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How do you capture a very dangerous animal?

Do you attack it from the front?
Do you walk through the front door?
Do you signal ahead of time you will be attacking?

@realDonaldTrump #DrainTheSwamp…
How do you distinguish between good and bad?

Who do you trust to keep secrets?
[#FBIcorruption] [#OperationMockingbird]

How do you prevent leaks?
ISOLATE the information

Who do you trust to complete the mission?
@thejointstaff @NSAGov @USMC
Why is Adm Mike Rogers so important?
17th director of @NSAGov? [@POTUS44]


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1/ Let us know when you realize that #TheStorm and is about to take place here on #America soil & the political landscape will be forever changed by @realDonaldTrump

#TheStormIsHere #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon #MAGA #Trump #DrainTheSwamp

2/ Let us know when you realize that the #USMilitary asked @realDonaldTrump to run for #President in 2014 to protect your country & your #Freedoms.

#QAnon #GreatAwakening #MAGA #Trump #DrainTheSwamp…
3/ Let us know when you realize that #DonaldTrump is playing #4DChess to eradicate the #DeepState & their co-conspirators. #TheStorm, #QAnon & #TheGreatAwakening will become known as the greatest military op of all time.

#Trump #DrainTheSwamp - #MAGA

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1) #Polls want you to believe they are the #truth They are NOT.
This crazy circus around #Kavanaugh is Premeditated by the #MockingbirdMedia(ALL), the #DeepState & the spineless #RINOs. *A #KavanaughConfirmation
means a real #Doomsday to the #Leftists "Dems" & THEY KNOW IT!
2) 🌟Tomorrow🌟, #Patriots🇺🇸, I am pleading you to PLEASE ☎️CALL YOUR SENATORS!☎️ Tell them (politely) that you want them to ▶️#ConfirmKavanaugh!◀️
🔥☎️(202) 224-3121☎️🔥
🔥☎️(202) 224-3121☎️🔥

🌟Please RT!✔
#MAGA 🇺🇸
3) 🌟Helpful links to your Senator's DC OFFICES!🌟
#ISupportKavanaugh👍🏻 #KavanaughForSCOTUS🇺🇸
▶️Find your Snator Fast!…
▶️Link to Judiciary Cmte…
▶️Extensions to Senators' offices:
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THINGS FOR WHICH I DID NOT CONSENT... Being fed GMO, fluoride, fungicide, pesticide, herbicide, insecticide, sprayed w/ micronized metals, etc.

Along w/ 6 billion others, I have a STRONG case for "injury outside of contract," known as a TORT. I've been injured. Anyone else?
2) Whoa! This tweet took off a bit... Couple thoughts.

- It was meant to express what I MIGHT do.
- #TheStorm may change the entire legal playing field
- We don't want to sue the same entity that sets of free from the #DeepState
- There is a viable class action here

... contd.
3) But the outcome from this whole #Qanon thing may bring the following remedy:

- Criminal, Civil, Commercial remedies
- If a NESARA type event occurs, total remedy is built-in (not certain)
- Current (similar) class actions already underway
- Patience
- Due diligence

... contd
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1/ #QAnon

Ask WHY did #QAnon make more and more visible appearances at rallies for #POTUS...culminating with #Trump pointing directly to the #Q cutout on the July 31st rally...only to virtually disappear at subsequent #Trump rallies?

2/ What happened within 24 hours of #Q making such a visible appearance, on national TV (at least #FoxNews) at the July 31 rally?

The #LyingSycophantMedia responded in force, LIKE CLOCKWORK, w/a massive, coordinated assault, as if the #LSM had all read the same 4 am narrative.
3/ To give a sense of how much our #MockingBirdMedia is controlled and coordinated, look at this...all the stories, and all the same, posted within 24 hours of #Q being prominently shown at a #TrumpRally.

Q predicted the #MSM push to come the next day:…
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1/ Ask WHY.

#Q: WHY are they (left/cabal) so opposed to #JudgeKavanaugh?

Most will focus on his being viewed as a conservative, opposed to abortion, threat to Roe v. Wade.

Real answer is much deeper and more meaningful.

Kavanaugh is an existential threat to the #DeepState...
2/ Supreme Court is currently split 4-4. THIS is the most important justice to be appointed in generations. #JudgeKennedy was forced out b/c he was controlled in matters that I am outlining below:

We are on the verge of a true takedown of the #DeepState, which involves #Treason.
3/ Most did not notice, but the MOST IMPORTANT questions asked of #JudgeKavanaugh
...seemed out of the blue
...are never asked
...were asked by LindsayGraham.

Use my link and not #Q's (now blocked - surprise):

The questions involved #MilitaryTribunals.
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#Hussein #HRC #Brennan #Clapper #FVEYS #Spygate #FISA #QAnon #DECLAS #BQQM! 💥💥💥

Ask yourself, how would 'FOREIGN' Allies' KNOW what is within a US TOP SECRET FISA warrant?
Ask yourself, why are [2] 'KEY' Allies' VERY CONCERNED re: DECLAS & RELEASE?
#QAnon💥 #FISA #Spygate #TheGreatAwakening #TheWorldWillKnow #AnonsKnew #Coincedence?

Important graphic.
How do you catch a FISH?
Imagine the information being shared NOW out of FEAR.
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Sorry, i have been offline.

I was Doxed here. I don't care.

I hate Socialists/Communists.

Bastards want to ruin Business for me.

I might need go fund me or something in future.

Legal Fees. We will see.

I get where you at General Flynn.

Australia is Socialist.
I am going to tell you my real name soon.

I am sick of hiding behind a screen name.

Screw this.

Then I am going to set up a stream from YouTube and you can see me and I will talk to you.

I am over this crap.

#DeepState Lets Dance.
See this? I am A Fruit Loop

In my country means a nut case.

So that's what I am here for my Tweets.
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Nellie Ohr, the wife of Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, is refusing to appear before Congress for a closed-door hearing that was scheduled to take place this Friday, sources tell The Daily Caller News Foundation.

James Baker & Nellie Ohr are not cooperating. They are scheduled for 3 committee mtgs.

Rats are scurrying. #DeepStateInAPanic
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1 #QAnon Over 10,000. Why are human trafficking arrests SURGING?
Nothing to See Here.
2. #QAnon Over 50,000 sealed indictments now across the US. Is it a coincidence that this huge increase in sealed indictments began when Huber started?…
3. #QAnon AG Sessions must sign off on each removal of the many FBI & DOJ senior officials being FIRED and/or REMOVED from their respective positions of power. DOJ in charge of FBI. #Q
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1.The Deep State Shines a Light, on themselves! Analysis of Project Vertitas' Video and exact statements Proving Precisely Who they are and What they do! #ProjectVeritas #DeepState
We start with this one, mainly due to the look on his face which Says it all While he is speaking
2. The Deep state according to Project Veritas and how they (the Deep State by their own words) Verify Exactly what they do and How they do it!

“ A vast administrative Bureaucracy, what some have called a extra legal state within a state, anonymous, faceless, resistors,
3. to thwart consent of the government and undermine the elected President.

Many have called it a conspiracy theory if you dare point out what They are indeed doing!

A recent NYT op-ed bears proof this covert, more hidden arm of government does indeed exist.
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Below is the Authorization from FISA Judges to declassify, giving authority to DOJ and Executive Branch. This was written in Feb 2018......@realDonaldTrump has been patient😎…
This is a letter that Dems wrote 9-18-18 BEGGING for docs not to be declassified. Note who signed letter....Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, & Warner. The usual suspects. This has nothing to do with Sessions, Wray, or Coates. 2/
It has everything to do with the authors of the letter trying to keep the Release Of Information.

🤔IMAGINE IF.....The Dems went to Potus and said.. don’t sign the EO and we will put Brett through.

POTUS won’t play games bc he’s Winning BOTH. 3/
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1. #QAnon cues more #PanicInDC, i.e., #DeepStateCorruption PANIC.
3. Louise Matsakis explains to us that a "false right-wing conspiracy theory"
(#QAnon) "is trying to trick Facebook".… #Q
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(1) Liam is either ignorant or grossly misinformed.

"#GangStalking" is street slang for state-organized terrorism run through #ThreatFusionCenters under the guise of "legitimate" counter-terrorism ops.

It is funded by the #DOJ & #Pentagon & is referred to as a ....
(2) #CMO or "Civilian Military Op" by the US Military itself.

In reality, "Gang Stalking" is a sophisticated, tech-enhanced targeting strategy utilized by the US Gov against anyone that the #DeepState and its agency minions have marked as potential "dissidents" AKA "terrorists."
(3) This extrajudicial targeting protocol is an AI-driven amalgamation of tactics derived from a variety of sources including the #Stasi, #KGB & China's anti-Falun Gong global targeting teams.

The goal of these operations is to subtly terrorize and traumatize the target(s).
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💥Art in Embassies Program Gave Podestas, Jeff Koons, Rockefellers, Clintons, Marina Abramovic, Rothschilds even James Alefantis Comet Ping Pong owner access to a private shipping channel that could bypass airport security; Sourced #Pedogate This is Big❗…
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1. There was no evidence of Russian collusion; no evidence of a crime to start an investigation of @POTUS

An investigation without evidence of a crime was a crime.

Fabricated evidence used to get a FISA warrant is fraud on the court; a crime.

Election meddling is a crime.
2. #WarOnYou: Sessions was implicated in the "Russian collusion" investigation, so, he recused himself.

As there was no crime, Sessions has sent a letter to the SC, informing the Justices he is un-recusing himself.

Buckel up; now comes the pain. The Hunter becomes the Hunted
Jason Chaffetz: "The Deep State is real & it's far worse than you can imagine."

According to Chaffetz, In the past Sessions would not prosecute those "Too Close to Hillary!"

"Trust Sessions"? Will he choose to be on the right side of history & prosecute?
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This is the THREAD for all of the #QPosts for Monday September 17, 2018. "SEPT —–17—– Do you believe in coincidences? Lock on target, PATRIOTS IN CONTROL, Activate ]SESSIONS[, CARPET BOMBS, MOAB and more"
@POTUS #QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #PatriotsUnited #QArmy #QAlert
Q !!
Sep 17 2018 16:48:30 (EST)…
SEPT —–17—–
Do you believe in coincidences?
@POTUS #QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #PatriotsUnited #QArmy #QAlert
There r NO coincidences! Everything is premeditated with a precise time. 156 years ago, it was the bloodiest day in United States history.
@POTUS #QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #PatriotsUnited #QArmy #QAlert…
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Mess with the bull ya git the horns. 😎💪🏼🇺🇸

@realDonaldTrump has ordered IMMEDIATE DECLASSIFICATION of FISA APP re Page, all interview reports w #BruceOhr

#DeepState #BREAKING
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Back in July @SenFeinstein gets letter from an #anonymous alleging #Cavanaugh groped her 35 yrs ago (1982)
when she was 15 yr old #CockTease #TeenyBopper
got drunk
ended up in bed
with a 17 yr old guy who took liberties with her body!
@POTUS #MAGA #tcot #ccot #KAG #Truth #QAnon
#EmperorXi of #China's favorite source of #Intelligence
declines to release the letter directly
Instead she reports it to #FBI
who in turn release it to #DeepState
who promptly #Leak her #identity
to members of #MeToo #Media
forcing her to go public!
#WalkAway #MCGA
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#Qanon #Q #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #TheGreatAwakening #Qanon8chan #TheStorm #Breadcrumbs #Qarmy #WorldWarQ #WeAreQ #TRUTH
Today I say a prayer of 1 Corinthians 13:11.

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

Here is one of my favorite songs from a wonderful singer who made the choice to leave the evilness of the current music industry, rather than sell her soul! @LaceySturm

Flyleaf - Fully Alive
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1. #QAnon "3x b4 Mueller appt, & once after, FBI & DOJ swore to FISA court that there's probable cause Trump campaign were complicit in Russia’s cyber-op against 2016 election", BUT Lisa Page has now testified to Congress: "FBI NEVER had evidence of Trump-Russia collusion". #Q
2. #QAnon Also, as there was no evidence of 'Collusion' PRIOR TO MUELLER appointment, then, why did we need a special prosecutor?"…📁

3. #QAnon The [House] depositions..~70.. need to be..before election..put out for American people to review, so that..they can see..there are answers to those questions..full transparency..I expect to make available."…📁
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1. Rod Rosenstein: a DeepState puppet or an (undercover) Trump ally?
[THREAD] - Part 2

#Rosenstein #DeepState
3. consider this:

If Mueller is a DeepState puppet, also Rod Rosenstein is a DeepState puppet.

If Mueller is an (undercover) Trump ally, also Rod Rosenstein is an (undercover) Trump ally.

There is no way around this.
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This is the THREAD for all of #Qposts for Saturday September 15, 2018.
B-52 Dropping Lots & Lots of Bombs - Carpet Bombing
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.234 📁
Sep 15 2018 13:35:10 (EST)
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