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29, feminist, teacher, cheerleader, coach, music fan 🌈 i cry a lot but i get shit done. she/her
Apr 26, 2019 43 tweets 17 min read
I feel like making you all laugh today so here is a #storytime of the first and only time I had surgery, two years ago. Yeah it’s about surgery but I PROMISE you’re gonna laugh bc this was truly a series of unfortunate events. First, time for a little bit of backstory. I am a cheerleader. I base. Which means I literally lift humans up in the air. This makes me very prone to injury obviously and I have countless videos of me getting hit in the face by someone’s feet. But that one time was different.
Nov 10, 2018 66 tweets 18 min read
what I could gather they have chosen to be referred to as both Jonathan and Jessica and no amount of disgust and hatred I feel for someone could get me to misgender them on purpose. It took me ages to decide to actually make this thread happen because my story with this person is very much still an open wound and traumatised me in ways I'm not sure I even fully comprehend. I appreciate RTs to get the word out, and I also am open to answering questions but please do not expect me to answer everything, this is very overwhelming. The only reason I am willing