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He ido bastante de culo hoy pero toca #StoryTime

El viernes me tomé el día libre pq he estado en un Congreso de magia todo el finde (sí, magos, ilusionistas).
Y bueno, he petado un poco el insta.
Don Jefe me sigue y ha visto mi vida un poco.
Hoy por la mañana he ido al médico y
él creo que no lo sabía. Pq he llegado y me lo veo sentado en mi silla hablando con Jefa y Contable de una cosa y dice: uy! Qué haces tú aquí?
Y yo: eh... jefe... Hoy tenía médico pero vengo a trabajar.
Y él en plan: Jefa, tenemos a una famosa en la empresa. A una maga famosa.
Y yo en plan 😐 (a este hombre se le va la pinza).
Bueno. Al rato, bajo a su despacho y me dice: qué tal estás?
Y yo: muy bien, genial.
Y él: ya ya, eso he visto en insta, que te lo has pasado muy bien.
Y yo: pues sí, la verdad.
Y él: a dónde has ido?
Yo: no lo sabes? Era un
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Sunday lunchtime; time to kill. You know what that means, Twitter: #Storytime.
New folk, to explain: #Storytime, in which I write a story from scratch, live and uncensored, on Twitter. And it always starts like this: "There is a story the bees used to tell, which makes it hard to disbelieve."
In a certain barnyard, the chickens were in uproar. #Storytime
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1/🧵 Once upon a time, there were two Japanese brothers living in Germany. They knew the power of supporting their own country's industry and proudly used #MadeInJapan pencils, even when others looked down upon them. This is their story of faith and persistence. ✏️🇯🇵
2/ The brothers, Hiroshi & Kenji, faced criticism and ridicule from their peers for using Japanese pencils. But they never wavered in their belief in Japan's potential to excel in manufacturing. 📚🌟
3/ 🌆 As time passed, Japan's manufacturing capabilities grew, and the country began to develop high-quality products. Hiroshi & Kenji saw the fruits of their steadfast support and remained loyal to their homeland's industry. 🇯🇵💪
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Vale. Hemos recibido hoy al señor cliente... Vaya panorama luego en un rato si puedo cuento #StoryTime que tiene sustancia el día 😂😂

Vamos allá.

Llego esta mañana al despacho y tal (no hemos encontrado nadie para hablar francés y le toca pringar a una servidora) y a punto de salir me dice Jefa: qué experiencia tienes conduciendo coches automáticos? Dime la verdad 😆
(Ella tiene pánico a coger el coche en carretera).
Le digo: un día cogí el tuyo para ir al bar a almorzar pq Paco me dijo que lo cogiera 🙄👉🏻👈🏻 Y ya. Pero no te preocupes, Jefa! Que llevo horas de videojuegos detrás y todo va bien.

(Cochazo gigante y súper moderno)
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In 1992 we experienced drought in our village #StoryTime
Rivers were getting drier, everything was dry, livestock was perishing, it was so bad. A community meeting was called & the decision was taken that the community will go to the mountain and ask uQamata for imvula....
It announced that kuzozilwa for a number of days before kuyiwe entabeni. The day yokuya entabeni arrived and all the elders were wearing their ngcawaz, ingxowa zebhokhwe, izidanga namanqashela, oMama bebhinqe iminyotho yabo bethwele iqhiya ezinkulu bombatha amabhayi bafaka..
... incebeta, izikhaka zonke nje intsimbi zabo beqabe imbola ebomvu abanye, almost everyone was in their imibhaco amadoda anengcawa efake ingcawa kwaculwa ke ingoma zesiXhosa kwanyukelwa entabeni.. "Masiy'embo Masiy'embo singabaphi na thina". Izindlu zaziEmpty everyone was there
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My dad has his 1st cellphone ngo1996, year 2000 he gave me his Ericsoon A1018s so I was the only learner in the entire school who had a cellphone #StoryTime

*Be patient I am at work, expect delays* 😂😂😂

So, yes I was not supposed to have my phone on in class but I did. Our..
English teacher had the same phone as mine and we happen to use the same ringtone. Okay fine ke ingabinamsebenzi - it was the English double period and we were busy with literature. Our teacher would put her staff (books & phone) on the desk which is at the front there & she...
..would stand at the back and continue reading the book or ask one of us to read and then engage with the book. Long story short - while uMam was at the back the class is quiet we listening to one of the learners reading my phone rang, remember we're using the same ringtone...
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My own 16 June 1976 experince hehehe #StoryTime

So I started my 1st year eVarsity 2003. Orientation week started on the 27 January that year and when classes started yaqhuma iToyiToyi. As 1st year students we were not affected, at least sasicinga njalo.. because students were
.. protesting against financial exclusions. At that time it did not affect us so we continued attending and students would come and chase us out of the classes which we enjoyed kakhulu😂😂. Another thing is that ingoma zeToyiToyi zimnandi wawuzigqibela usiya eClassin but as soon
.. as you hear "lamabhulu amnyama asenzi worry" uqonda haay rhaa tseek makame uProf Sadimenko neBoron neLithium zakhe ayibaleki iPeriodic Table, ukhawuleze ube phakathi kwabo uqonde fok maan uSASCO is the way. There is something strong ngengoma zeToyiToyi ezikwenza ubeFearless.. Image
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Growing up in a spiritual home, does not mean you're spiritual or you posses the gift, but it becomes part of your life because you have to obey the rules of the house #StoryTime

If your parents are Pastors umzekelo, kuyathandazwa kwelokhaya, kufundwa bible etc..
So mna ke..
.... when I was born my dad was already iGqirha (a healer) - now and again there would be a Healers Bash (Intlombe), where the healers and their initiates would come to our house sing and dance to the drums the entire night or weekend yonke....
Whenever there is intlombe, neighbours and most people from our village would come without being invited and they would join this event. It was a free for all omdala nomncinci and I noticed how random people would just change while singing and clapping, some would.....
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Ityala aliboli, abakhe babonana bayophinda babonane futhi #StoryTime

The year was 1992 and I was with my dad in his White Chevrolet Commodore going to town. When we got to town, I am not really sure where we were going but this old man came in front of us, smiled with excitement
... he called out my dad's name "Edz yhooo Mkonqo Edz mfondin yhoo ntanga". My dad was a karateka/judoka okay. The next thing I saw were flying kicks gishiya-gishiya-gishiya iTayma ikhaba lotata umdala imbamba ngeWashing ikorobha ngaye fast wakhawuleza wabokoboko uTata wabantu..
Everyone was shocked in town, I was shocked as they were, then my dad said let's go sabuyela emotweni and we drove back home. I could see the old man was fuming with anger, we drove for a good 30km without him saying a word, but I had to break the silence I asked him "wenzeni..
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How big the MAHABHARATA War was?

"Akshauhini" was the unit by which the size of the Army was used to measure. Akshauhini Sena was also called Chaturangini Sena.
We all have heard that in Mahabharata Pandavas had 7 Akshauhini Sena and Kauravas had 11 Akshauhini Sena. Let’s understand this.

Akshauhini Sena is a combination of 4 parts:

Foot Soldiers
In Akshauhini Sena, the no of Elephants and Chariots is the same, Horses are 3 times Elephants/Chariots and soldiers are 5 times Elephants/Chariots.
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Cup of tea; time to kill. You know what that means; #Storytime.
There is a story the bees used to tell, which makes it hard to disbelieve. #Storytime
A woman was going to market. As always, she took her own carriage, adorned with her ancient family crest, and lined with scarlet cushions and curtains of matching velvet. #Storytime
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#StoryTime: Tomika dumped her side-dude and then he ruined her life. She warns,“Side-Dudes can become dangerous, emotional b-tches when you end things.”
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#Blog @BestSuperWoman shares her hilarious date from hell with Jamal. #thread #Detroit #storytime
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Krishna and Narakasura — A Diwali story
This happened in the Krita Yuga (Golden Age). Hiranyaksha, an asura, dived into the ocean. To rescue earth, Lord Vishnu assumed the form of a wild boar, Varaaha, and went after the asura.
Varaaha overpowered Hiranyaksha in the duel that he fought under the water, and restored earth to its original position in the universe. Varaaha achieved this magnificent feat with apparent ease, and the only sign of his exertion was a drop of sweat, which fell on the ground.
A fully grown young warrior arose from this drop of Lord Varaaha’s sweat. His name was Naraka. Bhoodevi or Mother Earth took a liking to this son of hers and asked Lord Varaaha that her son should become invincible.
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Sunday lunchtime; cup of tea. You know what that means, Twitter. #Storytime.
New followers, to explain; #storytime. In which I write a story from scratch, live and unprepared, on Twitter. And it always starts like this: "There is a story the bees used to tell, which makes it hard to disbelieve..."
An opera singer of great renown fell sick and died at the height of her fame. #Storytime
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The story of Akenya, the family cow.

Thread... Image
A long time ago in the village of Buchenya, there lived a man and his wife.

The man was called Omuchenya, from the abachenya clan while his wife was called Nabakolwe from the abakolwe clan.

They lived in a simple mud hut in their farm.

#StoryTime Image
They met in a traditional harvest ceremony where their love simmered like food boiling in an African pot.

Their families and clans approved of their marriage and gave them the green light to get married.

#StoryTime Image
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Gajendra Mokhsa - A Story to learn from the BHAGWAD PURAANA.
Bhagwad Puraana, tells about a beautiful Mountain called TRIKUTA. It had three peaks of Iron, Silver and Gold. It was massive at base and majestic at height.

On the foothills of TRIKUTA, lived a herd of Elephants under the strong leadership of Elephant King GAJENDRA.
He ruled the hills for many decades. He was so strong that when he walked he would sway his Trunk to destroy everything that came his way.

He enjoyed his strength so much that he was oblivious to the terror he struck in the hearts of other animals.
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I was at a theatre watching a film. Loved the film and we (me and elder bro) left in an auto. Aged Auto driver took us in and a ride of 11 kms and lots of learning began.
He started to ask us about the film. We told him about it. He told many things about Bengaluru and the Kannada Film craze here. However, conversation took a interesting turn, when I asked him his age.
Not to offend him, I called him Tatha (Grandpa). Because he was old and had white hair. His hands bore skin with many wrinkles of old age and years of life experience.

He said, one should not ask about age and one should not tell his age too.
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Today lets learn something about "Baherji Naik" (Head of Intelligence Department of Chattapati Shivaji Maharajs Army). In Marathi his department was called as "Guptaher Khaata", which loosely translates to Intelligence Department.
Bahirji Naik was a PILLAR of a strong intelligence network (possibly the best of that time) working for Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Around 3000 Soldiers (Mavlas) worked in this Intelligence unit and Bahirji Naik was head of all.
Without the contribution of this "Guptaher KHaata", the long standing dream of SWARAJYA would not have been achieved. Bahirji Naik, was the foundation of every war strategy prepared by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
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Once long ago there were three friends. They were very poor and lived and a very small village. The land in the village was infertile and there was no work to do. One day these friends decided to go to a big city and find some work there.
So, one early morning they packed their bags and left for the city. They had no money, so they decided to walk to the city. It was the month of May when the summer is at its peak in India.
By noon all their water and food were finished so they decided to take a short break and rest under the shadow of a tree in the nearby forest. They were hungry and thirsty but there was no food or water left.
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I cannot wrap my head around the sheer scale of anything TATA! We got access to the beta version of the TataNeu Super App. Anand & I have been waiting to buy a new TV for ages. Still running on one we picked up at Frys or BestBuy in Portland or something 12 yrs ago. #storytime
Full disclosure. I work with them professionally. But this is the frustrated 'am I ever going to care enough to buy a TV' customer tweeting. Downloaded the app, entered phone # What happened next was MAGIC. Something all of us read in data threads & inspiring keynotes everywhere
... but here it was, just like that, in an app

Chose the TV we wanted. It pulled up our rewards from our Taj stays, our Big Basket buys, our TataCliq purchases & boom ... close to 10K in discount instantly. We didn't do a damn thing. Just like that.
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Google — a money-losing business — until it borrowed and reimagined an idea from its biggest rival.

👇An interesting thread 🧵
2/ The idea that made Google the world’s greatest search engine was all Page & Brin.

But the idea that turned Google into the world’s greatest company wasn’t theirs originally.

It was borrowed, with some key changes from their biggest early rival
3/ In their seminal 1998 academic paper introducing the idea of Google, Page and Brin criticized advertising-funded search engines as

“inherently biased towards the advertisers and away from the needs of consumers.”
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Sigue estos pasos para ganarte $100 dólares en 1hora o menos siendo #junior #Dev #backend #AutomationAnywhere

#DevCommunity #programador #python #ruby
Pre-requisito (1vez)
1- Aprende lo básico de #python o cualquier lenguaje de #scripting
2- Crea un script (pequeño programa) que lea datos de varios archivos de excel (ej. enero, febrero, marzo)

3. Ofrece tu script por $100 dólares a contadores, y pequeños negocios, enfocándote en la cantidad de horas que vas a ahorrarles Ej. 20 horas cada mes
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Once in a formal meeting in heaven organized by Lord Indra; Rishi Durwasa was participating. Whilst everyone was engrossed and immersed in an intense brainstorming; Punjiksthali; a celestial nymph was unconsciously moving to-and-fro between the meeting.
Rishi Durvasa, renowned for his anger, warned her by asking her not to do so, however, Punjiksthali, simply ignored his request and continued with her movement, enraging the saint.
Durvasa cursed her, stating - "You have been acting like a monkey, hopping from here to there just like a mischievous monkey; better become one yourself."
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