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11 Jun
1/ It was a great experience to team up w/ @JeanMarcBenoit & provide info + data on CV19 vaxxine related injuries, as well as the Myocarditis issue, for @TuckerCarlson’s show Tucker Carlson Tonight #FoxNews
2/ Two of the peer-reviewed studies talked about in Tucker’s show were published in The Lancet & JAMA. They showed that children are at an extremely low risk of injury from CV19. I reviewed the findings of these tweets in an earlier thread here: 👇🏻

3/ A link between Myocarditis & Pfizer’s CV19 vaxxine has been confirmed in children & young adults. The CDC is planning on an “emergency meeting” to discuss this serious side effect occurring in kids. I review this Myocarditis issue here:
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9 Jun
1/ So now Ottawa is confirming that it is seeing an increased incidence of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) in children & young adults after getting Pfizer’s COVID mRNA vaxxine
2/ Israel, one of the most vaxxinated countries in the world, was the first to identify post-Pfizer COVID vaxxine myocarditis in children. Now it has a report out that confirms the link between these mRNA COVID vaxxines & myocarditis in children
3/ Thus far, there have been 1000s of reports of various serious side effects w/ these COVID mRNA vaxxines in adults. These side effects include fatal blood clots (VITT), paralysis, blindness, deafness, miscarriage, altered menstrual cycles & vaginal bleeding, & herpes flares
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29 May
1/ Today I want to ask some questions about the govt of Canada’s decision to grant emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s CV19 vaxxine to be used in children aged 12-15 years old
2/ This is the report written by Health Canada regarding the clinical trial by Pfizer where the CV19 vaxxine was tested in children. The entire clinical trial had only 2260 participants & out of that 1131 kids got the vaxxine. Lets assume gender proportion = 50% (565 👦🏻-565 👧🏻)
3/ According to Statistics Canada, our population is 38 million, and ~8.1 million are children under 19. Let’s again assume that half are girls (4.05 million) & the other half are boys (4.05 million)
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11 May
AstraZeneca: A Love Story 💔 Image
Praise our Lawd and Saviour
🙌🏻 AstraZeneca 🙌🏻

🙌🏻 Glory hallelujah 🙌🏻 Image
Oh, people younger than 55 can’t be 💦baptized💦 with AstraZeneca? Image
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11 May
1/ How do you know that the pro-lockdown+face mask crowd are losing the war & getting increasingly desperate? They’re now using identity politics instead of #science in their arguments. Let me explain how public health/infectious disease docs, not lockdown skeptics, are fascists
2/ Let’s start w/ the parasite hypothesis, which explains why “authoritarian governments are more likely to emerge in regions characterized by a high prevalence of disease-causing pathogens”. Studies also show parasite prevalence predicts measures of authoritarian governance
3/ Hitler, leader of the nazis, was a germaphobe & “obsessed w/ the idea of infection”. He avoided personal contact & is said to have bathed 4 times/day. He also referred to Jews as parasites that infected nations. These traits are linked to authoritarian ideologies, not skeptics
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4 May
1/ Last week, I shared data for 17 countries showing an extremely worrying trend between CV19 cases, deaths, & vaxxine administration. This is an update w/ 9 more countries displaying the same trend, bringing the total now up to 26 countries

#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #Ontario
2/ We start w/ the islands of Antigua & Barbuda in the Caribbean. Vaxxinations started on 17-Feb-2021, followed by a sharp rise in CV19 deaths, the most deaths since the pandemic started. It took ~2 months for CV19 cases to return to pre-vax levels

#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #data
3/ Moving south, we now look at Brazil, where CV19 deaths have continued to increase since vaxxinations started on 16-Jan-2021. 4 months after vaxxinations began in Brazil, deaths have not returned to pre-vax levels.

#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #data #Science
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28 Apr
1/ Important #COVID19 vaxxine data thread. I have avoided tweeting about the vax issue as it’s become an immensely toxic topic. But there are some extremely worrying trends emerging between CV19 cases, deaths, & vaxxine administration.
#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #science #data
2/ Here, I will share publicly available data for #COVID19 vaxxinations, cases, & deaths in 17 countries + #Ontario & ask questions, as per the scientific method. You are free to make up your own mind regarding the trends shown.
#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #science #data
3/ #Israel was the one of the first countries to start CV19 vaxxinations (19-Dec-2020). Since vaxxinations began, both CV19 cases & deaths continued to increase for ~5 weeks. It took 3 months for cases+deaths return to pre-vax levels.
#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #science #data ImageImageImage
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26 Apr
1/ So @MeganatLFPress at @LFPress wrote an extremely biased, & in my personal opinion, a rather shameful piece on Professor @DonaldWelsh16 , where she took a quote out of context from one of his Twitter threads to smear him #cdnpoli #onpoli #Ontario #Canada Image
2/ But if @MeganatLFPress had actually done even a minuscule amount actual journalism, you know, what presumably seems to be her job at @LFPress, she would understand the parallels b/w the nazis & public health officials promoting restrictions that impinge on rights/freedoms
3/ Allow me to do your job for you @MeganatLFPress & show you, & the @LFPress, what real journalism looks like, not brain dead fluff pieces about tee times being in high demand or London getting a “music city” designation ImageImage
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15 Apr
1/ So 3 days ago I wrote a thread & exposed how big of a phony biostatistician Ryan @imgrund is. I showed that he was hiding ~18 yrs of teaching experience on #LinkedIn to make himself look like a professional biostatistician #cdnpoli #onpoli #Ontario @globalnews @CBCNews #Canada
2/ 3 days later, take a look at @imgrund’s LinkedIn profile. This pseudo-statistician not only re-added his teaching experience, but also *for the first time* has listed his PHAC experience, which he says was 9+ years @globalnews @CBCNews @TorontoStar #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
3/ So now the question is: was @imgrund working 2 public sector jobs? A research analyst for @GovCanHealth (2000-2009) & teacher for @YRDSB (2003-present)? Can @GovCanHealth plz confirm his employment or is he lying? @globalnews @CBCNews #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada
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12 Apr
1/ Resentful high school teacher w/ a complex Ryan @imgrund, pretending to be a biostatistician on social media because deep down inside he always wanted to be someone popular & important, is calling for @YorkRegionGovt Dr. Kurji’s termination

#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #Ontario
2/ @imgrund claims that he has been trained by PHAC & worked there for 10 years, yet this decade long experience is completely missing from his LinkedIn. In fact, he is so delusional, he removed his ~18 years of teaching experience from his LinkedIn to hide his true profession
3/ But as hard as he wants to try, @imgrund can’t hide the fact that at the end of the day, he is a teacher & not a real biostatistician. Even Google search shows that he’s a teacher 😂 His LinkedIn says hes been a biostatistician from March 2020, a dazzling year long career 🤡
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7 Apr
1/ “What did you do during the pandemic, dad?”

Fisman: Well son, I was proud to be part of @UofT’s-Gates Foundation-bankrolled disinformation campaign that undermined public health messaging & caused more people to die”

#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #Ontario
2/ “Really dad? How did you do that?”

Fisman: “Well kiddo, for starters, I was paid by the Ontario teacher’s union to spread disinformation about transmission of #COVID19 in children & schools, to make sure schools remained closed & kids couldn’t even receive a decent education
3/ Fisman: “And then, as report after report came out about the mental health of children being decimated & rampant eating disorders prevalent, daddy dismissed them w/ more disinformation”

#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #Ontario
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9 Mar
1/ Another tweet full of #misinformation!

Let’s fact check the fact checker!

Tweet contains nonsense about:
- HydroxyChloroquine “no good evidence” means lack of evidence? HCQ has been used extensively by countries w/ low CV19 mortality e.g. India. Tweet=❌

#cdnpoli #onpoli
- #supplements (reality: ditto)

Has this pseudo-expert fact checker never read a single trial on vit D? How about taking vit D or zinc supps to help increase your levels if you are low? We know these have direct effects on the immune system. Tweet=❌

#cdnpoli #onpoli
- variants (reality: yes, they ARE real)

Yes, variants are SO real, that we had identified around 12,000 of them by fall 2020. Regarding if they are of concern, the B117 is as much of a concern as eggs are to heart disease, aka zero. Tweet=❌ #cdnpoli…
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27 Feb
Last week, Dr. Theresa Tam @CPHO_Canada & the Ontario Scientology table released their latest model that garnered criticism, ridicule, & shame at an international level. The now famous Covid Erection had risen 🍆📈

#Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli #COVID19
The Covid Erection model predicted ~5000 cases by the end of February. Well, now that we’re at February’s end, Ontario recorded ~1250 cases. It would seem that the Covid Erection encountered some...ahem, erectile dysfunction 📉

#Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
Since the Covid Erection model had become flaccid, Dr. Tam @CPHO_Canada needed another story to continue the propaganda of fear; public health by dread & distress. So she came out today to say that Canada was experiencing 75X more cases than the spring peak

#Canada #cdnpoli
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13 Feb

“That which was foretold hath come to pass”


Let’s look at some of the predictions made by this prophet, and collectively by the

🤡Ontario Scientology Table🤡

#COVID19 #coronavirus #lockdown #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
2/ The earliest model (Apr 3) predicted 80,000 cases “w/ the current scenario” at that time, by April 30th; but we only had 16,187. It can be argued that we weren’t testing enough back then. So here’s another example:

#COVID19 #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli #lockdown
3/ On Nov 26th, the OST predicted that by Christmas there would be 6000 cases reported daily, but only 2447 cases were reported. The SAT has consistently produced inaccurate & hyperbolic models to scare Ontarians & to promote #lockdown

#COVID19 #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
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28 Jan
1/ This is an open letter to Premier Doug Ford @fordnation from a very concerned Ontarian. Cc. @traviskann @yelich_ivana

#COVID19 #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli #lockdown
2/ For almost a year, Ontarians, including working parents, children & small business owners, have patiently listened to your press releases & complied w/ all of the restrictions imposed upon us, at great cost to our lives & livelihoods

#COVID19 #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
3/ These restrictions, most notably the lockdowns & stay-at-home orders, have been based on glaringly inaccurate & misleading models from your COVID19 Ontario Science Advisory Table (SAT). Here are some examples:

#COVID19 #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli #lockdown
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27 Jan
1/ Wow! So Fisman was likely paid $400-600 per HOUR consulting for teacher’s unions while promoting #school closures! He made money as the mental & physical health of #Ontario kids got destroyed!

#COVID19 #Canada #lockdown #cdnpoli #onpoli #coronavirus…
2/ As he advised that schools in #Ontario should remain closed, the #CDC says that MOST of the evidence indicates schools are safe. His advice as an “expert witness” has had dire consequences on children. How abt some #accountability

#COVID19 #Canada…
3/ Fisman also advocates for harsh #Ontario wide #lockdown. So while ppl have lost jobs, their lives & livelihoods ruined, he not only got paid $400+ per hr from teacher’s unions, but also got paid from vaccine producers AstraZeneca & Pfizer. Conflicts du jour
#Canada #cdnpoli
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8 Jan
1/ There were countless theories put forward in 2020 on how we should deal with the #COVID19 pandemic. The most unscientific of them all was #Covidzero. To appreciate why, we must understand the concept of #endemic viruses; thread

#Coronavirus #lockdown #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli
2/ According to the CDC, a disease is endemic when it is constantly or predictably prevalent within a population or region. Both #influenza & coronaviruses are #endemic; meaning that they constantly circulate within our population

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #Canada #Ontario
3/ Let’s look at the H1N1 influenza pandemic to illustrate how a resp. virus becomes endemic. #H1N1 entered the human population in 2008-2009. The following data is taken from the #US CDC’s Fluview Interactive tool

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #science #data #Canada #Ontario
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29 Dec 20
1/ ok folks, grab seat coffee & and have a sit down, because we need to talk about a topic that has been largely ignored by the news media & public health pundits. The seasonality of respiratory viruses

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #science #data #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli
2/ The prevalence of resp. viruses (influenza, coronavirus, RSV) is highly seasonal. This review from spring 2020 shows what we have known for decades: resp. viruses are prevalent between fall & spring, peaking in winter. They are not prevalent in warmer months (May-Oct)
3/ Heres another study that shows the seasonal prevalence of coronaviruses. I boxed [] when coronaviruses peak, which you can see occurs in winter months (green bars). This is why resp viruses are often called winter viruses

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #Canada #data #cdnpoli
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17 Dec 20
For all the people that’ve been cleaning their groceries, opening door handles with lysol wipes etc, let’s look at the evidence for the fomite transmission of COVID-19
(& asymptomatic transmission as well)

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #science #data #Canada #canpoli #onpoli
Fomite transmission is the spread of a pathogen (like a virus) via contact of an inanimate object. For example, the idea of getting infected with COVID-19 after touching a door knob because it may have viral particles on it

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #science #data #Canada
This short review published in The Lancet in July looked at the available evidence for COVID-19 fomite transmission

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #pandemic #science #data #Canada #Ontario #canpoli #onpoli #fomite #transmission #virus
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11 Dec 20
Yesterday, the Science Table Advisory for Ontario had a press briefing where they showed the latest Ontario #COVID19 data. One of the figures was Ontario’s Google mobility data

#Coronavirus #lockdown #pandemic #science #data #Canada #COVID19ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
People’s mobility peaked around end of August/early September & then started a gradual downwards trend. Was there any effect of this gradual decline in mobility on the number of cases in Ontario?

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #pandemic #science #data #Canada #cdnpoli #onpoli
Clearly, there was no effect of reducing mobility after it peaked, on number of cases. And remember in summer, people’s mobility increased while number of cases decreased.

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #pandemic #science #data #Canada #COVID19ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
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3 Dec 20
The reasoning given for justifying lockdowns by public health officials (& people) is based on the assumption that lockdowns drive down spread/transmission of a virus by reducing people’s mobility, which leads to less contact between people
#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #Canada
Hence, according to this hypothesis, if a population moves around more during a pandemic, viral transmission should increase, leading to higher cases/infections

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #pandemic #science #data #Canada #COVID19ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
Does the data support this reasoning for lockdowns? Let’s compare people’s mobility to number of cases in Canada

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #pandemic #science #data #Canada #COVID19ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
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