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1) #QAnon #SaveTheKids

I have been Twitter-silent of late, waiting for the next shoe to drop…and there are a closet full of shoes. It was a needed break as it has been a struggle watching the cabal continue to walk the streets.
2) The breathless screams about yesterday's #TreasonSummit warrant an immediate reply. The best place to start is to ask WHY? Why are the political left and the #MSM/#LSM claiming the Trump-Putin meeting to be treasonous? What is the basis?
3) Did you hear concerns of #Treason when #Traitor44 went around the world on his apology tour, disparaging the United States? They PRAISED #Obama for bowing to leaders of foreign nations & ridicule #POTUS for NOT BOWING in submission, as if we are subject to their kingdoms.
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1/ #OTD IN COUNTERINTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY HISTORY: On July 17, 1950, Soviet spy Julius Rosenberg was arrested for espionage. The Army Security Agency and FBI had been cooperating in the decryption of intelligence messages -- a portion of which were collectively referred to...
2/ as "VENONA" -- exchanged by the Soviet KGB and GRU with their agents in the Western Hemisphere. Some of these messages incriminated Rosenberg, but this highly classified evidence could not and would not be used during his trial.
3/ Rosenberg's wife Ethel was arrested on Aug. 11, 1950 on suspicion of assisting him. Thanks to key testimony from David Greenglass, Ethel's brother, Julius Rosenberg was exposed as the central figure in a very active spy ring that was passing weapons technology information...
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1). We all know the term “RINO”.

There are supposed republicans who are VERY self-serving and simply “go through the motions” to give the appearance of doing their job.

To these people, it’s all about power and maintaining their control.

2). One should not think in linear terms when debating about poor Seth Rich. There was more than simply ONE download. There was more than one occasion where Seth probably met with someone.

There were probably more people involved than just Seth!!

3). Imagine you are an idealistic, wide-eyed young man who found some nefarious intel on the DNC servers....You are also a Dem! Are you immediately going to turn to Assange who most Dems feel to be an enemy of the US? Or will you first try the DC PD and/or DOJ? 🤔

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It's time to expose another Pedophile taken down under the Trump Administration!
28-year-old Shawn Ryan Budovic, of Cartersville, Georgia!

He would use the @Kik Messenger app to lure little girls- he even indoctrinated one of them, "dating" her at age 11 when he was in his 20s!
Now here's the thing:
The young girl had sisters.

One was ONLY THREE YEARS OLD, another was FOUR YEARS OLD, and another was NINE YEARS OLD.

Shawn Ryan Budovic? He conned the girl he'd brainwashed into sending him child porn OF HER OWN SISTERS!

Homeland Security tracked him.
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#WeinerLaptop #QAnon #GreatAwakening #StandDown Memo to FBI Director Alleges Interference… #Newsmax via @Newsmax_Media
Who was the #FBI director during this time!? “While Washington officials told the Minneapolis division to hold off examining Moussaoui's laptop and pursuing possible terrorist connections, Rowley told of repeated and futile attempts to get the cooperation of headquarters.”
Yep #Mueller “She wrote to Mueller that had the investigation been allowed to proceed as requested, "it's at least possible we could have gotten lucky and uncovered one or two more of the terrorists in flight training prior to Sept. 11th, just as Moussaoui was discovered,"
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*Thread* Somebody asked us earlier how we had so many connections - with the good side & the bad side, so I decided to make a thread about this. The Guardian Council is 1/3rd of the SJL councils; the Guardians work with the Sentinel(@SentinelCouncil) & Beacon (@The_BCouncil)
Councils. As many of you know, this account was originally used by Joab Valsyno, while he was still alive. Joab and his brother Igor (@IgorFightsBack) founded the Guardian Council as a vigilante group to evil, trafficking, terrorism, & other heinous crimes. However, the G Council
gained a reputation with ICs across the world and we’ve worked with the #FBI, #Mossad, #Interpol, #MI6, and several other ICs to stop and eliminate terrorism and false flags, bust up paedophilia and trafficking rings, & stop occult crimes, as well. There are 131 Guardians in the
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1.A not revealed story pertaining to the @Comey letter is that public evidence prove that #Prince #Giuliani and #Trump conspired to "Lean" on #Comey to reopen the investigation into Hillary

#Trump #Russia #HumanTrafficking #Prostitution #Conspiracy…
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Still one of the greatest @realDonaldTrump tweets ever... One could suggest it's *promiscuous* by nature.

What bothers me most is the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation were coaching Lisa Page into what to testify and how to do it.


She's a former lawyer, and not affiliated with the FBI???

Why is Christopher Wray, a TRUMP APPOINTEE, covering this up?
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1/ #OTD IN COUNTERINTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY HISTORY – On July 9, 2010 -- after a multi-year investigation by the FBI and other elements of the US Intelligence Community -- ten deep-cover Russian “illegals” (operatives of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)) were...
2/ exchanged in Vienna, Austria, for four individuals who had been jailed in Russia for alleged contact with Western intelligence agencies. The day before, the Russian illegals pleaded guilty in federal court in NYC to conspiring to serve as Russian agents in a case that...
3/ served as a chilling reminder that espionage on U.S. soil did not disappear with the end of the Cold War. The Russian govt. spent significant funds and many years training and deploying these “SVR illegals” to establish a presence in the U.S. and develop sources of info. ...
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This is SF’s wife again, SF asked me to make a post about something and requested that anybody who supports what he is doing please read. Normally, we would shy away from childish drama, but because of threats, we feel it’s necessary to write this thread: since spring 2017,
several of our friends have been targeted by a relentless smear campaign. These friends have been threatened, gang-stalked, lied about, smeared, and harassed nonstop for almost sixteen months now. My husband was there when #SteveBannon and several of Donald’s friends discussed
trying to silence a certain group of people in #theresistance by utilizing some of their best #disinfo and #chaos agents. And if you’ve known our friends for long enough, you’ll have seen posts related to this. #SteveBannon paid a member of “the Resistance” (one of his plants) to
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*Thread* Understanding #DonaldTrump’s worldwide network of crimes. #Trump is involved with hundreds of criminals all over the world - and also, with criminal groups. I was in the #Mob, I didn’t do the super evil things intense #Mobsters do, but I did do drug trafficking and $
laundering, as I’ve said before. In NYC, #Trump and I both were involved with the same people - the #Gambinos, the Gambinos introduced us to some of the criminals we hung around with. So it started with the #Mob. But unlike Donald, I had no desire to get in anything deeper than
money laundering and drug trafficking - but he did. From the #Mob, he got involved with some #KKK members, who introduced him some of the lower level Freemasons. The Freemasons introduced him to some of their political friends, all but one of them was a #GOP member.
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Wow, I've never really paid a lot of attention to the FBI motto & it's meaning before. Light, truth, & peace. What a profound set of ideals if coupled with a person of good character. But as #WeThePeople have seen, the ill reputed character's failed miserably at representing👇
My question is why are those agents who did the right thing, penalized @realDonaldTrump? I needed agents like the aforementioned when I was searching for my trafficked daughter. Not the cover agents for the cabal, I ended up reporting to, who I believe jad a hand in her death.
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Is #Israel becoming a promised land of impunity for international crooks & fraudsters?… via @ifamericansknew
#Israel isn’t just a sanctuary for world’s #Jews, it has also become a haven for financial fraudsters. Since #Israel is a close ally of #US-it is unlikely it will face sanctions from foreign governments as #Israel provides a welcome mat out for both homegrown & foreign fraudsters
Over a decade, #Israel has become a global hub of investment scams, employing more than 10,000 citizens—many of them new immigrants & foreign-language speakers—selling fraudulent binary options, forex, CFDs & cryptocurrency investments over the phone & internet to people abroad
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Yes, I’m an angry #Democrat.

We’re not a reasonable party anymore. We’ve exhausted ourselves with conspiracies & outrage while ignoring facts & careful analysis.

Then we have the audacity to complain about the fatigue of it all.

Let’s review the party’s madness. (1/11)
Since our #2016Election loss, we have flopped in every direction to find an excuse for our failure.

Blame the 63M deplorable Trump voters.

Blame the #ElectoralCollege.

Blame Comey.

Blame the Russians.

No. Stop it. Blame Clinton, the DNC, & her primary voters. They suck.
About those #Russians.

We have assured ourselves that Trump is a Russian traitor. We’ve held up the #SteeleDossier as proof.

Nevermind that CIA Director Brennan gave it “no particular credence.”

Rather than let Mueller find the facts, we’ve already executed POTUS for treason.
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1. In 1987 it is believed that #Trump was recruited by #SovietUnion, specifically recruited by Kryuchkov head of First Chief Directorate, a division within the #KGB who's primary responsibility was to gather foreign intelligence

#Trump #Russia #SovietUnion #Treason
2.Both Kryuchkov and #Gorbachev faced #Reagan as #President, and he was in the #SovietUnion´s eyes regarded as a very strong leader, the opposite of #Carter of #Ford, when dealing with them.

#Trump #Russia #SovietUnion #Treason
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@noamchomskyT at his best. On #Israel, #Hezbollah, #Hamas & #America
"#Hamas policies are more conducive to peace than #US's or #Israel's"
By criticizing state policies, you become a hater of #Israel or a hater of #America & I am delighted to be so
George Bush: "Any state harbors terrorists, is a terrorist stare" & must be treated accordingly by bombing & invasion"

GB is calling for bombing of #US as US harbors violent #Terrorists who are regarded by the #FBI & Justice Department as #Terrorists

George Bush called for the bombing of #US as The US Harbors violent #terrorists regarded by #FBI & Justice Department as Terrorists such as Orlando Busch, an anti #Cuban terrorist accused by FBI of 30 acts of terrorism such as blowing up of the Cubana Airline killing 73 people
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1. Representative Matt Gaetz Confronts Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein About Signing FISA Application Against U.S. Person Carter Page...… via @thelastrefuge2
2. Rosenstein basically sat there & said... "I don't have to give you nothing.. send me to court.. I'm NOT gonna be held in contempt.. You can't threaten me. If the President orders me to turn over documents I DO NOT have to comply with the ENTIRE order".
3. Time @HouseGOP #InherentContempt. Otherwise, Rosenstein will go the courts to drag this out another YEAR or more. WE HAVE AN #ELECTION in a few months... #DOJ #FBI etal..... POSSIBLE #INTERFERENCE AGAIN!
Take our ele tions back!
#DeepState still in place!
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#QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump
Netflix Names Ambassador Susan Rice to Board of Directors
Rice served under two presidents and was thrust into the limelight after four Americans died in Benghazi.…
#QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump
Who pushed?
"Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings praised Rice’s experience working on intelligence issues during her tenure in the Obama administration.…
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1-The evening of the 22nd of June, Miss #SarahSanders (#WH press secretary) went for dinner with her family to this little place called ‘The Red Hen’. It seems that she was unceremoniously kicked out &harassed some more all the way across the street to the next restaurant
2-It seems somehow this incident has created some sort of mob-mentality wanting to harass Miss Sanders that has gotten to a point in which she now needs protection.……
3-What kind of person chases somebody down the street based solely on political opinions?
If u ever worked in a restaurant, u learn quickly that u have to deal with a lot of assholes &people you don’t like. You smile, curse them inwardly &hope you’ll never have to see them again
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Cyber Chief Confirms Obama's 'Stand Down' Order to Ignore Russian Meddling into Elections
#ObamaGate #Obama #SpyGate
#FBI #DOJ #MAGA #KAG #Trump #Trump2020 #FISA #SusanRice
#5SOSTODAY #KTSE Red Wave #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation
#DeepState #REALNews…
Let's talk about this-

Barack Obama's National Security Council Cyber Coordinator Michael Daniel gave a sworn testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that Susan Rice (Netflix/Soros employee now) gave the NSC an order to STAND DOWN and NOT STOP Russian Interference-
“You were told to stand down, is that correct?” asked Sen Jim Risch (R-ID)

“Those actions were put on the back burner, yes,” Daniel said. “That was not the focus of our activity during that time period.”

Obama and Rice KNEW about "Russian" Meddling but did nothing?
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🌿Stay Strong!🌿

President Obama:

"Are we a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping children from their parents’ arms, or are we a nation that values families, and works to keep them together?"

PM May says images of caged children in U.S. 'deeply disturbing
🌿Stay Strong!2🌿

Charity CEO running migrant kids' shelters earns $1.5 million

Trump’s EO does not solve the problem.

It does nothing to reunify the 2,300 children who have been taken from their parents.

Trump is hiring prosecutors to make sure all parents are prosecuted.
🌿Stay Strong!3🌿

ICE Spokesman resigns, saying he could no longer spread falsehoods for the Trump Administration. Bravo!

No words. GOP is using jailed babies as leverage effect Trumps agenda & doing their best to dehumanize immigrants & cast them all as heinous criminals 🤮
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