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Tonight’s @seanhannity Thread.

@LindseyGrahamSC trust AG Barr will do the right thing. His job is to make sure it never happens again.
.@seanhannity and @LindseyGrahamSC There is something so much bigger at play here and the #DeepState knows it.
.@piersmorgan says @MichaelAvenatti is like a refugee in a prison movie.
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I want to talk about one of the recent drops (#3856) from our favorite source, Q. #qanon
This is actually the second part

The lines are drawn.
Define Renegade [Hussein USSS code name].
Standard definition.
Define Evergreen [HRC USSS code name]
Non-standard defintion.
Think depopulation.
The Silent War continues…

The first half of the drop talked about definitions of “patriot” and “traitor”. Pretty standard definitions. It was from 2/21/2018 #maga
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#TheGreatAwakening, time to dig Anons! I’m sure there’s a #Bronfman/#Soros tie here. “The 76-year-old Nygard raped seven teenage girls, ages 14 to 16, at his private Nygard Cay getaway in the Bahamas — with some of the terrified teens drugged before they were sexually assaulted."
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What are the odds of mass arrests at the #Oscars  tonight? #RedCarpet rollout? I guess we’re in anything’s possible territory.
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1.We are about to examine many of the connections of #Romney > Intel agencies, #Ukraine, Iran, China, 911, NAFTA,#BainCapitol, #Maxwell, Guinness, Bibi, Branson, #NXIVM, Bushes, Cartels, EU, Virgin Cruises, Clintons..+ #WeAreTheNewsNow #Mittens #Clowns @POTUS #Qanon
@POTUS 2. Is Bain #C_A front? After all the clowns like to use wealthy people as it’s front companies such as Summit Aviation (DuPonts), CMC (World Trade Centers, Bronfmans), & others like Air America, and US Aid.
Let us take a look…#Clowns #Mittens #BainCapitol
@POTUS 3..Let us start here #Mittens #Romney #WeAreTheNewsNow H/t @liltilgerli
Endurance Specialty Holdings
Golden gate Capital
10 Mitt Romney Scandals That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten…
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New #Qanon drop 3836: Q points out that #Iran, #Russia, #Ukraine and #Obama admin we’re all selling nuclear material to eachother brokered by corrupt US politicians. They were trading money on an off the grid financial network. My first thought goes to #Bitcoin. #China #1 mining
I go into some #DeepState ties and #China BTC farming here. Did you guys know the #FBI in the top 3 in total BTC ownership in the world? Read this thread.
Oops sorry, they are #4
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I saved a few tweets from “Verified” accounts when the #ImpeachmentHoax started. I’ll start it off with the ringleader #Schiff4Brains.
“After hours of debate, one thing is clear:”..... @realDonaldTrump is still your President!😎 Enjoy👌🏻#AcquittedForever #DemsAreCorrupt
Here’s one from #FakeNews @washingtonpost but yeah not propaganda......
The #TDS is palpable.
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@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @WhiteHouse twitter is censoring the majority of your #maga2020 supporters & nukn accts. 90k in dec. 9th acct in 12yrs. 8 this yr. 3 in 2mo. Lost 30k followers. Twitters head twat admitted the #Censorship. BOLO nu purge 100k accts coming.
#qanon #DeepState
They weren't saudi accts. Coverup. They were #trump supporters. Dont 4get whos got vested interest in twitter. SA.…
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#Bolton Sold Missiles to Iran — #HunterBiden Ran Guns w/ Patrick Ho Chinese Tycoon - MIL ENCRYPTED BBs - PAIN COMING
#qanon #DeepState #democrats #trump #TREASON #traitor
You will not believe this shit.
2. You will not believe what Webb goes thru in this one. He goes into detail about how John Bolton is now reminding all of his co conspirators of all of the questionable and possibly illegal side deals they were involved in. Oh and Bolton and some others sold missies to Iran!
3. Also he claims that bolton would be a good witness and poses absolutely zero threat the President Trump.

Of course there is more detail about Hunter Biden’s illegal schemes, gun running this time. Supposedly working with Patrick Ho, a Chinese business tycoon.
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Real-estate magnate Fred #Trump Sr., was the #Jewish son of German immigrants.
Trump’s Brother Rebelled Against Their Authoritarian Father By Joining a Jewish Frat…

A Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity photo in the 1960 Epitome Yearbook from Lehigh University.
Some still think that #Trump will save them, nice 😈😂
His masters are your masters my friends 😉
Trump’s Jews…
(Forward=jewish 😉)
Zie je wie er vlak achter Trump zit 🤓.
Rupert Murdoch – a Genuine Friend of Israel… But it is no conspiracy! 🤣😁
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I knew John Bolton was #deepstate Before I really knew what Deep State is.
When #POTUS45 Hired him for National Security Advisor, I thought Trump was compromised and now one of them. I was Wrong and he was FIRED! 1/23
In this Thread, I will show just how deep State he goes..
“many secrets” “
Many bad deeds”
”Loyal deep state soldier”
Next is a list of his career positions. It’s actually very impressive 2/23
- Assistant Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development for Program and Policy
-United States Assistant Attorney General for the Office Legislative Affairs
-United States Assistant Attorney General for the Office Legislative Affairs 3/23
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Six out of Eight Attempts to Setup Trump Officials To Make It Look Like They Were Working With Russians Were Setup By Obama #DeepState Originating With @FBI Informants, MI-6 Assets or People Paid By #FusionGPS

@POTUSPress @POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn
“Obama @StateDept Special Coordinator for Libya Jonathan Winter Funneled the Bogus ‘Steele Dossier’ to Democrat Lawmakers in Late November 2016 - Former Asst Sec of State Victoria Nuland & Winer Coordinated With Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) & NSA Advisor Daniel Silverberg”
“It’s clear the Obama administration was working to undermine the Trump administration weeks after the 2016 Presidential election. The Obama #DeepState continues their sedition of the current administration.”
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#BoltonMustTestify in a proper independent 9/11 Inquiry about PNAC's plans to murder 3,000 Americans in New York to start Wars & Regime Operations in 7 countries to turn the Middle East into chaos & carnage & destroy the Bill of Rights…

#BoltonMustTestify about Richard Perle's 1996 "A Clean Break" which advocated starting multiple Wars of Aggression and arming Wahhabi al-Qaeda type terrorists to turn the Middle East into Chaos and Carnage

The Real Reasons the Neocons invaded Iraq…
John Bolton must Testify about PNAC's 2000 "A New Pearl Harbor".
An obvious reference to 9/11 which came one year later & enabled PNAC's planned multiple Wars of Aggression to turn Middle East into Chaos & Carnage

The Real Reasons the Neocons invaded Iraq…
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Cartoon from 2017 “predicting” Kobe’s death in a Helicopter Crash!!! Coincidence? Absolutely not!!! #DeepState !
Kobe's Mamba symbol was of a helicopter the DS elites gave him to mock his death! They force icons and companies to use these symbols without knowing what they mean!!!
GRAB A COPY OF MY LATEST BOOK, "The Rise of the Democratic Socialist Fourth Reich" (History of the Deep State Volume 3) FINALLY HERE!!!

PRE-ORDER your copy NOW!!…
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Denialists are a steadily shrinking pool and will in time only have each other to bounce around their non-science, anti-factual arguments with. Conversion from Denialism to the #GlobalClimateConsensus is a one-way street and we gain surprising new allies every single day. THREAD
If at this *very* late stage in the game you *still* find yourself asking the same easily Google-able questions while engaged in your latest in a string of climate denial arguments it's unlikely you care what teenager Greta Thunberg thinks about it /1
What you don't know (as you haven't listened to even one of her speeches & so be it) is she doesn't *want* you to listen to her. Her constant refrain is Listen To The Scientists & refers to the IPCC's 2016 Special Report on Climate each & every time /2…
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Thread 👇🏽
Ask yourself does [#AS] look like a confident man to you??
Blunt & Direct Time.
Adam #SCHIFF is a traitor to our country.
Tick Tock.
Hope the $7.8mm was worth it.
Enjoy the show.

#WeAreTheNewsNow #Ukraine #Pelosi
2. Surprise! #Pelosi #Schiff and #Soros connected to Pasternak #Ukrainian Arms Dealer @POTUS #WeAreTheNewsNow…
@POTUS 3.Just for reference..
#Flashback > Anybody else see the pattern???
#Pelosi brags about visiting #NK #NothingToSeeHere

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Ok, the synchronicity is 🤯
What are the odds?

Kobe memorial


at 00:17


#Qdrop 3794
State funeral

#ImpeachmentHearing #DeepState #Trump #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight #QArmy #UnitedNotDivided
Did you see this?


written right next to Kobe's memorial.

Do you believe in coincidences?
Mathematically impossible?

@Bossina8 @432wps @lhasadv @VNotKind @LuMan_ @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump
That is not the only "coincidence" regarding #Kobe's death.

.Noso predicted (?) Kobe's death in a helicopter crash on 13 Nov 2012.
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Problem #1 with #Impeachment: no crimes alleged. If not indictable, not impeachable.…
Problem # w/ #Impeachment: no due process provided in fact-gathering process, w/ collusion b/t #Schiff & #Whistleblower; secret, closed, coerced depositions in a basement bunker; selective, misleading leaks to press; subpoenas w/o proper authorization; exclusion of Trump counsel.
Problem #3 w/ #Impeachment: anti-democratic. Overturns elections, endangers next election, makes elected President serving at the pleasure of Congress, subjects foreign policy to the preference of the unelected #DeepState bureaucracy. Let people decide Presidency, not politicians
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What constellations/stars/planets are these?

Could those on the left be the Pleiades?
Maybe mirrored?

#SpaceForce #symbolism #QAnon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump #Trump #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #QArmy #DarkToLight #UnitedNotDivided #disclosure #DeepState
Just brainstorming and collecting some info here.
The Air Force Space Command logo is very similar.
It has seven five-pointed stars.
Like the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades.

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My THREAD on the F9 Algorithm used to spy on you all.

#qanon #wwg1wga #facebook #huawei #china #cabal #deepstate
1) Once upon a time I was involved with the development of military software and electronics for the purpose of localizing smart phones in a specific area.

#qanon #wwg1wga #facebook #huawei #china #cabal #deepstate
2) The goal of this system we were developing was to locate people based on their cell phone. We could use it to secure objects/buildings, borders and even to detect ppl near train tracks who wanted to commit suicide.

#qanon #wwg1wga #facebook #huawei #china #cabal #deepstate
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I think it’s interesting that this is happening in #Virginia where most gov workers live. Makes you wonder what they are trying to accomplish in this social engineering psyop? Whatever it is, it’s a change in the status quo. Stay armed w/ the TRUTH! God Speed Patriots 🇺🇸 #Qanon
Also, if you want to get into some possibilities on the why. If there really was a #DeepState hell bent on taking back what was taken from them w/ #Trump, would they sink to such lows that they would stage a coup by force on the people who work key Gov positions? Disarm & invade!
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Terrorism is always related with religion is the biggest myth created in late 20th century

Look closely at what has happened in Iraq from 1988-2019, & you will realize that Terrorism is always a tool of the powerful states or entities, to create confusion and anarchy

Saddam and Al Qaeda, both were close American allies in the early 1980's. (During Iran - Iraq War and USSR invasion of Afghanistan)

Later, both Saddam and Al Qaeda went rogue, and the Western Media painted them as terrorists. (Kuwait War and 9-11)
As Saddam went down, Shia Iran tried to flex its muscles over an unstable Iraq. From the ashes of Iraq, rose ISIS.

The rise of Iran, made both Saudi and Israel nervous, and the entire world deliberately closed its eyes when ISIS created havoc on Yazidis, Kurds and Shias.
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This lawsuit is “unverified” as of yet but if real it’s HUGE!
Seems NANA @SpeakerPelosi
@RepAdamSchiff et al violated
His #CivilRights and it not only cost him his reputation but also the lives of 2 of his children.🤬
#WWG1GWA #Trump2020…
No... it’s not.
Yes... yes I did.
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I'm surprised to see Page Six use the word "bolt-hole" in referencing where Meghan is staying.
It appears they are staying at a property owned by Frank Giustra, of Uranium One fame. [Clinton Corruption]…
Canada has been back in the news quite a bit recently, and now with Uranium One starting to be discussed again, I wonder what our favorite anon has to say about this ...
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