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22 Jul 20
Michael Buerk Andrew Doyle Nesrine Malik Mona Siddiqui & Tim Stanley didn't know I was still on the call after we recorded #MoralMaze @BBCRadio4 Here are quotes & approximations of what they said about me. We know how they speak about us but it's another thing to hear them do it
Michael Buerk: That was good wasn't it. That first speaker, she really got the Maxim guns out didn't she?

Nesrine Malik: Yeah, she was great. It's good to have someone like that on.
NB. The Maxim gun was invented by Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim in 1884. It was the first recoil-operated machine gun. It has been called "the weapon most associated with the British imperial conquest", and was used in colonial wars by other countries between 1886 and 1914 (wikipedia).
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7 Jun 20
Thread on police tactics at protests. 1/12 When you avidly tweet an image of what you think is an act of violence by a protester you are not only distracting from the power and importance of #BLMLondon you are failing to consider the effect of violent police tactics at protests.
The police are not neutral observers at protests. I have written about the effect of police tactics at the 2010 anti-fees protests where the police charged peaceful static crowds with horses, used batons to their heads and kettled them, including on Westminster Bridge, for hours.
Protesters were then charged with the serious offence of violent disorder. Those who pleaded not guilty were almost all acquitted, showing the police lied about what happened at the protests, including in relation to another incident involving a horse...…
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12 Dec 19
Day 7 of the disciplinary hearing for PC Alston, alleged to have used his baton in a dangerous and uncontrolled manner and to have struck Alfie Meadows on the head at the student protest of 9 Dec 2010 and caused him a serious brain injury. Panel due to deliver their decision now.
Panel coming in now.
Panel decision: the second misconduct allegation doesn't make clear whether the strike was deliberate or accidental. It could be aggravating factor. Aware of history of this case. IOPC directed this case. Have put it out of mind entirely a d reached decision on basis of evidence.
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10 Dec 19
Day 5 of the disciplinary hearing for PC Mark Alston, alleged to have used his baton in a violent, uncontrolled and dangerous manner when he used it to deliver a number of downward strikes at head height in a manner that was unreasoble in all the circumstances and risked causing
head injuries to protesters and striking Alfie Meadows with his baton and causing him a serious head injury. Alfie Meadows will be continuing to give evidence today. We adjourned yesterday mid examination by the defence barrister. Expected to begin in 15 minutes.
Alfie asked if he remembers how the officer in front of him hit the fence with the baton: Alfie remembers him hitting the fence with his baton and it going off to the officer's right. The fence was then behind him and the other officers.
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4 Dec 19
Disciplinary hearing for PC Mark Alston (officer who struck Alfie Meadows on the head with his batton) at anti-fees protest outside Parliament on Dec 9 2010 just getting started now at City of London Police station.
For context, see press release about the hearing…
Some more context: a piece Alfie Meadows has written about the hearing and his long wait for justice…
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