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Good morning, fam. Today's the big day: LEARNS will be heard in a few minutes at 9am in Senate Education.

You can follow along with this thread for live updates or watch via the link below! #arpx #arleg #LEARNSact #NoVouchers…
per our friend @gelderbailey, there are five pages worth of people signed up to speak on #LEARNSact. #arpx #arleg
We're off to the races. Chair of cmte, Sen Jane English, warns that folks in audience will be booted if they talk #LEARNSact #arpx #arleg
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#Sb199 (medical malpractice/Trans youth healthcare ban) is up for consideration in the #arleg Senate.

“What this bill says is we know better than these 20 kids and their parents” -Sen. Tucker speaking against #SB199 #arpx
“We need to have bills that are based on evidence, not theories” -Sen. Tucker speaking against #SB199

#arpx #arleg
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Good morning #arpx! It’s week seven and we’re here to give you live updates of the #arleg.

Watching S-State Agencies now, lots of election bills on the agenda today. Be sure to follow for any important updates, or click the link to watch with us 🍿…
#SB254 is up in committee. This bill would get rid of write in candidates. The goal is to “streamline”

What do you think about it? #arpx #arleg
#SB254 passes #arleg senate committee #arpx
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Reading the LEARNs Act now and already it looks like the governor found it laying in a cow pasture. It’s horrible and it will be incredibly destructive to our state. I’ll post what I find in this thread as I go. #arpx #arleg
On pages 2 and 3 of the LEARNs act the governor and the sponsors start off by weakening requirements for youth mental health training for school resource officers.
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Good morning, Arkansas! At 10am Senate Judiciary will hear SB81, the library book ban bill.

You can follow along on this thread or stream it live here:
#arpx #arleg…
Context: Sen. Dan Sullivan was behind the Craighead Co. ballot petition that slashed the library's budget in half — all b/c the library had a table with a PRIDE display: #arpx #arleg…
Sen. Sullivan now brings his library crusade to the Senate. SB81 would make it illegal for libraries to post "obscene material" or distribute library materials that are "harmful" to minors. #arpx #arleg…
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1) Vouchers are a scam with a long history of documented failure. Despite all the disingenuous claims made by their advocates they have been tried many times and each time failed to produce the promised results. But they’ve often had consequences for students…
2) Vouchers have already been tried in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, in the District of Columbia, etc. In each instance they failed to produce much noticeable achievement in student performance on tests or in essential subjects.
3) The final congressional required evaluation for the DC voucher program, for example, concluded that there was no conclusive evidence that it affected student achievement”.
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Conway Superintendent Jeff Collum issued a directive prohibiting CPSD coaches from wearing attire at school athletic events that mention “Celebrate Black History." He doesn't think it's appropriate for staff to wear attire that expressed support for groups that "resemble a cult". A white background with a c...A black background with whi...
Our school superintendent believes the Black community is a cult. Let's show him that Black history, culture, joy, and resistance belong in Conway schools. RT if you agree!

#conway #arpx #BlackHistoryMonth A black background with whi...
Angry? Take action!

1) Contact Superintendent Jeff Collum by phone: (501) 450-4800 or email: to let him know racism has no place in Conway Schools. A white background with a y...
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The AR legislature allocated an average of $73,180 per teacher for salary and benefits in the 2022-23 school year. $57,208 for base salary & remaining for benefits (health insurance, retirement, etc).

Why aren’t districts allocating this full amount to teachers? #arleg #arpx Image
In addition to the funds outlined above (which are disbursed through foundation funding via the matrix), the state provides additional $$$ via the Teacher Salary Equalization (TSE) Fund to help districts increase teacher salaries to meet the state’s target average of $51,822.
If a district’s average teacher salary is less than $51,822, they qualify to receive the supplemental $$ via TSE. 226 districts qualified to receive these supplemental funds in 2022-23.…
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Last night, I protested the Moms for Liberty meeting that featured guest speaker Arkansas State Senator Dan Sullivan. He talked about potential education bills, and all I can say is Y I K E S, a thread 🧵 #arpx
First, they want a merit-based affirmative action bill because Dan and his ilk are against looking for diversity when hiring.
Second, they want a public recording bill in regards to recording public officials (I do not know details yet).
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Arkansas elected a twice bankrupt man to be state treasurer. Jonesboro defunded their library. A twice censured state senator who got his buddy to help steal per diem money was unopposed.
Democracy means the people get to speak. Sometimes people say really stupid stuff. #arpx
And also… Steve Landers did not buy City Hall even with Huckabee money and racist dog whistles. None of the power grab/ anti democracy amendments passed. Justice Wynne looks like he will hold on against a partisan hack for State Supreme Court.
The federal delegation held for @argop, but when you dig into the numbers candidates with literally zero name recognition pulled 40% of the vote. Less than half of eligible voters cast ballots. These men aren’t well liked. They’re known.
@ArkDems need 💰for publicity & GOTV.
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@SarahHuckabee, my name is Chris Jones. I’m your opponent, not @JohnFetterman. You’re allegedly running for governor of Arkansas, not senator from Pennsylvania. I don’t care that you ignore me. But I do care that you ignore Arkansans.
Not one word about the Crawford County beating? Nothing about the teacher shortage? Silent on 1 in 4 of AR kids going to bed hungry? You are my opponent for Governor, but continue to be absent from Arkansas.
It’s time you join me in showing Arkansans the choice before them on November 8.

Let’s have a real debate. #arpx
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The newly drawn District 9 is an incredibly special and important legislative district. If you care about fairness, expanding opportunity, and community-focused leadership and representation, join @isamargh_ and me Thurs. from 6-7:30 at the Springdale Library. #arleg #arpx 1/
The first official Latino-majority district in Arkansas, this community deserves a representative committed to elevating its diverse voices and advocating for the unique needs of the families who make up downtown and East Springdale. #arleg #arpx
Isamar and I both have deep Springdale roots and a fierce commitment to ensuring this community is represented well, even though we both live right outside of it. Join us tomorrow. Advocates, servant leaders, storytellers, hard workers, and dreamers welcome. #arleg #arpx 3/3
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Hi, Hola, Iakwe, Springdale. I am so incredibly proud and grateful to be your state representative. That’s why it’s so disappointing to announce today that I won’t be seeking re-election in 2022. #arpx #arleg 1/
A few weeks ago, when the Board of Apportionment released its draft map of new House districts, I joined dozens of people in calling on the board to amend the draft to keep downtown Springdale whole. 2/
I was so encouraged by the outpouring of support and was hopeful that the board would listen to our community. They didn’t. The partisan and divisive map, finalized today, leaves me in a district that stretches up into Benton County. 3/
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Some more of this today. House currently trying to decide if #SB731 is relevant to the call of session.

#SB731 is the right to privacy regarding #CovidVaccine status.
🚨Update on #SB731🚨

The #arleg House has voted to hear #SB731, despite the DFA testifying that the federal #covid relief funds CANNOT be used in the context of the bill. #arpx #arnews
Rep. Ray says that #SB731 will cause more issues; he says that this is creating a new protected class in #arpx law.

This extended session has really reviled rips within the #arleg GOP.
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The #arleg Senate has reconvened.

So far Ballinger has been at the well yelling, essentially threatening the Senate to pass the Emergency Clause on #SB739. He’s running #SB731.

#arpx #arleg #arnews
#SB731 has passed, but the emergency clause has failed.

Hammer is up next; still trying to get #HB1977’s emergency clause passed. #arpx #arleg Image
#HB1977’s emergency clause has failed.

#HB1982 is up next; but remember, the emergency clause failed yesterday in the House. Image
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House is back. #HB1982 is up for a vote. Rep. Speaks is explaining all the changes that have been made. #arpx #arleg #FairMapsAR
Lots of discussion about the impact of #HB1982 and what it will do to communities of color. Remember, the two slivers of Pulaski that are being cut out of the 2nd are 65% and 70% nonwhite.

#arpx #arleg #FairMapsAR
@tippi31 brings up the fact that it’s been hard for #arleg to keep up with meetings, so to expect the public to do so is not right. #arpx #arnews #FairMapsAR
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#HB1982 is up in H-Stage Agencies now. #FairMapsAR #arleg #arpx

Watch live:…
#HB1982 has passed out of H-State Agencies; remember, the senate companion bill failed today. #arpx #arleg #FairMapsAR
Rep. Beck makes a motion to go back to the original process of ranked choice voting when it comes to maps.

The motion fails.

#FairMapsAR #arpx #arleg
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#arleg House update:

Rep. Speaks attempted to amend #HB1982 (companion to #SB743) but the amendment failed.

#SB739 (companion to #HB1977) has been put on hold until the Senate figures out the emergency clause situation.

House is in recess for 10 minutes. #arpx #arnews
The #arleg House is back; currently trying to decide whether or not to send #HB1977 back to the Senate. #arpx #arnews
An official motion is made to send #HB1977 back to the Senate.

Rep. Jeans asks his House colleagues not to play Senate games and not to send it back. He says the Senate will hold up extended session for days if the bill is sent back. #arpx #arleg #arnews
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Senate Session has come to order. Bills on the agenda include #SB731 and #SB743.

#FairMapsAR #arpx #arleg
Sen. Irvin has filed another map #SB744. It has been sent to State Agencies.
#SB743 is up; Sen. English has another amendment for the map… but she can’t explain what the technical corrections are. #arpx #arleg #FairMapsAR
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On the House side we’re in State Agencies. #HB1971 is up now with an amendment. Rep. Payton says he plans on voting it down; one because of issues with the map, but two because of the process.

#FairMapsAR #arpx #arleg
Payton says that the House should not play “Simon Says” with the senate. He says he doesn’t approve of the process in which things have gone today. #arpx #arleg
Not looking good for #HB1971. Several committee members referencing process and transparency. Shots fired at the Senate. #arpx #arleg #FairMapsAR
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🚨Senate State Agencies is currently meeting; #SB743 is being heard now #arpx #arleg…
The committee has been presented with an amendment to #SB743.

#arpx #arleg #FairMapsAR
Sen. Tucker points out that the areas in Pulaski being cut out by #SB743 are nonwhite communities. #arpx #arleg
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Over on the Senate floor, Sen. Pro Temp Hickey asks members to extract Sen. English's map bill. Maps for her bill are being passed out now. #arpx #arleg #fairmapsAR
Motion to extract SB743; "We're about to vote to extract a bill that is not up to standard?" -Sen Davis #arpx #arleg #fairmapsAR
Sen Ingram speaks against the extraction motion. "If we can't come to agreement in committee, something is flawed." -Sen Ingram #arpx #arleg #fairmapsAR
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Track today's Senate State Agencies with this 🧵. A lot of bills on the agenda but we expect there to be a clear favorite. #arpx #arleg
Hopefully we will see congressional map bills move out of the Senate and House today—the literal reason for #arleg to convene in this extended session. #arpx
Sen. Hester is joining State Agencies by phone this morning #arpx #arleg #fairmapsAR
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H-State Agencies is live; Rep. Dotson is presenting #HB1981

This splits Pulaski County, and it does not keep cities together. #arpx #arleg Image
Rep. Love is up presenting #HB1978.

#FairMapsAR #arpx #arleg Image
Rep. Love is explains that each district in #HB1978 has an “anchor city,” which is a city with larger population than the surrounding areas. #arpx #arleg #FairMapsAR
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