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Apr 28 6 tweets 4 min read
We haven't had a player drafted in the 1st round with a #RAS below 5.00 since 2019, where we had three.

Deandre Baker, L.J. Collier, and Dwayne Haskins (RIP).

The COVID years limited testing, but I think teams also played it a lot safer than they would have otherwise. Will any player under 5.00 be drafed in 2022?

I can't think of one that should. Offhand, I can't even think of a player that MIGHT go in the 1st with a lower score.
Apr 27 7 tweets 4 min read
Happy draft week!

It's been an awesome year and I've got some exciting things cooking for 2023. If youve enjoyed #RAS,please consider donating to help expand the site and help bring some new tools for the draft community in 2023! We've been able to add some cool new features to the site this year, courtesy of @StatManEric, including the RAS Compare tool, which allows a side by side comparison of any two prospects compared all time against the RAS database.
Aug 31, 2021 53 tweets 20 min read
It probably won't be quite as fun as most years given the start of a rebuild, but let's run through the #Lions initial 53 mean roster for #RAS! By now, if you follow me, you probably know my thoughts on Goff.

Clock is ticking before they have a new QB, but given...the next two guys...he's going to start every game he's healthy for.

Unlike the Rams, he won't get benched here for poor play. Not with his price tag.
May 8, 2021 31 tweets 12 min read
You know what we haven't looked at in a while? Some outliers.

For #RAS, this normally refers to players who found success in the NFL despite not testing off the charts.

I think it's important to keep some of that in context, that it's not a death knell when a guy isn't superman Let's kick this off with what is still my favorite low #RAS card, Jarvis Landry!

Landry's combine performance in 2014 was one of the worst in this history of the NFL, in no small part due to pulling his hamstring.

I mean, just look at it!
May 6, 2021 14 tweets 4 min read
It's still WAY too early to rank them, but having done my preliminary work on 16 QB prospects for 2022, here are my early thoughts. There are no top tier talents like we had in 2021.

Prior to the 2021 season, there were three QBs vying for the top spot. All three of them would go at the top of the first round, with the addition of a fast riser in Zach Wilson and a late one in Mac Jones.

None like that here.
Dec 14, 2020 97 tweets 21 min read
Since we're talking about bad draft picks, I think it's time for one of those old walks down memory lane, y'all. Wanna walk through the past few GMs and their draft classes?

We're gonna go back a ways. So the Lions have always had a wonky front office set up. How they've had it under Wood/Quinn/Patricia is probably the most easily understood power structure they've had in decades, and probably the best organized (in theory, obviously, still gotta hire the right people).
Dec 11, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
Most of my followers are here for the football takes, but I'm a big film, music, and game guy as well.

There are few singers or musicians I mention more often than Sam Cooke, who died on this date in 1964.

Cooke had one of the most unique sounds, both of his day and until now. These are his top five songs on Spotify, each a timeless classic in his own distinct style, but also varied in tone, topic, and mood.

Cooke could bring it no matter what you were feeling, and you couldn't help but sing along if you were the type to when the mood struck. Image
Feb 29, 2020 32 tweets 23 min read
Good morning! As we get ready for the defensive players to kick off the Combine today, it's time to wrap up yesterday and that means it's Running Back #RAS #Thread time!

You can view all of the scores and links here:… A.J. Dillon is a RB prospect in the 2020 draft class out of Boston College.

He posted an elite #RAS with elite size, good speed, elite explosiveness, at the RB position.…
Feb 28, 2020 57 tweets 41 min read

Strap in.

Secure your gear.

Get ready for the ride.

It's the 2020 NFL Combine Wide Receiver #RAS #Thread Aaron Fuller is a WR prospect in the 2020 draft class out of Washington.

He posted a very poor #RAS with poor size, okay speed, okay explosiveness, at the WR position.…
Feb 28, 2020 22 tweets 14 min read
Y'all want some of them QB #RAS?

#Thread First off, here's the QB table so you can just go there and get the info on every prospect at once. It will be updated as I add new players throughout the process and when official splits come in.…
Jul 30, 2019 92 tweets 26 min read
Who's ready for a real talk thread?

Let's go over the whole #Lions roster in 280 characters or less per player. QB1 Matthew Stafford

He always looks good in camp. He looks slimmer, which may have been an intentional choice but might give me a little pause considering he's coming off a back injury and the OL still has a lot of question marks.

Barring another injury, I still expect top 15.
Mar 3, 2019 52 tweets 34 min read
Defensive End and Defensive Tackle Thread! This is a long one, so strap in.

Note that #RAS has DE, DT, and LB designations, so if you want a guy at a different position, either download the app or ask for it sometime later tonight. LBs later.

Let's GOOOOOOO! Anthony Nelson posted an elite #RAS at the #2019NFLCombine with great size, good speed, great explosion, and elite agility. Nelson broke 7.00 in the 3-Cone drill despite weighing in at 271 pounds, which is huge.

*Splits Projected*
Mar 3, 2019 52 tweets 33 min read
Alright. The beast. The 2019 NFL Combine Wide Receiver #RAS thread! Apologies in advance if I missed a mez or two here and there. NFL site was being a bit wonky and this is just a ton of data. I will post any corrections at the end. Some of the WR 40 times were still listed as unofficial.