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There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn. (Albert Camus)
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8 Oct 19
Just saw a Rolls Royce Dawn convertible (from £282,000) in Manchester city centre.

I can't think of a single reason why it's owner shouldn't have half of what they own reallocated to people in need.

No one needs so much money. Once basic needs are met its only uses are ostentatious display (that Rolls) or investing to make yet more money.

Anyone driving a £282,000 car has a quarter of a million too much. That could lift 10 families out of poverty for a year.

I live well on less than £24k a year. I drive a cabriolet. I have several foreign holidays a year. I eat out most weeks.

I have no problem with successful people having more - much more. But how can anyone question the moral imperative that they pay their fair dues?

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3 Oct 19
Here, in three tweets, is a quick overview of the parlous state of the UK economy [thread]:
Manufacturing nearing recession, fastest pace of job losses since 2013 due to Brexit…
UK recession alarm bells ring as services sector contracts…
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27 Aug 19
A critical moment is coming - the moment it is confirmed that Parliament has been suspended.

At that moment, we must pour into London and lay siege to Whitehall. And STAY THERE until Parliament is restored.

No ifs, no buts. WE MUST NOT FAIL THIS TEST. #BlockTheCoup
Yes, if #LiarJohnson tries to silence our Parliament, we will #TakeWhitehall. And, let us be clear: we WILL NOT be seeking permits from the "authorities". The "authorities" are those stealing our liberty. We don't want their permission, we want them GONE. #BlockTheCoup
I am one voice, and I could be silenced. I need others to pile onto this. The plan is simple:

IF Johnson shuts Parliament, put out a call using #FBPE and #TakeWhitehall. That's it.

Then everyone get your arses to Whitehall and stay there till democracy is restored.
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18 Aug 19
There follow two alternative visions of November 1st. Please read them both then vote. 1/
Version A. Harriet Harmon, who was nominated by Jeremy Corbyn as Labour's first woman prime minister, calls a general election having first agreed a further extension with the EU. Corbyn is confident of leading his party to victory. /2
Version B: Johnson has carried out his threat to leave the EU with no deal. All cross-Channel ferries have been cancelled because of congestion on the French side. Queues on the M20 and. M2 stretch all the way to London. There is mass looting. Martial law has been invoked. /3
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2 Aug 19
Here, have a flavour of the job losses caused by Brexit over recent days...

Hot off the blocks, Today's papers are full of the collapse of and its sister company Super Break. 250 jobs gone at a stroke. Surely nothing to do with the slumping pound and an impending recession?…
Just two days ago, I learned from Twitter that this small business in the southwest had folded with the loss of 8 jobs.…
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2 Aug 19
Cabinet Office: no-deal will lead to medicine shortages; disruptions to the food supply chain and panic buying; demonstrations and civil disorder that would stretch the police thin; and the risk that low-income groups will be hit by price rises on food, fuel and utilities...
Sky News also has an official document setting out the threats to borders, the economy, security, data, Northern Ireland and individuals. “Law and order challenges” in Northern Ireland, gaps in security and difficulty for Britons returning from abroad are among predictions...
This is a description of a country at war, but Britain's only enemy in this instance is itself.

Inflicting this suffering on the British people is #JihadiJohnson's actual government policy.

An unelected Prime Minister with no Commons majority waging war on his own people...
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30 Jul 19
Okay, folks, we need to put names to the rabble collectively known as the #CabinetOfHorrors...

Johnson: #JihadiJohnson
Gove: #SlithyGove
Raab: #DemonicDominic
Mogg: the #HauntedPencil
Rudd: #AmberRudderless
Patel: #PritiVacant
Williamson: #PrivatePike
As there are now two Dominics in the #CabinetOfHorrors, I propose the following supplementary nomenclature :

Raab remains #DemonicDominic
Cummings is #UnelectedDominic
And don't forget...

Villiers: #CruellaDeVilliers
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29 May 19
When a bloke from Wigan says to @lisanandy “Look, love, it was better before we were in the EU. I remember it, you don’t,” what he's saying is he wants it to be 1970 again.

Someone should tell him that leaving the EU won't bring back chips in newspaper.…
And what @lisanandy is saying is, the only way to prevent populists mopping up the votes of disillusioned voters is to emulate the populists - even though you know that their snake oil will only make things worse.

You can lead appeasers to history books but can't make them read.
Here's an alternative hypothesis. I noticed that all the people interviewed by the Guardian were old. Could it be that many young people have moved elsewhere because the town offers them no future? If so (and I'm not saying it is), Brexit will only make it worse.
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26 Mar 19
Don't pity Leavers. They ignored our pleas for 33 months despite us telling them how Brexit will tear apart our families, our lives, our businesses; and despite their complete inability to produce a single practical benefit. They deserve to feel the full anguish of defeat.
In time, Leavers will realise that casting a vote to trash the United Kingdom probably wasn't their finest hour. The sensible thing they could do would be to keep quiet and hope eventually everyone forgets how they voted.
Let me clarify that a "Leaver" is not just someone who in 2016 voted Leave. A "Leaver" is someone who, even now after all we've learned since then, calls themselves a Leaver. Most people are neither Remainers nor Leavers. Those who are have chosen a side - it's a choice.
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25 Mar 19
Government losing 1-0 at half time.
It's 1-1 at full time. PENALTIES!...
Government loses 2-1 on penalties!
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18 Feb 19
Honda likely to announce TOTAL closure of its Swindon factory tomorrow. (Source @SkyNews)

3,500 employees plus around 10,000 more in the supply chain.

Many of them voted to leave the EU. I feel so sorry for those who didn't.
How long before some twat blames this on diesel?
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11 Feb 19
Which is the BEST answer to a complex constitutional question with major economic implications?
So why are our parliamentarians hell bent on implementing the most popular one?
(I've noticed this survey has attracted a few votes from, er... Shall we be kind and call them "democrats"?)
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18 Jan 19
205,000 job losses? But the UK has full employment, doesn't it?

Read this, then decide.

(Please share this thread)…
The unemployment statistics are calculated using an international standard, but successive UK governments have "gamed" the system by promoting the creation of insecure and underpaid jobs. This is euphemistically called "a flexible labour market".
The reality in the UK is massive poverty among even people in work. Children are going to school hungry. There is growing demand at food banks. People with jobs are living rough. This is not a labour market that delivers the needs of workers, and it has to change.
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28 Dec 18
Have you noticed all those "I'm so excited about stopping free movement and helping the rich that I've joined the Tories!" tweets?

Or all those "I'm so inspired by the prospect of a jobs-first me-too Brexit that I've joined the Labour Party!" tweets?

On the other hand...
How many tweets like this are you seeing every day?
In my view it's not the messenger, it's the message - a message of hope in a voice of clear reason. No one wakes up in the morning and says "you know, I think I'll become a Lib Dem". But when everyone else is doubling down on bullshit, it could be the way to go.
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17 Dec 18
It's not just Rolls Royce... Here's what we can conclude (short #thread):…
1. Although no manufacturing jobs are being moved, the EU's aviation body will take the place of the CAA. Clearly this is a work transfer.

2. UK aviation companies are showing they lack confidence in the UK government to provide safeguards.

3. There is turbulence ahead as aerospace manufacturers weigh where to invest. They operate closely integrated supply chains, so expect them to move as one body.

4. Much depends what Rolls, Bombardier and Airbus do. They will take tens of thousands of jobs with them if they go.
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7 Dec 18
Some ideas for future referendums:

> A pay rise for everyone

> Bring back hanging

> Free beer for Brits

> Chips in real newspaper

> Scrap income tax

> Elect doctors and teachers

Can anyone spot the problem with referendums?
Let's have a referendum to have more old music in the charts. Everyone knows that old music is better, so kids should be grateful in time.
Or, to take a darker turn, a referendum to confiscate the property of some unpopular minority group and use it to reduce the taxes on the rest of us?

Wouldn't that be democratic?

You see, there are good reasons why referendums are not a central feature of our constitution.
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5 Oct 18
Things we'll say #afterBrexit...
Remember when the pound was worth more than the dollar? #afterBrexit
Yes, we're going to Skegness again. #afterBrexit
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21 Aug 18
Here is Andy's pictorial guide to Brexit slogans:
1. A "Hard Brexit". This means running off a cliff edge on 29th March 2019.
2. A "Clean Brexit". This means the same as a "Hard Brexit", but makes the resulting injuries seem a bit more clinical.
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19 Aug 18
All these organisations have cut UK jobs or moved ops to the EU die to Brexit. At the end of the thread I will provide a link details/evidence.

The Big Bloomer Co
Survey of 200+ travel companies
Jupiter Asset Management
Navfor (EU piracy task force)
Gaucho (remainder of group)
Crantock Bakery
Alan Nutall Partnership
The Original Factory Shop
Heartland Interiors
Young's Seafood
Prescott & Conran
Henri Lloyd
All Leisure
Rolls Royce
Morgan Stanley
Lloyd's of London
Carphone Warehouse
Bradford College
Saints Osmund and Andrew's RC Primary School
Discovery Channel
Thomson Reuters
Fruit of the Loom
The Pencil Case Co
Cau (Gaucho)
Aim Hire
WuXi construction jobs
PCI Pharma...
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16 May 18
Dear Leave Voters,

I hope you get to read this short thread.

If there is a "hard Brexit" it is inevitable that the UK will seek re-entry within a decade.

Here are four consequences that follow:
1. Britain will have to join Schengen, just as every other recent new member has. (It might even have to join Schengen as a condition of joining EFTA.)

Only the UK and Ireland are currently permitted to stay out of Schengen.
2. The same probably goes for the euro. (Luckily the further devaluation of sterling if Brexit goes ahead will bring the pound into parity with the euro, so you'll barely notice.)
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