and if refusing interracial couples really is their policy.

"No comment," he said, quickly hanging up.…
IMPORTANT: This comes after the MS Legislature passed & Gov. @PhilBryantMS signed 2 "religious freedom" laws—#SB2681 in 2014 & #HB1523 in 2016—making it easier for businesses to discriminate against LGBT people. #MSleg

Supporters said they wouldn't affect interracial couples.
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In the same week The @australian launched a webpage to showcase their trans-hostile articles, @SatPaper reports on academic research exposing the link between Murdoch “news” platforms (including @thetimes) as recruitment vehicles for far-right hate! ⤵️…
Along with evidence-based research highlighting how the Murdoch media has mobilised far-right hate against religious and ethnic minorities, the rise in articles prompting anti-transgender sentiment was also noted.
It’s interesting to note that UK anti-transgender campaigning platforms have explicitly adopted the narratives used by the alt-right - hiding behind a veneer of faux-concern and “reasonableness”, yet barely hiding transphobic bigotry and hate! 😞⤵️…
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THREAD: #JessicaYaniv is a crook, manipulating the HR courts both for financial benefit,& to gain legal justification for humiliating & assaulting immigrant women. Jessica Yaniv doesn't represent women. Women don't have the ability to exercise such dangerous & arrogant privilege.
Additionally, despite self declarations of being Canada's foremost #LGBT activist, Jessica Yaniv doesn't represent the trans community. Trans people do all they can to retain their privacy – especially around the more personal issues related to transitioning.
Jessica Yaniv represents predatory men –predatory men that do, and will continue to abuse the legitimate fight for trans rights to gain access to vulnerable women, girls & children. Women have been highlighting this for a long time, & they've been shut down & abused for doing so.
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On parle beaucoup, ces temps-ci, de sexe, de genre, de transsexuel et de transgenres. Le préfixe trans (, qui signifie en latin “de l’autre côté”, indique un changement, un passage d’un sexe à un autre ou d’un genre à un autre.
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Over the last 2 years a rash of crowdfunders have suddenly popped up from a handful of anti-trans “gender critical” individuals.

Some have had single donations over £12k from anonymous sources!

I’ve investigated and can reveal they’ve raised over £280k!!! 😳

Important thread/
The “Gender Critical” crowdfunder phenomenon started with Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull aka “Posie Parker”, for a ‘legal fund’ after she was questioned by police for harassment and transphobic hate speech.

£12,274 was raised

The case never went to trial.
While Posie used some of the £12k to pay off her very expensive lawyer, the remainder has been used to kickstart her anti-trans t-shirt/ poster “business” - making more money to campaign against trans people/ take trips to America/ London with her anti-trans campaigning buddies!
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The “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in the US is being made an absolute mockery of by #abortion supporters, #jihad supporters, #racism supporters, perpetrators of violence against #LGBT people, people who demand services from businesses who have…
…legal right to refuse service, those who deface religious buildings, the religious who abuse their religious teachings to control their population with violence, sexual abuse, et cetera, the nonreligious who impose their views on the religious because they see themselves as…
…”superior,” and many other people.

I believe you have a right to say your piece and to try to elect people who agree with you. But I do not believe much of these to be liberating.
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Can somebody remind the #EqualityNetwork that their £275,000p/a they get from #ScotGov is for LGBT+not
TTTT+T,they already get full & separate funding for their*PROJECT*"Scottish Trans Alliance"(£200,000)so WHY r they co-opting #Pride for their single issue? Lies!Not a T rally!
The Equality Network Funding received from the Scottish Government . What do they actually do for intersex people? They barely mention them.
Source :…
Scottish Transgender Alliance funding
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Here at the rally in support of trans rights, in response to @ubc allowing Jenn Smith to host an anti-SOGI talk on campus. Reporting for @starvancouver. Hosted by @BcFamilies4.
Folks are preparing now to go attend and disrupt Jenn Smith’s talk
At the front doors
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Ready for #DigitalSherlocks@DFRLab
Nos da la bienvenida a #digitalSherlock @GrahamBrookie del @DFRLab, un programa que promete. Les iré contando por aquí! #desinformación
What’s a Stake: Democracy: los cambios tecnológicos son muy disruptivos para la sociedad y ello es riesgoso. Llevamos una década de retroceso democrático... Hay retos, pero hay que abordar el futuro con confianza,?dice @DamonMacWilson
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For those who invoke #Eisenhower as a "good" Republican, please remember he ordered the firings of all homosexuals working for the US govt in 1953: Nearly 3,000 people.
I wrote about the #LavenderScare here:

Gay men, McCarthy and the Mattachine Society…
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Who is "Tracy Shaw" who started the @SafeSchools_UK transphobic pressure group? Well for some reason she is using her maiden name, not her given name to spread her transphobia and smear @MunroeBergdorf #TERFLEAKS
@SafeSchools_UK @MunroeBergdorf Well, Tracey Gardner wrote the "open letter" to @PeterWanless in her married name. So why is she trying to hide, and what safeguarding experience does she have. What education experience does she have. What experience with trans people does she have ... (Spoiler: Not much)
@SafeSchools_UK @MunroeBergdorf @PeterWanless She does however have a lot of experience spreading the transphobic hate from groups like "Fair Play for Women" on Facebook. Cosying up to Posie Parker who is busy hoping Lily Madigan gets beaten up. Liking appalling posts comparing trans people to date rape drugs...
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This week has witnessed yet another attack by anti-trans lobbyists towards an organisation showing support for trans people - this time @NSPCC was targeted 😞

I’ve been studying the techniques used by trans-hostile activists, and thought I’d share my findings here.

For background, @NSPCC was criticised for appointing @MunroeBergdorf as their first #LGBT ambassador, and following a pile-on by anti-trans campaigners, the NSPCC retracted their position - An action that’s been widely criticised...…
The complaint was initiated by a days-old twitter account, with the ‘official sounding’ name of ‘Safe Schools Alliance’ and was quickly amplified by The Times journalist - and known anti-transgender campaigner - Janice Turner (@victoriapeckham)
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"Today, I want to talk about the work we have left to do to protect one group of people whose human rights are still denied in too many parts of the world today. In many ways, they are an invisible minority." @HillaryClinton at the UN 2011
"They are arrested, beaten, terrorized, even executed. Many are treated with contempt and violence by their fellow citizens while authorities empowered to protect them look the other way or, too often, even join in the abuse." @HillaryClinton at the UN 2011
"They are denied opportunities to work and learn, driven from their homes and countries, and forced to suppress or deny who they are to protect themselves from harm." @HillaryClinton at the UN 2011
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1 / #LGBTPrideMonth
On this day, June, the 7th, in 1954, Alan Turing a gay man, committed suicide after being convicted of "gross indecency" according to the anti-gay laws then prevalent in England. If you are reading this, you owe it to Turing.…
2 / Alan Turing was an English mathematician who, together with a few other brilliant minds, fathered the field of research that gave humanity the computer, software design and artificial intelligence. Are his biographies exaggerated?…
3 / Maybe, but maybe it also misses some of Turing's great contributions (article above). The movie based on the book "Alan Turing: the Enigma" inserted fictional elements.…
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Your Friday #thread

So, as people who've been following the news over the past 18 months or so will know, there's been a severe uptick in violence in the UK against #LGBT+ people

And this hasn't come out of nowhere

This is the inevitable result of the...

rhetoric used by #TERFs, and their allies in the far-right, including the religious far-right, who #TERFs are perfectly happy to work hand-in-hand with

Here's the thing. #TERFs are perfectly happy to work with the...

religious far-right, but refuse to accept that they are just being used

They are being used to block rights for #LGBT people in the US...

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