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21 Feb 20
#RudraChamakam #Mahashivratri .
The Taittariya Samhita, Chapter 7 has the #Chamakam, and the 11th Anuvaka talks about "'wanting numbers".

#RudraChamakam #MahaShivaratri
Nature or Parkriti
#RudraChamakam #Mahashivratri
The three gunas, namely sattwa, rajas and tamas
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22 Dec 19
@ShashiTharoor तन्मित्रम् यत्र विश्वासः
(Mahabharata, Shanti Parva 318-21-13)

A friend is a friend only when he is faithful and trustworthy.

@ShashiTharoor अति स्नेहः पाप शंकी
(Abhignana Shakuntalam)

Friendship beyond limits should be ominous of some guilt to take place ahead.

@ShashiTharoor न कश्चित् कस्याचीन् मित्रं न कश्चित् कस्याचिन् रिपुः
कारणेन हि जायन्ते मित्राणि रिपावस् तथा
(सुभाषित रत्न भंडागार)

No one is no one's friend. No one is no one's enemy. Friendship and enemity happen for certain reasons.

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