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I write code and words about code. Available for #API consulting freelance work. Also building @CloudObjectsIO. He/him/they. 🇩🇪 → @InnovatorsGI
Dec 19, 2020 101 tweets 52 min read
Even though I haven't been a big fan of Twitter threads so far, a lot of people I know have made 100-tweet threads for @threadapalooza so I thought I'll give it a try as well. I will start with #APIs and hopefully end up connecting them with the #FutureOfWork. Let's go ...

🧵⬇️ First of all, when I talk about #APIs, I mean HTTP-based interfaces connecting apps and backend servers as well as different services with each other. For now, the technical details, such as whether they use REST, GraphQL, gRPC etc., shall not matter. (1/100)