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4 Aug
हम करें राष्ट आराधना
तन से मन से धन से
तन मन धन जीवनसे
हम करें राष्ट आराधना

अन्तर से मुख से कृती से
निश्र्चल हो निर्मल मति से
श्रध्धा से मस्तक नत से
हम करें राष्ट अभिवादन…
अपने हंसते शैशव से
अपने खिलते यौवन से
प्रौढता पूर्ण जीवन से
हम करें राष्ट का अर्चन
अपने अतीत को पढकर
अपना ईतिहास उलटकर
अपना भवितव्य समझकर
हम करें राष्ट का चिंतन…
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16 Apr
Mumbai new cases drop to 140 after change in test criteria. they have stopped checking asymptomatic patients, including high risk contacts of the infected patients.

basically, fudging figures.
from we have more patients because we are testing more. to not even testing high risk people.

this is absolute failure of maharashtra Govt, who is resorting to figure fudging.

also, does this not go against testing protocols?
of the nearly 1900 cases in Mumbai, 850 were detected via contact tracing and fever clinics.

Maharashtra Govt now wants this figure to be reduced so that they can show they are doing good
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24 Mar
Personal view. Over reaction.

3 weeks will disrupt all economic affairs of the country.

Do not know what the future holds.
Without any explanation about anything, specially essential services and how to access them, this is creating panic. Just look out the window
Without a financial package announcement, govt expects the pvt sector to carry the can.....

And asks them not to panic.

Only @narendramodi may pull this off, but the trust will be stretched to the limit, for sure
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22 Jan
It seems thousands of "small time" jewellers made merry during demon chanellising crores ...

Now, chickens coming home to roost, getting IT notices, may well bankrupt most of them

Get ready for sob stories and how they should be let off
It may sound harsh, but 65 years of doing business the congress way has made us all attuned to think that is how business is done....
everyone hates corruption in debates and general conversations, but wants it to apply to their neighbour/ other businesses
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17 Aug 19
The arid Marathwada region is to get a network of giant pipelines running thousands of kilometres to connect the region’s 11 major reservoirs
this will be punctuated by water treatment plants and pumping stations, to provide piped drinking water to every village household three years from now.
Called the Marathwada Water Grid, the first tenders are to be floated in a week, covering a Rs 4,527-crore component of the Rs 16,000-crore project.
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4 Aug 19
Arif Mohammed Khan

On October 6, 2017, I wrote a six-page letter to the Prime Minister. The next day, I had an hour-long meeting with him…
I complained to him that in 1986, we committed a blunder by enacting a law to reverse the judgment in the Shah Bano case, and now we will repeat the same blunder if we don’t enact a law to ensure that the judgment of the Supreme Court is respected and followed.
The Prime Minister told me that the law will be enacted.
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20 Jul 19
After a long time, we really have a good BMC commissioner.
Some very good and simple things being done to ease living standards of Munbaikars
The BEST decision to slash fares is a superb decision. And with the increase of 100 mini buses a month, mostly ac, ridership is going to increase.
The 400 cr, or thereabouts, loss per annum will be one of the best investment by BMC.
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29 Mar 19
How will @RahulGandhi finance Nyay?

decrease subsidies for middle class
tax the hell out of the rich (who?)
Tax your house at market rates.

Mumbaikars will pay 2 lacs each year for a 1BHK as tax.

Please do vote for the family!!
@RahulGandhi and @RahulGandhi will make GST simple by making everything at 1 rate... most likely 18%.

Dear citizen's, 75% of items you use daily will have price increase.

even the poor will pay extra
@RahulGandhi Taxing the super rich??

They will all fly away and take citizenship of other countries.
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17 Jan 19
The budgets presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley so far have been marked by one stark trend — taxing the rich to give out to the middle class
Jaitley's first budget presented in July 2014 was a balm for the middle class. He gave respite to the common taxpayer battered by high inflation during the previous UPA government by raising the the minimum basic tax exemption limit from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh.
The limit for senior citizens was increased from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. In a relief for small investors, the limit on investments under Section 80C was increased from Rs.1 lakh per individual per annum to Rs.1.5 lakh.
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30 Dec 18
Slowly, but surely, #AyushmanBharat gaining momentum, specially in the poorest states. 6,73, 845 hosptalisations since launch, 896 crores authorised to hospitals
77% of the 896 crores allotted for tertiary care procedures like angioplasty, joint & valve replacement, cancer care etc.
Average number of hospitalisations now 10000 per day.
7.5 crores letters from the Prime minister @narendramodi has reached the beneficiaries, about 75% of the target households.
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12 Nov 18
Milk is the largest crop in India in terms of value—at `6.5 lakh crore, it’s more than the total value of paddy and wheat put together
RS Sodhi, the MD of the Rs 40,000 crore name Amul—exults, “India’s decadal milk production growth, pegged at 4.8% CAGR, is twice that of global milk production, which is growing at 1.8% CAGR. In the past five years, this has improved even more to 5.4% CAGR.”
the world’s largest milk producer—the country is emerging as a major exporter now, with production poised to outstrip domestic consumption soon.
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11 Sep 18
How dam desilting is transforming the most drought-prone areas in Maharashtra.…

#Jalyuktshivar is a pronounced success.
But fewer know about #Gaalmuktdharan scheme.
While the numbers are still being counted, it is likely that the state would have spent less than Rs 25 crore on desilting these dams.

330 crores would have been required to transport this much water to villages via tankers
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11 Sep 18
PILs are for the Poor: Justice Ranjan Gogoi via @economictimes

justice Gogoi told activist-lawyer Prashant Bhushan who protested against this new definition of PILs
@EconomicTimes PILs can be filed by anybody in “public interest”, Bhushan contended. Justice Gogoi, however, brushed off his arguments saying: “The Supreme Court is there to take care of everyone’s fears
@EconomicTimes Justice Gogoi’s conservative approach to PILs, will result in a rollback of the court’s judicial activism which has of late caused much unease in the executive.

I think this is a warning
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8 Sep 18
again "core" .....
toilets in each house is not "core"
electricity in each home is not "core"
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7 Sep 18
listen to him, u realise @nitin_gadkari is at another level altogether.... way beyond
@nitin_gadkari The government is ready to give "on a platter" all necessary regulatory clearances to investors ready to run public transport buses on electricity or alternative fuel, Union Minister @nitin_gadkari
@nitin_gadkari Major automobile manufacturers like Tata Motors and Ashok Leylandcould also form an operator company on the pattern of London Transport model, the minister proposed while promising to remove regulatory hurdles to give a push to e-vehicles in India.
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6 Sep 18
Select cities, highways to have charging stations every 3 kms: Ajay Kumar Bhalla via @economictimes
@EconomicTimes Metro and tier 2 cities combined will have more than a Million 3 wheelers.

the Easiest targets for change to electric.

make a start
@EconomicTimes Maharashtra Govt and allied transports are using nearly 15000 Buses.

Go electric.
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25 Aug 18
22 new AIIMS coming up across the country, says Union Health Minister JP Nadda… via @FinancialXpress

cc @ajayrdave : remember, we wanted 25:))
@FinancialXpress @ajayrdave Admitting that there was a shortage of skilled human resources in the health sector at all levels, the health minister @JPNadda said the Centre has planned for a rapid expansion of medical education
@FinancialXpress @ajayrdave @JPNadda Since 2014-15, post-graduate seats have been increased by over 8,500 and under-graduate seats by over 16,000, Nadda said. 70 existing medical colleges are being upgraded by setting up super speciality blocks
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11 Aug 18
मेरी भववाधा हरौ, राधा नागरि सोय।

जा तन की झाँई परे स्याम हरित दुति होय।।

काजर दै नहिं ऐ री सुहागिन, आँगुरि तो री कटैगी गँड़ासा

:))))) #Bihari
कब को टेरत दीन ह्वै, होत न स्याम सहाय।

तुम हूँ लागी जगत गुरु, जगनायक जग बाय।।

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11 Aug 18
वो फ़िराक़ हो या विसाल हो, तेरी याद महकेगी एक दिन
वो ग़ुलाब बन के खिलेगा क्या, जो चिराग़ बन के जला न हो

ग़ुलामी को बरकत समझने लगें
असीरों को ऐसी रिहाई न दे
मान मौसम का कहा, छाई घटा, जाम उठा
आग से आग बुझा, फूल खिला, जाम उठा

पी मेरे यार तुझे अपनी क़सम देता हूँ
भूल जा शिकवा-गिला, हाथ मिला, जाम उठा
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11 Aug 18
Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.
In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.
Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.
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11 Aug 18
win or lose elections, @Dev_Fadnavis will go into history as the person who promised and delivered. The #JalYuktShivar program is revolutionising the Villages
@Dev_Fadnavis even if u cannot understand Marathi, do watch the video. The quiet determination, resolve and commitment of the forest officers is so very clear
@Dev_Fadnavis I remember "experts" who dissed #JalYuktShivar , made snide remarks and termed it useless.

12000 villages are now water sufficient, balance 12000 will be by next monsoon
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