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The following criminals assaulted federal officers & media. Call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), or submit at tip online at

AFO: Assault on Federal Officer
AOM: Assault on Media…
This thread will amplify the tireless work of countless #SeditionHunters nationwide. Please help by retweeting periodically. 🙏🏽
FBI #134-AFO aka #ThreePercentSheriff assaulted multiple officers near the tunnel entrance. @SeditionHunters
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OK #SeditionHunters here is a new development and a new project. It seems that in some high-res shots you can see the frequencies used for #SeditionComms, and they are different for different groups. So those numbers tell you who talks to who. Please look for these & report!
And, another grim part of the story - it may be that Capitol Police were not encrypting communications, because there is audio that seems to show insurrectionists monitoring police channels. So please turn on audio and listen for more cases of this.
Adding some pictures from @frenchbloke so that they can stay associated with this thread - 477.985 MHz visible
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#SeditionHunters - not to overwhelm with too many new tags today, but will bookmark this older post with #EarnedMyAFO. Let's keep track of best clips of people who should be on @FBIWFO's Wanted list but aren't yet. #SuitMacer earned it!
"AFO" = "assault on a federal officer"
Should note that the officers here are mostly DC metropolitan police, which may be one reason #SuitMacer didn't make it on the federal list. Unclear whether assault on metro police supporting Capitol Police on federal grounds is a federal offense, but I sure hope it is.
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There is a rumor going around that the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 was not real, that it did not happen.

That is NOT TRUE.

The Capitol insurrection is REAL.

/1 (cont’d)
To prove the INSURRECTION WAS REAL, the FBI has compiled a database of the events, including timelines, video footage, and pictures of those who were there that day.

The videos and pictures are REAL, & were taken at the insurrection BY PEOPLE THERE! #SeditionHunters

/2 (cont’d)
Hundreds of those people in the pics and videos have been arrested for their part in the insurrection and ARE IN JAIL!

There are COURT RECORDS with defendants’ testimonies where they ADMITTED to being involved with the insurrection.

/3 (cont’d)
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More great resources for #SeditionHunters! People wanted an easy online photoboard of Wanted perps - here's one (thanks to @bakerta83021650 & others!) Click each link for more info from the Capitol Suspects datasheet. 1/… Image
At the moment this sheet is only FBI wanted, but plans are to make versions w/ all hashtags, with/without arrested, etc. AND to make a webpage for each perp with their photo folder. Suggestions welcome! & coders welcome to extend or build new tools L 2/
Intake of new material continues to be a challenge! For now if you have a new thumbnail or new composite, please drop it in Twitter & tag #SeditionUpdate. For new perps use "Add a Suspect" link in datasheet. For text corrections add a comment to sheet. 3/…
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Starting Thread #10 of new arrests and case updates from the Capitol insurrection.
Previous threads archived below...
In seeking to keep Troy Faulkner--who wore his monogrammed work coat to the riot--jailed, prosecutors went to the Architect of the Capitol for an estimate of the damage he caused by kicking out a window of the building.
More than $10k w/replacement, shutters & paint. Image
NEW: Meet the Parkers, Sandra and Bennie, two alleged members of the Oath Keepers charged in a conspiracy with other militia men & women to disrupt the certification of the Electoral College vote. Image
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#SeditionHunters - meet #CapitolQuisling, a menacing figure wearing a Norwegian scarf (says "NORGE"). History lesson to follow explaining why Norwegian scarves are scarier than Swedish ones at this riot and what is a Quisling.
So in WWII the Norwegian resistance fought the Nazis fiercely, operating bravely on skis. So famous that even Hollywood noticed. Image
So "Norway" sounds anti-Nazi! But every country has rotten people and Norway had Quisling, who first tried a coup and then ran the Nazi puppet government. So "quisling" = traitor. Image
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My look at the bureau’s evolving strategy to identify suspects in the U.S. Capitol attack.

#CapitolRiots #SeditionHunters #BOLO #YOLO…
You Won’t Believe What The FBI Is Doing To Get Their Capitol Insurrectionists Photos On Your Timeline…
The FBI’s Capitol Attack “Seeking Information” Page Doesn’t Look Like THIS Anymore.…
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Finally after the dismal white privilege whitewashing New Yorker article, Rachel Powell #BullhornLady is in @FBI custody. She has had FOUR DAYS on the run due to researchers going to the press before she was captured.…
Rachel Powell started destroying evidence that would have made her prosecution easier just hours after that New Yorker piece came out. She’s been able to contact and warn co-conspirators and destroy evidence all this time. Recommended follow for #SeditionHunters: @Cleavon_MD.
@Cleavon_MD has all the master threads you need to retweet suspects from the Capitol Riots, and give tips INCLUDING media files to Your research might otherwise be used to identify unapprehended suspects get a press warning.
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Another day when #BullhornLady the racist key figure in the Capitol Riots is on the loose and warning her co-conspirators thanks to self-congratulating “researchers” who wanted publicity for themselves in the New Yorker.

They got it wrong on her importance, and helped her flee.
There is nothing patriotic about this. Last I saw the same “researchers”, with a sheet “for Bellingcat”, were asking for tips on #EyeGouger who tried to blind a police officer. For goodness sake, if you know him go directly to @FBI. *Don’t* help Deep State Dogs tip him off.
Apparently members of the Deep State Dogs collective feel ZERO REMORSE that they stole our research to tip off #BullhornLady whom they say the FBI “may never” catch. As long as you get publicity and a whitewash, I guess. Railton won’t answer other researchers either.
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Thank you #TeamPatriot #SeditionHunters we found Armenian terrorist with #ginabisignano. There is a large Armenian community for Trump in Orange County. @DevinNunes country
The Armenian characters are:

#ginabisignano is from CA. She appears to know #ArmenianCap. She handed the bullhorn to #BullhornLady whom @FBI gave her own poster.
Here is the source article, thanks to @ColumboCaptain… - #ArmenianCap is carrying a sign. More on that later…
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Christopher Raphael Spencer, 40, from Kernersville, North Carolina livestreamed to FB from inside the Capitol & said “Where’s Nancy’s office?” At one point pulled down his neck gaitor, “Bro, they stormed the Capitol, bro … pushed the cops out of the way."… Image
Deputy Peter Heneen of Polk Co. FL is charged with making violent threats: “Need to make the streets of D.C. run red w/ blood of the tyrants- tyrants being the feds. Should have drug those tyrants into the streets & executed them. Sick of the corruption"… Image
12 U.S. Army National Guard members were REMOVED from the presidential inauguration security mission after they were found to have ties with right-wing militia groups or posted extremist views online.… Image
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New, updated thread on the Proud Boys (#CapitolCapons) and associates involved in that "peaceful protest" at the Capitol on January 6th. I'll probably do this a few times as I learn more and to organize. This is to help other #SeditionHunters.

Joseph (Joe) Randall Biggs
Ormond Beach, Florida
b. 1984

Celebrated an early 37th birthday helping to lead a failed insurrection.

#DoxxYourBoys ImageImageImage
"Rufio Panman"

Ethan Michael Nordean
Auburn, Washington
b. 1990

One of the more infamous Proud Boys.

#DoxxYourBoys ImageImageImage
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🎥 Parler Video: MAGA hat Capitol terrorist picks up building telephone and makes “we’re coming for you” threats toward Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence.

Who is #MAGAPhoneMan? #SeditionHunters
📌 Blue/Gray camo “MAGA” hat
📌 Reddish beard
📌 Hair short on side
📌 Black/Gray Flag gaiter?

📌 Harley Quinn tattoo on forearm
📌 Others tattoos on forearm
📌 Gray Nike hoodie

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Justin Hill, Missouri State Representative, skipped HIS OWN SWEARING-IN to go to the Capitol Riots. He deleted his Twitter after. Find footage of him INSIDE the Capitol so he can be ARRESTED like West Virginia state lawmaker Derek Evans. #SeditionHunters
Justin Hill, Missouri State Representative, skipped HIS OWN SWEARING IN to go to the Capitol Riots - this is what he was wearing. #SeditionHunters
Capitol Coup Consequences
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Video 01 - The MAGA Mob attacks and injures officers, "This is a revolution." Move the line. #SeditionHunters
Video 01s - The MAGA Mob attacks and injures officers, "This is a revolution." Move the line. #SeditionHunters #SlowCoup
Video 02 - MAGA Mob moves further towards the Capitol. Many people wearing gas masks and helmets. A traitor yells, ""F**k you. You MFers are going down." #SeditionHunters
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This video captures #PinkHatLady #BullHornLady BEFORE she grabs the bullhorn. She uses a battering ram to shatter the Capitol windows. If you know this person call the FBI’s Tipline at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324)
@FBIWFO #SeditionVids
This video captures #PinkHatLady #BullHornLady WHEN she grabs the bullhorn, then says, "Listen to me, I've been in the other room, then directs rioters." If you know this person call the FBI’s Tipline at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324) @FBIWFO #SeditionVids
More Photos of #PinkHatLady #BullHornLady
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Today, @propublica published a searchable data set of videos from the Capitol hill attack that is organized by time and location. #SeditionHunters #SeditionVids…
These are some of the hashtags being used to identify rioters. #SeditionHunters
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Capitol Riot Photos from FULL FOOTAGE: Patriots STORM U.S. Capitol (4K60fps)
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#CapitolRiot #SeditionHunters

Help us find the man who violently assaulted a MPD officer and dragged him down the stairs outside the Capitol. He’s been nicknamed #Scallops for his gray scalloped backpack with red Trump button seen in this pic:

1/ Image
#Scallops was involved in 2 attacks at the West Terrace doors. In the first attack, he uses a crutch to violently attack officers & then drags a MPD officer down the stairs to be beaten. (Video NYT) /2
Video cont.
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@jsrailton @RonanFarrow @NewYorker @FBI Storytime about the other guy in this Zipties photo. I call him Bloody Cheeky. Shot in cheek at Capitol, roamed bldg w/ knife, posted videos to youtube, says FBI didnt charge him. @WilliamTurton @bellingcat @MoxieEmerson @TwittsnTweets @BusAntifa @No_Nazis_Please #seditionhunters
@jsrailton @RonanFarrow @NewYorker @FBI @WilliamTurton @bellingcat @MoxieEmerson @TwittsnTweets @BusAntifa @No_Nazis_Please Bloody Cheeky is interviewed by YouTuber Brandon Buckingham after being in Capitol, describes being shot, shows off yellow bullet.
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@bellingcat @kat65802891 @No_Nazis_Please I finally found the guy with the white shirt, 4 black stripes, blue face mask, who took the gas mask of the officer crushed between the door
@bellingcat @kat65802891 @No_Nazis_Please Adidas shirt with four stripes, very strange, I thought Adidas always has three stripes
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