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#CoronaVirus'ü anlarsan
onu kimlerin ürettigini bilirsin.#Küreselciler

Küreselcileri bilirsen
kim-lere taptiklarini ögrenirsin.#Seytaniler

Seytanileri tanirsan
onlarin tanri'larini-tanrica'larini tanirsin..#Annunakiler

Annunakiler'in binlerce yil önce
yaptiklari #Genetik #Mühendislik calismalar sonucu
#AdemOglu'na verdikleri zararlarin devamini,

bugün Küreselciler dedigimiz seytani sebekeler
#mRNA #ASI'lariyla
#Ademoglu'na ayni zararlari vermeye
devam ettiriyor..#DNA Image
Küreselcilerin ATA'si olan Annunakilerin
yarim biraktigi Genetik calismalar
onlarin torunlari tarafindan (Öjenik Örgüt-Cemiyet)
bugün #Corona #Plandemisi'yle tamamlanmaya calisiliyor
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Proud to share our guidance for supporting #transgender #students created as part of our Student Health Advisory Council's #LGBT subcommittee. (Highlights in this thread, but make sure to read the entire doc!)

#WeAllBelong #CareForYourselfAndOthers…
1.) Educate Yourself - Make sure you personally are aware of the false rhetoric and fear driving this legislation. @GBPFLAG's article below is a good starting point.

#UseYourMind #DoYourPart #SupportTransStudents…
2.) Amplify Accurate Information
Share publications and influencers who are speaking out against these attacks. @chasestrangio often shares good information.

#DoYourPart #WeAllBelong #SupportTransStudents
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In Hyde Park on Saturday, Police officers were punched and kicked by right wing #antilockdown protestors

#BorisJohnson said he'd see #BodiesPiledHigh before we #lockdown again

#VoteLeave riled them up for #Brexit

It won't be the Left that storm No 10 😓
2 arrests were made. Police officers were unprepared, ill-equipped with no back-up

When the #FarRight protests #BorisJohnson and #PritiPatel send in officers in shirtsleeves. When some "woke left vegetarians protest", it's riot gear🤔

8 Police Officers were injured. With only 2 arrests made, neither were in Hyde Park.

That means the people you see punching and kicking Police Officers were allowed to walk away freely.

Couldn't we even arrest the people who injured the Police Officers?…
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Passiert das euch auch? Mein Mann und ich wurden mehrfach aufgefordert, dass wir Abstand halten in der Öffentlichkeit. Habe schon mehrere Antworten ausprobiert: Wir sind ein Paar. Das ist mein Mann. Wir leben zusammen. Heute hat die Polizei sogar unsere Personalien aufgenommen
Heute hat die Polizei sogar unsere Personalien aufgenommen, nachdem wir erklärt hatten, dass wir ein Paar sind und als ein Haushalt an einer Adresse leben. Wir saßen mit viel Abstand von anderen Menschen auf einem öffentlichen Platz mit einer Einkaufstasche von unserm Weinhändler
Passiert das euch auch? Bisher waren es vor allem Einzelhändler, die z.B. meinten, dass wir nicht zusammen ein Auto anschauen können, weil wir nicht ein Haushalt wären. Und dann nicht akzeptieren, wenn wir sagen, dass wir einer sind.
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Y’all I have a plan. If you are one of those who haven’t been to #FarmersProtest for any reason and were looking for company to guide them etc, please know that I am leaving tom i.e. 30 Mar’21 and you can join me. DM me rn. I will be visiting Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur border
I will be taking Intercity- 02471 Sri Ganganagar Superfast train. You can check the route through this link… covers Rajsthan,Punjab and Haryana. You can join me anywhere on this train but if you aren’t able to make it on this train, no worries I can still
help you with border situations once you reach there
I keep getting DMs from girls esp whose parents are reluctant to send them on border for some fears; I can talk to your parents, give them all the assurance they need, will request or beg, whatever it takes to convince them
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A painful struggle: Opioids can be dangerous
but prohibition is worse😷

CDC will not take responsibility for the crisis,
nor fix the 2016 opioid guidelines🤯… #health #drugs #opioids #medtwitter #disability #chronicpain #biden
In a contentious Feb 16 meeting, CDC confirmed they would not admit fault for their role in the opioid crisis nor revise their devastating 2016 opioid guidelines😬

@libbyemmons @NYDailyNews @Narcocast @ZachWritesStuff @filth_filler @slsatel @JDVance1 @geraldposner @CathyYoung63
total of 10 mins centered on the workgroup,
no discussion of deaths or patient abandonment

Instead, officials spent 30 mins congratulating one another for their courageous handling of the Virus… @Zigmanfreud @jessesingal @thehoffather @ConceptualJames
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Stonewall are relaunching “School & College Champions Awards”.

Schools must must refer to latest @educationgovuk guidance & their #safeguarding knowledge & not sign up.

@jo_bartosch for @LesbianGayNews

#edutwitter #LGBT #LGB #RSE #PSHE #ukedchat #teacher5oclockclub #SLTchat
“The awards cut across every aspect of the operation of the school...advising teachers to “introduce yourself at the start of the year using your pronouns and encourage students to do the same.”

This is compelled speech. #Teachers contact your unions.

‘in her evidence to @Commonswomequ
earlier this week Stonewall CEO @Nancy_M_K claimed: “one of the things that’s really important to say is that we don’t advocate for the removal of the single sex exemptions.” ‘

This is untrue.

#WomenEd #edutwitter…
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🏚️The Great Woke ClubHouse Coup o 2021🤯

😯Anti-racist activists on Clubhouse put Bret Weinstein through a struggle session🔥🤦… #politics #joerogan @joerogan @joeroganhq @TuckFFAK #Clubhouse #jimmypesto @sullydish @ggreenwald @BlueBoxDave @stillgray
🗞️Reporter @mtracey launched an intelligent room around race issue on Clubhouse🏚️

then invited a lady named Brooklyn as mod
& all heck broke loose!🔥

#racism @PolitiBunny @miltimore79 @Grummz @redsteeze @NoahCRothman @neontaster @BlackDGamer1 @xan_desanctis @YellowFlashGuy
👁‍🗨Club House mods then kicked almost all white folks out of the room, including Tracey🦵

& dared Bret Weinstein to challenge & disprove he is a racist

to their surprise, he accepted💪… @thehoffather @DavidAFrench @brad_polumbo @bdomenech @baseballcrank
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Short THREAD on rising #racism & far-right extremism, based on very concerning updates from @IRR_News.

Please follow & support The Institute of Race Relations & the @RunnymedeTrust - organisations struggling for racial justice in very worrying times.…
Not just in the UK, but in Spain, Portugal & France, governments & quangos are warning universities & institutions that re-evaluations of colonial history will bring dire consequences – at the exact same time presenting themselves as 'champions of free speech' & academic freedom.
The DoE's proposal for ‘free speech champions’ suggests ‘unacceptable silencing & censorship’ is now widespread on campuses.

It builds on the Govt’s attacks on critical race theory, the ‘dreadful’ (Priti Patel) #BLM protests, as well as the nebulous concept of a ‘woke agenda’.
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Will @NMalliotakis stand up for #LGBT rights & vote to pass #HR5 the Equality Act? This landmark legislation would increase protections against discrimination & was passed by the House last Congress.

Calls to her office indicate she hasn't decided. 1/…
Further reading on @RepMalliotakis' "Dismal record on LGBTQ issues" #LGBT 2/…
Here are @RepMalliotakis' phone numbers, fellow #NY11 constituents.

Washington DC Office
Phone: (202) 225-3371

Staten Island District Office
Phone: (718) 568-2870

Brooklyn District Office
Phone: (718) 306-1620
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The so called #EqualityAct is evil.

Disguised as #LGBT rights, it expands governmental regulatory reach that destroys women’s rights, religious rights, and rights of the unborn.

It is a direct attack on God’s creation, He created us male and female.…
Our daughters will no longer have the right to privacy in their bathrooms, locker rooms, playing fields, and even TSA pat downs if a male TSA agent “identifies” as a woman.

Men who dress and think they are women will have rights over all real girls and women.
“If you perform a mastectomy in the case of breast cancer, you will have to perform one on the teenage girl identifying as a boy.

All in the name of equality...

The act treats any refusal to offer abortion as “pregnancy” discrimination.”

Doctors & Nurses will have no choice.
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2nd hearing of three human rights defenders – Ela, Anna and Joanna is taking place today. Follow this thread to stay informed! #TeczanieObraza
Charges against activists: ‘offending religious beliefs’ for distributing posters of the Virgin Mary with a rainbow halo(colours of the #LGBT pride flag)
160 000 people have joined Amnesty International’s campaign urging the Prosecutor General to drop the unfounded charges against three women human rights activists
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Jesteśmy dzisiaj w #Płock na drugiej rozprawie aktywistek – Eli, Anny i Joanny. Śledźcie ten wątek, będziemy relacjonować na bieżąco wydarzenia z sali rozpraw. #TęczanieObraża
Zarzuty stawiane aktywistkom dotyczą „obrazy uczuć religijnych” w związku z upublicznieniem wizerunku Matki Boskiej z aureolą w kolorach tęczy symbolizującej ruch #LGBTI. Akcja była bezpośrednią reakcją na homofobiczną instalację w kościele św. Dominika w Płocku.
Tymczasem zachęcamy do podpisywania petycji i wzywania do władz o natychmiastowe wycofanie zarzutów postawionych za pokojowy aktywizm!… #TęczanieObraża
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This is Jenny Lives with Eric and Martin (1983), an educational children’s book intended to reduce anti-gay prejudice. It was quickly labelled ‘gay propaganda’ and wielded as a weapon and ‘evidence’ against the #LGBT community, leading to the introduction of #Section28 #LGBTHM21
Danish author, Susanne Bosche, created the book to help children ‘...understand themselves and the society they live in.’…

However the book became the catalyst for one of the most pernicious pieces of legislation in recent times.
In 1986 The Sun ran the headline “Vile Book In School: Pupils See Pictures of Gay Lovers”. The fact that the book was published by Gay Men’s Press in the UK simply ‘confirmed’ this view.
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#Draghi nomina Carlo Deodato a capo del Dipartimento degli Affari Giuridici e Legislativi.
Simpatizzante di CL e Sentinelle in Piedi.
Da giudice estensore della sentenza del Consiglio di Stato ha annullato la trascrizione dei matrimoni egualitari celebrati all'estero.

Deodato si definisce "giurista, cattolico, uomo libero e osservatore indipendente di politica, giurisdizione, costumi e società"

Per le sue posizioni esplicitamente contrarie al matrimonio egualitario il giudice era stato chiamato in causa da diverse associazioni #Lgbt ⬇️
Nell'annullare le trascrizioni dei matrimoni attuate da vari comuni italiani aveva motivato: "La diversità uomo-donna è la connotazione ontologica del rito matrimoniale".

Dichiaratamente contrario al fantomatico "gender" e per "la difesa della famiglia tradizionale”

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Day 2: preliminary hearing #AllisonBailey v Stonewall

We are expecting the hearing to recommence at 9.30 am.

We will do our best to live tweet proceedings, technology permitting!

@ALLIANCELGB are also live tweeting from the court.
Background to @BluskyeAllison’s case can be read here. You can also support the crowdfunder if you would like.


It is an important case to follow for any #schools & #teachers working with Stonewall. The CPS ‘hate crimes’ schools pack, produced in conjunction with #Stonewall has now been permanently withdrawn, but the judicial review of the relationship between CPS...
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We are today attending the virtual hearing for #AllisonBailey’s claim against Stonewall & Garden Court Chambers.
Discussions on redactions in papers.

Ben Cooper QC for @BluskyeAllison arguing against redactions.


Ben Cooper trying to establish communications between individuals at Stonewall & individuals at Garden Court Chambers. Arguing names of individuals is relevant and they put in public domain.
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The protests began in early January, after Erdogan’s government appointed an academic with ties to the ruling party as rector of Istanbul’s Bogazici University, one of the country’s most competitive schools and a bastion of liberal ideas.#HepsiBizimEvladımız
“There is no such thing as LGBT.🤔 This country is national, spiritual, and walking toward the future with these values,” Erdogan said in an address to his party’s members Wednesday.#HepsiBizimEvladımız
Tweets posted this week by Turkey’s interior minister denigrating the LGBTQ students were found by Twitter to have violated its rules about “hateful conduct,” marked with a warning label and partially hidden from public view #HepsiBizimEvladımız
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In English, gender has been used as a direct equivalent to sex since 1969, according to the @OED.

No one complained about this for (approximately) 50 years. Your gender is your sex, your sex is your gender, English is a wonderfully flexible language full of synonyms. /1
In 1986, I attended the first-ever Pride held in Scotland; a static protest on the Mound, full of colourfully-made banners. One of the speakers was a woman who had campaigned for @on_lothianbuses to let her use her photo & her name in her pensioner's bus pass: she was trans. /2
Yes, 1986. 35 years ago.

In Scotland, we have been campaigning for #LGBT rights for long enough for a babe in arms at that first Pride in #Edinburgh to grow up, get married, & have a kid old enough to be campaigning for #LGBTQIA rights NOW. /3
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Today: A protest by Singaporeans against transphobia in the education system.
They've issued a statement and are using the hashtag #FixSchoolsNotStudents
Within minutes security officers have shown up saying that photos can't be taken and asking them to leave. 2 protesters have left but 3 remain. #FixSchoolsNotStudents
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#Inauguration Amerikaans volkslied door Lady Gaga was vanaf de eerste noten meeslepend, maar kijk naar deze voortreffelijke video om te begrijpen wat er zo bijzonder was aan haar interpretatie.
De New York Times over de muziek bij het hele inauguratiefeeest: Image
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The official Biden White House text of 'Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation' signed during first hours after taking office⬇️
#SOGIE #lgbt #AffirmTransChildren

@NBCNews reports 'Biden to reverse transgender military ban imminently, White House says'⬇️
#LGBT #TransRightsAreHumanRights #Equality

@NBCNews reports the Biden #LGBTEquality executive order⬇️
#AffirmTransChildren #EqualRights
…To be continued…
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This is a great thread highlighting #QAnon response to don's huge fail to follow through with the Q program. According to the BIG Q accts, Biden has always been on Team Q. The saga continues.
What does that hand signal mean, Q?
According to #QAnon Trump would be safe on AF1 as he called #InsurrectionAct
He'll be landing in FLA any minute now.
They said don was the most pro #LGBT #POTUS in history. He just screwed them big time with his last minute policy changes.…
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3 Polish women are on trial for offending religious feelings by making posters of the Virgin Mary with a rainbow halo.

They face up to 2 years in prison if convicted.

Poland's authorities seem desperate to turn the country into Europe's Saudi Arabia.…
A review of the Polish authorities' take on free speech:

- incitement to violence: perfectly fine (as long as it's against people the authorities hate);

- making a poster: absolutely unacceptable (if the poster offends the authorities).

All clear?

In EU member Poland...

...making a poster can get you 2 years in prison.

In the EU.

In 2021.
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