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Nov 28, 2020 10 tweets 3 min read
Million-Plus Sign Petitions to Overturn Flavored Tobacco Sales Ban nbclosangeles.com/news/local/mil…
LEARN: You Don't Know Nicotine
WATCH Free Dec 1: ibex.com/ydkn
Sep 8, 2020 64 tweets 39 min read
#CAFires2020 Tues Thread
My Sources
My main go-to map - has many layers of info

CA Road Conditions: quickmap.dot.ca.gov

Map of temp. shelters: bit.ly/3i3vjHd

Help with Critters: @halterproject
#CAFires2020 Tues Thread
My Sources cont.
(not all) CA Counties EVAC Maps:

Mariposa Co is also covering for #CreekFire

Mendo EVAC map

Live cams: alertwildfire.org

Sep 7, 2020 40 tweets 26 min read
#NorCalFires2020 - Hang on tight, be vigilant #Wx
Most fires are human caused. Don't be like the party that started the #ElDoradoFire or go hiking in rough terrain, or disaster tourism.
Have a care for the 1st responders ❣️

#CAFires2020 - Fresno, Madera Co.s #CreekFire AM Update

#CreekFire #FireMappers https://arcg.is/1fCz0j #CreekFire #FireMappers
Sep 4, 2020 8 tweets 4 min read
FRYDAY Sept 4...
More XTRME 2020 - like a blister in the sun
2 wks from now, another surge of infections.
No more legal vape flavors beyond "tobacco"; some no legal vape at all. We need all our coping tools, not less.
What's on your #BingoCard?
Aug 30, 2020 22 tweets 16 min read
Aug 27, 2020 24 tweets 18 min read
#NorCalFires2020 Thurs Aug27 Thread
EVAC Maps for all CA Co.s: bit.ly/2D249B3

CalFire: fire.ca.gov/incidents/

Inciweb: inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident
#AugustComplex /6983/
#SheepFire /7067/
#LoyaltonFire /6975/
#BearFire #ClaremontFire /7025/
US Interactive Fire Map: bit.ly/3l9aziW
Low bandwidth US Map: bit.ly/2QiKsYL

CA Road Conditions: quickmap.dot.ca.gov

Live cams with timelapse: alertwildfire.org

Aug 26, 2020 32 tweets 17 min read
#NorCalFires2020 - LNU Fire Complex Update from citizen reporter @Sarah_Stierch
PS- I've been very concerned that the main N-S & E-W ingress/egress out of LC is impacted by the fires.
Hwys 29, 20. We have only 4 two lane Hwys in/out. @threadreaderapp unroll please
Aug 23, 2020 17 tweets 9 min read
Today's #NorCalFires2020 Thread
I'm in overwhelm, so follow this chap, follow the official notices, & be sure to update your own evac plans for any event. Practice self-care as needed! I feel like I need a pitcher of margaritas LOL. #CAFires2020 Map
Aug 22, 2020 32 tweets 20 min read
#NorCalFires2020 Sat Aug 22 THREAD
#LNULightningComplex Lake-Sonoma-Napa-Marin
#AugustComplex Mendo-Lake-Glenn-Tehama-Shasta-Trinity
#MendocinoNationalForest Shasta-Trinity Nat'l Forest,Yolla-Bolly, Snow Mtn

My goto fire map:
#FireMappers bit.ly/3l9aziW