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6 Jul
Have you considered Rebalancing your #portfolio?

Portfolio Rebalancing limits exposure to assets by maintaining a desired percentage allocation.

This can be done on the Asset level or Stock level

Why Rebalance?

1⃣Limits your over/under exposure to assets in your portfolio
2⃣Keeps you within your desired risk profile
3⃣Healthy part of portfolio management

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4 Jul
Do you tithe, what are your thoughts about it?🤔

A tithe is giving a 10th of your income to God...we see the 1st example as Abram giving a 10th to the priest Melchizedek. We also see references throughout the Old & New Testament about it.

Here are 10 things to consider...

1⃣ It's no longer about 10%

Tithing is no longer about a percentage but its about where you place money in your relationship with God. Jesus highlighted the widow who gave out of her poverty because it was about her heart vs how much she gave.
2⃣Prayerfully ask how much to give

Some give consistently 10% to their church, however, they neglect other ways they can give - to their family, to the needy, or as the Lord leads. Seek the Lord as to the right amount in each season.
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29 Jun
#StockstoWatch from GK Capital as at June 28, 2021

Here's how to interpret this watch list...

Source: files.constantcontact.com/6b59398d601/c5…
1⃣ Price - market price for the stock as at that date.

This information can also be seen on @jastockex website under market data here: jamstockex.com/market-data/ma…
2⃣ P/E - Price to Earnings Ratio. Shown as times.

Example $GHL.Ja is trading at 7.22X Price to Earnings. It's calculated by dividing Share Price by Earnings Per Share.

7.22X is considered low versus 33.90X for $DTL.Ja might be considered high (comparably). Context is important
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27 Jun
Mega Thread of #Scriptures we have shared previously.

The Bible has a lot to say about Saving, Investing, Debt, Wealth and Money Management.

Our hope by sharing is to encourage, inspire, motivate and bring clarity to some aspects of the word of God.

1⃣Self-control & Instant Gratification - Proverbs 21:17

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27 Jun
⚠️How well can you read Analyst Reports?⚠️

Here are some terms you are likely to see in the next stock or market overview from your broker.

1⃣ Buy, Sell, Hold

Buy - the security is likely to provide short term upside

Sell - the security is likely to see a short term correction or is seen as overvalued

Hold - the security is likely to either move sideways in price or not move much from current price
2⃣ Overvalued/Undervalued

Overvalued - the current market price is seen is higher than the broker's calculated intrinsic value of the security.

Undervalued - the current market price is seen as lower than the calculated intrinsic value.

Note: this usually differs per broker
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27 Jun
Do you have multiple streams of income? 🤔

Having multiple streams of income is one of the known keys to Financial Freedom. We see this also in #scripture

Ecclesiastes 11:6 🧵

1⃣In the morning sow your seed...

It's important to work and work well. Do your work as unto the Lord according to Colossians 3:23. Once you receive this income, you should sow into...

✅Savings & Emergency Fund
✅Investments (Diversify)
✅Charitable giving

2⃣ And at evening withhold not your hand...

While your 9-5 income covers your basic needs and wants, it's usually not enough to build wealth. You should not withhold the inspiration to...

✅Start a company
✅Invest in a startup
✅Earn passive income

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25 Jun
🚨 Weekly Quiz 🚨

This weeks quiz we will look at the information covered in last night's meeting:

See how many you get correct out of 5
1⃣ True or False ?

Fundamental Analysis looks at Price movement of a Stock to make decisions.
2⃣ Which Financial Statement shows the sources and uses of Cash by the company?
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25 Jun
✅How to Pick Great Stocks✅

We started a 4 part series on our YouTube channel showing how to identify great stocks for your portfolio.

Here is a recap of the session...

✅ Start with Fundamental Analysis

This is the use of Financial Statements, Economic Reports and Forecasts to evaluate a stock's potential. The goal is to examine the key drivers of a company's current and future business activities.

✅ Review the Financial Statements (Quantitative Analysis)

Look at the measurable characteristics of a company. The main sources are the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement

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17 Jun
🚨Highlights from the Session with @simplifyingfin over on IG🚨

Title: Before You Invest

1. Have a Spending Plan (Budget)

This provides room to invest consistently. Without getting a handle on spending you won't be able to invest as much as you need to achieve your investment goals.

2. Build Your Emergency Fund

Save enough to cover unplanned or emergency expenses. This will prevent you from selling Investments too early to cover unplanned expenses.

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26 May
🚨 Investing in Stocks For Beginners 🚨

This thread is for absolute beginners who want to invest using the Jamaica Stock Exchange - @jastockex

It's an overview of the process, what is needed and where to look for information.

What is a Stock?

A stock represents fractional ownership of a publicly listed company. A company will issue a stock to raise Capital to fund its operations, purchase equipment or any other objective.

The first time a company lists is called an Initial Public Offering - IPO

How do you make money from the Stock Market?

Two main ways:

1⃣ Capital Appreciation - you purchase stocks and resell at a profit.

2⃣ Dividends - some companies pay out dividends from their profits. This varies per company and isn't guaranteed.

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24 May
Thanks to those who joined @guruintraining_ @Trev_iBeMe and myself for the session.

We covered the following:

1. What is investing?
2. What are assets and how to identify them?
3. Investment terms you should know
4. How to get started with investing in the stock market.
I shared the @BaritaLimited Roadmap tool at Barita.com/roadmap for determining your investor profile and preferences.

It provides a report thats emailed to you with the identified investor profile (which can change over time).

Use as a guide, not as absolute.
Next we covered the following terms

1. Risk vs Reward
2. Unrealized Gains/Losses
3. Exposure
4. Time Horizon
5. Stock/Share
6. Fair Value, Undervalued, Overvalued
7. Bulls/Bears
8. Volume/Index
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23 May
What are some of the ways you can use debt to invest?

Is it a good idea to use debt to invest?

What are some of the considerations to have when using debt?

Let's look at some of the answers to these questions from our last meeting with @anandchokkavelu from @themotleyfool

Let's start by defining margin...

Margin is the money borrowed from a broker to purchase an investment. This is usually a $ of your overall portfolio and your existing securities are used as collateral for the loan/margin.

The use of margin can amplify gains, however, it can also amplify losses.

@anandchokkavelu shares the perspective that many do not consider enough the disadvantages to margin in considering the risk of their portfolio going in the opposite direction when using margin.

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14 May
What is Common Sense Investing according to @NickGreenr?

Quite simply its doing the obvious, follow these simple steps below to get out of your own way as an Investor

Tip #1 - Follow Your Curiosity

Read the Annual Reports, News and any information about companies in the industries you're familiar with. It starts with being curious about the companies and NOT the stock prices. Ignore the NOISE...

Tip #2 - Educate Yourself

Spend time to learn the language of Investing. Accounting terms, Financial Statements, Ratios, etc. are all worth getting to know so you can interpret what others say about the companies you're interested in. Being educated means better decisions

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13 May
🎊🎊 CONGRATSSSS to all our winners 🎊🎊

Listen and look out for us to contact you!

Thank you all for your participation and for celebrating with us for our 1-year YouTube Anniversary 🎉🎉.

May these prizes truly bless you! @ShaunaKayeCamp1
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1 May
💰Savings and Debt Management - Tips 💰

Here are some tips to help you take control of your finances, increase savings and manage debt

These tips may not work for every situation, however, can be adapted to suit each persons needs


Tip #1 - Start a Budget

You probably guessed this first one. It's obvious, it works but many are not sure how to start and how to remain consistent. A budget doesn't mean you are perfect with your spending...it means you consistent track and measure where your money goes


If you spend more than budgeted, think about why it happened and try to put measures in place to stop the habit or mitigate against the decision for the next month.

Also, look for patterns of spending that represent opportunities for savings.

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28 Apr
🚨 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid In the Stock Market 🚨

Experience is no doubt the greatest teacher, however, there are some mistakes you want to be aware of as a new investor.

Watch out for the following mistakes and tell us if you have made any of them...


Mistake #1 - Not Understanding What You're Buying

A #stock represents part ownership of a listed company. When you own it you should treat it as you would a business that you're now a shareholder. This means you should manage your portfolio as a list of companies you own

Mistake #2 - Not Doing Any/Enough Research

Imagine being successful in the Stock Market and not knowing why. Sounds weird? This happens to a lot of new investors who BUY because someone else told them to BUY or they inferred from a post on social media

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