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Can't help, but share a few Johnny Depp HQs from Cannes... 😍😍😍 I'm so happy for him! 🥰💞 #JohnnyDepp #JohnnyDeppCannes2023 ImageImageImageImage
+8, because... 😍😍😍 02/? #JohnnyDepp #JohnnyDeppCannes2023 ImageImageImageImage
❤️❤️❤️ 03/? #JohnnyDepp #JohnnyDeppCannes2023 ImageImageImageImage
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🪡 🍿#CryBaby the brilliant intentional « kitsch » movie— the pathway #JohnnyDepp chose to truly escape his unwanted « teen idol » persona.
What inspired the director #JohnWaters (Hairspray) to write the screenplay for Cry Baby— was the dark memory of the unsolved murder of one « Carolyn Wells/Wasilewski » in Baltimore—his hometown.
To find a young actor for the role of Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker—Waters bought a bunch of teen magazines, all of which showed #JohnnyDepp in 21 Jump Street (1987) on the cover.
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🪡 🎥 #EdwardScissorhands played by #JohnnyDepp— Inspired by #TimBurton’s own childhood & drawing — his most personal work—
A masterpiece; blending humor, beauty, innocence & tragedy.
#GaryOldman was offered the role of #EdwardScissorhands — but just couldn’t understand the story & therefore declined. It took him to actually see the movie— a particular scene— that finally made him realize what #TimBurton imagined all along.
FOX offered the role to many other known artists/actors at the time— Including #MichaelJackson, #TomHanks & #TomCruise. But FOX really focused on #TomCruise. However, Cruise, apparently asked questions & made suggestions that even #TimBurton categorized as « weird ».
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🪡 🍿 #JohnnyDepp on how not to become a « product » & « teen heartthrob » in Hollywood — featuring #TomHanson in #21JumpStreet
#JohnnyDepp had always been Patrick Hasburgh's first choice to play Tom Hanson—but Depp initially declined the part. Hanson was then cast with Jeff Yagher. However, FOX disapproved of his performance & halted the show for weeks.
#JoshBrolin was sought after by FOX, but Hasburgh preferred to offer Depp the part once more. Depp agreed to play the part this time, and Yagher's portions were reshot.
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🪡 🎥 #Platoon1986 — 1st Hollywood film to be written & directed by a Vietnam War veteran— #OliverStone
Platoon received critical acclaim for Stone's screenplay, cinematography & battle authenticity— some facts, clips about the harsh training & filming experience.
Every actor was required to complete a rigorous 2-3 week basic training program in the Philippines under the direction of military advisor Dale Dye. Oliver Stone—an actual former Vietnam veteran— demanded that the actors behaved like a real « #Platoon ».
Everyone on set started to despise Stone— apparently, this was Stone's goal—to subject the cast— as best as he could— to the horrors of war & obtain the most genuine performance.
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🪡 🎥 The making of #TheGodfather — some facts, clips & the challenges of getting #MarlonBrando #AlPacino for their now critically acclaimed performances.
Paramount didn’t want #MarlonBrando. With Coppolas insistence, Brando finally landed the part after a number of screen tests and even an arrangement for Brando to personally post a bond to cover any potential costs incurred by any possible poor on-set behavior.
#Coppola handed #Brando tape recordings of a 1950 investigation into organised crime that featured real-life mobsters, including Joseph Valachi. Vito’s mumbled drawl was drawn from Valachi’s own speech. It was also Brandos idea to make Vito Corleones face look like a “bulldog”.
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🪡 🎞️ #JohnnyDepp on the unique madness that encompassed the life of #HunterSThompson & their friendship towards the first collaboration on #FearAndLoathingInLasVegas
What drew so many people to Hunter S Thompsons; novels, stories, characters & his utter fascinating hyperactive madness?
#JohnnyDepp called him one of the greatest american writers of 20th century.
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Chara says, "it's that time again."

I don't even know if this is a good movie. now that we've learned more about Thompson's writing and Oscar Acosta's, we're inclined to think that both #JohnnyDepp and @TerryGilliam missed the point of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".
at the heart of the story is an absurdity: a noisy, pointless race that only exists because someone's rich enough to make it happen. it's big and loud, so it's newsworthy—rather like other explosions in Nevada, e.g. nuclear explosions or the PEPCON ammonium nitrate explosion. blurry news photograph of the PEPCON ammonium perchlorate di
and it really *says* something about the United States and its culture, doesn't it, that the U.S. tends to treat Nevada as mere wasteland—a dead zone where one can dump shameful and dangerous things. this is a Christian thing of course; extremist Christians need to *see* Hell.
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News from the first two months of the year.

News from the first two months of the year.

News from the first two months of the year.

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there's a sort of person I learned to dislike intensely, from a early age.

it's not good to *habitually* dislike people; it's difficult to talk meaningfully with people whose immediate vicinity you wish to flee. and I would like to get better at talking with more people.

but this sort of person horrifies me more than any other: the middle-aged (even *late* middle-aged) man who still strives desperately to be seen as "boyish"—forever blessed with a glamour of infinitely prolonged youth. @elonmusk, say. or @mtaibbi, or @RealMattDamon.

(who I assume is *not* "real Matt Damon" but who knows these days?)

I suppose I see an echo of myself: what I could have been, had my life not taken a much wilder course, one that I now smile at. I have been very fortunate not to end up like @mtaibbi.

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#WeStandWithJohnnyDepp Could you please add a tweet to this if you want your story known about why you stand with #JohnnyDepp? So many survivors sent me their story but l wasn’t sure how public you wanted it to be. #JohnnyDeppWon & it has helped us all to have hope @Lepplady 💔🏴‍☠️ Image
Permission to share. We 🙏 for continued healing. We stand with you Rachel Image
This includes sensitive content but is important. A lot of women have received internal trauma through childbirth or through invasive fertility treatments. Hearing a certain incident described during the trial had me shaking. I had reconstructive surgery after a traumatic birth.
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Johnny's friends are celebrities who support him. What did they say? Follow the rest of the tweets
👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻#JohnnyDepp Image

Penelope Cruz: “I've always admired his kindness, his brilliant mind, his talent and his sense of humor. I've seen Johnny in different situations and he's always nice to everyone. He's one of the most generous people I know. Image
Sia: "I want to show my public support for Johnny Depp. I listened to those records and he really is a victim of everything." Image
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She Said: The origin story of the #MeToo campaign 🙄🙄, or a version of it…
"She Said is a bland, stilted work largely without genuine dramatic life or energy. No element of ambiguity or complexity is allowed to intrude. Whatever conceptions and prejudices the viewer enters with, he or she leaves with."
Yes: I agree that both #ambiguity and #complexity are needed for intelligent art. Also, it is only intelligent art which can examine, and possibly change, people's prejudices. Not propaganda for cancel culture or whatever. 😏
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🧵Here's a thread detailing the connection between Amber Heard and Judge Nicol (the judge in the UK trial).

Andrew Nicol was a barrister at the Doughty St Chambers for many years until he became a High Court Judge. Many of us know him as “Judge Nicol”.

Doughty St Chambers was founded by Geoffrey Robertson. Andrew Nicol and Geoffrey Robertson both co-wrote the book called “Media Law”
Judge Nicol’s wife is Camilla Palmer. Camilla and Kathy have been friends with each other for many years.

Kathy Lette was married to Geoffrey Robertson for 27 years until they divorced. The same Geoffrey who founded the court that employed Judge Nicol and wrote a book with him
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Not infamous alleged cryptocurrency serial scammer and #AmberHeardlsALiar/#media waterboy coming after @LumberLaw aka Rob Moreton specifically and all YouTube #LawTube lawyers more broadly, threatening them after Moreton discovered Bouzy apparently committed perjury. #Thread 🪡
In his public Twitter attacks against @LumberLaw, Bouzy conveniently left-out Moreton had apparently discovered Bouzy perjured himself in a 2019 bankruptcy case in NJ, stemming from an eviction, in which Bouzy failed to disclose his company BotSentinel as an asset to the court.
For reference, you can hear more of @LumberLaw’s discoveries RE Bouzy, Bouzy’s eviction for failure to pay rent and Bouzy’s apparent perjury here, starting at around minute 38:

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LET'S TALK ABOUT EVE...Full Disclosure, I don't know a ton about EB but her constant badgering of #JohnnyDepp got me to wondering, why is she so invested in his demise. I'm a woman who loves being one & I understand what 'can' be BEHIND a female protest. Here is AH & EB, just ⤵️
look at the 📸, Who might a man be interested in at first glance without knowing the details of her personality... ⤵️
Here is a 📸 of JD & AH in 2012, #JohnnyDepp, A-List Acting Icon & AH starlet on the rise... ⤵️
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LET'S TALK ABOUT IT...I've heard several content creators say that in the recent pictures of #JohnnyDepp he looks tired or worn out, I disagree. Our beloved JD is just aging. JD is 59 years old, you are seeing lines & the beauty of life experience on his face. Don't trap JD⏬️
in the physicality of his youth. Bc he was so beautiful as a youth & middle aged man & also heavily 📸 we hold those images in our mind & keep him frozen in time. #JohnnyDeppIsALegend has lived, loved, created & had his heart broken, he is a full human being who has never ⤵️
relied on his appearance 2 be successful,he used his face as a tool for his craft. His beauty is his kindness, wit, affection and honesty. I celebrate his facial lines and gray hair, to me it makes him more beautiful. I wish for him to continue to grow old gracefully and find ⤵️
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On the 'Bot Sentinel' website...
That ID number is not meant to be public.
Only avail to developers & must be kept secure.

This is tiny, but MIGHTY! ䷈
Please REPORT 👇…

#JohnnyDepp #TruthWins #NFTCommunity
G. Security.

You will maintain the security of the Twitter API and will not make available to a third party, any token, key, password or other login credentials to the Twitter API.

@TwitterAPI #BouzyIsAScammer #Twitter
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"My favorite mad person in the world? Tim [Burton]... because he gives me a job sometimes. No, truly he is a mad person in some ways but it's a madness that works for him, obviously. At the risk of embarrassing him, I've always admired Tim for his commitment to his vision and... ImageImage
the impossibility of compromise and for doing exactly what he wanted, the way he wanted in his own very unique way. As far as I'm concerned, he's one of the only true artists working in cinema...." #JohnnyDepp ImageImage
Johnny Depp & Tim Burton have the best time in interviews! Humor is always the best medicine & these two gentlemen never fail to deliver. I'm in need of some of humor, so here are a few must see interviews. If you have favorites, please don't hesitate to share them.
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🧵THREAD. In response to @k4mil1aa’s thread, I wanted to create this thread with substantiated empirical research because there was a lot of misinformation and lack of context.

#DeppVsHeard #DeppVsHeardTrial #AmberHeard #JohnnyDepp
Curious about your thoughts. I’ve admired the research you’ve been posing in the aftermath of this trial. Hope you don’t mind the tag @megcelu
@threadreaderapp unroll 👋🏼
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Johnny Depp: "Nick Tosches is still moving forward. He’s so brilliant. He’s one of the ballsiest, most poetic, & rage-filled writers, but he attacks with such calm. And wisdom. I always feel really lucky after I’ve read one of Tosches’s books, because it’s like you’ve had this...
experience with him. And it’s funny because hanging out with him is very much like being in one of his books. In the same way that it was with Hunter S. Thompson. When I hung out with Hunter for all those years, & lived in his basement in Woody Creek, Colorado, we were...
together a lot. I think I even referred to us as deviant bookends at one point. But you were always the other character in the book. He made you his counterpart. So, going to Cuba or being locked in a hotel room in San Francisco with him for five days, it was all true. We did...
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I was going through my files I kept from the trial

- These don't add up -

Exh 513 face bruises 12/15/2015 - where's the split lip??
Exh 519 lip 12/15/2015 - where's the facial bruises??

#amberheardisaliar #amberisaliar #amberheard #johnnydepp #JusticeServedForJohnnyDepp ImageImage
I was going through my files I kept from the trial

- These don't add up -

Exh 515 face bruises 12/15/2015 - where's the split lip??
Exh 519 lip 12/15/2015 - where's the facial bruises??

#amberheardisaliar #amberisaliar #amberheard #johnnydepp #JusticeServedForJohnnyDepp ImageImage
I was going through my files I kept from the trial

- These don't add up -

Exh 522 face bruises 12/15/2015 lighter- where's the split lip?
Exh 519 lip 12/15/2015 - where's the facial bruises?

#amberheardisaliar #amberisaliar #amberheard #johnnydepp #JusticeServedForJohnnyDepp ImageImage
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Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow, National Law University Odisha, Cuttack & CAN Foundation will be hosting the 2nd Justice H R Khanna Memorial National Symposium on July 3, 2022.

Register here…
Event commences. First Session will be presided over by Justice Vikram Nath, Judge, Supreme Court of India, who will be initiating the debate and delivering the keynote address on topic “Fundamental Duties vis-a-vis Fundamental Rights under Our Constitution”.
Thereafter, Senior Advocates NK Kaul and Sidharth Luthra will be taking the deliberation forward.
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Here's the lowdown of what happened in #JohnnyDepp v. #AmberHeard today: the hearing started with Elaine Bredehoft asking about a briefing schedule for post-trial/post verdict motions. Judge Azcarate said something to the effect of @LawCrimeNetwork
"We don't do that" and mentioned that EB has been practicing there for 20 years. EB wanted to schedule hearings. Judge Azcarate said "I've had this case for 18 months and we had a 6-week trial. We don't need a hearing." EB said "Your Honor can decide on the papers"
Judge A said, "absolutely." EB said something about the post-trial motion being ministerial. Judge A said "this judgement is final today... I'm putting final on the order." @LawCrimeNetwork
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