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Did my children greet me w Good Morning today?

Oh, no, their first words to me was a demand that I settle their argument.

The heated debate?

11yo daughtr: MOMMA! Would you tell him that if a woman gets sperm from a sperm bank, the man that gave the sperm is NOT the father?!!?!

All I was doing was trying to pee.

The 9yo son: *EYE* SAY he is the father! Of course there isn't love and he doesn't know the baby, but he gave the sperm, HIS sperm was used to make that life, so he IS THE FATHER!

The 11yo follows this up with, "WHAT??!? HAVE YOU READ THAT IN A JOURNAL SOMEWHERE?!"

Sis said,

(Low key, if you follow me u already know my nerd spirit rose like the phoenix in that moment;couldn't be more proud. LOL #ChipOffTheBrilliantBlock😭)
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#NewOrleans #LA - Historic Garden District. Montgomery-Grace home is a traditional stop for the "Rex" parade on Mardi Gras--which just ended 3 days ago. So, now locals and tourists have seen the decadent, Gothic ruins. She was a beauty. #shame…
(thread) #NewOrleans Southern Gothic #Storytime - ('other' memorable fire) 1834 French Quarter arson reveals socialite serial killer w/torture chamber. Pandemonium at the 1140 Royal Street, Delphine McCarty LaLaurie, "House of Horrors." Inspired American Horror Story.👻#deepdive
(thread) #NewOrleans #TrueCrime (tip: save images in my threads, they enlarge) Speaking of 'Halt and Catch Fire' - still waiting for the coroner’s report/COD on Actress Lisa Sheridan. Family "believes" it's not suicide.…
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STORYTIME!!: how I lost my virginity and regretted it. 🙄 #StoryTime #Thread #threadstorytime #threadstorytimes #threadstories #storytelling
Soooo I lost my virginity to my off&on ex G (refer to my other storytime.) this was in August & it happened multiple times.. the first was August 10th.🙄 first of all I was scared & i was mad because i went straight to his damn house after they stank ass football practice.
So we went to his house we was kissin or whatever in his room while his brother was in the front & he started fingering me & sucking my titties & shit. After awhile he was like are you ready im like hell nah, i was hella scared and not ready.
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Some days, I’m amazed by my own charm and grace.

Thursday was not one of those days.

First of all, I was so distracted thinking about the sandwich I was about to go pick up that I literally walked into the wall while passing by the CEO’s office. Like, BAM.

She looked up. #ofcourse
I smiled awkwardly and then ran out the door. In the lobby, the security guy said, “Hope you brought your umbrella.” ☔️

Thinking he was quipping about the overcast weather - geez dude, it’s only sprinkling - the sandwich shop’s across the street, I chuckle and head out
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(1) The story of #RubyRidge is nothing but heartbreaking.

Let's take a moment to discuss a story the Federal Government would rather be forgotten. A story of a family that only wanted to worship their God, raise their children, and be left alone.
(2) #StoryTime. Ruby Ridge is an outstretch of mountains in the northernmost part of Idaho, in a county named Boundary, as it rests right along the Canadian border, between the Washington and Montana borders.

When someone wants to be left alone, Ruby Ridge is one place they go.
(3) One person who wished nothing more than to be left alone was Randy Weaver. Weaver was a devout Christian & US Army vet who had become disillusioned with his government; in the early 1980's, he moved his family to a 20-acre plot of land on Ruby Ridge and built himself a home.
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There is a story the bees used to tell, which makes it hard to disbelieve. #Storytime
A family renting a town house were unhappy with their landlord.#Storytime
They said: “Why can we not decorate the house as we please? Why is there mould in the bathroom? Why are the curtains not to our taste?”#Storytime
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Hola, insomnes. Os voy a contar un cuento (porque las historias tienen poder, y porque quiero) #Cuento #loscuentosdemamadulce #StoryTime #elcuentodelamonagorda
Esto era un rey que tenía tres hijos. Era ya muy viejo y no sabía a cual de los tres dejar su corona, así que decidió ponerlos a prueba y los envió en busca de la bacía más maravillosa del mundo. El que la consiguiera, sería el rey.
#Cuento #elcuentodelamonagorda
Por si os lo preguntáis, una bacía es una palangana para afeitar, como la que Don Quijote usaba de casco. O eso me dijo mi abuela.
#Cuento #elcuentodelamonagorda
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Given our recent conversations about copyright theft, here's a little #Storytime to start off the weekend...
For new followers, #Storytime: in which I live-tweet a story from scratch, for anyone who feels like following it. And it always starts like this:
There is a story the bees used to tell, which makes it hard to disbelieve. #Storytime
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There is a story the bees used to tell, which makes it hard to disbelieve. #Storytime
There once was a beautiful Queen, who was married to an old and cruel King. #Storytime
She lived in a tower of gold and glass, and slept between sheets of satin and silk, and rarely opened the windows, for fear of hearing the cries of her people. #Storytime
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There is a story the bees used to tell, which makes it hard to disbelieve. #Storytime
The animals of a certain farm had begun to be discontented. They were tired of their usual feed, and the closeness of their quarters.
And so they lobbied the farmer for a change in their circumstances, until at last he lost patience.
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#storytime: [Thread] The dark sides of “social” enterprises - #Ableism in disguise

The other day, I was referred to the owner a social enterprise in order to apply job in my profession. The org seemed impressed by my portfolio and I eventually got invited to a job interview.
It all sounded promising and I was excited to meet with the company. Everything went well until they asked about my expectations. I was a bit surprised, since I was already in the job interview, but I highlighted that I’m looking for employment or at least continuous remote work.
Much to my shock, the only thing this organization had to offer was a “sheltered workshop”, where I would be working for free and maybe one day, some employer might hire me on a subsidized job, where I can only be paid minimum wage.
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So me and my ex boyfriend had very bad problems. I’d argue over who ate the last Dount, yes stuff like that 😩🤦🏽‍♂️ so one day he text me talking bout “i don’t wanna be in the relationship anymore” i’m okay i’ve been thinking that for the longest. We aruging. Then i get a
text from his mom. He like “Why you break up with my son???” i’m so confused i’m like your son broke up with me sister 😂 so i’m over her. I text him back with a long paragraph, longer than an essay. So he reply with a “🖕🏽👊🏾” i’m like he want to fight me 😂?
so next morning
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I was 16 years old and my mom was acting suspicious because she normally don’t leave the house as late as she was 2 months ago. So i’m coming home from school i see my mom sleep on the couch and she don’t get off until 5:30 and it was 3:50 that’s why i was confused.
later that night i was getting out the shower and i guess my mom “Friend” was walking by and i bumped into him and my towel spilt so my legs was out and he started liking his lips and i pushed passed him to go to my room.
It was like 7 men coming in and out the house. That
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There were five
of us in that
that dropped
It was
an everyday day
good weather
high hopes
We all ended our day
at the same time
which was why
five strangers
were in
that elevator
that #Monday
The doors closed
that #Monday
but nothing happened
He jammed the close button
The other grumbled,
some version
"Always when
your trying to
get home"
The doors
the elevator jumped
we froze
a collective intake
then we fell
we braced ourselves
and each other
one screamed
another managed
to hit the alarm
but it keep going
alarm screaming
us screaming
twenty stories
an impossibly
fast drop in
slow motion
three of us
on the floor
the handrail
then it was
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Two wildest times I’ve had sex 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂 #storytime #threads
I’ll start with the more recent one. So this was this past weekend and Me and my girlfriend Jasmine were going out to eat for my birthday so I get ready and drive to her and when I get there her sister answer the door
So I was like “wassup Jessie is your sister ready yet” and she’s like “child you know she be taking the longest showers ever” so I go in the house and sit on the couch for a while then her sister left and Jasmine was still in the shower 🙄 BUT
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Good series/movies on Netflix: A thread
#Thread #Threads #Threadstorys #Netflix #Storytime #Twitterthread
7 sisters that are seputplets live in a future that has the one-child policy due to overpopulation, and they all adapt the same identity. When one of their sisters go missing, they search for her whilst avoiding being detected by the government.
7 seconds: (a series- currently has 1 season with 10 episodes)
After a 15 year old black boy is the victim of a hit and run by a white police officer, the police department try to cover up the crime committed by one of their own officers.
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#StoryTime my first time 😁💕 #THREAD just because im bored:::
okay so this alll started last year, almost a year ago.. i was at my granny’s house in mississippi again.. y’all remember the first thread?? yeah that one. she dont be caring
okeey, soooo i was still 15 at the time. i was at my momo house and we were about to go to this easter party, it was in april & at first i was like no ion wanna go butttt then i changed my mind (THANK GOD)
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Here is a long #storytime #thread that has nothing to do with what you think it might:

So I was looking up someone's filmography on Wikipedia (like one does) and eventually found out he was on Sesame Street!
And I was excited because that's an amazing show that made my childhood what it was. So I was going down the rabbit hole that is Wiki, looking at the different cast members, loving the fact that the show is so diverse, when I thought to myself I can't believe it's still going on!
So I searched "why is Sesame Street..." I actually meant to type in "how is Sesame Street still making episodes," but when I typed in the "why" question, I accidentally clicked "why is Sesame Street bad." Only a couple credible sources actually popped up...
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SUGAR DADDY EXPERIENCE! #storytime #thread
So one day me and my friend let’s call her Deyjah , we was at the mall & we was mainly just window shopping like we had no money so were in Victoria secret pointing out bras & shit that we wish we had💀 When outta no where this tall ass white man is like “ I can get that for you”
And I look at deyjah like 🤨, deyjah says “ no we’re fine , we just looking” and he’s like” no really pick out a few things I’d love too get them for you “ so we like say no moree😂😂😂😂so me and deyjah like
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The time my body count went from 0 to 3 in a week #thread #storytime
I'm 18 yrs old. Fresh out of highschool. I'm a virgin. I'd been known for it through out my 4 YRS in highschool, unlike my 2 BFF's at the time marisa & claire. THOSE HOES. Ughhhh #badinfluences Fr
Sooooo i'd been dating this guy, we'll call him #1. He was sweet, kind, thoughtful, caring & I THOUGHT THAT MF was the one !!!!!!!!! But *buzzer* ehhhh wrong
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Hey y’all ima be doing my first #storytime today about getting freaky under a bridge😂😂 #storytimethread enjoy😂😂
Okay so this story takes place a couple weeks ago, me and my boyfriend had recently broken up (I’ll have to save that for another story time) but anywhooo, I started talking to this guy we gonna call him Michael😤
So one day Michael was texting me all freaky and me being the big ole tease that I am was texting freaky stuff back😂🤷🏻‍♀️, so Michael actually believed me🤦🏻‍♀️ and set up a whole plan to get freaky, keep in mind it’s the weekend and we were both busy💁🏻‍♀️
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1/ How Writers Can Make the Most of Twitter -Thread from @SallyAlbright and @CapWaterfront Please Retweet
2/ Brainstorming - Scan your TL or better yet, search a hashtag or keyword and see if anything inspires you. Other people's lists are good too. And you can use your TL or list as a prompt ("Write something about the 14th tweet down")
3/ Research - I'm always asking questions on Twitter and Facebook. There's always someone out there who knows, who has been there, or done that. You can also reach out to specific accounts of people who know your topic.
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Should I do a Twitter Tips thread and go over how these tools work? There's nothing nefarious, but there's some cool free stuff we use for professional accounts that anyone can use.

Also I have a "Twitter for Writers" piece if anyone wants to take a look.
Ok let's start with things that make Berners' heads explode.

We tell everyone, leave your own tweets at the top when you log off. Not just your pinned tweet, your current stuff. I usually hit the top two in my mentions. This is free advertising. In weird twitter it's currency
Buffer is a great tool for scheduling tweets. There are a ton of apps that let you post to multiple platforms but with Buffer the posts don't go out at the same time. You can also schedule tweets at optimum times based on your when your followers are online
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#Threads #storytime How I found out my cuzo was a thot
Okay so this all went down me an her freshman year
Okay let’s say her name is Nicole ( not really Nicole) okay so a lot of people thought Nicole was fine & a lot of dudes always tried to get at her
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