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13 Jan
Update on the Stand Your Ground bill that passed the Sen Judiciary Committee this a.m.

Sen. Ballinger attempted to ram the amendment to the bill through for a vote by the full Senate this afternoon so as not to, as he said, deal with phone calls and emails over the weekend.
Just a bit of background: While the cmte approved the amendment this morning, it still has to be approved by the full Senate. The rules require 18 hours notice for the action to be put on the calendar, but Ballinger attempted to suspend the rules and vote immediately in full Sen.
The amendment wasn't made available to the Judiciary Committee members until the meeting where they had to vote on it, and it hadn't been seen by several members of the Senate at the time of Ballinger's request.

Here's a link to the amended version:
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13 Jan
Senate Judiciary Committee: A thread

Sen. Ballinger is introducing an amendment to the Deadly Physical Force bill, which the Senators had not seen until now and which isn't available to the public.
Sen. Flowers asks if the Arkansas Prosecutor Attorney's Assn agrees to the amendment. She also points out that neither she nor the public has had a chance to view the amendment. #arpx #arleg
Prosecuting Attorneys Assn is in the room now. Sen. Flowers asks if they approve of the proposed amendment. He says that (unlike the public or other senators) the association has had a chance to review the amendment and approves it.
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11 Jan
Full text of Trent Garner response:
"“I’m seeing some legislators worried about safety at the Arkansas State Capitol next week. Buck up and stop cowering. It’s more dangerous in downtown Little Rock on a random day than it is at the Capitol during this made-up “insurgency.”
"I didn’t see this kind of fear in the months when the Capitol was vandalized and buildings were being destroyed all around it. Do the job the people hired you to do, show some backbone, and carry a weapon if you want to feel safe.”
This statement is 100% aimed at Jim Hendren, who Garner is terrified of. Hendren has shown real leadership, and Garner doesn't know what to do with that. So he lies to Arkansans and sides with insurrection.
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31 Oct 20
Preface: I'm fine.
Tweet: I spent yesterday in the Covid ER at Washington Regional. What I saw was a well-oiled machine. My nurse and ER doc were amazing despite: Almost constant arrival of ambulances. Frequent calls about transfers. ER rooms full. But total calm.
No one wants to be in a Covid ER. I balked until my doc very strongly insisted. I envisioned a scene like Italy. People on the floors, in the hallways. It was nothing like that.

Immediate triage and room placement. I didn't see another patient until I was leaving.
In that moment, my heart broke. It was a man, looked like in his 60's, white as a sheet, being wheeled on a bed. He was clearly struggling for breath. He looked scared.

Whoever he is, he's one of 667 hospitalized Arkansans. And he's one of us - a neighbor with a worried family.
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29 Oct 20
Ok, so I did a deep dive in to the early vote data from @TargetSmart. Disclaimer: I didn't collect this data - I'm just analyzing it.

My big takeaway compared to this point in 2016:
- Turnout from voters under 30 is up 77% in Benton Co., up 48% in Washington Co.
I made a couple of visualizations. This one shows % increase for youth turnout for counties with an increase, sorted from most to least:

Next is Under 30 turnout with a side-by-side comparison of 2016 vs. 2020. I pre-selected Washington, Benton, and Pulaski counties just for fun.

Here's the raw with 2016 vs. 2020:
Benton: 4647 8226
Washington: 8167 9666
Pulaski: 5635 8309

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