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Martha McSally’s history should be a key focus after she conceded...She was chosen by the Establishment, not the People...Martha McSally is Worse Than Jeff Flake #DeepState…
Remember McSally was a #NeverTrumper....
Martha McSally Neck-Deep in McConnell Swamp Money, Kelli Ward Standing with Trump… via @BigLeaguePol
McSally removed a video before elections showing her support of Obama’s DACA...McSally Refuses to Publicly Debate Ward, Complains About Attacks… via @BigLeaguePol
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*Thread* My team and I arrived at the border two days ago. Since we got here, things have seriously changed. Many of the #militia #blackwater agents sent to the border to “defend” against the “#MigrantCaravan” have joined our side. While Donald awaits a #borderwar, his very
men are turning on him. A coup has begun... AGAINST him. It’s like a fog was lifted from the minds of the programmed #Blackwater agents. Numerous reports about #Trumpstraffickingring have awoken them. Several #NationalGuard and #ICE members have said they would break their
silence about what is going on in the #migrantcamps. These are people who JUST 🐬ed since we arrived. We shared stories with them and one man shook in trepidation. He broke down later to @TheShieldGuards and admitted he watched a fellow #ICE agent molest a little boy but he
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1) What you can build in 2 years against #DeepState - A blanket house with laundry rope & your fav Star War Blankys.
2) If you want to build a fortress against #DeepState that takes 10 years. But remember on building a house. You have the basic structure and roof built very quickly. Then it becomes all about the details... We won now comes Leadership. America is an empty pallet for you to paint
3) They'll always complain. They'll always criticize. You have to tune that out & create your own destiny.
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1. Big decode: “#StealthBombers and #StupidQuestions”: @POTUS just gave us a hint! Abby Phillips asks, “Do you expect Whittaker to rein in the #Mueller probe?” He replies, “That is such a stupid question.” Mueller is the #StealthBomber!!! Here’s why:
2. First, news is, #Mueller’s ready with some indictments. Take it from the #FakeNews publication with the most executive resignations, whose office was raided by the Manhattan district attorney’s office. #Newsweek They ought ya know about indictments, right??
3. Bo may know Football and Baseball, but #Newsweek knows #Resignations and...…
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Let's be logical:

#Sessions spent 2 years getting the evidence for the indictments.
#Whitaker will present the evidence to the Grand Jury to get the indictments, then Whitaker will be replaced & there won't be a damn thing Hillary or the Dems can do about it....
.... If indictments are made by an acting AG - they cannot be withdrawn after that AG is replaced. The person who succeeds Whitaker can do NOTHING about those current indictments....
... It will take up ALL the air in the room for the next 2 years, and when the indictments are made public - a lot of people will be shocked and horrified, and maybe finally this will break their emotional bond to this horrifyingly destructive political party...
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1. @Americanlll @MastersShelby @Dina1trump @tedcruz @RealEyeTheSpy @GenFlynn @O_IrishT @prayingmedic @PatriotPlaceATX @qanon76 @WeAreOne_Q

#Q, #WWG1WGA, #MAGA, #TheGreatAwakening

The prior secretary of the Department of @ENERGY Ernest Moniz was a nuclear physicist with a PhD...
2. theoretical physics. Rick Perry has a bachelor's degree in animal science. What makes Perry eligible to run the department and responsible for issuing "Q clearances"?

Animal science has nothing to do with power and energy regulation.
3. Before Moniz there was Steven Chu, also having a PhD in physics and winning a Nobel price in 1997 for his work in cooling and trapping atoms with laser light. He's a professor of physics and studied at MIT. Before him was Samuel Bodman, also a MIT! And, he...
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1. @Americanlll @MastersShelby
@O_IrishT @Dina1trump @qanon76
@RealEyeTheSpy @Cordicon @prayingmedic @WeAreOne_Q

I think I know why Sessions is leaving office. Notice the game that's been played by painting Sessions as a do nothing guy? We know it's not true!
2. The plan was to give Sessions time and distance from the press to coordinate "other" investigations. He never wasted a minute with the Mueller ordeal. Know this, if the Mueller probe was a real threat to @POTUS, SESSIONS WOULD HAVE FOLLOWED EVERY STEP OF THE INVESTIGATION!
3. @Americanlll and I have felt there was a chance either by loyalty or by threat, that Mueller was on Trump's team and he's just giving the democrats the side show they needed to keep them busy. Disinformation, albeit bittersweet, is sometimes necessary. Figure this now...
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If you want to repeal tax cuts, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want sanctuary cites, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want open borders, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want to abolish ICE, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want mobs of illegals breaching our borders, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want chaos, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want a return of the Obamacare mandate, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want a repeal of the Second Amendment, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want firearm confiscations, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want hands off #HRC, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want more genders, #VoteDemocrat.
If you dig pussy hats, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want more trans bathrooms, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want Maxine Waters chairing Financial Services Committee, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want House impeachment panels 24/7, #VoteDemocrat.
If you want unemployment rates reversed, #VoteDemocrat.
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1. #QAnon asks, what are the odds of POTUS planning to meet with PUTIN on 11.11, given all the foreshadowing #Q's given us of suggesting an impending historical importance of this date?
2. #QAnon #2397 Keep your eye on the ball. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
Midterm Memes have no searchable target text.
[ ]
3. #QAnon: Remember, POTUS had already ordered the DECLASsification of the FISA/FBI docs, Rosenstein [RR] pushed back hard, so, the OIG was tasked to review [determine 'sensitive info']. But, important to remember, OIG works w/ Huber and Huber reports 'directly' to Sessions. #Q
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1. #QAnon asks us a simple question: Why is the #FakeNewsMedia continually expending resources to defame, debunk, and cast as a conspiracy, for, as they say, a nobody who started on 4chan?
Why the attempt to cast blame of recent events on the '#Q' movement?
Attempt to silence?
2. #QAnon gives a sample of #FakeNewsMedia's #Q obsession from the last 7 days:
3. #QAnon cites Moritz-Rabson's article mocking Nevada Congressional candidate Joyce Bentley for a post on #DeepState having achieved almost total influence over the media. Moritz-Rabson writes, "QAnon 'believers' .. post.. violent threats".…
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1. #QAnon resurfaces this All Saints Day after a his long pre-election pause, #Q
2. #QAnon leaves links citing the certain political activity prohibitions for most Fed executive branch employees under Hatch Act. A careful read shows #Q definitely isn't violating the Hatch Act.……
3. #QAnon: Re-read past drops re: "polls":
Do not trust polls...good OR bad. VOTE no matter what!
The push to divide us is up with election just 5 days away.
Do not let them DIVIDE you.
Your vote matters! #Q
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1) Do you believe in the right for Israel to exist? Do you believe that a Women's Rights movement should sweep the MidEast?
2) You want to know what started the coup in Saudi Arabia? This statement. Before #DeepState was just sending shots over the bow. Now they're desperately trying to stop World Opinion from justifying a Jewish State with Jerusalem as the Capitol.…
3) How about Women being able to perform their own Social & Personal affairs? MBS instituted a Program to empower Women in the Workplace by giving them Drivers Licenses.…
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Today October 31st on Samhain,
S@tanists like, those in O.T.O, will be conducting
ritual blood sacrifices of children.
O.T.O., Ordo Templi Orientis
credo is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”
Their beliefs are occult practices, Satanic ideals, and Freemasonry. They believe man is more powerful than God or potentially is God.
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This is Khashoggi Case False Narrative. #Khashoggi Relocated to #Turkey. He & his shady Turkish-Pakistani Partner (Arab Spring Operatives with Soros Fubding)With big $$$$$ Set Up NGO-Businesses Here. He bought a lavish flat in #Istanbul. Opened 3 hefty bank accounts. U Selling BS
How Do I Know All This You BS-Seller? I’ve been in #Turkey Reporting on #Khashoggi Case Since Day 1 via Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds (Check It Out). I have Top sources in #Turkey & within #US #Intel Community (Former & Present). And I contacted #Saudi Embassy in DC. You Selling BS
Do You Want A Documented Proof? “Who Financed & Organized the Lavish Conference #Khashoggi Attended (Flying 1st Class from #Istanbul To #London) Just a few days prior to being supposedly sliced-dicedI’m Inviting Everyone 2 Checkout this #DeepState Funded Conference 4 #Terrorists
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Since I declared today “Fun” #Tweet Day (A rarity for me: almost always serious & a nerd in public), Here’s a secret: My obsession with food goes beyond “eating” I love to cook- In addition to all the mambo jumbo multiple univ degrees I am a trained chef obsessed with food ...
By the way: Anyone who wants to attack this from the “feminist” point of view can go to ####. Those are the misguided (brainwashed, used & utilized by #DeepState for half a century) ignoramus who know zero about true Women Empowerment. I am a proud chef/cook and loving it!!!
Let me clarify 1 more thing: I know tons of desperate people who hunt 4 mates on social media- I ain’t mentioning my cooking skills or other non-feminist side to score in that department. Here’s Another secret on this: Been married (same man) for 27 years;nowadays that’s Record!
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1. @Americanlll @Dina1trump @MastersShelby @RealEyeTheSpy @O_IrishT @_ImperatorRex_ @prayingmedic @qanon76 @WeAreOne_Q

Where'd the story on #Khashoggi go? The media narrative on him was nonstop 24/7 for 2 weeks then BAM, his story disappeared as fast as he did. Why? Read on...
2. Folks, this Khashoggi incident has WAY too many suspicious angles to it. You all know I've written multiple pieces on this as events and facts have developed. I still stand by my very first writing, a theme I have carried the whole time. This incident is doing one major thing.
3. From the earliest of campaign speeches, @realDonaldTrump spoke VERY unfavorably of the Saudis. Many times he's said they were responsible for 9/11 and that we invaded the wrong country by going to Iraq, implicating we should've invaded Saudi! He's also said for far too long...
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If you are voting red to save America - RT & grab a copy of my new book, 'History of the Deep State Volume 2' !!! No Stone has been left unturned!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #VoteRedToSaveAmerica 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Pre-order today!!! #DrainTheDeepState
My new book could be ready to publish in as soon as a week, I will let everyone know & TY for your support. 'History of the Deep State Volume II: the trilogy' are the most thorough and honest books on the topic ever written & I know you will love this one. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
Also, it's been an honor to have been trashed by the same Deep State actors who give Hillary's and Comey's books 5-star rave reviews, giving my books the most ridiculous and dishonest reviews possible without reading them. I consider it the ultimate form of flattery!!! #DeepState
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1) Just returned from the @davidicke event in Wroclaw / Poland. It was a very detailed and well-delivered talk about the #deepstate #cabal that enslaves humanity, how they are doing it, who is behind it and what we can do about it.
2) David did an excellent job mapping out the #cabal and their "web of control" - with hidden entities in the center and several layers around it, ie hidden organisations (e.g. Freemasons), organisations (eg council of foreign relations) and more public figures (politicians etc).
3) Their control of humanity relies on the psychological manipulation of perception, that is both very narrow (ie "postage stamp consensus") and turned upside down (ie inversion of reality). Thus, we live in a perceptual prison, like the matrix, which most don't even realize.
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Ignore the polls and get out there and #Vote on November 6th. Relying on polling is a relic of a time gone by.
I’m not saying looking at @FiveThirtyEight’s model and charts and stuff isn’t cool, because it is and provides some insight. But no matter what the numbers say, it’s most certainly NEVER an excuse to not #Vote because you feel your peeps are a “lock”
Need nothing further than to point to 2016. Which by the way, @FiveThirtyEight didn’t really have wrong, but the “selected not elected” mindset existed before 2016. Why else would over 100 million people choose NOT to participate in their civic duty to choose their leaders.
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@americanlll @Dina1trump @MastersShelby @DIXIEDOODLE12 @RealEyeTheSpy @_ImperatorRex_ @O_IrishT @prayingmedic @SarahPalinUSA @qanon76 @WeAreOne_Q @SarahPalinUSA

1. Fake news folks! Look how confident the #DeepState media is that this is over! "The arrest brought to an end...
2. a four-day nationwide manhunt for the alleged mailer of over a dozen suspected pipe bombs to prominent critics of President Donald Trump."…

"THE ARREST BROUGHT TO AN END..." Seriously? The "suspicious packages" were delivered to a former...
3. ...president and former vice president, former sec of state, former attorney general, and members of congress; most of whom are protected by secret service, FBI, and the Marshall's office. You mean to tell me the whole thing is over because 1 lunatic in a pro-Trump van was...
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1) Saudi Arabia - #Khasoggi - final analysis - Friday night release. - After reviewing all available evidence - MBS discovered a coup through Khashoggi reaching out for a meeting with #DeepState members of the Saudi Royal Guard - Cash for Coup. Turkey was in on it.
2) MBS learned hard way - you can't be a reformer & participate in #DeepState butchery. Everybody is trying to take you down in the Mid East Theater. Women's rights are the death of Islam in it's current form.
3) If you believe in reform you have to act in the same manor. The World is Watching. You have to play it by the book. @CICSaudi welcome to the World Stage once again.
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