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#FDA's #VRBPAC doesn't meet until Dec. 10 on $PFE/ $BNTX & Dec. 17 for $MRNA/#NIH vaccines. Does Meadows think he can really push FDA to move the dates up sooner?
What is Meadows & Trump doing to ensure states have enough funding to actually distribute #COVID19 #vaccines?
Maybe Topol needs to ask his friend @SteveFDA if that meeting went so well yesterday & Hahn stood up for #FDA then, why is Meadows & Hahn doing it all over again today?

#COVID19 #vaccines
It was just last week when @SecAzar insisted the "proof was in the pudding" about Trump & pressuring #FDA.

So, two trips in two days to the White House for @SteveFDA.

What kind of pudding are they making at the White House @SecAzar?

#COVID19 #vaccines
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On #CDC call, Henry Walke says CDC has identified two acceptable quarantine options: Quarantine can end after 10 days without test if no symptoms or 7 days after negative test result if no symptoms.…
#CDC Henry Walke: If people travel, CDC recommends travelers should get tested one to three days before travel and then again three to five days after travel.

#COVID19 #pandemic
#CDC's John Brooks says CDC's change in quarantine guidelines was based on extensive modeling – not just by CDC but by other partners.
Some data published peer-reviewed websites. Will put this on CDC's website later today.

#COVID19 #pandemic
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Screening patients has made me realize how few actually know anything about #COVID19. They know cover coughs, wash hands, but rarely anything of how it's actually spread, which events or places are risky... A simple & effective response is to #educate #SouthDakota. @govkristinoem
@SDDOH @RCJournal @argusleader need to do massive campaign on outlets outside of & on local news (because not all watch it) & let people know simple facts and stats that aren't being emphasized. Such as:
1. A Negative test is NOT a ticket to freely socialize without precautions.
2. Estimates by CDC suggest:
*60% of #COVID19 spread is done by those absent of any symptoms!
*35% are pre-symptomatic
*25% asymptomatic

JUST because someone seems OK, doesn't mean they are! #StayHome #MaskUp #SocialDistancing #EveryMaskUp #MasksSaveLives
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Multiple #COVID19 vaccines are being developed and manufactured in the United States, and the first vaccines could be cleared for use by the FDA in the coming weeks. (1/6) #hounews Image
... Initial doses will be allocated for critical populations, including health care workers, other essential workers, and people more likely to develop severe disease, like older adults and those with underlying health conditions. (2/6) Image
... As vaccine availability increases in 2021, people will be able to get vaccinated at doctor’s offices, pharmacies, hospitals and other “usual” sites. Vaccine will be provided at no cost by CDC and shipped directly to vaccine providers along with supplies. (3/6)
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My grandson wears a mask for crying out loud. What’s your excuse? Cupcake. 😷 #MaskUp Image
So easy a baby can do it. 😷#MaskUp
Grandson Leo. Little Lakota warrior baby.
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1/ The single most important lesson I learned working on a state #covid19 response for 7 months: there is nothing worse you can do in an epidemic than waste time

We had over 187,000 new cases yesterday

What the hell are we doing?
2/ We have an intervention that we know works, that is of immense benefit w/ little to no cost. Yet we are still leaving that up to choice in so many parts of this country.

Don't ask me to say #MaskUp again- we need a national mask mandate for indoor spaces, now.
3/ We have thousands of Americans (maybe more) who are thinking about flying around the country for the holidays.

This is a true catastrophe waiting to happen. This is an epidemic slingshot being stretched, & will fire off more cases than we can handle.
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Mask mandates don't work !

(THREAD) #Covid1984 #MaskUp

Most of these charts were taken from an excellent lecture by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. titled The Covid Cult, and they clearly show masks do not lower the number of Covid-19 infections.…
(1) I challenge anyone to present evidence from any country showing that masks had any noticeable impact on the curve.
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📍MASKS WORK: New CDC finds that after Kansas governor put in place a mask mandate in July 2020, rates of #COVID19 decreased 6% in 24 counties with a mask requirement & increased 100% in 81 counties that opted-out. #MaskUp… Image
2) Oxford data also show the same thing— states with more stringent containment measures had fewer #COVID19 cases and hospitalizations over time.
3) I still wanna scream when I see the Dakotas...
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Glad this study was published (go science!!) but there are SO MANY CAVEATS that it literally changes NOTHING about our knowledge about recs to #MaskUp .

You'll be hearing a lot about this, so let me break it down.🧵
1) Most impt: Very wide confidence intervals (-43% to +23%) suggest that they were underpowered, likely due to low community prevalence (not enough people exposed to possible infection).

This makes it impossible to draw conclusions.
2) The intervention was sub-par.

They didn't follow best practice. It was SINGLE masking. Despite extensive evidence that BOTH PEOPLE wearing masks = much better:

as they say "the trial did not test the role of masks in source control of SARS-CoV-2 infection"
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From WHO:
What is a contact? "Direct contact" or within 1 metre (about 3 feet) for 15 minutes (regardless of mask status).
Stay quarantined for 14 days. Testing isn't mentioned? Why not? Because negative tests aren't always accurate. They're a snapshot in time. If you are a possible contact, you should first be contacted
Does this mean don't bother to test? Absolutely not! Testing is great. But it's not a permission slip to have unsafe contact.
For the next 4 weeks we need to #StayHome and attempt to #FlattenTheCurve again. Right now it's a terrifying line straight up, but we can bend it.
This winter will be hard, there's no other way to say it. We have to weigh every action so carefully. But there's a hope of saving lives until a vaccine, or a reasonable public health system comes forward.

#MaskUp when essential work is required, but otherwise please, #StayHome
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We should all be thrilled by the news about @moderna_tx new vaccine results! More options are ALWAYS better, esp when it comes to this disease.

And this vaccine is easier to distribute than Pfizer's, which would be a huge win.…
Importantly: it appears to work in the groups we care about -> "Of 11 participants who developed severe #Covid19 while on the trial, all were in the placebo group. The results also suggest the vaccine is effective in older people and those from diverse ethnic backgrounds."
Also important: "The company said it had found no significant safety concerns....Among the side effects reported were injection site pain in 2.7%"

(This corresponds to their pledge, back in Sept, to be safe…)
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📍North Dakota had the lowest mask-wearing rate in US in October, according to survey data. States without masks mandates saw sharp spikes.

📍Dakotas also has the highest per capita rate of #COVID19, according to the CDC as of November 6. #MaskUp…
2) Let me be clear:

#COVID19 is airborne & require masks.

Masks work. Premium masks (surgical, KN95, KF94, N95+) work even better, especially if others refuse any mask.

Ventilation & filtration (HEPA or MERV13+) key.

Masks save lives.
3) I lay out most of the studies in masks and why we know they work in 🧵 below. Oh and Beauty and the Beast “Wear a Mask” remake of “Be our Guest”.
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Behavior change 101: Help people understand consequences of (unsafe) choices, and make it easier for them to do the (safe) right thing.

We've failed our country by not communicating the reality of this disease - and by not making clear connections bt their values, & prevention
Maybe they don't care if they die. But they may care that they will suffer. Or they care about their kids or their spouse. Or about their neighbor.

Maybe they don't see any point in trying. They think it's inevitable.

Let's make clear how preventable it is.
Maybe they think the prevention is worse than the disease. But #MaskUp is easy. Let's prove that it's so.

And all of us #HealthcareWorkers -- it is on us to be clear about how unpredictable & horrible it is to be a really sick #covid19 patient! They don't want this!!
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There are a couple of new items in @GovHolcomb's new executive order, most notably enforcement against businesses which don't comply. State and local health departments are to issue a verbal warning, followed by a written order. Businesses still in defiance can be shut down. 1/
Besides health departments, police, the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, and @IDHS have enforcement power. Businesses are required to have employees #MaskUp, and post signs directing customers to do so, but the order says only that customers "should" wear masks. 2/
Businesses are also required to mark 6-foot #socialdistancing and have sanitizer readily available. Restaurants and bars are required to keep tables 6 feet apart, with patrons required to remain seated. 3/
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This piece by @edyong209 made me cry this morning.

I cannot describe the feeling of reading my words & feelings on the #COVID19 surge echoed by docs, nurses, & scientists across the country.

We, in #healthcare, are in this together.

But we are so worried.

You should be, too
And if you are worried, this is what you can do:

1) #MaskUp
2) Avoid indoor social gatherings, even with close family
3) Avoid extracurriculars for your kids. (Your choice re: in-person school)
4) Reach out & support someone with less resources
5) Create a quarantine plan
This is a moment for individual leadership.

The federal government isn't stepping up, not yet.

But each of us can make a difference. Drop by drop, we make an ocean. And every transmission avoided, saves a cascade of hospital stays & deaths.
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What @ashishkjha and I have been saying since day 1 of #COVID19 is not doomsday - it's truth.

We need widespread surveillance testing.
We need to #MaskUp.
We need to #GetUsPPE.

And if not, we will be - are, already, becoming - overwhelmed.…
Checking temperatures and filling out daily attestations is, simply, performative.

It cannot substitute for regular, scheduled, surveillance testing.

Unfortunately, testing is still hard to come by (and expensive), & too frequently misinterpreted.…
Masking works, too. Even the CDC now agrees!

But even in my home state of RI, with a mask mandate in place, only 50% of ppl are wearing masks when outside of their home.

We are so far behind the 8 ball in messaging.…
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Ok, Niagara I will be posting some stories with more comprehensive updates very shortly, but here is a snap shot because there is a lot happening on the local #COVID19 front today. (thread)
First, the big headline: Niagara hit's a pandemic high with 63 new #COVID19 cases confirmed today. The previous record was 40 in July with the Pioneer Flower Farm outbreak.

COVID-19 Niagara: New cases per day… Visualised with @f_l_o_u_r_i_s_h
We don't know just yet where these cases are coming from, but @NRPublicHealth data does give us some clues as to the context. Unlike the flower farm case, this does not appear to the result of a new outbreak. Meaning they are community cases or from a known outbreak.
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My 12yo just lost an adult front tooth and his other teeth are loose... it turns out from vasculature damage 9 months after Covid.

Omg. PLEASE... I beg of you, take this seriously. For you. For your kids. For everyone.
I have been dealing with Covid in one way or another since Day 1. Today might have broken me.

#LongTermCovid #LTC19 #LongCovid
#LongCovidKids @Survivor_Corps
For all those who asked... The bottom right front tooth is no longer there. The left front isn't looking great either. 😥

For the love of God, #MaskUp America.

This, and all the other damage from Covid... It's not worth it. Skip Holidays 2020 so we can all live to see 2021!!! Image
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Thoughts on the Pfizer vaccine news (from someone enrolled in the trial)

First, there is light at the end of this tunnel. Thus, the "natural" herd immunity plan is unethical. If we can achieve immunity through an effective vaccine, we need to limit deaths now
Second, states must mandate masks, financially support bar/restaurant closures, limit large gatherings this winter. A vaccine is not an excuse to give up on prevention, it makes prevention more vital. We need to keep our healthcare workers safe so they can distribute vaccines 2/x
Third, we need to acknowledge that these vaccines are new and they have moderate short-term side effects. What this means is that the US Government, states and businesses need to offer **paid sick leave** (? 2-4 days) for everyone who gets vaccinated. Why is that? 👇 3/x
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Ppl are asking about the #covid19 risk from the spontaneous celebrations in the streets: They are masked. It's outdoors. So they are safe.

(You can model it out yourself with our @BrownDigiHealth program - go celebrate outdoors, friends! 🎉🎉)
But ps: please DON'T go party indoors afterwards.
Ok folks. New pics make me worried.

Let me be clear: outdoor celebration CAN be safe but some distance between people needs to be maintained.

Or else we risk throwing gasoline on the existing #covid19 fire.

Be smart, y'all. #maskup, maintain space, minimize time in a crowd. Image
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1/10 Today, @DHSWI reported 5,922 new #COVID cases in #Wisconsin, second only to yesterday's high. There are 54,326 active cases, a record high. 63,824 cases have been reported in the last 14 days. 40 weeks into this pandemic; 25.5% of all cases have been reported in the last 2. Image
2/10 So far in November, there have been 24,554 new cases reported. At that rate, we might hit 150,000 cases this month. In the last 30 days, we reported 113,545 cases, as many cases as were reported between January 29 and September 26, 241 days. Image
3/10 DHS announced 38 deaths today as well. There have been 246 deaths reported in the last week, which is more than in the entire months of June, July, Aug, *or* Sep. There have been 795 deaths in the last 30 days, more than in March, April, May, *and* June combined. Image
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📍HUGE—Kids spread the virus as much as adults. CDC study of households #COVID19 transmission very common. 53% overall.

BOTTOMLINE: there is no safe age group that does not transmit virus. Kids and adults similar risk of secondary transmission. #MaskUp
2) Findings from a prospective household study with intensive daily observation for ≥7 consecutive days indicate that transmission of SARS-CoV-2 among household members was frequent from either children or adults.
3) What are the implications for public health practice?

➡️ Household transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is common and occurs early after illness onset. Persons should self-isolate immediately at the onset of COVID-like symptoms, at the time of testing...
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We've seen a helluva dramatic increase in cases here through October, starting the month with about a thousand cases per day and ending with a 7-day average 2.6x higher (& daily numbers far exceeding that average). /1
My hometown hospital (BVH) is starting to feel the strain, after going through the pandemic to date with relatively few #COVID19 cases. County next door has no hospital but highest per capita rate in state, so many cases end up at BVH. /2…
With 3590 new cases today, that means there are a lot of exposed people out there who will be diagnosed in the next 5-10 days. We're already double our summer peak without any additional interventions on the way. /3
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Follow live: Trump is reported to be 'rattled' by Obama’s campaigning ahead of the election

#USElection2020 #USElection #Elections2020…
Supreme Court approves North Carolina’s mail-in vote count extension

#SupremeCourt #USElection2020…
EXCLUSIVE POLLING: Majority of Americans support a national mask mandate

#coronavirus #MaskUp…
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