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Annnnnnnnd… Cruise ship 🛳 COVID outbreak is back. New Orleans-disembarked ship has a probable #Omicron among them. Painful lessons from 2020 wants its damn money back. We just don’t learn in this pandemic do we? 😢 🧵

#COVID19 #MaskUp #ventilation #BoosterShots #cruiseship
2) Ten people aboard the Norwegian Breakaway, operated by Norwegian Cruise Line, tested positive on Saturday, before the ship docked, according to the Louisiana Department of Health, and by Sunday, that number had risen to 17, health officials said.…
3) That includes one “probable case” of the Omicron variant in a crew member, they said.
The Norwegian Breakaway, carrying over 3,200 people, departed from New Orleans on Nov. 28 and made stops in Belize, Honduras and Mexico before returning to Louisiana.…
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If you look broadly at the U.S. economy—inflation-adjusted consumer spending, jobs, business investment, and household balance sheets—it’s clear AMERICANS ARE WINNING. That was not the case after the Great Recession when some of today’s hawks led policy."…

fear-mongering among the pundits must stop. it's getting in the way of the 'kids, care, and climate' legislation passing and could endanger good policy in the next recession!!! Image
STFU inflation hawks. families are doing very well.

fiscal was a huge lifeline. family of four got $11,400 in stimulus checks within one year. that's nearly 20% of median family income and 25% of Black and Hispanic median family income. jobless benefits: a GODSEND. Image
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"look broadly at what’s happening in the U.S. economy—inflation-adjusted consumer spending, jobs, business investment, and household balance sheets—it’s clear Americans are winning. Not so after the Great Recession when some of today’s hawks led policy."…
It's time to stop messing around. The fear-mongering among the pundits could endanger good policy next time. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. THIS RECOVERY IS GOING REALLY REALLY WELL. Image
STFU about inflation. families are doing well.

fiscal policy was a massive lifeline. a family of four got $11,400 in stimulus checks within one year. that's nearly 20% of median family income and 25% of Black and Hispanic median family income. MONEY HELPD. Image
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what a difference 6 months makes

according to Fed's Beige Books, in June (left) it was jobless benefits in December (right) it's vaccine mandates that create labor shortages.

first, cut off the hardest hit by the Covid crisis, and then risk the lives of your workers. ugh. ImageImage
here are the links

June 2021:…
Dec 2021:…

care about getting inflation down? hiring up? CONTAIN COVID #VaccinesWork #covidtest #vaccinemandates #MaskUp
thanks to @DanielBZhao -- an excellent labor economist you should follow -- for pointing this out at our labor market experts' meet-up. here's his tweet with District details

note, safe workplaces will bring workers BACK. that's the path to recovery!
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1/9 Main point & some potential implications of the tweet below:

A version of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein studied in the lab sticks to the virus' receptor (ACE2) way better than any monoclonal antibodies, meaning super tightly.

A thread.
2/9 Omicron's Spike has many of the same mutations.

So, Omicron's Spike protein is likely to stick far more tightly to cells than the Spike of any previous variant.

So, it likely takes inhaling fewer virus particles to start an infection than before.
3/9 This makes me wonder whether it will be possible to achieve substantial protection from infection w/ Omicron from vaccines and/or natural infection. To block infection, neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) have to stick to virus particles faster and better than they stick to cells.
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Happy #JobsDay. Hope you’re staying healthy. #HappyHanukkah.

At 8:30 am ET @BLS_gov delivers the most-important signals abt how economy is changing.

Forecasts’ center:

+573K jobs
4.5% unemployment rate, down 0.1 percentage point (pp)
Americans have gained more income & enjoy higher levels of wealth than ever before.

We want to buy. Consumer and labor demand is high.
Biggest question in the economy: how quickly can we raise supply? Bring more labor & capital to production & boost productivity.

Success means more consumption & lower prices. COVID health risks at home & abroad remain the big obstacle, making work riskier.
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📣📣 THREAD: Last week I posted the *county-level* COVID vaccination rates of all 50 states by partisan lean.

TODAY, I'm posting the county-level COVID *death rates* of all 50 states by partisan lean.

Note: These don't include a small # whose county of residence is unknown. 1/
--I'm posting the vaxx graphs side by side with the death rate graphs for easy comparison.

--Death rates for all counties are since 6/30/21, since a) that's roughly when the Delta wave started in the U.S. and b) every American 12+ had ample ability to get vaxxed by that point.
ALABAMA: Not much of a pattern in death rates...but also not much of one in vaxx rates (basically, vaxx rates are low across the board):
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This morning's #omicron update:

It's a very real smoke alarm.
But not yet a 5-alarm fire.

The variant may still turn out to be... nothing. Or it could be everything.…
If we over-react --- we lose credibility.

If we under-react --- we lose precious time.
The big question is: will we use what we know to do better this time, than we did in March 2020, or Jan 2021, or May 2021?
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"I say it is third doses we should be doubling down on, not mask ... emerging science on third doses is much stronger, and most countries have been dropping the ball on that one." @tylercowen

I don't understand the either/or on mask vs vaccines debates.…
I absolutely, positively think we should vaccinate the world. and I would drop all the intellectual property protections on the vaccine to get mass production in developing countries. (wonder how Tyler feels about that?)
one thing I think about is the social signaling value of masks. Covid is a collective problem that the United States and other vaccine-access-rich countries have turned into an individual choice battle (again, thanks a lot to libertarians for banning the word "society").
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Well well well… looks like wearing masks doesn’t… oh wait—

📍NEW—Mask-wearing is the single most effective public health measure at tackling #COVID19, reducing incidence by 53%—the first global systematic review of 30 worldwide studies shows. #MaskUp…
2) There are lots of limitations to that study of course—mixed in lots of settings and study qualities. In another Korean study— it’s estimated that wearing (high grade KF94) masks can reduce infections even more on public transit! See thread 🧵 below.
3) More than masks — stopping airborne aerosols key. How is aerosol different from large droplets? aerosol study indicates that coronavirus is persistent & stable for hours. Typical air exchange every 20 min to 4 hrs, depending on ventilation. #COVID19

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TROUBLING—64% of all new cases worldwide last week were recorded in Europe, as well as 57% of all new #COVID19 deaths worldwide. Both exponentially rising. This bodes badly—it’s even before the busy upcoming holiday travel (read: worldwide wave). #MaskUp #ventilation #vaccinate
2) I believe the winter wave under #DeltaVariant or even #DeltaPlus could be even higher caseload than last winter. Hopefully deaths won’t exceed last winter but it could still be 50-66% as bad. Why? Because Delta is 2x more contagious & also more severe than last winter’s Alpha.
3) in terms of cases, no other region comes close currently. Same for deaths - the Americas with comparable population doesn’t even come close to half of Europe last week.

But I do worry if Africa would ever get hit hard & would the world report it? Or would the world not care?
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Playing Oklahoma's @CarlyAtch and Florida's @ChristinaPushaw for a day in the misinformation* game:

Excess Deaths per 100k population recorded since week ending 10/3/20 according to CDC:

Oklahoma: 303
Florida: 278
Texas: 250
Maryland: 125
New Jersey: 112
NYC: 107
Mass.: 64
*If I were a purveyor of misinformation like Carly and Christina, I would attribute all of those differences to mask wearing, politics, vaccination, etc.

Whatever would fit my political whim.

But I don't.

Massachusetts, NYC, New Jersey, and to a lesser degree Maryland, were all hit hard at the beginning of the pandemic, before PPE, vaccines, therapeutics, and knowledge of how COVID spreads was available.

So comparison to them, like @CarlyAtch does here, is inappropriate.**
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⚠️KIDS <12 are “CRITICAL HIDDEN SPREADERS”—New 226-person study found 2 school kids <12 set off a #COVID19 outbreak. ➡️”Activities of children in the school🏫 spread the virus to their classmates (G2)”, then classmates’ families (G3) & factories (G4). #Vaccinate school-kids! 🧵
2) Apparently two young kids (G1) had been infected by their dad. ➡️ How did we know who in school were infected by which kid? Well genomics 🧬 sequencing showed one kid infected 11 classmates & other infected 12 classmates. (Yes, you can use 🧬 to know)…
3) Also super frustrating — the middle age father of the 2 G1 kids brought it back from outside of China 🇨🇳— and then caught the virus “during quarantine” after entry into China. Oy—this quarantine cross contamination transmission has been seen before in many places.
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HUGE—In South Korea 🇰🇷, major study found mandatory wearing of masks reduced #COVID19 rates by 93.5% and practicing both social distancing with masks on public transport during peak hours reduced infection rates by 98.1%. 👀 #MaskUp #COVIDisAirborne… ImageImageImage
2) Wanna know what doesn’t work? Stupid plexiglass. Because the virus is airborne. That’s why masks—especially premium masks are key. #COVIDisAirborne…
3) “Although 🇰🇷 is one of the first countries to be affected by COVID-19 outbreak, the containment measures adopted by the government were successful in controlling the disease via a combination of widespread testing, aggressive contact tracing… & social distancing measures.”
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📍BOOSTERS needed for everyone age 16+: data is clear from 3.4 million Pfizer vaccinated—while effectiveness against #COVID19 hospitalization hovers ~80-90%, effectiveness against infection wanes to 40-50% after 5 months. This is why to keep #MaskUp. 🧵…
2) And the waning appears to be slightly steeper for Delta than other variants. But mostly occurs across all variants. Though effectiveness is somewhat lower against Delta.
3) “Added value of this study: reductions in BNT162b2 effectiveness over time are likely to be primarily due to waning vaccine effectiveness rather than the delta variant escaping vaccine protection given that effectiveness against delta variant infections…”
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BREAKING—White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tests positive for #COVID19. She has not been near WH staff since Wednesday, Biden since Tuesday, when she was wearing a mask. ➡️Good to still #MaskUp, even if vaxxed.📍Appears to have started from a household infection.
2) While I have not had close contact in person with the President or senior members of White House staff since Wednesday — & tested negative for four days after that last contact — I am disclosing today’s positive test out of an abundance of transparency”…
3) “I last saw the President on Tuesday, when we sat outside more than six-feet apart, and wore masks."
Psaki opted not to travel with President Biden and other staff members to Europe on Thursday after a member of her household tested positive for the virus.
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RIP Colin Powell

More than 6 decades of service to the USA.

A Vietnam War veteran (2 tours).

Only gained full civil rights age 31.
When Colin Powell was dating his future wife Alma, he had to travel from NYC to Alabama, during the Jim Crow era. Almost everyone reading this has no idea what that was like for a black guy and girl.

84 years old, so can remember the end of WWII.

Worked for 5 US Presidents.
NB I haven't fact checked that - Powell worked for Nixon, then Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and, I assume, Obama. Whether it was 4, or 6 presidents, his experience at the top levels of the federal government was almost unmatched in our time.
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This kid teaches you all how to properly wear a KN95* mask. #MaskUp #COVIDisAirborne

*You can now find better kids-sized KF94 masks online. See 🧵 below.
2) My son Sparty wrote the funny script all by himself, without any help or input from me. Swear to god.

➡️ We do really need premium masks for kids— South Korea 🇰🇷 makes lots of kids sized KF94 masks.
3) If an 8 year old knows that #COVIDisAirborne, then so should you.
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JUST IN—After seemingly recovering from #COVID19, a 16-year old boy has just died after diagnosed with post-COVID pediatric inflammatory multi-system syndrome (PIMS). Doctors now say “we are seeing a rise in PIMS in recent weeks”. The boy was unvaccinated.…
2) At another hospital, a six-month-old baby was hospitalized in critical condition from PIMS and connected to an ECMO machine at Sheba Medical Center. The baby's condition deteriorated overnight Friday, and taken into surgery in very serious condition.…
3) PIMS is a multi-organ infection. Similar to those of Kawasaki disease – an acute and usually self-limiting vasculitis of the medium caliber vessels, almost exclusively affects children – and toxic shock syndrome – a life-threatening complication of certain bacterial infections
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Now a top trending killer in kids 5-14: #DeltaVariant.

Surging from near 0% in June to now ~8% of deaths in kids 5-14 are #COVID19 in September.

#MaskUp & #vaccinate when kids vaccines come out.

(CDC data—figure by @DrWilliamKu) Image
2) I still cry when I think of those kids who have lost a mother or father or caregiver… may our children forgive us.
3) let’s prevent these damn tragedies. Mass infecting kids is not a valid strategy
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Dear folks enjoying the weekend—reminder that while things may seem fine in the streets, countless hospitals and healthcare workers are exhausted & are near burn-out. Please be considerate of them and your fellow neighbors. #vaccinate #MaskUp #ventilate #TestandTrace
2) 700,000 #COVID19 deaths is more than Us deaths during the 1918 pandemic. Let that sink in.
3) We are killing our next generation slowly during #COVID19… by leaving behind more single mothers and fathers and orphans.
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Pfizer #1 Dec 2020.
Pfizer #2 Jan 2021.
Pfizer #3 sept 2022. ✅ Image
Thanks @CDCDirector for this.

I recognize that the data for the first two doses protecting against severe disease and death from the SARS-CoV-2 virus is excellent. We need more people to get vaccinated. And those who are should still be well protected.
The data also seems fairly strong for third doses, or “boosters,” for folks over 65 or who are immunocompromised.

I recognize that I am in neither of those categories. I am young and otherwise healthy.

I also recognize that third doses will not get us out of this pandemic.
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CDC studies show masks lessen school outbreaks—a study in Arizona found #COVID19 outbreaks were almost 4 times more common at public schools without mask mandates on the first day than at those that re-opened with a masking requirement. #maskup…
2) this country in exponential #DeltaVariant runaway situation… because it didn’t mandate masks for kids. This is England. Do we really want to follow Boris Johnson’s UK 🇬🇧 example?
3) if we don’t mask in schools, this is the fate for our kids. #MaskUp
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Today’s announcement that seniors and those with medical conditions SHOULD take a booster 6 months after taking the @@ScottGottliebMD shot is a deep shock for vaccine fanatics who REFUSED to see the data of recent months that vaccine immunity drops like a rock 6-8 months in.
Instead of looking at the data and wondering what it should mean for the effort to reach herd immunity via vaccines and what it should mean in terms of vaccine passports, vaccine fanatics ran around smearing data-driven people as “antivaxxers.” Joke’s on you. Now boosters R here.
Considering that vaccine efficiency drops like crazy 6-8 months after taking it (hence the need for boosters per Biden), vaxx passes give a pass for people who can get/carry the virus. Same is for the Biden Rule to test only unvaccinated employees. This is besides the point that
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