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Historian. Professor @novacommcollege. Author, The Man of the People with @kansas_press. Specialist, early U.S. politics and the presidency. Tweets my own.
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*cracks knuckles*
#HATH Has any media historian written about the history of the 24-hour news chyron? #HATH
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I'm nowhere in the same galaxy as @agordonreed or @jbf1755 and never will be. But it is still staggering to me how different my experience is with them, and with so many women and people of color. I've never experienced this, even once. I've posted in the past about the luxury of obscurity. To be honest it's so wonderful to be free from condescending missives from insecure people. To know that your work isn't deemed important enough for someone to take the time to talk down to you.
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As an educator, I find so much to be excited about in this ambitious policy agenda from @POTUS
I do think, though, that free community college shouldn't *just* be framed as preparation for the workforce, but the continuing of one's education
washingtonpost.com/education/2021… So many of my students are obviously concerned about finding well-paying work. That's why they're pursuing a degree. But if the last 4+ years have taught us anything, it's that our democracy needs educated citizens. That means courses in the humanities and social sciences. 2/