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7 Apr 19
Dear parents , when you send your kids ABROAD to study , please check up on them and find out EXACTLY what they are doing , who they are relating with , demand to see transcripts , fee receipts e.t.c and be in constant contact with the institution / teachers . Here is why #Thread
Today , a mother to one of my Ugandan friends who studies around here called me . She was in so much pain , she cried on the phone for hours , she told me she hasn't eaten for days because she has not been in contact with her son.
Her son came here to do Political Science 3 years ago and is supposed to graduate this month . She almost fainted when I revealed to her that her son hasn't been seen anywhere near class for the last 2 years . He ONLY did 1st year of campus . She cried so bitterly , she wept .
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