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The #WE scandal surrounding Cnd. PM Justin Trudeau (& Finance Minister Bill Morneau) broke at the end of June. June 26 2020: "Trudeau accused of cronyism over giving #WE Charity a contract to run $912-million student #volunteer program".…
"#WE Day events for young people [] frequently feature Mr. Trudeau & his wife, Sophie Grégoire #Trudeau, as #keynote speakers. Ms. Grégoire Trudeau is a volunteer "#ambassador and ally” of the WE Well-being initiative."

Grégoire Trudeau's daughter, Ella-Grace, & her mother-in-law, Margaret #Trudeau – spoke at an indoor WE Day event in March 2020, attended by 13,000 people. Margaret Trudeau received $250k for 28 event appearances (since 2016) from sister co. #MetoWe.

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#China stocks roar on, with #CSI300 up ~20% in little more than a week as (official) #margin debt climbs Y150bln to touch Y1.3 trillion - levels only seen in the peak months of 2015's madness.
Worth noting a rejection here could mean the Jan'19 formation is complete.
As the money floods into #China #equities, #bonds bear the brunt. Wealth Managers are the MOMO traders de jour "Our company's mixed products can have 60% allocations to #stock, but now we're at 70-80%. This is a normal phenomenon [sic]," said one.

This latest burst has also spared #CNY the ignominy of setting a new 12-year high above 7.18, instead pushing it briefly back through the talismanic 7.00 parity. Ergo, either locals are repatriating to get in on the action or Johnny Foreigner is being sucked into the move.
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Q&A #Thread 22

#CYIENT #Stock #Investment #Analysis

Q->Don't worry Hold #CYIENT it's Gem !! Its a clean company !! It will be a Multibagger !!

Me->I am not sure about Future Multibagger just presenting some facts & findings

Stock Return under-performed Sensex & Peers in last 1, 3, 5 & 10Yr

Stock Price CAGR
10 Years:3.93%
5 Years:-13.78%
3 Years:-18.57%
1 Year:-49.18%

Poor Stock Return despite good ratios ?

Sales Growth 10yr ~ Profit Growth 10yr
Sales growth 5Yr > Profit growth 5yr
Sales growth 3Yr > Profit growth 3yr

I doubt companies where Sales growth is higher than Profit growth over longer periods.

Let's quickly glance at some other data of #Cyient .

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Despite the fact that over 70% of the financial spread betting traders lose money, it is still a popular form of trading for retail traders.
In this thread, there are a few tips to become a bit more successful spread bettor.…
#spreadbetting #trading212 Image
Importance of discipline. Whenever you trade you need to make sure you follow your strategies and stick to your trading plan. Too after short term positions become long term, in the hope the financial market will move in the way you hope it will.
#market #strategy
Keep leverage under control and don't over leverage. Recent ESMA margin requirement changes made it much more difficult to over leverage but it's still possible. Ideally, you shouldn't put more than 1%-2% of capital at risk per trade.
#Leverage #trading #margin
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DM Queries Thread No. 9!

#TastyBite - Popular Request!

#LongThread #Stock #SmallCap

Sharing my Personal Experience,data collected from Annual Reports,Ambit & other free sources available on internet.

Not a Recommendation! Just my analysis & facts for Educational Purpose.
1n #TastyBite - Popular Request! <br />
<br />
#LongThread #Stock #IndianStock #SmallCap<br />
<br />
Sharing my Personal Experience, data collected from Annual Reports, Ambit & other free sources available on internet.<br />
<br />
Not a Recommendation! Just my analysis & facts for Educational Purpose.<br />
4-5 yrs ago, I smelled aroma of daal-makhani at office, my American colleague was having Madras Lentils, I was little surprised. He introduced me to Tasty Bite. His family/kids love them for its mild taste & creamy texture. 60sec microwave in a BPA free pouch(convenience)
An Indian Colleague (next to him) had his cupboard full of them. He is strict vegetarian & holds a high position at Temple. He even doesn’t buy milk with fish oil (most of milk in US is fortified with fish oil for Omega-3 & DHA). He talked with me in length about Tasty Bite.
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ITC segment wise performance during last 9 years.

@dmuthuk @Vivek_Investor

#ITC #stock #investing
#cigaratte #fmcgislife
(Note : fy18 & fy19 cigarette revenue is not comparable due to change in accounting standards)
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If Stock Trading is your Business, Leverage is Funding.
#stock #trading #funding #leverage #Nifty
Leverage is like Living on a High Debt in Business.
If one cannot service Debt with High Income, one should not opt for high Leverage from a Broker.
Why blame the broker for offering high Leverage.
It's their business to earn more brokerage.
Let us manage ours.
Leverage is Essential. Learn to Live with High Leverage.
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Dear Followers,

Track intraday (16 April 2020 & Expiry Day) stock's update in reply!! Intraday price movement highly dynamic so you can trade according to your plan.

T&C apply

Educational Purpose Only

New Chart-

#Mindtree trading near resistance 785 level and now if stock able to hold this level we can see upside towards 800-815 levels.

New Chart-

#M_MFIN 15Min chart trading near 166.00 resistance levels if stock close above this we can see upside towards 170-173 levels with the help of 162.00 support level.

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1. In the German news they now claim that a "global government" response may be needed to fight the #COVID19-crisis.
Of course the #NWO-pushers are pushing for a World Government. They always have & the #UN, the #IMF. EU-Brussels and many more will do so too!
2. That a more centralized response brings little can be seen with:
- The UN & #WHO: They failed to alert the world to a new Killer-Virus! The WHO was alerted to #COVID19 back in December 2019!
The UN was still playing the virus down end January 2020!
#Covid_19 #GlobalGovernment
3. A more centralized response brings little:
- The #EU under #VonDerLeyen has failed completely in the #COVID19-crisis. They rather push more mass-#migration (which will help spread the virus) & Von der Leyen cries that she can't push her new #GreenDeal harder!
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#ITM Vs #OTM #Options Which to #BUY?

When selecting the right #option to #buy, a #trader has several choices to make. One is whether to purchase an in-the-money (ITM) or out-of-the-money (OTM) option.
While the goal for "#vanilla" #buyers is to have the option be in the money at expiration, the selected option depends on the amount the trader wants to spend and their risk tolerance, as well as their specific expectations for the underlying stock.

Before delving into the pros and cons of each, let's look at what it means to be itm or otm.
A #call is ITM when the underlying stock is trading above the strike price.
Conversely it is OTM when the underlying stock is trading below the strike price
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Analysis: #NYSE $SBGL

Case 51 #Sibanye Gold Ltd ADR

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#SBGL 1/5
Sibanye Gold got hammered in 2016 and turned bearish but 2019 has seen this #stock climb steadily.

SBGL 2/5
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: Price failed to close below the monthly Fib. 0.942 but had been underpinned by the SMA 20 for the last 2 years. But by Feb. 2019 price managed to close above both pivot resistance and SMA 20. Currently trades just below the synthetic resistance.

SBGL 3/5
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Analysis: #NASDAQ: #AMD

Case 38 #AdvancedMicroDevices Inc

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

AMD 1/6
The 18 year #trendline was finally broken in Sept. 2018 but trades far below the highs of 2000 (48.50) and 2006 (42.70). The #stock is very volatile and swings wildly - trading AMD is not for everyone and caution should be applied.

AMD 2/6
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: The break of the falling trendline (red) can be seen clearly - it was only cleared in the summer of 2019. Resistance at 38.48/62 is very tough to break and selling pressure will be seen there. ....

AMD 3/6
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Analysis: #NYSE: #RIG

Case 27 #Transocean Ltd

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

RIG 1/7
This #stock has little to no prospects and keeps recording new lows as the years go buy. It remains under heavy selling pressure on any attempts higher.

RIG 2/7
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: The #SMA 55 has underpinned this stock since 2008 and a monthly close above has never been seen. Other firm resistances: Pivot, TL pivots and #trendline.

RIG 3/7
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Analysis: #NYSE #RTN

Case 8 #RaytheonCompany

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to place trades.

Please do your own research!

Thread 👇👇👇

This #stock has been trading in a wide range of approximately $60 and then a #breakout happened in 2014 and since then the stock has gone #parabolic reaching it's all time peak at $229.75 in April 2018. Thereafter a low of $144.27 traded.

#Raytheon is a strong buy.

Chart 1
Monthly: The monthly pivots on a closing basis. #Trendline pivot support and resistance has also been added.

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#Analysis: #NASDAQ: #ENDP

Thread 👇👇👇
Case #2. Analysis #Endo International PLC (ENDP)

This company has had a very good 15 years but the last 4 years have proved miserable for buyers. The charts say it all - in 2019 we've seen all new time lows and the future does not look bright. ENDP shares the same fate as ...
... other #opioid companies. I personally wouldn't touch this stock unless it broke the upside substantially. Healthcare stocks have been performing badly for most of 2019 - there are much more attractive stocks in other sectors. ...
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No.4360: GE's CEO Larry Culp's CNBC Interview & Subsequent Stock Sell-off • #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #LarryCulp #CEO #GE #GeneralElectric #CrisisManagement #Stock #MediaTraining #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert
1/ On Monday 12 November 2018, GE's CEO, Larry Culp gave an interview on CNBC. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of that exchange and some recommendations and ideas I would propose if he were one of my private clients.
2/ In a business setting, with rare exception, a man should always wear a navy or black suit. Even light grey suits should be avoided, let alone plaid, or beige. Only navy and black suits command the highest authority, rapport, and influence.
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