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Passenger train on the line between Coolum and Nambour, ca 1925…
Day trippers boarding the 'Maroochy' locomotive in Mill Street, Nambour, ca 1925…
Moreton Mill passenger train at the Coolum Beach terminus , 1932…
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Senator Josh @HawleyMO Supporting President Trump's Decision to Pull Troops Out of Syria:

"We are not there to police the region, and we’re not there to be in these endless forever wars. So I think the President is right.”
@HawleyMO "Senator @HawleyMO says in the middle east, the focus should be on counter-terrorism rather than fighting battles for other countries."…
@HawleyMO #ThrowbackThursday Sen. @HawleyMO: "[The American People] are not going to support these endless wars in the Middle East...they look at what we're doing in Afghanistan, they look at what we're doing in Syria & they say 'why are we there again exactly?'"

Bingo #AmericaFirst
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Speaking of #Whistleblowers there’s one named @DRJasonPiccolo who never had pro bono representation or a $100k gofundme. He DID have a passion for trying to save undocumented kids from being handed to sex offenders and was ignored for years. Please follow him.
I stumbled onto his reports last year and it broke my heart then one day he quietly replied on twitter (I’m not blowing his cover 😂) he’s a hero. Read about his efforts and frustration here👇

He also has a book about his journey #Unwavering…
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Anonymous ID:grTMpzrL Wed 01 Nov 2017 01:11:52 No.147446992
Quoted By: >>147447383 >>147447756 >>147448067 >>147449439 >>147461495
Note MI has the same SAPs as NSA, CIA etc as designated post 9-11.
Why is this relevant?
Who can be held hostage and controlled?
CIA thinks its foreign offshore assets are strong enough to defend against the US executive (not accounting for military use on domestic soil).
Why does the Constitution explicitly grant this authority to the President and what is it to prevent?
They knew our agencies would grow in power so much so they could/can hold the executive hostage or engage with bad actors.
Trump nominated someone new to direct every agency but one. He controls the top.
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This #ThrowbackThurday let’s take a moment and remember some of the instances where both Cheneys came out against @RealDonaldTrump and his America First policies. #WarmongerCheneys #NeverTrumpCheneys
.@Liz_Cheney didn’t agree with @RealDonaldTrump on having allies pay for American protection. Why should the US taxpayer always be stuck with the bill? She blasted the president! #WarmongerCheneys #NeverTrumpCheneys…
When @realdonaldtrump questioned NATO, once again @Liz_Cheney came out swinging, calling the president Wrong. #WarmongerCheneys #NeverTrumpCheneys…
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Hillary #ClintonEmails: Safe provided to lawyer among irregularities seen in review - Washington Times

#ThrowbackThursday with ⁦…
Chinese company hacked Clinton’s server, got copy of every single email in real-time.

TODAY: Every email that was sent to and from the Clinton-email server was forwarded to “,” which is Chinese.…

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Thread of the very first 24 notables compiled on 01/08/18.
Notable 1/24.

"probable significance of Trump's speech"
Notable 2/24.

"Marker Graphics"
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A year ago today The Wife was in a bad car accident driving home from teaching, her car totalled. Bruised spleen, bruised thyroid, cracked ribs, facial injuries.I had to track her down like a news story, calling police in NJ searching for an accident when she didn't come home.
Using my reporter skills to find my wife when I knew something was wrong, but not how bad, was terrifying. I had to be professional, calling dispatchers and talking to police.
Folks on here were so supportive, helping me stay calm. My bestie came to be with me while I waited.
I am so grateful, a year later, that she recovered, that compared to what her car looked like, she had relatively minor injuries, most of all, that she is still here, that we are sharing our 20th year together. 💜🌿

My #ThursdayMotivation: gratitude.
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For #ThrowbackThursday I want to tell a story about Aerosmith & @IamStevenT especially.

It was 1987 & I was working in the art department of a porn mag in LA. Miserable & broke, & at the end of my emotional rope.

John Caldwell gave me a ring & said "Hey what are you doing?"
I'd done storyboards for John on a feature, and he was working in music videos. Needed a storyboard artist immediately. Asked if I was interested. I was.

He told me it was for Aerosmith's new album and I kept my professional cool.

Just barely.
Aerosmith was the motherfucking shit. As Senior Class President I fought for... and won... having "Dream On" as our class song. The music, the style, the attitude... Aerosmith Got Me Through Some Shit.

So, getting to work on a video of theirs?

Hell. Fucking. Yes.
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Minnesota Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board has released findings into @IlhanMN 's shady spending practices in response to state Rep. Steve Drazkowski's complaints. She has been ordered to pay about $4,000 in reimbursements & fines, plus file amended disclosures. /1
Here are the Minnesota Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board's conclusions of law in re. @IlhanMN /2
And here are the orders of the Minnesota Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board in re. @IlhanMN requiring that she pay up, plus describe fully and disclose the amounts she paid for "immigration services" related to her divorce with 10 days. Tick tock. /3
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I decided to move back to India on May 16th, 2014 on LS voting day, a passionate decision that paused a personal life and a Ph.D. The 5 years have been interesting though. Here are my #ThrowbackThursday learnings from state and market, delivered as an India talk at @MSFTResearch.
Context with information and insight is necessary. Finding a path for dialectic or synthesis requires patient exploration. Its absence causes clashes through argument and debate through conflict. To avoid that on this thread, here's my context + canvas :) Dissect + question away!
Searching for a common why with 1.25 billion people can be hard. Rights (De jure) and Outcomes (De facto) are frequently pitted against each other. A fractal local approach with our fundamental duties as a vector might be able to do a better job of finding all of us a common why.
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Nadler is such a hypocritical idiot..
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT

[2016] The Pathetic Partnership of Jerry Nadler and Iran

Nadler’s vote becomes more troublesome as it becomes more evident he has joined Obama as an enabler of world’s most dangerous & despicable regime.…
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TBT 1/5 The Defense Special Missile and Aerospace Center was created in April 1964 based on a Department of Defense directive, signed by then Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, to address Soviet advances in missile and space capabilities.
2/5 DEFSMAC, overseen jointly by DIA and NSA, was tasked with management and technical control of DoD missile and space intelligence collection and to provide around the clock analysis and reporting of foreign missile and space events.
3/5 In 1964, DEFSMAC tracked nearly 100 foreign missile and space launches. By 1970, there were nearly 400 foreign missile and space launches each year, and numbers increased as missile capabilities proliferated.
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Ben’s immediate reaction to being slurred by the Left is to throw the President and Steve Bannon under the bus...
How Ben Shapiro is this “Conservative Rebel,” I’ll never understand.

The dude is a coward.
Tucker Carlson > Ben Shapiro
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Let’s all take a minute to be proud of Ted Lieu for finally learning Nixon wasn’t impeached, baby steps.
It’s been a long road.
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#ObamaCare is still Alive. It is not Dead.. wtf.. #RepealObamaCare #ReplaceObamaCare with New Healthcare insurance
@realDonaldTrump @arresthrc @madmandave1011 #QArmy
#EasterIsland one of the Oldest Islands with Giant Gods. #Mysterys of the #World
@arresthrc @madmandave1011 #GreatAwakening
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Chuckles & Nancy didn't want the cameras in, they want another CR so they can pack it with 🐷 AGAIN.
The troops are funded. Shut it down Mr President.
Nancy has lied since 1987. Someone with some mad editing skills should do a loop of all of them saying they'd secure the border
#NationalSecurity is defending our borders. #FundTheWall 🇺🇸
Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker-Designate Nancy Pelosi… via @whitehouse
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To inspire the next generation of #WomenInSTEM, we're highlighting Energy Department staff who have gone on to do big things.

THEN: Alice Caponiti, age 7, with her dog Heidi.
NOW: Alice, our Director for Advanced Reactor Technologies, with @MarsCuriosity! #SheCanSTEM #STEMRising
THEN: Anne White in elementary school.
NOW: Today, she's the Assistant Secretary for the Energy Department's Office of Environmental Management.

#SheCanSTEM #STEMRising
THEN: Sunita Satyapal, 16, conducting an experiment.

NOW: Today, Sunita is the Director of the Energy Department's Fuel Cell Technologies Office.

#SheCanSTEM #STEMRising
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MSM is the enemy of the people #ThrowbackThursday

Baby incubators lies used to start a war
CNN faking airstrikes in KSA 1991
Crimea on green screen
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#ThrowbackThursday: @VoteMarsha received 33 (!) letters from @FEC re: over $100K in unreported donations - while her campaign finance chair was Kline Preston, 1 degree of separation from Vladimir #Putin thru Preston's pal Torshin (see pinned thread). #RussianConspiracy #TNSen
From the @JSunNews article "Group files complaint against Blackburn's campaign committee" 12 June '08 by Bill Theobald:
Just this week another close @VoteMarsha pal, Judson Phillips - her mouthpiece for years - was disbarred for fraud.

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This November, millions of Americans’ access to health care is on the line. Each day from #100DaysOut to midterm elections, we’ll share the story of a Little Lobbyist who needs YOU to be a #HealthCareVoter for them. THREAD 0/100
#100DaysOut “Meet our kids and think of them when you vote. Our children deserve that.” @ElenaHung202

This November, Xiomara's access to health care is #WhatsAtStake. She needs you to be a #HealthCareVoter. 1/100
#100daysout Timmy would’ve lost his insurance in the NICU if he hadn’t been born just 6 days after the #ACA banned lifetime caps on care.

Timmy's access to health care is #whatsatstake this November. Be a #HealthCareVoter. 2/100
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#ThrowbackThursday KARE 11 Investigates: #Minnesota's secret #sexoffenders are not on the sex offender registry or the public online courts database.… & my ex-husband, Arlan Lloyd Matheny is 1, even though he's a twice convicted level 3 child sex offender!
The second was our oldest daughter, beggining age 6, to my knowlege. I am the one who turned him in, in 1997, when all my (our) troubles began! #Punished4Protecting
The 1st offense was kept secret from me and even though he had a prior offense to our daughter, he did only a yr. In a halfway house with other sex offenders! I just recently found this 1st offense in the last yr.!
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#ThrowbackThursday good old fashioned pay-to-play from the Clintons #RussiaCollusion…
Clinton emails Clinton to get Russian Oligarch approved 😂🤣😂
Yet #Mueller is questioning this same oligarch about Cohen? HAAAAA wonder if any of his payments to the #CLINTONFOUNDATION came up? Probably not.
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🗺 1- #ThrowbackThursday with the Obama administration courtesy of McFaul, it was all rainbows and butterflies with #Russia when @TheDemocrats were in charge, what changed🤷🏼‍♀️ #RESET “we share common interests”
2- We need to deepen interactions between top officials, facilitate more society-to-society contact. Wow if @realDonaldTrump said that we’d hear about it for weeks #RESET #RUSSIA
Engage, engage, engage! Meet with investors, religious leaders, political leaders and with society directly because Russia is our friend said @BarackObama #Reset
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