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We can shift darkness into light, creating growth, wisdom and novelty by directing our loving attention to the darkest parts of ourselves!
8 Apr
Once we actually are ready to let go of our twin flame and are a hundred percent content alone, the doors are opened to it actually manifesting the union physically.

The twin flame dynamic has a major purpose:
Learn to unconditionally surrender to a higher plan while being in unconditional self-love and total autonomy. Everything that happens, happens to catapult us into higher states of consciousness.
There is A LOT of misinformation about twin flames, it is utterly ridiculous sometimes. People are projecting their neurotic desires onto their perceived twin flame and constantly cry about it on the internet. Other people think a tf relationship is like heaven on Earth.
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4 Apr
Why spiritual awakening is like a marathon

Spiritual awakening and the rise of consciousness are akin to running a marathon, there is a lot of help at the sidelines if we notice it and we can actually choose which path we walk instead of following the herd.

During a shamanic session, I got a vision: We have a lot of help in the higher realms if we accept it. Like in a marathon, angels are standing at the sidelines, always available to help and give us food, drinks and support – but if we ignore them, they can’t help us.
That is the problem, the average human being is so far away from their divinity, so disconnected, that they only follow the herd. To make matters worse, the herd is easily misled by a few negative entities, those who controlled the planet for thousands of years.
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3 Apr
Calling in a team of inter-galactic special forces

"During a shamanic session, I went back to a past-life incarnation in Middle Age Germany where I resolved massive trauma and received visions into our mission on Earth."

Recently I was triggered by something the project leader said, which I perceived as a manipulative, narrow-minded attempt to force his mental constructs onto me. My body perceived it as “suffocating”, like strangling myself, unable to breathe and act.
Together with the shaman, I went into a deep meditation and I felt a rope around my neck! I was somewhere in medieval Europe and I was being hung in front of a cheering crowd - damn, that is a tough thing to remember!
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2 Apr
My ascent through the valley of death

"I met another partner from my past incarnation to replay a series of dramatic events of our neurotic love story, which led to a cascading reaction causing massive death and suffering."

In a past incarnation in Middle Age Germany, I was put at the pillory and later executed publicly, for betraying my partner, Maria, with another lady and for getting into worldly political struggles where I made too many enemies.

See in detail:…
I am currently living and working in this community in rural South America, where many Europeans are emigrating too to escape the perils and struggles at home.
Recently, I noticed one lady working in the office here who stood out from the average South American employees.
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5 Mar
Romantic infatuation is one of the greatest addictions we have fallen for ♥️

Like other addictions it masks underlying negative emotions and traumas by acting as intense distraction 💉
It never lasts forever and once it fades away we fall into co-dependent neurotic relationships that are so common today.

The key is to really face and embrace our internal emotions and heal ourselves by letting old traumas flow out 🕊️
It's very uncomfortable to face our emotional traumas but it's the only way to break old karmic cycles and to move onto new paths, freely and in unconditional self love.

Only then we'll be able to have truly divine relationships ♥️💚
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10 Jan
A storm of epic proportions will jolt humanity awake

What is happening right now in US politics is to create the greatest discomfort for the largest number of people to facilitate the most drastic form of individual change.…
With the unprecedented events in US politics, many people have never felt more uncertainty.

The goal of this post is to provide you with a higher perspective in an energetic context and give you some tools to weather this storm, maintaining a sense of inner calm and peace.
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2 Jan
How to move towards unconditional self-love and divine relationships

In the last thread, we investigated the distinction between Neurotic Love (or Matrix Love) and Unconditional Love (Divine Love).

Now that our mind knows the difference, the question is: How can we actually implement the highest form of love in our lives?
Well, I personally did not really internalize this distinction yet so the universe kicked me in the face: The lady I am interested in got back together with her ex-boyfriend and did not step into my life as I expected. I felt devastated and confused.

What is the lesson here?
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26 Dec 20
What is love?

"A mysterious series of events forced me to question all that I’ve been taught and to ask the fundamental question: What is love?"

A THREAD A mysterious series of events forced me to question all that
In mid 2020, a young lady was thrown into my life and when I least expected it, I fell in love head over heals just to have my heart broken and reassembled anew. She acted as a mirror to my deepest fears and unloved parts of myself.
It eventually hit me that all of this pain and suffering I went through was to TEACH me lessons about unconditional love!

It hit me like a ton of bricks, the energy felt crazy once I came to this realization.
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25 Dec 20
How to break old cycles and access our divine sovereignty

A THREAD To break those old negative cycles humanity has been trapped
To break those old negative cycles humanity has been trapped in for eternities, we heal and ground ourselves to become as solid as a rock, breaking all incoming waves and moving onto new paths of sovereignty and grace.
Humanity has been inside a narrow infinite loop of pain, trauma, hurt, unconsciousness and dependency which has been repeating over and over again, like a broken record constantly replaying the same dull 8 seconds of a song.
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28 Oct 18
1) Just returned from the @davidicke event in Wroclaw / Poland. It was a very detailed and well-delivered talk about the #deepstate #cabal that enslaves humanity, how they are doing it, who is behind it and what we can do about it.
2) David did an excellent job mapping out the #cabal and their "web of control" - with hidden entities in the center and several layers around it, ie hidden organisations (e.g. Freemasons), organisations (eg council of foreign relations) and more public figures (politicians etc).
3) Their control of humanity relies on the psychological manipulation of perception, that is both very narrow (ie "postage stamp consensus") and turned upside down (ie inversion of reality). Thus, we live in a perceptual prison, like the matrix, which most don't even realize.
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