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13 Jan
@jsrailton @RonanFarrow @NewYorker @FBI Storytime about the other guy in this Zipties photo. I call him Bloody Cheeky. Shot in cheek at Capitol, roamed bldg w/ knife, posted videos to youtube, says FBI didnt charge him. @WilliamTurton @bellingcat @MoxieEmerson @TwittsnTweets @BusAntifa @No_Nazis_Please #seditionhunters
@jsrailton @RonanFarrow @NewYorker @FBI @WilliamTurton @bellingcat @MoxieEmerson @TwittsnTweets @BusAntifa @No_Nazis_Please Bloody Cheeky is interviewed by YouTuber Brandon Buckingham after being in Capitol, describes being shot, shows off yellow bullet.
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12 Jan
@bellingcat "ORANGE & TEAL" (O&T) was present at the door/steps and joined in the attack on the cop, along with others that Twitter users have nicknamed Caveman, CAT, and Scallops.

See YouTuber "Just Another Channel" video from approx 0:58:00 to 1:05:28.
@bellingcat O&T wearing heavy canvas coat, orangeish khaki, emerald green ("teal") backpack, and black helmet.

At 0:58:08 see O&T side profile. Backpack has thick padded back strap.

At 0:59:11 O&T turns to camera. Possibly wearing a stretchy fabric "Guy Fawkes" mask under dark helmet.
@bellingcat Around 1:04:00, men come down left of stairs after being maced. "Squirter" sprays water into their eyes from a small clear water bottle, to rinse out mace.

Starting at 1:05:06, O&T is among them.
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