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We’re your secure gateway to the Web3 world. Check out the Nano S Plus and Nano X in COLOR – link in bio! Support: @Ledger_Support
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Jul 22 7 tweets 6 min read
Today is the day - we are announcing the winners for spots on [ Ledger ] Market Genesis Pass mint allowlist!

Go to premint.xyz/ledger-market/ and check if you are in!

The mint starts at 6pm CET on July 25th, and lasts for 24 hours.

More 👇 The demand for the Genesis Pass has been overwhelming with over 150,000 sign-ups via market.ledger.com for the 10,000 Genesis Pass mint allowlist.

The allowlist is randomly selected from the list of addresses that registered on premint.xyz/ledger-market.
Jul 21 5 tweets 2 min read
Following a series of actions to support creators & collectors, Ledger is thrilled to announce the creation of a key Initiative to support the NFT ecosystem.

For a quick recap - unfurl 👇 This initiative takes a three-pronged approach:

- An NFT art collection curating the world’s most talented artists
- A non-profit NFT endowment fund to support creators
- An NFT Task Force to safeguard true ownership and maintains security at the core of the NFT movement.
Jul 20 9 tweets 5 min read
Starting soon with @SnearK6 and @carraresi! Tune in here! "We're right in front of Notre Dame and 5 mins walk to the EthCC venue. We have workshops going and have a cocktail with the team at 6pm today as well!" -@carraresi
Jul 20 5 tweets 2 min read
Exciting news - the #LedgerNanoX will soon be compatible with @MetaMask’s mobile app! 🦊

Soon, you’ll be able to import your Ledger-secured accounts into MetaMask mobile - meaning you'll have convenience and security from self-custody!

Read more: bit.ly/3ocaMVq Image We started collaborating with @MetaMask back in 2018. In 2021, we realized there was an issue with an update in Chromium-based browsers, making it difficult to connect Ledger Nanos with MetaMask wallets. We used YOUR feedback to fix the issue on both sides.
Jul 13 18 tweets 8 min read
We’re LIVE with our VP Metaverse @Sebadault and VP NFT @boomcast to introduce you to the [ Ledger ] Market - tune in here: "We've observed that NFT projects launched have these massive issues - insecure smart contract, blind signing and phishing. [ Ledger ] Market is designed to combat these issues." -@Boomcat
Jul 13 7 tweets 6 min read
Entries are in for our #LedgerVerse NPC Competition with @TheSandboxGame , and it's time for you to VOTE!

To vote, simply LIKE the entry you like most, the 3 designs with the most likes will join our #LedgerVerse as NPCs and receive a @TheSandboxGame Nano X.

Voting starts NOW! Entry #1:

@0xhimawari -
Jul 12 19 tweets 8 min read
And we're LIVE with @P3b7_ and @zooko discussing our Freedom by Design initiative! "People are not completely aware of the data that is collected and shared - that's why awareness is important in this area." -@P3b7_
Jul 11 4 tweets 2 min read
Resetting this week’s ₿itcoin Hour with @danheld, we’re chatting with @iancr and @APompliano about what's been going on and the importance of self-custody.

Starting now!

twitter.com/i/spaces/1nAJE… “The past is about the early adopters. The future of this industry is all about the mainstream as they come into it, and they're going to flow to wherever user experience is the friendliest and least filled with friction when navigating self-custody” - @APompliano
Jul 11 4 tweets 3 min read
It's time for your weekly #crypto scoop! Subscribe to our newsletter here: bit.ly/3OZ9vwN

First up - last week, Bitcoin had its biggest weekly gain since October, rising more than 13% over the week. Image .@ShibainuCoin announced plans to launch a stablecoin. Image
Apr 7 23 tweets 8 min read
And we are going LIVE at the Deep @TheBitcoinConf Miami! @P3b7_ - "The only way to be sure to ensure security is to hack it - so @DonjonLedger attacks our security solutions day in and out. Security is a cat and mouse game - so we are trying to stay ahead."
Apr 7 25 tweets 11 min read
Aaaannnnd we are LIVE here with @_pgauthier @TheGuySwann @Breedlove22 @parkeralewis @MattBarkley @TheBitcoinConf @_pgauthier - "We make ownership easy - we go from owning nothing to being able to own something. You can create your digital self and secure it - a ledger helps you with it."
Apr 6 6 tweets 4 min read
We're Live!

Join us now to learn all about crypto and taxes with our Global Head of Policy @SethHertlein & @ZenLedgerIO 's CEO @PatrickLarsen! "In the US, crypto is taxed as property, so what that means is that in most cases, crypto gains will be taxed as capital gains. Once you sell your assets, that is when you will have pay tax on it" @SethHertlein
Apr 5 6 tweets 4 min read
We've had an amazing time here at @NFCsummit!

Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end.

Our VP of #Metaverse & #Web3, @sebadault is about to wrap things up here in Lisbon with his closing keynote!

Follow along 👇 Image “We’re really building a whole new infrastructure together and I think that’s really something to celebrate!” - @sebadault Image
Apr 5 9 tweets 7 min read
Let's talk about #NFT security with some amazing NFT artists - @jmpailhon, @TheRealMorrow, @Lelapinmignon & @emmavolou_!

Hosted by @Mo_RELS, the panel is starting now - stay tuned for our live coverage! Image "Thanks to #blockchain technology, for the first time in history digital ownership is a possibility. And that changes everything. But with big freedom comes big responsibility. ..last year alone, #crypto scammers stole over 14 BILLION dollars worth of digital assets" - @Mo_RELS
Apr 5 11 tweets 8 min read
Join @Mo_RELS and @G4sp4rD in just a few here at @NFCsummit to learn how NOT to get rekt in #NFT land!

Follow along below as we live-tweet their talk! 👇 Image "The whole idea is that now, you're becoming your own bank. What we usually say is that with big freedom comes big responsibility. The problem today is...lack of education for how to properly secure your assets" - @Mo_RELS. Image
Apr 4 14 tweets 9 min read
Starting now @NFCsummit - @TheRealMorrow and @batisthas are going to teach us all about security and #Web3 wallets!

Follow along as we live tweet their presentation👇 "Do you truly own the money you have in the bank? Ask yourself - can you withdraw 10k at once from an ATM? Or can you make a transfer to a friend at 2am on Christmas Day?" - @batisthas

The answer, of course, is no.
Apr 4 6 tweets 5 min read
Our CXO @iancr is about to take the stage @NFCsummit for the opening keynote!

He'll be kickstarting the conference, and making some exciting announcements - you won't want to miss it!

Follow along in @TheNemesis_io #Metaverse: game.thenemesis.io/worlds/?game=M… Image "This is an exciting moment to be alive because we have this new invention - digital scarcity. This is about more than a digital version of art...this is about having digital versions of all scarce goods." Image
Jan 15 5 tweets 3 min read
At the crossroads of cutting-edge virtual technology & the eternal iconography of @Fendi style, a debut collection of tech accessories designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi (1/5) This represents an aesthetic first: applying elevated @Fendi craftsmanship to a unique case designed exclusively for the most secure digital wallet in the world. #FendixLedger (2/5)
Dec 9, 2021 4 tweets 4 min read
gm #NFT world 👀 You heard it at #LedgerOp3n first: NFTs will soon be live on Ledger, meaning you can soon visualize, secure & send NFTs on your ETH accounts on #LedgerLive.

There's more – read on to see what else we have up our sleeve.

More here: bit.ly/3DHTWD4 (1/4) Probably nothing... but you'll be able to access the @rarible #NFT marketplace through the Discover section of the #LedgerLiveApp – so you can shop for, view, & store your NFTs directly using Ledger.

Learn more here: bit.ly/3DHTWD4 (2/4)
Dec 9, 2021 40 tweets 33 min read
#LedgerOp3n is live! Catch our incredible developers and innovators from the #Web3 world live here all day long. twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1… Hello world!
Hold tight – #LedgerOp3n will go live in 15-30mins.
Get ready for #Web3 takeoff ✈️
Jan 26, 2021 9 tweets 5 min read
Ledger hardware wallets combined with Ledger Live are designed to be your all-in-one crypto solution.

That’s why we’re presenting all of their features to you, one by one.

Go on, unfurl this thread! (1/9) FULL, SECURE OWNERSHIP —

Ledger Live, together with your Ledger hardware wallet, gives you complete control over your crypto assets.

You can keep Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and more than 1500 tokens safe.

Learn more: bit.ly/3oeL3cw (2/9)