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10 Dec 20
Here's my thread about a vicious attack on #JohnnyDepp by @THR/@TatianaSiegel27 feat Roberta Kaplan & their article full of inaccuracies,outright lies & projections.Let's start with a fact that a source for their article is not real people who knew Depp but "unnamed sources" 1/26
And here's a reminder that #AmberHeard hired a private investigator Paul Barresi to dig up some dirt on Depp and after months of work & interviewing over 100 people across US & Europe who knew Johnny Depp he found not one single person who had to say a bad thing about him. 2/26
So here's the 1st question who are these "unnamed sources" that a private investigator couldn't find for several months of hard work across the globe or do they even exist which I highly doubt. 3/26
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