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JPMorgan 10 yrs. Deutsche Bank 12 yrs. SDNY defendant 6 yrs. My books on Amazon: 'Target' : 'Teethmarks':
Aug 30, 2021 7 tweets 8 min read
I had a journalist actually tell me they had to "tread lightly" on the government because that is where they get all their stories from. Govts & #DOJ/#FBI/@UKSFO/@TheFCA master manipulators using leaks and quid-pro-quo's to 'mainstream' lies. #Libor a great example. There will be more to this story to add as my case moves along. @business (Bloomberg) had my indictment and spoke about it while it was STILL SEALED. I was in #DOJ/#FBI custody, AWAITING indictment to be unsealed (so I could read it) while it was discussed on air. 100% illegal.
May 17, 2020 21 tweets 9 min read
Coming up the 4 year anniversary of when my good friends at #DOJ/#FBI did sealed/secret indictment thing to try to arrest me at airport on family vacation to Mexico. Wanted press&to scare me into pleading guilty like @GeorgePapa19. I think i'll live tweet my anniversary with Feds 4 years&2wks (May 2016) ago my attorney gave me the news: feel free to take your Mexico vacation @ end of May. That is, if you want to be arrested at the border in front of your family and spend 48 hours in jail while #DOJ/#FBI finish indicting you. Shocked. So it begins. cont...