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1 Oct 20
PED Secretary Ryan Stewart joins @GovMLG for a news conference starting shortly (3pm MDT). Follow here for updates, or watch it live at

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Dr. Scrase from @NMHSD is up now. He says the spread rate is up throughout NM and the case count is above the gating threshold of 168.
Secretary Stewart is up now, talking about what he learned from educators while visiting school sites in northeastern NM.
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11 Sep 20
WELCOME & thank you for joining us for today’s chat! We have a series of 5 questions (Qs) for you today.  Please remember to tag @NMPED and start your responses (As) with A1… accordingly.  We will be using #NMPEDchat for ease of following along. Let’s get started!
Q1: Introduce yourself and tell us why public education matters to you. #NMPEDchat #BackToSchoolNM
Q2: Throughout the pandemic, what has been one thing you’ve learned about yourself as a teacher, parent, or both? #NMPEDchat
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10 Sep 20
Welcome back! As New Mexicans continue to #MaskUp and adhere to COVID-safe practices, we are excited to welcome small cohorts of students into schools that are meeting the reentry requirements.
We can’t wait to see you! Stay tuned for updates about our site visits across NM. #BackToSchoolNM
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27 Aug 20
Stay tuned for public school updates, live from @GovMLG press conference today, here... #BackToSchoolNM
Secretary Stewart articulates the requirements for reentry: (1) statewide gating criteria; (2) green zone for new daily cases & test positivity rates; (3) PED-approved reentry plan; (4) Safety & support plans in place. #BackToSchoolNM
The PED will provide systemic supports including: (1) Plan approval; (2) PPE distribution & tracking; (3) Rapid response system; (4) Enforcement and complaint procedure; (5) School closure procedures. #BackToSchoolNM
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27 Jul 20
Happy Monday! Wondering about back to school? Missed the Governor’s presser last week? Not to worry - we have you covered with critical updates. Stay tuned here for 5 important things to know & information about who to contact with questions or concerns. #BackToSchoolNM Image
The well-being of our educators, children, and families is our number one priority. #BackToSchoolNM 1/5 Image
Our ultimate goal is to welcome students back to the classroom as soon as it is safe to do so. #BackToSchoolNM 2/5 Image
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23 Jul 20
Join us for live updates here and follow #BackToSchoolNM
Dr. Scrase of @NMHSD now reviewing the Gating Criteria for reopening in New Mexico. “Our success depends on the social distancing practices of New Mexicans.” #MaskUp #AllTogetherNM #BackToSchoolNM
@GovMLG: “New Mexico is going to delay in-person learning through at least Labor Day - September 7, 2020.” #BackToSchoolNM
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25 Jun 20
Join us in listening as @GovMLG provides critical updates, including information about education in New Mexico. #AllTogetherNM
@LtGovMorales discussing public education updates now!
“We will keep the safety, health, and well-being of our children, staff, and families always at the forefront.”
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19 Jun 20
The New Mexico Public Education Department celebrates the U.S. Supreme Court ruling preserving the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. A thread... 1/
It allows current #DACA recipients in NM and across the country to continue to pursue their dreams & goals. This ruling will provide relief to many in our community who have awaited the decision with anxiety & fear. 2/
Secretary Stewart commented, “DACA recipients in New Mexico are our neighbors, co-workers, military service members, & integral members of our community... 3/
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15 May 20
Today we had a wonderful conversation with all 14 of New Mexico's National Merit Scholars. Secretary @rstew42 asked each student what factored into their personal success & what could improve the educational experience for all New Mexicans. Would you like to hear what they said? ImageImageImageImage
1. Investing in clubs, sports and music programs so that students can explore passions outside of academics.
2. More access to behavioral health and counseling services so students can get help with health issues to focus on school.
3. More dual credit programs to explore career pathways and accelerate the college transition
4. Cultivating resources and programs for academically gifted programs
5. More school counselors to connect students with opportunities not on their radars
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21 Apr 20
The #NMTeacherDialogues is a great way to get to know some of our Deputy Secretaries and learn about their Leadership areas.
Deputy Secretary Katarina Sandoval, Academic Engagement & Student Success.
Deputy Secretary Gwen Perea Warniment, Teaching, Learning & Assessment. @gwenpw
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14 Apr 20
Hello! My name is Nancy and I’m the Director of Communications at PED. Today I’m one of the PED volunteers delivering PPE to our school food service workers. Follow me on my 250 mile round trip today! #PEDdelivers #AllTogetherNM Image
Our day starts at the National Guard base to pick up supplies. The temptation to catch up with our co-workers is strong, but we stay socially distanced by waiting in our cars until it’s our turn to pick up allotted PPE for our routes. #PEDdelivers #AllTogetherNM Image
New Mexico has one of the highest childhood hunger rates in the nation. We never once considered closing schools without providing school meal continuity. During school closure, our schools are providing free breakfast & lunch to any child under 18 #PEDdelivers #AllTogetherNM Image
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6 Mar 20
“My hopes for education in New Mexico are...” Starting day two of #NMEquityCouncil onboarding by centering student voices. Image
We want our teachers & schools to “not only have good intentions, but do policy and systematic change.” #EdEquity
All claps and head nods from the audience. We’re here. We’re listening. #OurMoment Image
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5 Mar 20
Director of Language & Culture @MayraValtierrez reviewing our definition of #CLR. #ValidateAffirm ImageImage
Stay tuned for more updates from #NMEquityCouncil on-boarding today and tomorrow!
“The responsibility belongs to all of us.” Image
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14 Feb 20
It’s a special morning for all of us at PED. Thank you @Sen_MimiStewart for sponsoring Secretary Stewart’s confirmation hearing in the Senate Rules Committee. #nmleg Image
“As the leader of the Public Education Department, there is pressure to deliver now, in this moment, for all of our students. I take that pressure home with me every night. And I also consider that pressure a gift and an honor.” @rstew42 #nmleg #nmped
Thank you to all of the school leaders, the New Mexico School Board Association, the Student Activities Association, the School Superintendents Association, the REC Coalition, the NEA, Public Charter Schools for speaking in support of Secretary Stewart. We value our relationships
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