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Severe autism is not a real concept. What people tend to think is severely #autistic tends to be co-existing disabilities that doctors assume is autism-related, but in reality are not. What people consider to be 'severely autistic' also tends to be discriminatory. Same goes for functioning labels. There's multiple criteria for high/low functioning that contradict other criteria. They also have nothing to do with functioning. Example: One definition has to do with ability to speak, others have to do with if you have a job or need a schedule
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Since #autistic is trending, here's some information for anyone suspecting they're autistic:

- Self DX is valid and supported by many PhD researchers and universities
- The DSM autism criteria is inaccurate and rejected by many PhD scientists - Most accurate information on autism comes from autistic people, including organizations like @NeuroClastic and @autselfadvocacy
- Most mainstream autism research comes from non-autistic people who spread stereotypes as 'accurate' research (ex: autists lack empathy)