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7 Apr
✦ [ Kizingo ]

Questions about getting various things in Kenya (PC Hardware, Sports Equipment etc. )…
Hi all, I hope the current Covid wave has not hit you and your loved ones and that you are safe. Sorry to bother you with trivial questions like this, but we will move to Mombasa soon and we were wondering if it is possible to get any of the following things directly
in Mombasa or at least in Nairobi and at what quality and price. 1) PC Hardware: I like to build my own PCs and I will need to buy all kinds of parts at some point in time (RAM, PSU, GPU, Monitors etc. ) are there any decent hardware shops selling genuine products in
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6 Apr
✦ [ #MainaAndKingangi ]

Let's talk about Ben 10 culture in Kenya! What's happening to the boy child…
They're in their early 20's -late 30's. I can not tell you how many times these little boys have professed their deepest love for me 45 year old woman with 3 kids!! They look thirsty, infatuated with my lifestyle. It is sad to watch! I can only imagine that there are
women out here who take advantage of these situations and run with it. Cougar life is NOT for me, I beg
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5 Apr
✦ [ #StopGivingKenyaLoans ]

How to obtain a Kenyan death certificate when I'm not Kenyan?…
I am looking to find my great-granduncle's death certificate. His name was David Francis Gatty Moir, and he died in Nairobi on the 9th of August 1944, aged 35. He died under mysterious circumstances. It seems (from my research) that you can only order a Kenyan death
certificate from the eCitizen portal, but to do that you must be a Kenyan citizen, a foreigner living in Kenya or a Kenyan living abroard. I am none of these things - I live in England. Is there any other way I could get the death certificate? (My father, being his
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5 Apr
✦ [ Karen Nyamu ] ● Culture

Fast food…
Do you think it is wise to open up our markets to fastfood chains like mickey deez,subway ,burger king and kfc,with what we have seen them do to social health(obesity and livestyle diseases)or should we invest in like local fast food. if that is even a thing
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Open the market up but tax and regulate them like crazy. This will keep the prices of their garbage up and also contribute more to our national kitty (that money can be used to cater for their negative side effects). And make sure they can't sell the
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5 Apr
✦ [ #RingtoneApokoArrested ]

Investing from the diaspora…
Kenyans abroad, how do you invest (in property) at home when you have no reliable relatives on the ground? Any reputable investment companies to work with?
#TopReply 🡅 3 points
I’d echo what @fallenbeauty says. Save up, come invest in person. Inflation is of no concern if you make a wise investment of the savings. In fact it might be to your benefit. As for rise in prices, real estate was over inflated, bubble is bursting
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5 Apr
✦ [ #stoploaningkenya ]

Share your business/hobbies/Job Opportunities/Job requests!! - April 05, 2021…
Tell us about your business! would love to hear what you are working on. Link your business, blog, app, your friend's YouTube channel, podcast, anything you would like us to know about. You can also post job opportunities or even a job request. You can also let us
help you by providing feedback on your work, CV etc. but please be careful about sharing personal information. This thread was set up on a recommendation from fellow redditor . This is the only place where posting ads will be allowed.
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4 Apr
✦ [ Brighton ]

14-day isolation?…
I’ve just found out that I’ve got to undergo isolation when I arrive in the Kenya. This was implemented after the UK put Kenya on their ‘Red List’. My question is, is there any way I can avoid this? I’ve got a negative PCR test. Will this be strictly implemented or
is there a way I can slip through the crack?
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4 Apr
✦ [ İstanbul ]

Can you give me advice/guidance on what to do and not to do to leave a good impression on a Kenyan girls parents?…
Hello everyone, I fell in love with this Kenyan girl and things are going well, so Im supposed to meet her parents in Kenya soon. Ive never been to Kenya and am trying to get a notion of general rules/guidance/whats considered rude/whats considered nice and of course
how to impress her family and parents. More specific questions: Should I bring gifts? If yes should it be something basic like a bottle of wine or more specific like something from my culture? Would learning a bit of Swahili be appreciated (like basics)? All other
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4 Apr
✦ [ #NMGAndAgaKhanCartels ]

Traditional fermented brews and how to have them available in best quality.…
Imagine a bottled busaa, muratina or mnazi. This is not a new concept but there seems to be none in Kenya at the moment. It's really not hard to make, maybe because I am a trained food scientist. If you had all the licenses for a micro brewery and made let's say busaa
like a craft and premium beer. Bottled it to improve it's shelf life and sold it via a website. Would you buy? Why aren't there many people doing this? One thing I know is that if the quality of brew is good, Kenyans will buy. We forget that lager beers are the
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